Winter wonderland?

lilosophieDecember 7, 2013

The goats are not happy, they don't "do" snow very well and were not securely locked into their house, because Joann wasn't able to scale the steep hill safely.
We had no water for a time, but the power stayed on except for a five minute outage this morning.
It looks beautiful, but we are not equipped for that.

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Here is a view of the frozen pond (puddle)

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Beautiful winter wonderland but.....

It looks similar here, just right now a bit of open sky and the first rays of sun in a couple of days. Hope the driving gets better for Joann and the goats have enough sense to get back to their house. We have 24 degr, it's warming up.
For you I wish warmer weather fast, here it can stay a while.

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That certainly looks pretty, but I'm with the goats, I don't "do" snow either.
We got the rain here in the valley. The sky opened up for about 30 min. then it stopped. Now it is really windy and it is raining leaves.

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Today was pretty cold in my area, but sunny--after 48 hours of relentless, heavy rain. Tomorrow, however, is a different story; the local news is on right now--6:00 p.m. EST. Depending on where the line stops, we could get snow, sleet, freezing rain, the whole nine yards! The TV guys are calling it "a significant weather event". Wash., D.C. has over 200 trucks ready to go on the streets, hoping to pre-treat them, if possible. Of course. 75 miles west, where I live, the roads don't get treated, just plowed, if there's "sufficient snowfall"-4" in my development.

I hope I can get to early church, b/c Angel Tree gifts are due back, but if the system comes in overnight and driving conditions are bad, I'm staying home!

Stay safe and war, everyone. Don't go out, if you don't have to!

Lilo, your pictures are nice.

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