Idyll #288 Fall, Leaves, Fall

gardeningmaryOctober 23, 2006

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;

Lengthen night and shorten day;

Every leaf speaks bliss to me

Fluttering from the autumn tree.

I shall smile when wreaths of snow

Blossom where the rose should grow;

I shall sing when night's decay

Ushers in a drearier day.

By Emily Bronte

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Thank you, Mary! I was wondering what I might add for a 288 tidyll and you've claimed the mantle wonderfully. You could send those kids of your's here for some leaf duty if you wanted...

Feeling better this morning, though the cough is still sporadically evident. Mercifully, my insistence on handwashing seems to have spared Mum the cold. I hate it when she gets sick. She get more confused that she is normally (more work for me) and I frequently have to miss work because of it. :( At present the battle is over getting her to keep her head down long enough for the hydrogen peroxide to work its magic on the wax plug in the left ear. She goes to the doctor for a routine visit on Thursday (I'll miss work) and if we have to put her head in a vise to keep her still we'll DO IT. I'm so sick of screaming at her to make myself heard... it's tiring.

Nothing is worse than a diagnosis of something we'd rather not hear. It's the waiting and the inevitable stress involved, I think. Second opinions are always wise; I've always thought medecine is an art, and different practioners often see things in different ways. My thoughts are with you, Sue. Knowledge is power and ever practical, you are doing precisely the right thing.

Ahh the colonoscopy... . Some years ago Mum went for one. She had just finished the requisite gallon of the stuff that cleans out your system when the 'phone rang. Seems the good doctor who was to perform the procedure had had an accident with the lawnmower that afternoon. He ran over his foot and had to have stitches and take a few days off. They were calling in hopes they'd caught her before she'd taken the stuff? LOL! They rescheduled her and gave her the next dose for free. Big of them! Babs., you may not want to share this little nugget with your mother. ;)

The gloomy weather has arrived here. It was a lovely weekend here, but I didn't go out. Poor Wrecks, it was a boring weekend for him. I worked on the shades for the "lab." in between requisite chores and some quality "recline time".

As usual, there are things I meant to comment on that have flown right out the other ear... no great loss.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

OK just did it again, lost a post I spent a half hour to write. Can't go back now. Have a great day everyone,

When will I learn to NEVER write a post in the message box?

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Good morning. Jamie is still asleep, his beagle puppy is quiet (amazing!), the black lab is snoozing on a blanket in the hallway, my two dogs are snoring (so funny) in their beds behind me and the cat has stopped caterwauling (thankfully!!). DH went to work to enjoy some peace & quiet (he works in anything BUT a quiet environment). Jamie & his puppy will be going home this afternoon (I'm trying not to count the hours and to treasure every moment--but I'm tired). The lab, hopefully, will be reunited with his family tomorrow (he's been here for about 5 days while they are having some work done on their driveway). I'm ready for this zoo to calm and QUIET down. I can only take so much chaos....never have been able to enjoy a lot of noise & confusion around two extra animals and a busy 3 year old have nudged me towards the brink. ;o)

I still have about 1/4 of the pile of mulch to spread. Yesterday had perfect weather to do it, but maybe today will be nice, too.....after Jamie & Alice go home.

Hope everyone is doing well....


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T. I know just how you feel.

Today was urostomy change day (every 4 days); and there was "ring around the stoma", this is the urostomy patient's equivilent of diaper rash. I've been battling it for a couple of weeks now and finally resorted to "skin barrier" and sterile, wiped on layer that is supposed to block urine from the skin surface... . Generally speaking the less "product" used the better, but drastic times call for drastic measures and I'm at my wits' end. I had an unflattering tidal surge of resentment when I saw it. I've been dealing with "her" urostomy for 2 1/2 years now, and I've taken care of her for over 3. With very little help... I figured it out some weeks ago (not such a good thing, BTW); it's been a 90/10 "split" with my brother. I have read the literature for a nursing home near him, and have to really ruminate on all the "financials" to be rounded up and sent in with the application. Of course, there is a waiting list, but how long is really anyone's guess. It's staggering, really. And there is telling her; in her mind she is just the way she always was and she will not understand why she is being "sent away". I will be glad when this chapter in my life is finally closed and I feel horribly guilty for even saying that. Well... time to get out the pills, the water, and start her breakfast, the "bath lady" come today and she has to be ready for her "spa date". :)

I just finished the little weight pouches for the shades. The drapery weights typically available are not heavy enough to pull a lined shade down uniformly so I came up with this solution. I made little pouches, inserting cord ties as I stitched them. I filled them with aquarium gravel and then stitched them closed. They seem to work like a charm and they can be easily removed when the shades require cleaning.

OK, I'm off to prepare the first of "my lady's" meals today.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi Folks!

I've got a busy week ahead...budgets, physical inventory... the usual bull feces...and on top of all that my mom and her delightful entourage arrive on Friday. We're the first stop on their winter pilgrimage to Florida. Since I have to work Saturday they aren't hanging around for two nights.

Anyway, thanks for all the well wishes. As far as I know I'm not dying but I guess I just thought the medical profession had advanced beyond the 1960s and 70s when it came to women's health issues. We'll see what the specialist has to say.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Misty is perkier finally. We went for morning walkies today for the first time since the Max attack. We avoided going anywhere near where that dog lives. We met two of Mistys doggie buddies - one a Rottweiler x GS and the other Charlie, the miniature poodle that stayed here for a week earlier in the fall. ItÂs rather ironic that the dog one would expect to be afraid of (the Rottweiler x GS) is a sweetie while the scary, aggressive dog is a beagle!

Misty was happy to see both her buddies, which was a relief. I was afraid that this experience would make her fearful of other dogs. I asked CharlieÂs owners if they had had any problems with Max before since they live only a few houses away from him. They werenÂt aware of him so I warned them about him. Charlie wouldnÂt stand a chance against Max.

The Humane Society ware supposed to be meeting MaxÂs owners yesterday. They had a copy of our vet bill ($94) and the picture of Misty that I had posted here. We havenÂt heard back from them yet and I donÂt expect much action since the problems with Max have been going on for years. There doesnÂt seem to be anything that can be done about him. His owners have made a definite effort to keep him from running loose  he used to escape from their yard frequently but we havenÂt seen him loose in quite a while. IÂm pretty sure that his escape on Thursday night occurred when he slipped past someone going in the house  I had noticed a car turning into their driveway just before I passed by. As Chelone noted, most dog owners, including us, have had a dog slip past them at the door and go running off to greet a passing dog. So I do understand that this incident was not necessarily due to carelessness on their behalf. However, there have been enough Max attacks on dogs in the neighbourhood that I think, however much they love their dog, itÂs time, to protect other loved dogs around here, for a permanent solution (i.e. put him downÂ) But IÂm not holding my breath for that oneÂ

Sue  my best wishes to you on whatever it is you are consulting the doctors about! Definitely second opinions are worth getting, although sometimes that leaves you in a quandary of which to believe when they differ Doing your own research too is usually a necessary step. We are fortunate to have a good medical school nearby so we have easy access to good library resources. Good luck  and good health - to youÂ

Deanne  looks like youÂve got a fun toy there When we bought a new digital camera a year or so ago, we debated buying a fancy one (for DH  point-and-shoot is good enough for me!) but decided to wait a bit. So, DH is interested in how you like that one and whether it is worth the extra cost. Continue to comment on the camera so I can pass on your thoughts to himÂ

T Â it sounds like youÂve been having lots of fun with kid, dogs, purse episode etc. You have a great knack as a storyteller!

