Road Trip - a very short story

lilosophieDecember 12, 2012

Road trip

It was a long and winding road
Map smudged at times
Detours surprising
Witnessing accidents
Caught in pile-up not of my making
Ignoring (spirit) guides
Traffic patterns determined by Karma
Destination in sight
Arrived where I was meant to be

Lilo Ducommun

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Sometimes, it doesn't take a lot of words to convey something very meaningful. This is one of those times. I'm glad our paths have crossed, Lilo. It never would have happened without the GP.

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Lilo, is that your home. A beautiful place.

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Yes Steve, that's where I live - actually it is a not-so-mobile home (set on a permanent foundation) the scenery it what counts though, doesn't it?

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Home is home. it does not matter what type of dwelling.

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Love your home and surrounding. They belong together, not just a house plopped there, like so many.

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so very cozy as you've painted it many times before. The land fits it like a glove, enveloping it. I love homes like, especially yours. I miss that state, so please enjoy it enough for both of us!

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