Winter Flowers ...

vja4him(z8 CA)December 29, 2011

What would be some flowers I could plant from seed right now. I'm in the northwest end of Growing Zone #8 (Ceres), about two miles from Growing Zone #14 (Modesto).

-- Jim

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'm zone 6b and on the other coast, but January is my month for starting geraniums [pelagoniums] from seed. Also to plant and refrigerate those seeds that need or do better with a cold period, such as snapdragons and parsley.

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Violas, violets, pansies, sweet peas, and matthioloa incana (stocks) all need cold periods to germinate. Hope that helps!

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Cornflowers and Sweet Peas.

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vja4him(z8 CA)

Thanks! I have a few Sweet Pea seeds left. I planted a bunch of them this summer, but none of them came up. Maybe because the weather was much too warm (many days in the high 90s and 100s).

I'll try planting all of the Sweet Pea seeds I have left and see what happens ....

I might have a few Pansy seeds still. I'll have to get some Violas, Violets and Cornflowers (I have no idea what Cornflowers are ...).

I already have two Geranium plants. I can get woody stems from all around town and just stick them in the ground. About six weeks later, they will be established, and blooming soon after ....

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Cornflowers, aka, bachelor buttons.

Here is a link that might be useful: cornflowers

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