Marian  for some reason, you latest pictures wouldn't display on my computer. I took pictures here this morning and canÂt load them to Picturetrail and canÂt get into PT at all, so I assume thereÂs some sort of problem there.

Michelle  I wonder how the sales of that Emily Dickenson book were affected by your post! I bought it and finished reading it yesterday. One line in it really stuck in my mind  a quote from a letter where she commented on housework ÂIÂd rather have pestilence! I can identify with that!

Chelone  I hope youÂre feeling better soon. You have so much on your plate with your mom, a nasty cold/flu is not fair on top of all that! IÂd love to meet your Biggie Boy  he sounds like my kind of dog. While 15lb cutie Misty has wormed her way into our hearts, what I really like are big, hairy good-natured monster dogs!

Cold with sun and cloud taking turns today so far. More rain in the forecast for the next few days. I was adding up the rainfall weÂve had this fall. We had 5.25" in September (vs. 3" last year) and 4+" to date in October (vs. 3" for all of October last year) so itÂs definitely been damp. Fall color has been a bit disappointing but things in the garden are lasting fairly long. I havenÂt taken the Elephant Ears out of the pot yet because they are still unaffected by frost. The spiderplants in the bench boxes are also still not affected by frost. Coleuses and most other annuals have been zapped though. I was going to post a picture thread this morning but I canÂt seem to load anything on Picturetrail.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Woody, I just uploaded another pic to PT with no problem. I hope you are able to now. I think Canada has more problems with it than we do. I glad Misty is improving, and not afraid of the doggy friends. She is a real cutie. Is she friendly with strange humans? I love your guote from Emily Dickenson. I agree, and I've GOT the pestilence! LOL

Chelone, in a much smaller way, I can identify with your care-taking feelings. I do not think I could ever do what you are doing, and I admire you for doing it.

Sue how soon will you be getting the specialist's report? Since I have had lots of "women's health issues", I am familiar with many of them. I hope yours are not any worse than what I have had. Mine were quite successfully taken care of.

T, I sure am in the same 'boat' as you when it comes to noise and confusion. It usually drives me up the wall. But it was funny this morning....Nolon was watching all the morning shows on TV, including Price is Right, then suddenly it got really quiet.I was in another room and the 'quietness' was really bothering me! Very unlike my usual feelings. It turns out an ad had came on that we hate, and he shut it off. He got interested in my jig saw puzzle, and was working on it ( and still is). Now 'that' is unlike him ! :-)

Mary, I like your opening poem.

The wind is whistling around our house, and makes it 'feel' like the dead of winter. The trees and shrubs are still flaunting their fall glories. This is my second favorite time of the year.

I sill haven't raked up the pods. I aggravated my muscles and joints ( Saturday) by digging holes through the vinca bed and mud,to set out the newly purchased chrysanthemums.

Deanne, Wow! Why am I not surprised that you are an expert with the new camera? Mine is 'small potatoes' compared with yours, but it has so many settings that I have never explored. As others have said..I too am really more of a 'point and shoot' photographer.

Oops! It is past dinner time !


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I just returned from my "day off" rounds. Bank, post office, and (drum roll) a fabric store. I bought the fringe for the shades for the "lab.", as well as 3 cut price books on window treatments and other "soft home furnishings". I couldn't pass them by! at $10/each I figured I couldn't go wrong. Anyway, I LOVE the fringe (it's in a pale, peachy/ivory colorway) and it looks so pretty with the fabric. I also bought 3 tassels to adorn the braided part of the shade cord. Very luxe! AND, I believe, after nearly 5 years of hunting, I've found the fabric for the window treatments in our boudoir. Now I have to sit down and crunch the numbers for the yardage requirements; with a 27" repeat and 3 windows and a shower curtain there will likely be a lot of fabric. But it's perfectly sumptuous; cotton sateen with glorious colors... really eye-popping colors.

About "out of control" dogs; Woody, I have to agree with you about Beagle's aggressive tendancies. Most dogs are not, by nature, aggressive, though certain breeds carry more of a propensity for it than do others. The sort of territorial/aggressive behavior that prompted the attack on Misty is more likely than not the result of NO training and no behavioral requirements imposed by the owners. It appears to me that this is an unfortunate case of owners who simply don't understand the way a dog's mind works. Dogs LIKE to be bossed around! when they aren't they do all sorts of jerky things, including BITING. At the very least they should pony up the money to repair Misty and they ought to write you a letter of apology. Personally, if this incident is just one more in a string of attacks, I think the dog should get the "dirt nap", too. A bite that is the result of provocation is one thing, but unprovoked visciousness should not be tolerated. I know how dreadfully harsh that sounds, but hey... you all know already that I hate dogs.

Sue, one would hope women's health issues had progressed somewhat in the past 30 years, but the improvement has been glacial, at best. Some years ago I had the worst exam of life by a guy about my age. I filled out all the paperwork and sent it in as requested. I was the first app't. of the day (8 AM); I sat in the waiting room for 30 minutes (I asked if he was delivering a kid, NO). I sat in his office for another 15 during which time he told me if I wanted to have a baby I'd "better get busy" (really)! I told him I wasn't interested in that and if he'd read the paperwork he would have seen that. I sat on the exam table for 20 minutes waiting for him... when he finally came in I asked him if he'd brought me a doughnut, since I figured he'd had a coffee break. Then I told him "let's get the show on the road, this isn't the highpoint of my day, Doc.!". He was a JERK and my subsequent visit to the Women's Health C'tr. revealed I wasn't the only woman offended by him. A few years later there was a prominent malpractice suit brought against him by a deaf woman... he knew she was deaf and there was no one there to interpret for her! So more information is definitely required and you really have to seek out those pros who will mesh with your personality and needs. Hang in there and hang tough.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian I was finally able to access Picturetrail this afternoon and the photos on your thread too. I loved the second picture of with the view down the road. I felt like stepping into the picture and following the road to wherever it led! Very magical shot

Misty is what I call unreliably friendly with strangers! She has lots of socialization issues because of the abuse she took from her original owner she learned to bite to defend herself. She will still bite if she feels threatened shes a fear biter. Weve worked hard at improving her socialization since she moved in here. She now largely assumes anyone we let into the house isnt going to hurt her but she has her doubts with each new stranger she meets. She very loudly tells new visitors that shes a force to be reckoned with! If you ignore her completely, it helps her decide that you are not a threat. She then usually tests you by bringing a toy if you play with her, she seems to decide that you must be OK. But it takes a couple of visits before she decides for sure that she likes you and then she can turn into a pest wanting attention!

