Dick Clark, a man, and rose for all seasons

harmonypJanuary 16, 2013

What a wonderful tribute to such a man.

Dick Clark is new in my garden as of spring of 2012. He grew from about 1' tall from a 3 gallon pot to about 5' x 4' in a single year in the ground. He was covered in blooms from his first bloom, continued to stay loaded with blooms in the peek of summer heat, and he is still blooming in January here. I just pruned him back to about 3' (that indeed sounds funny) but left 3 open, perfectly healthy blooms on - pretty much the only color in that section of the garden in winter.

Not fragrant. But super vigorous and healthy for me, with intense repeat. And great in the vase. I underestimated his size, and moved one of his neighbors to new territory to give him more room to shine. Plus he's in partial shade.

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jktx55(8a TX)

I appreciate your comments on DC. I just order one from Chamblee in December, I'm really looking forward to getting it in March.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I hear Dick Clark gets VERY tall. The local rose garden just took all of theirs out.

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seil zone 6b MI

I've had him for two seasons and have to agree with everything you said, Harmony, but can also add that he's winter hardy! He is a keeper!

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He does get quite tall, and wide too. And just imagine all that size covered in the beautiful blooms and just crazy healthy foliage that Seil shows. He can take up as much room in my garden as he wants!

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seil zone 6b MI

If being tall makes a rose a problem I'll take all the problem roses I can get, lol! But like Harmony said, he's not just tall he's big and bushy as well so he makes a great statement in the garden.

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sc_gardener(zone 5)

Lovely rose, glad you posted a photo. I like when the webbers post images and actually talk about growth habits. Too many rose vendors only post one photo of a bloom, and don't let you know how tall/wide it will get.

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I've had mine since June 2011. Great rose as all have said already. By the end of last summer he was 4' tall and about 2.5' wide.
I have room if he gets wider. He's in the middle of the bed. I plant hollyhock and sunflowers behind him each year so dont care if he gets taller.

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before I planted my dick clark rose in 2011 its about 5' tall now

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Very pretty rose. All the pictures are lovely! How is Rust resistance?

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When I had my first bout of rust this year, the bed where my Dick Clark is, was the hardest hit. I don't think DC had a spot of it.

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Dick Clark was rust free in my garden this past year. Mine hasn't grown as tall as Seil's, but I think he was intimidated by the long established Queen Elizabeth close by.
Probably too close by.
Dick was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, and I sort of had to shoehorn him in somewhere on rather short notice. In that regard, a rose that is a present from one's offspring has much in common with a holiday scarf or sweater.
Even as the sweater must be worn before New Years to avoid offending the giver, the gift rose cannot wait around in limbo in its pressed peat pot while Mom dithers about where to site it. I've now moved him to a better spot (RIP Liv Tyler) where he'll have a bit more elbow room.


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mspatrick(z9 TX)

So glad to hear that y'all are having good luck with "Dick Clark!" He looks gorgeous in the photos! Does he bloom more than once a year? Or just a big bloom in the spring with one or two the rest of the time. Just curious before I devote the space!

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I purchased Dick Clark on the closeout container sale at a local nursery for $5. I love how flamboyant he is!
How large are your blooms? Mine have been smaller than I would have liked (1-1.5") about the same size as Julia Child. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his blooms will be larger as the plant matures. Has that been your experience?

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Mspatrick, mine blooms non-stop all season. Intris, my first year blooms were rather small, but last year they started getting bigger - mostly around 2", some 2 1/2". But there are SO many blooms, and they are so perfect in form ... I'll definitely take pictures when he flushes.

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seil zone 6b MI

My DC blooms all summer with big sprays. The blooms are small for an HT at around 3 to 4 inches across but there are a lot of them.

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I loved my DC when I first bought it about a month ago, but now I am not so sure. There were beautiful blooms and buds when I bought it and now nothing. I have a 3ft high tree and it is in a large pot. I live in TX so it has been rather hot lately near 100 everyday. Is this a repeat bloomer or will it just be a green tree until next spring?

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mspatrick(z9 TX)

Hey, txflowerlover:

It has also been dry down here in Texas! Remember that roses need lots of water, especially when they are becoming established! My experience has been, with all roses, they typically ballon big right after you plant them and then spend the next year getting established and not blooming very much. Then next year, watch out!

Remember that right out of the nursery , they have been pushed to bloom to sell better! Be patient, especially down here in Texas!

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seil zone 6b MI

It will repeat. In my cooler zone it repeats fairly often but in 100 degree temps yours has probably gone all but dormant to retain moisture. When your weather cools off it will bloom again.

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This is a first year rose for me, but wow, I've been really impressed. It's on its second flush right now. It's been very BS resistant in our Florida humidity and looks absolutely beautiful. It's easily one of my top favorites :) As mentioned already, blooms are small, but numerous and very pretty.

As for the BS, I have a pretty dedicated spray routine, so that may be why. That being said, even with the rigid spraying, some of my roses just aren't handling the humidity and moist rainy summer well at all. At least I know which ones will be meeting the compost pile when we move!

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