Email from Libya

blueheron(z6 PA)December 3, 2011

I got an email from a woman in Libya who offered to give me 35% of thirteen million dollars if I will act as her representative with the bank to handle these funds which were her late husband's. Yeah, right.

I know people are greedy, but this is just plain stupid to think that a perfect stranger would offer them money. Where is their common sense?

I am tempted to string her along to see how much money I will have to pony up to get the money she promised me. LOL

Is there a place to report these scams to prevent others being taken advantage of? The sad thing is that there doesn't seem to be a way to trace these thieves after the fact. Some local people were taken in by the lottery scam that said they won a lottery and they needed to send money to get the funds. You'd think that the fact that they'd never entered a lottery would give them pause, but no, they fell for it.

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This is a place where they like to get back at these scammers...


This is a classic one that has been around for a few years...

The Powerbook prank

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I'm surprised that your email provider allowed that email to get through to your email. My email provider places that kind of email in the "junk" mail automatically. For starters, report it to your email provider.

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Report them, but don't respond in any way - once they know they have a valid e-mail addy, they have other means to defraud you.

I suppose most folks here know about posting pictures taken with cameras with GPS and how that can help criminals target your kids? I have no clue this is true, but I'm not taking any chances, and don't post any pictures of kids on the net.

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shilty, I have also read where cameras with GPS can track the location where you took the pic.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

The email from Libya....or Nigeria has been around pretty well as long as the internet has. As far as scams go, it's right up there with "I have some leftover stuff from another job, let me resurface your drive, or fertilize your lawn or spray your house for termites...for half of what the others charge."...Only works if you are terminally stupid.
Some sites ( FB does not) allow "geo sharing"....but you can disable that function on your phone or camera.

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Y'all are reminding me of my favorite scam story. I laugh every time I see it (the wronged party wins, so it's ok). The buyers never did anything wrong, it was purely the seller. That she is dumb enough to get on national tv and show her ruse (she puts down the phone's weight, but it's a picture the buyers end up with, but what was she thinking?!) is absolutely amazing. My jaw hits the table every time with her. Actually, my head is shaking slowly left and right as I type this.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Judge Judy scammer

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