She narrowly avoided being put down several times. The first time was when her original owner died. She wasnt wanted and the womans son told Barb (my helper who was working for the woman at that time) to get rid of her. She took her to the local Humane Society but, when they heard that Misty bites, they said theyd have to put her down. Barb didnt want that so she took Misty home with her. Barb had no experience with how to train a dog, and was a single mom with three kids and worked several jobs to make ends meet and was also going to college at night. Needless to say, Misty didnt get any training and not enough attention/socialization. A few months after Barb started working for me, I heard about Misty and suggested she could bring Misty to work with her, as long as Misty and Chelsea would get along. Chelsea had her own temperament issues since she was also a rescued dog. But Chelsea decided something as small as Misty wasnt a real dog so she didnt need to get upset about her they soon became good buddies.

Mistys first brush with a put down visit after we met her was shortly after she started coming with Barb. A neighbour stopped in to talk about gardening while out walking her little dog. Misty and her little dog were bouncing about excitedly, tangling up their leashes. Barb dropped Mistys (big mistake) and the neighbour reached down to get her dog, accidentally bopping Misty on the head with the poo-bag she had in her hand. Misty whipped her head around and snapped at her and connected, unfortunately The neighbour fortunately wasnt too upset because she felt Misty was protecting herself after getting hit.

The last incident we had with her was the most serious one. By this time, Misty had made it clear that she intended to live with us and not Barb! We had bowed to the inevitable with some reservations She needed a haircut shortly after and we took her to the Pet Smart store where Barb had usually got her hair cut. She wasnt any problem there but they gave her an awful haircut that made her look like a naked rat! So, a few months later when she needed a new haircut, DH wanted to support local business and take her to the woman on the next street over who has a grooming business in her house. I didnt think it was a good idea but we had talked to the groomer several times while both we and she were out dog walking. We repeatedly told her Misty may bite and she could see that Misty was not friendly with strangers. She said no problem so, reluctantly, Barb and I took Misty to her. We spent 15 minutes outside her door explaining Mistys history in detail, specifically mentioning her fear of men (because of abuse by her first owners son) We wanted to stay during the grooming but the groomer wouldnt let us. I should have left with Misty at that point! We turned Misty over to her Mistys tail was dragging always a sign of nervousness/fear.

Before Barb and I made it to the end of the driveway, Misty came running back, literally shing herself with fear! We turned around to see what had happened and found the groomers husband coming down the driveway dripping blood from one hand!

Apparently, as soon as the door was closed, he had swooped down on her to carry her off for a bath. The groomer had not told us there was a man involved or we would never have left Misty there. And clearly they never heard a word we were telling the groomer about when and why Misty bites! We wanted to take the husband to the hospital because puncture wounds can get easily infected. He refused said he had been bitten before (not surprising if other nervous dogs got the same surprise as Misty did!) and knew what to do. It turns out her husband is a policeman who helps her when hes off-duty! We took the fact that he/they didnt make an issue of the bite as a tacit acknowledgement that their actions contributed to the incident. But I should have stuck to my guns and not taken her there or, at least, left once the groomer wouldnt let us stay to make sure Misty behaved. We ended up getting a dog-sized clipper head for my horse clippers and taught ourselves how to cut Mistys hair.

It was a close call at that point as to whether wed take Misty for a final trip to the vet or not. DHs parents arrived shortly after that incident and Misty wrapped them around her little paws. That gave us some hope that she wasnt irredeemable so we concentrated on socialization training. She has not bitten anyone since but we are very careful to warm visitors how to act to assure Misty finds them non-threatening and we keep an eagle eye on her when there are strangers around. She clearly has come to recognize that most people are nice she enjoys the attention but is still nervous the first time she meets new people. She has a very good memory though and the second time someone comes, she usually greets them as an old friend and is inclined to try to jump all over them in an excess of enthusiasm! Oddly, the vet can do anything with her unlike Chelsea, who turned into Cujo at the vet.

She is still working on socialization skills vis a vis other dogs. She loves to meet new dogs (Max excepted Im sure!) but greets them with more wild enthusiasm than good manners. As a result, the owners are inclined to think she may bite their dogs but the other dog almost always recognizes that shes just a silly idiot! We have figured out how to introduce her to new dogs and her collection of doggie buddies these days is quite larg. Shes always looking to add more members to her pack.

So there thats the long story of Misty. She has been with us now for about 3 years. Were not sure exactly how old she is about 8 we think But you can see why I have some sympathy with Maxs owners but Max has all the hallmarks of a seriously aggressive dog and theres a limit to what training can do for that. And I doubt that he gets any training he rarely gets walked even. For a high energy dog like a beagle, lack of exercise is likely contributing to his problems.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Woody, if I were a dog I would want you to be my master. You are so understanding. I wish I were that patient with any of our cats that misbehaves. We don't have any biters or scratchers, at least not intentionally. Tommy gets carried away if we play rough with him, and slaps at us, but usually doesn't draw blood. My skin has become so thin it doesn't take much to make it bleed. :-(
We have never had their claws clipped, because they may need that protection when outside.
Tommy gets rather irritated when I wipe the rain or dirt off him, and growls loudly, but has never tried to bite me. I laugh at him. He's such a goof ball. You might call him a 'rescue'. The previous owners raised small terriers, and they had injured his back hip. He chose to move in with us, and the neighbors accepted that choice. They have since moved away.

I see you discovered the latest pics that I put on my thread. I like the 'down the road' ones, too .
Your thread is neat. You sure have a lot of flowers still doing well, despite being so much farther north than we are. I would be hard put to find that many in our yard.

I stepped out just now, to bring in the outdoor cat's dishes. The coyotes are howling! That disturbs me. Both of the indoor cats 'are' indoors. I hope they don't need to go out. I am amazed that Calliecat has never had a problem with the wild varmints. She was 15 in April, and always been outside.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

A quick bop-in from me. I shall throw caution to the wind and compose a post in the follow-up box! If you never see this, you'll know why...

It sure feels like an early winter is on its way. The wind is blowing hard again tonight, and I went to work today in a sweatshirt + turtleneck. We'va had so much rain lately that the local river is just at the top of its banks. It's a small river and far from a serious flood danger, but still an unusually wet fall.

Last night we went to a screening of "An Inconvenient Truth". A powerful movie that I would recommend to all. If I may be allowed a very brief sidestep into politics, the movie was introduced by our very Republican state senator who said that climate change is not a Democratic or Republican issue. Anyway, I am sitting here tonight with fewer lights than usual and I am leaving the thermostat set a little lower.

