electric blankets

mwoodsDecember 14, 2010

I've never wanted one,have always liked snuggling down under a ton of quilts.But these days when I do that I am still cold for about 20 or minutes.Then there is always that thing in the back of my mind how electricity running across your body can't be too healthy.I know it's dumb but it was a part of the dialogue I heard when I was growing up by my parents. Anyway....what's the worse that could happen? Cancer,right? So who cares at this point.I just bought my first electric blanket,set it on high about 30 minutes before going to bed and then jumped in with my book. Wow...pure Nirvana. There's no going back now.Do you ever use them?

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I probably will since these last few nights (16 and 9 degrees, respectively) I never could get warm. I used a heating pad, but it only covers 9X13 inches at a time. Sounds good to me.

What kind did you get?

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Marda, we have used them for years.
Neil would freeze to death without one.

Katrina uses a heated mattress pad and loves it.
I liked the mattress pad but Neil would never use anything except a blanket so the blanket it is.

We have had such cold weather lately that I have loved having a warm bed to crawl into every night.

As for the cancer thing, I figure that we have consumed enough stuff in our food to kill us off before electric blankets and cell phones can do us harm.

Enjoy the warmth of the blanket, Marda.

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Robin,it's a Sealy,no bells or whistles just very basic.

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I just looked at that one on Amazon, before you said so. Looks awesome!

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Don't need it with the cat warmers.

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I'm addicted to my down quilt and have never wanted an electric blanket. But, Marda, you make it sound "delicious." I do like sliding into my bed and pulling my quilt around me, and am heading there in about 10 minutes, lol.

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Pidge, I'm with you about the down comforter.

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I do not like them. I slept under one at my sister's house once. I was a young woman, but felt like I was having hot flashes as the thing cycled on and off. However, I do remember how wonderful our king sized water bed felt in winter, sinking into the pool of warmth with a down comforter over the top. In summer the reverse was true, it was like diving into a refreshing pool, and floating around on coolness.

I have a belly-hugging dog who sleeps under the covers with me. He crawls in first, so it's already warm when I get in. LOL.

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I have a heated mattress pad. My down duvet is plenty to keep me warm in the night, but getting into a toasty bed starts it off right. I used a hot water bottle until last winter but now I have my trusty electric mattress pad on for about half an hour before I turn in. I turn it off before I go to sleep.

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I've never had or used an electric blanket. Don't even use flannel sheets, anymore. The percale ones are cold only for a minute or so, and since DH is in bed before me, I just scoot over to his side and get warm. My feet are usually cold, but his aren't. :>)

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Have used a heating pad for aches and such but Missy complains that I make the bed too warm just with body heat. The last few nights I have thrown the blanket off and just used the sheet and we are finally getting cool weather regularly. Guess I don't need one. She also has cold feet and likes to put them against me. Brrr.

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I used to have a heated water bed and loved it, until it sprang a leak.
Now I have a down comforter and a couple of thermal cotton blankies and cats...I am kept nice and cozy - oh yes, a hot water bottle for my sore shoulder, it's nice.

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Just reading this thread makes me want to jump into my bed with anything that smacks of "warm." It's not really winter until Tuesday but I am already done with it.

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Lol, pidge, dh and I have been married for 50 years, we've done the temp thing that long. I like cool, he likes warm. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, it takes a couple of degrees of separation, and some "talk" to agree on a temp.

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