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meganmcaMay 1, 2012

I wanted to say Thank you to everyone who's helped me over the past couple of years, whether with direct responses or by asking the questions that answered MY questions. The pond & stream below were built all by hand; the stream rocks are all from the hole dug for the pond (well, except one huge one donated by our neighbors). It's been such fun! Now, with luck, we get fish...

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That is so pretty! Good Job!!! Love the long stream!

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Wow. What a great job you did!! How big is it? How deep is it? ETC!! I'm impressed.

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Now THATS a stream! If you get a few plants growing in the stream it will be your filter and you will keep the clearest pond in town. Others will also suggest that you wait until you have a few established plants in the pond and stream before adding fish. Ton of great work there.

Don't look now, but somebody sure built a huge wall in front of that stream. ;-)

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Thanks, guys! The pond's not that big--2 ft deep, because a detailed reading of our towns codes said that this would for sure be safe from the fence laws--and, oh, goodness, this time last year I could've told you the pond size to the inch & now I can't remember! I want to say 10' x 7', I bought a 15'x20' liner for the pond. The stream is about 40' long, not very deep.

chas045--not me on the wall, well, we had it put in years ago, that takes someone who actually knows what they are doing! Yup, plants are planned along with the fish, of course--I say "fish" because the family keeps asking for fish. There is a fair amount of shade coverage from overhanging trees, so it's not too brutal.

We've been thinking about a stream & pond since our eldest was about 3 (he's 14 now!)...I really wanted the kids to be able to race little stick boats down & stuff. Happily for me, we had a whole crew of 6th graders doing just that & building "boats" & stuff without any prodding needed. I was so pleased!

Could NOT have done it without this board & such nice people talking me through what various sizes & types of pipes would do to water flow & stuff!

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Wow is right. Lovely. My muscles ache just
thinking about all that rock work!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

It is lovely.

I would advise you to plant it first and then let the water cycle for several weeks before putting in fish...

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

Megan, that is absolutely heavenly. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. You and your family will enjoy it for years I'm sure. It just boggles my mind that all of that rock came out of one hole. Oh my. The only rock found in our yard was brought in at great expense. But we have plenty of sand :)

I have to second, third and fourth the suggestions for plants first. Last year, brand new pond - plants then less than a week later 6 feeder goldfish. I lost half within a few weeks.

This year, I dismantled the pond and rebuilt it (after reading more and more here in the pond forum). I set up the 'bog filter mini-stream' at the very start, and had it running during the time I was tracking down and fixing the myriad of leaks and old stumps issues. I didn't add the fish until the pond was holding water. When I did add fish, I haven't lost any. Its been over a month now. I also put a lot of thought into cover for the fishies so they can hide out from the neighborhood hawk. The hawk has been by a few times but so far has not had a sushi snack.

Enjoy your pond and show us pics along the way. I will love to see it evolve.


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