Sue, good thoughts to you on the health issues. I was a little teed off a couple of years ago when my doc sent me through further tests for what turned out to be no good reason. (And I don't mean that the tests turned out to be negative - the tests confirmed what she suspected but it was nothing they would treat "at my age".) Yeah, I did think we had left that kind of thinking behind long ago. Oh well...

Chelone, I so enjoy seeing your posts again! I love hearing about your home projects - you are the daughter my mother would have loved to have! Instead she got one who has an innate fear of sewing machines.

Woody, thanks for making such a great home for Misty. I enjoyed hearing her story.

I am being totally decadent tonight and enjoying some red wine and fresh baked brownies, even though I'm home alone! I decided I earned it since I baked two batches of brownies to send home with the two college kids yesterday. But now it's time to finish up email and clean up the kitchen.



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Happy Monday all, I'ts a bit before 7 and I'm finally starting to wind down-the first Monday after vacation is always trying-especially without the recuperation day. I had to got to the grocery store after work which I never do-always go at 6:30am on Saturday morning--no crowds.

Lovin all the great photos that have been posted on the forum in the last couple of days, Deannes awesome new camera, Marians fall stroll that keeps growing etc. Most enjoyable.Just as good as coming home and finding a cool garden magazine in the mail!

Sue, how funny that you have to work on Saturday because of physical too! In fact it's my third with 2 more to go.The inventory is on Friday , and we will do reconcilliation and variance corrections on Sat. In my next life I plan to return as someone whose career does not include PI.! Anyway, good luck with yours !

Deanne, you have remarked a couple of times about not posting in the message window-so do you do your response in Word and then copy and paste ?

Woody, my little dog dislikes strangers as well-she's never bit anyone but I am always careful to tell people that she is not friendly-especially children. She blind now so I warn people off about trying to pet her since she can be startled easily.I think you have gone out of your way to give Misty a secure enviornment that fosters a lack of aggresion. Shes a lucky dog !

Well, I think I'll go read the Sunday Chronicle and have a glass of red wine -maybe two.My goal is to come back from vacation and have no fires to put out or looming issues - this will mean that I have trained my staff to the point where it runs like top without me! Not there yet..

Kathy in the Napa Valley

I had a great time in Portland, took a train ride up the Hood River Valley and the fall colors were beautiful, not alot of red but very golden-vine maples, poplars, alders, oaks ..very nice for us westerners ! Went to two garden centers that were wonderful, though they were both winding down for the season-good thing I didn'nt take my car or it would have come back full.

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I'm in a quiet mood for some reason tonight. Unusual for me huh? Very busy day at work with a postage machine breakdown to boot. Why is it lately that I touch a machine and it dies. The necessary outgoing 40 pieces of mail needed to be licked and stamps applied. Tomorrow is an out of town meeting that requires riding 2 hours each way with 2 males. Sound like fun? I think I'll call dibs on the backseat and take along a new garden book I picked up.

I should hit the hay as I need to get about an hour earlier in the a.m.


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Quick shiverry good morning. Have skimmed through the amazing pics and am looking forward to extra minutes tonight to really look.

Yesterday scored a Clematis d'Ville de Lyon in a 10" pot with new top growth and awesome roots for $3. The Andromeda polifolia was the same. Wooppeee! How "pinkish" does the clematis get, resident clematis fanatics??? I've had little luck with any of them except C. montana (the vanilla scented kind) but have "caught the 'bug". Sorry -- couldn't resist. LOL

Hope everyone has a good day!!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just saying howdy! Woke up to snow on the ground this morning. YUK! Should make picking corn a challenge....
Have a good day, all!

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Hi Everyone! Well, I had a good weekend. We went on a one and a half hour train ride on Saturday. I have never been, and thought it might be fun to go while the leaves were changing. Then we happened upon a tag sale. I got new coffee table and two end tables. Mine were collapsing, so that was good. I have been looking on craigslist for awhile, and it just so happened that these fit the bill perfectly. Last night I got a new down filled coat, full length, with a hood. It was very cold and windy here yesterday. When standing on the train platform the wind just blows through me, and makes my ears hurt. I also picked up a Halloween costume for $15.00, and it doesn't look too cheapy. Skip is going as a cave woman, and I found what could be considered a cave movie star costume. It has feathers around the leopard print with spangly straps. I'll try to take some pics. Mary and Brandon are having a party, and I'm taking chili. Today is my mom's birthday, so Jen and I are going over there tonight to see her. For her I got a silk pillow for her bed, it is one of those fancy tapestry kind with tassels that she would never spend money on, but likes. I also got her some snuggly socks. She is not picky about presents, and just likes the fact that we are coming over. We never made a big deal of holidays in general when I was a kid. I think I was 16 when I had my first birthday cake. And that was because I whined and moaned so loud she had no choice.

Babs, glad your check showed up. It's fun to see the reward for hard work, and fun to plan what to do with it.

Sue, good luck with the second opinion. It is always nice to have options, and you are a smart gal. You'll figure out what the best thing is for you. Sometimes it's a good idea to take someone with you when you go to hear what they say, because they might hear something you missed. It is hard to concentrate sometimes when we are talking about concerning health issues. Just wanted you to know I was sending positive thoughts your way.

Mary, how sad about your fish, and Clousseau. I bet you are looking forward to your DH coming home. You are such a good mom, and do so many nice things for your kids.

Deanne, I love your new camera. Your pics are always so nice, but I can tell that you are going to outdo yourself with this one. Hope your kitty is healing nicely..

and speaking of healing animals, Woody, your puppy's face looked so sad... poor thing. It is amazing that people who have animals like that still let them have the avaliability of running loose. Amazing.

Chelone, I really admire your ability to create such beautiful things. I have always wished I had the skills to be able to do that, but I realized I will just have to admire it in others. Your devotion to your mom is also a credit to you. Doing what has to be done is not always easy, and you do it very well.

Hi to those missed... Must run accomplish something, I hope you all have a good day.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all, wow what a visual treat on all those photo threads right now! I need to spend some more time over on those other threads later and get some new ideas.

Martie, Ville-de-Lyon is a very strong magenta color. What a score, $3! Woohoo!

Michelle, 40 stamps! Yukky! I only get the self sticking ones now because I hate the taste of stamp glue. ~~ Id opt for a back seat and a garden book myself.

Kathy, glad to have you back and happy to hear you had a great trip. I was thinking that next summer when I come to teach out in CA we should hook up for a day or two. I normally fly into SFO and drive up to Willits for my class. ~~ RE posting, yes, 99% of the time I write the posts in word then copy and paste in the message box. It gives me a better view of what Im typing and I dont lose the posts that way. For some reason Im a klutz with the touch pad on this laptop and I inadvertently do something that changes the page and lose my posts. Drives me crazy! Yesterday I thought I was just going to post a quickie so started typing in the message box and BINGO, lost the darned thing again.

T, Id be completely frazzled with caring for a toddler and a puppy. Youre a better woman than I am. LOL ~~ So how are your feet doing these days?

V, you totally crack me up. And brownies and red wine. In my dreams. I wont be enjoying anything that decadent until Thanksgiving. Im still trying to keep my calories down to 1,200 per day and it is next to impossible. Last night I was around 1,250 and by 8:00PM I was so hungry I was completely miserable so broke down and had some plain non-fat yogurt. I didnt want to have those extra calories but I wouldnt have been able to fall asleep if I hadnt.

Marian Im really enjoying seeing your fall photo thread. You have such beautiful colors there. Your hills totally remind me of the Monadnock region here in SW NH, which is about my favorite place on the planet.

Woody, youve been so wonderful for Misty. She was perfectly behaved when we visited which shows what a loving and understanding environment will do for a puppy. Glad to hear she is doing better after the incident. I have to agree with you about that other dog. So what will happen if it ever gets out and takes a chunk out of a child? Maybe then the owners will do something about it.

Chelone, You really have gone over and above the call of duty with your Mom. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, I could never walk in your shoes.

All righty, Ive got to get to the gym, yesterday I changed out my routine and did an hour on the new treadmills instead of the stairs. Ive been reluctant to do the treadmill because of my knees but when I had my bone density test last spring they diagnosed me with osteopenia in my hips. I know the walking would be good for that because it is a higher impact exercise than the stairs, so Im going to try doing that two three times a week. So now Im doing a balancing act between keeping the bone density up in my hips and not aggravating the arthritis in my knees. The cool thing is that these treadmills have a great incline so I was able to put it up at a 13% incline and walk slower. The machine said I climbed 1,000 feet in that hour. Neat.

Off to the trenches all,

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Hi Deanne:

In reading your post, I just wondered how it is that the treadmill builds bone density in hips? I have been walking up the stairs at work every day, instead of the elevator, and I walk 1/2 mi each way from the transit. 13% on the incline seems huge to me... how is that different than stairs? Does it use different muscles? Trying to figure this thing out, I am trying to become rededicated to dumping this weight, and to come up with something I can live with that works.... so far I am not doing so well. This past year I have lost 10 pounds. Not nearly enough.

Okay, just re read my post... I think I see one of my problems..There is no try, only do....


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi Drema, the stairs are essentially non-impact. I place my foot on the stair and just lift my body smoothly. When you are walking and moreso when you are running there is an impact to all the joints in the legs, ankles, knees, hips when the the weight of the body comes down on the foot when you take a step. If you were running up the stairs then it would be a higher impact exercise but I'll never be at a point where I can run up the stairs for an hour. LOL The impact when walking or running puts more stress on the skeleton which theoretically build more bone density than a non-impact exercise. Stairs are better than bicycling and walking/running is better than stairs or elliptical. Anything load bearing is better than non-load bearing exercise.

Yea Brenda, has popped in for a hello. How nasty to be picking corn in the snow. Yikes, early for this weather this year.

Drema, I'd love to see you in your Halloween get up. Sounds fun. Are you going to a party?

OK time to get productive here.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

I just wanted to post a couple of pics I snapped this AM.

This Canna is under a couple trees so the frost still hasn't gotten to it but I'm thinking tonight will be it. Sue gave this to me earlier in the summer and I just love the look of these leaves.

And I couldn't resist another shot of the climbing hydrangea. It is all turning the most beautiful golden yellow and against that blue sky this AM... Oooo la la...

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I have just been enjoying all the individual fall threads. Im jealous that you all have such beauty yet. We have had such a cold fall with below normal temps. I have to really look to find much beauty here. I do have many perennials that are still very green such as the candytuft, euonynmus, sempervirens, lamiums, etc. The creeping type sedums actually take on a much more red color with some cold. I spent the hour and half after work and before dark digging up dahlias and cutting back some things. The monster clematis by the front door always gets cut back at this time of year otherwise it whips in the wind during the winter.

Brenda, sorry to hear about the snow.

I saw something interesting on the way home the other day, there was an elderly man riding on a plow with 2 big draft horses pulling it. He was in a field plowing the old way, for fun Im sure.

LOL, Deanne, I didnt have to lick the stamps, just the envelopes shut. That was bad enough. Thats too bad about your DD losing her job. Hopefully, she finds another ASAP. Im sure it must be worrisome to you and Doug.

Drema, Id love to see you in your costume.

Martie, heres a picture of my young Ville de Lyon

Thats all from me

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Hi everyone

Michelle - I too have been enjoying the fall threads. I love your young Ville de Lyon. This has been one of our best seasons ever for photography I think.

Woody - Having met sweet little Misty it was interesting to hear more of her background. It confirms how fortunate she is to be in your care. If all dogs could be so lucky!

Deanne - that canna is outstanding! I can't imagine having the discipline you do to stick with so few calories.

V - brownies and wine sound a good combo to me - one I'll have to try!

Drema - do share some Halloween pics with us.

Tonight was my book club. I've been so busy with work/kids it was one of the first times ever I hadn't had time to finish the book (The Memory Keeper's Daughter) despite enjoying it. However, not wanting to miss out on the fun of the group went anyway and had a great time. The half of the book I'd read allowed me to join in the discussion and I'm determined to start early on next month's choice.

We have a great group of ladies who love to read, and have been getting together for over 10 years now. New comers have come and gone, but the core group has stayed the same. I hope the Idylls will still be together for a 10 year celebration;0) Our children have gone from being babies and pre-schoolers to Middle School and even college which somehow makes me feel rather old.

Time to turn in - have a good night everyone


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My day didn't go anything as planned....but at least it wasn't too rainy. I gathered some leaves, pruned back some phlox, pulled out lots, but not yet all, of the verbena bonariensis. The rhubarb is tidied up and 11 clematis are bedded down in the vegetable garden. Still tons to do, but progress.

The plumber arrived and after various tests it was decided we need a new water heater and new kitchen faucets. "That's the way the money goes..." So this afternoon DH went with me first to physiotherapy for my foot, then we went to Home Depot and found a suitable kitchen faucet, then out for Indian dinner. I hope tomorrow Brian the plumber can fit us in once more because I'd like to turn our water back on !!!

Right now, DH is playing hockey. I was a good woman and did my foot exercises.

I am concerned about you Sue and hope all works well with various medical opinions. Doctors seem to get younger and younger each time I go! But then, my niece is now a doctor, She looks 16, but no, she's in her 30s. Sue, did I miss the visit of the photographers to your garden? How was that?

Deanne, I was so sorry to hear about DD's job uglies. I certainly hope she finds something soon that is a good fit. It is a pretty stressful time for all though. DS was job hunting for over a year and it nearly killed us. He went through all sorts of anguish, but ended up with a job which suits him ever so well. He is overworked and underpaid, but content with the fact that he cannot be replaced and is needed. So I sure hope that her talents are discovered by the right folks soon!

I'm always amazed by your book club stories Mary. Here the book clubs are only open by invitation and the old core group never seems to lose a member. I was almost accepted for a book group a few years ago, but at the last minute the woman who was leaving stayed in town after all.

We have lots of political activity going on in the area with many candidates trying to convince us they want our votes. Frankly, I see little difference between them. Very poor turn out at local elections here. A pity really, there are big issues and lots of apathy.

I keep hoping for another sunny spell and a bit more warmth, but no signs of it in the forecasts. It will be Halloween ever so soon, and boy do I remember rainy/cold Halloweens in my past! And you know what? Two months from tomorrow, Christmas! Good heavens!

Good night to all!

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Good windless morning. Yes, it is noteworthy that there is not even a flutter outside. Winds have been damaging in my neck of the Massachusetts woods and more is expected this weekend. We are having a "true" Autumn and I think we've forgotten ....

Thanks So Much for the color info on "Ville de Lyon." It'll need to be somewhere so it can "pop" and think I have a good place.

The plant sales keep getting better and better if one is willing to crawl under benches and dig through congregated pot communities. I now have an old sweatshirt in my car to put on over the business attire so I can do just that. Yesterday got a call that a client of them had a "stack of stuff" for me since I was obviously a "real" gardener who could discover gems in the masses. How cool is that?

I feel for you, Sue. There are so many options and so much information to sift through. I know you'll do what's right for you.

Went back through all the picture threads last night and got wistful. Can't Wait Anymore!!!! I want organization in my gardens and I want it NOw!!!

Thanks for allowing the brief vent. Kyle has agreed to heel in everything for me this weekend for safekeeping and as my inventory keeps growing, so does my impatience. Some things that can't take moving are where they'll be, but everything else.

Think I'll have a "design Martie's garden with plants on hand" party in Spring!!

How cool that Deanne might be able to meet up with Kathy!

Belated thanks, Eden, for adding me to the peppers list. My containers were my sanity this year. THEY were organized!! LOL

Gotta run but for good reason. Lots of presentations today. With presentations comes stress but also $$$ :-)

Best to everyone -- Will be thinking of Brenda harvesting in the snow, today!! All of a sudden the wind doesn't seem so bad .....


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

So, Im sound asleep and happily dreaming away. I dont know who this figment of my imagination is, but hes gorgeous, lol! Ennyway, I surface enough to feel annoyed at the interruption, as I feel a slight prickling sensation on the baby finger of my right hand, just under the knuckle, and absently brush at it. A few seconds later (6:09am to be exact) I am wide awake, and leaping about the room with arms flapping and four-letter expletives spewing. I didnt see the little bugger, but suspect it was a wasp. He got me on the inner upper arm, in the tricep. Owie!

We have a nest in the attic and the colder temps are not quite cold enough to kill them, but cold enough to make them seek the warmth of the house. They are coming in through a couple of upstairs ceiling fans, and though Glenn does not relish the thought of climbing up there and keeps hoping for a killing frost, guess whats on his "honey do" list tonight? Better me than the kids. And better a wasp than a third brown recluse spider bite. I have enough scars on my arms from the poison ivy yet, and got so ill with the 2nd bite I think a third might spell the end.

So, after triple checking the bed, I lay back down and listened to my breathing, making sure I didnt go into anaphalactic shock as I dont recall being stung before. Guess next time Ill know for sure. Then I tried to unsuccessfully reconjure up the hunky figment and get my dream back (hadnt gotten to the good part lol!) but with no success. So got up and made some lemon yerba mate tea. With all that adrenaline and histamine flowing, who needs coffee? Saw the boys off on the bus (I LOVE the bus!dont miss warming up the van and rushing out to the school twice a day one little bit!) and added some mundane-ness to the insane-ness. Squeegied the basement floor, paid some bills, stoked the fire, folded laundry, etc. Now Im trying to find an electrician who can find out what is sucking huge power in this mish-mash of a former electricians house. I nearly fainted at our $347.00 ONE MONTH bill, which did not include air conditioning, growlights, or ANYTHING that could be drawing that amount of power, so must get this sorted out right away. It is over $200 higher than it should be! Everything the former owner did around here was half-ass*d, so its probably something dumb. Just have to find someone to go through 3 panels and many breakers to isolate it.

The school just called and it seems Brennen forgot his lunch. So Im making the 15 minute trip to town with it, before he goes skating this afternoon. Too bad the bus driver doesn't do errands. May as well refill the water jugs and pick up some wasp spray. And how was YOUR day? What? Its not half over yet? Yikes! Be back to read later. Have a good one


PS Boomer used to EAT dirty diapers, lol

PPS Brownies and wine are sounding pretty good right now..

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Taryn, you asked! My day is no better than yours. Think plumbers who don't show, no water, a check from mother's estate that was wired a month ago but has vanished, physio still for the aching foot, and plenty more.
Sometimes life is too full!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

A rather dreary day, if you don't like rain and overcast skies. I don't mind, as long as they don't last for several days. I am proud of any rain we get.
Our fall colors are hanging in there, and some are improving. The oaks have yet to turn.
I added a couple more pics to my thread, and have some more from today to add.
Sorry for the doldrums that some are in, and the illnesses, and breakdowns of mechanical things. I am fighting my own doldrums, but that is nothing new. :-(

I saw on the Idaho obits, (that I check daily), that a woman who helped me out when I was a run-away teenager passed away. She was 92. I spent about a month at her farm home, helping her cook for the harvest crew. I have never forgotten her kindness, but never communicated with her after being there. I also read that she adopted my first serious boyfriend, although he was grown when his parents passed away. That was news to me. The entire obit article sure did stir up a lot of memories.
I would have married that boyfriend, but we were both 17, and he was determined to wait until he was 21 to get married, which he did. ( Too bad I didn't ! )


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My gentiana scabra arrived today and I promptly found a home for them (hope they like it) Thanks for the info Eden!

Mary, I'll be here in 10 years if you are ;o)

'bug, sorry to hear about the non-fun expenditures. Our water softner seems a little flaky lately :o(

Marian, interesting isn't it how a bit of news can take you down memory lane.

Taryn, your electric bill is outrageous. I hope you can find the cause soon and rid yourselves of the wasps.

Martie, I hear where you are coming from with a "young" garden. I feel so far behind the gardens of so many here. I like instant gratification.

I must run, DH just came home with a new toy (a combine)


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Happy Thursday !
I really think I should have just stayed on vacation-what a week Im having ! Think Ill go to work tomorrow with an asbestos suit and a hose wrapped around my waist.Sheesh.!
We are having high winds today, and a brush fire seems to be burning in our eastern hills.I came home and all the pots on my "coleus tree" were on the ground with the poor coleus all shells of their former selves. There was wilting oplenty dont think the tuberous begonias will recover .Oh well.
Taryn remember the James Bond book where he had a scorpion crawling on his toe while he was asleep?? Thought of that when reading your wasp story. James of course probably got up , brushed off the scorpion, put on his sea island cotton robe and made himself a martini, shaken not stirred

Marian- too bad more runaways dont find a lady like you did---did she help others too??

bug,- Ive had a large increase in junk phone calls-which I do not answer (god bless caller ID) most of which now are election relatedPretty scary that people actually base their voting decisions on pre-recorded junk calls from the candidates or some pac.

Deanne-Willits ! Gateway to the Redwoods So tell me, have you ever taken Hwy 20 over to the coast, gone up Hwy 1 to Cleone and dropped in on FuchsiaRama? (Not making that name up.) And the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens ?? What month are we talking about ? Hopefully not too late in summer as Willits gets progressively more hell-like !

Rain delay in the world series ..see, if the Dodgers were in it the weather would be better !

Kathy in the Napa Valley

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Did we really need to tell Deanne about a place called FuschiaRama? LOL! I have a vision of Deanne renting a UHaul for her next trip to Willits...

I had something to tell you all and darned if I can remember it now!

Off to bed with me since my brain is useless...

V. the sleepy one

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Good morning everyone. I'm home today as Mum has an appointment with her doctor this morning. I did the urostomy thing this morning and was saddened to see she had "thrown out" some mementos. My brother's baby shoes, my first rattle, and a monogrammed, silver baby brush that was given to her when my brother was born. I fished them out of the wastebasket and asked her if she was sure she wanted to throw them away. "I don't really want them any more, I put them there to see if you wanted to hold on to them". Very sad. I have been keeping an eye on the trash for a couple of years and the helpmeet does, too. I have removed the more valuable items (family jewellery) and when she's asked about certain pieces I've simply said that her sister must have sold them prior to her death. It's hard.

LOL about the new "toy", Michelle. That comment elicited a much needed and audible guffaw this morning. Nothing like new equipment to get this household exited, too. :)

I hear you on the political calling, lots of it here, too. And, I have to say, the helpmeet is volunteering for Move, so should you opt to answer the 'phone you might get to speak with him. ;)

Our colds are still hanging on, and Mum is still unaffected (mercifully). It's been 10 days for the helpmeet and a week for me. Nothing so dire to keep me abed, but enough to leave me tired and easily frustrated with stupid stuff. sigh.

Today I would like to paint the 2 window boxes that go into the south windows, it's gettin' on time to rescue some Geraniums for some winter cheer and I'm tired of the faded "Federal" blue with the mismatched green tray. Can you spell "anal"? After that I have to sort through the accumulated paper on my desk, and then see if I can get the last shade for the "lab." on its way to completion. And then do some much needed cleaning and sorting in there.

That's about it from seasonally sad, boring land. Later, friends.

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Good Morning!!!! Today is a New Day!!!

Okay Taryn, you asked..... Yesterday:

Went to work full of vim and vigor and was met with an email from a major client that he had decided to sell his business and was pulling all advertising (10 months worth that he signed six weeks ago). This amounts to a huge dent in my pocketbook and work budget. Hurmph ... but onward and upward.

Then went to a shoot for a brand new client (liquor store) who was a little peeved that TV won't allow drinking on camera. Calls to corporate lawyers with him on conference straightened that out, but caused a huge delay in everything else.

On may way out to afternoon appointment needed to get through a Rotary (round-about, traffic circle) that is known to be dangerous and got rear-ended while I was standing still. Guy started yelling. I locked myself in my car. Troopers and local police arrive. Damage to my car mostly cosmetic but damage nonetheless. Guy gives police a hard time and they charge him with disorderly conduct. The woman actually driving the car glaring at me. Called client to make later appt. Manager calls and says "don't go, I'll handle it." Client doesn't want to sign contract with manager; "Martie's taken me through this and I want to ask a few more questions, first." Manager won't let me drive anywhere but home for worker's comp reasons. Can't argue -- "policy." Now client's whole schedule pushed back (hassle-city).

Was going to go get really good munchies and a trashy romance novel to cheer the soul (can I have your dream, Taryn??? LOL) but was a shaky mess and really angry about the accident. Came straight home to a phone call from my brother's hospital that they "needed me to come in" and it seems that he had been giving money away to use as power. Didn't go to the hospital but did talk with my brother who didn't get the problem at all and got really mad that he wouldn't be allowed to have his normal $5 in his pocket. What bothered me most was that having it was his one true "freedom" and he is now too sick to have even that. Fuuuuuy!! Hope this cycle ends, soon.

All this in anticipation of today:

At 9:40a.m. EST please think a good thought. I'll be at the doctor's office having an endometrial biopsy. Through all other tests the results have been "not dangerous fibroid and cysts" but they are extremely uncomfortable and I am a once every 2 - 6 weeks witch with a "b" and can't be away from a clean ladies room for more than a few hours. All that said, there are several safe and viable options for helping me on a quality-of-life level and this biopsy is to ensure that those options will truly take care of the problem. Again, Nothing Dangerous!!!! Not, however, looking forward to this and am glad that Rich is coming with me.

So, think I'll take a second cuppa killer coffee with me on a walk around the garden.

Best to everyone, and I'm still enjoying the pic threads!!

Martie, grateful at this point to be upright and talking. Sometimes that needs to be "enough." LOL

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well yesterday was pretty darned windy and couple that with mid 40 temps by evening and I had to break down and turn on the heat. It got downright chilly in the family room where I was working on my Color Theory presentation. Between the house being chilly and me being calorie deprived my hands were like ice cubes so now we are off and running and will have the first heating bill next month. Yukky! I always put off turning on the heat for as long as possible and I think we might have hit a record with October 25th. LOL ~~ So speaking of my color theory presentation, would someone please tell me why I agreed to do something that is requiring four to five days work for basically as a freebie? Im hoping to be able to use this again someplace as it would be a horrible waste to have put this together to only use it once. Ive got to admit though, Im having a good time fooling around with the graphics. I thought youd like to see the flower color wheel I designed with my garden pics.

How fun is that?

Ive also made value and saturation charts with the flower photographs as well. Im hoping to be able to finish this up today and get back to my plants in the garage. Im glad I started this week though or Id have been hyperventilating trying to get it finished in time for next week.

I wish you could all see that H. Endless Summer as I sit here this morning. The color has become even more brick red, to the point where it is clashing with the pink flower that is left on the shrub. The other two ES plants I have are not this brilliant but this is the oldest plant and I wonder if that is why the color is so superb this year. The pine needles have finally finished falling off the White Pines the maple trees are halfway through their yearly shedding and the oaks are just getting started. All too soon the hills will be bare and dreary. Wah But then we can start looking forward to next spring right?

Chelone, It would have broken my heart to see that my Mom had thrown away my childhood mementoes. So very sorry. It must be so very difficult to be losing her in bits and pieces like you have. (((hugs)))) I sure hope that cold lets go of you soon.

Kathy, you are about the first person Ive talked too outside of N. CA who knows about Willits, Gateway to the Redwoods! LOL. Yes indeed weve taken Hwy 20 over to the coast but not gone north on Hwy 1. We went south to Mendocino and when we where there several years ago I wasnt aware of the Botanical Gardens there so Ive not been there either. So, tell me about this place called FuchsiaRama??? Im drooling! The sad fact about my trip to CA though is that half the students in my class are teachers so the class is always end of July to early August. And yes you are 100% correct about the furnace like heat there. The week I was there this year I came at the tail end of a heat wave where theyd had a weeks worth of days over 114 degrees!!! It cooled down to 110 to 105 for the week I was there!
V. LOL about the UHaul you might not be too far off the mark.

Michelle, LOl about the new toy. In this house the new toys are usually electronic in nature. ~~ So where did you plant your gentian? Inquiring minds would like to know. ~~ Love the pic with the birdhouse and Ville-de-Lyon.

Marie! OMG, why does it seem when things start going awry everything gets messed up? So sorry for all your troubles now.

Taryn, that wasp story gave me the shivers. One of my worst nightmares is to have any sort of insect crawling on me in my sleep. Ugh!

Martie, sounds like you had one lousy day yesterday. So sorry! That accident would have thrown me for a loop. So do tell, why the he - - was the guy who hit you yelling at you? Whats up with that? Jeesh! You should have been yelling at him. Also so sorry about having female issues to deal with. Thats double yukky! ~~ On a positive note, the brug arrived safely on Tuesday. Thanks muchly. Now I just have to tuck her in for the winter.

Mary, I just love the whole book club concept. How did you meet this group? I wish I had something like that here to participate in. One of my favorite classes in school was my lit classes where wed discuss books. It just gave you so much more insight into the writings. ~~ I hear you about being with this group for a long time. One of my best friends and I have been together for a very long time, hmmm it think it is about 28 years now. Her DD was a toddler when we first met and she was married last summer and her DS, who was born several years after we became friends has now graduated college and is established in his profession. As you said, it makes me feel pretty old. ~~ RE the calories thing, I felt like passing out on the stairs yesterday so Im thinking Ive hit the wall as to how little I can eat and still exercise. I added a couple hundred calories at dinner last night in hopes I do better today.

OK speaking of calories and exercise, I'm off to the gym.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Martie, I may need your doctor's name. We have a similiar issue except I have zero symptoms and my doctor is telling me I need radical surgery. Well, I've recently come to the realization that when you think a doctor's advice is ludicrous it probably is. I could rant on here forever about this whole issue and the attitude I've encountered from my doctor but I won't. Apparently there are progressive GYNs out there but mine is definitely not one of them and we will be parting ways. Yesterday I made an appointment with an interventional radiology group in Hartford to explore a fairly new procedure called fibroid embolization. I also found some yahoo groups covering these issues and subscribed to one of them. Knowledge is power when it comes to health issues.

Hi to all. I've been enjoying the photo threads but between work (didn't get home til almost 11 last night) and this other problem my time is short and have not commented on them. My mom arrives tomorrow and sometime between now and then I have to get the house in order. We may get frosted tonight and I still have a couple of plants to bring in. It gets dark so early....waaaahhhh...and next week will be hooooo.

See ya!


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Good Morning, The sun is shining and it's a new day. I'm not one to get "down" often but this damp and gloomy weather has been getting to even me. We've switched our focus here to indoor projects. Brad built a new window "perch" for the moggies yesterday. And we're doing some work on the office/music/Bella's room. Building some shelves, painting, etc. I've done very little in the garden, and it looks like this weekend will be cold and wet again. It's starting to look like I'll be doing more of a spring cleanup unless things change in November.

Marie, sorry to hear about the water/plumbing problems. Those are the jobs Brad hates doing the MOST. Do you have no water in just the kitchen or throughout the entire house? On the bright side it sounds like you're progressing with the autumn garden chores.

Martie, sorry about your bad day. We have a couple of those roundabouts here and I hate driving on them. I'm sending out good thoughts about now for your appointment. Hope the walk through the garden helped!

Taryn, seems some days start out like that and just don't get any better. I go to bed early on those days and hope to wake up to a better tomorrow. It's the little things that wear away at us...

Deanne, I love your color wheel! I have the Sydney Eddison's Gardener's Color Wheel and many other books on color theory and I'd bet my bottom dollar that I'd like yours the best. Why don't you make it up into a booklet and market it (at least to your Idyll friends)? Oh and don't cut those calories too far ok?

I'd love to belong to a good book club too. Borders and Barnes and Noble have them but I don't know of any private ones around here. I always love hearing about yours Mary.

Michelle, you got you gentiana! Hope yours were as nice as mine. I was surprised to get such large, healthy plants this late in the season. I was so glad to find a source finally!

Hi T, so have things quieted down there? I'm not good with alot of commotion either.

Kathy, looks like the World Series is going to be dragging on for a while with the bad weather both in St. Louis and here. Definitely NOT baseball weather.

Lots more I'd like to say but no time. I need to grab some breakfast before Bella makes an appearance.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

I have to leave for work 5 minutes ago, but I just had to jump in. Sue, if you have no symptoms, why does the gyn advise surgery?! I have uterine fibroids too, I've had them for years - first seen on an ultrasound when I was pregnant with my DS. In fact I had quite a large fibroid during the pregnancy, but it is not there now. I have only mild symptoms, and decided with the Dr that treatment is not warranted unless my symptoms become worse. My mother had a hysterectomy in the mid-80's, I guess her symptoms were worse and that was the only option then. Find out all you can, and get a 2nd and 3rd opinion before you decide! Just had to put in my 2 cents.

Martie, good thoughts to you, hope it all goes well.

Deanne, love the results of the new camera. My DS was mesmerized by the bee pic, the detail was astounding.

Chelone, I just have to say that you are a strong woman to deal with all that is on your plate. Find joy where you can, and show us some pics of your latest project!

Waving hello to everyone else!!


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We're back from the doctor. I have to say, he is perhaps the nicest doctor I've met in a LONG time (and I've met plenty of them over the course of Mum's cancer and surgery). He's young, totally "hip", and has a common sense approach to medecine that is, sadly, becoming increasingly rare in letigeous times. He decided the ear wax removal was for a specialist (majorly impacted!), and requested some lab. tests and a mammogram for Mum. He asked about a colonoscopy and since she's had one in the past 10 years that was negative decided to "revisit" the question in a couple of years. He remarked to me that Mum looks wonderful and her vitals are nicely within range for 80. He told me I've done a wonderful job with her; it meant a lot.

Oh, Martie! how unnerving to have someone scream at you for something that wasn't your fault. Rear ending someone is a really dumb thing... duh! a little too close, maybe? And the loss of an account and subsequent delays in present projects must be a drag, too. But it'll be OK. Things will look brighter once today's app't. becomes history.

Sue, nothing infuriates me more than doctors with a pompous attitude. The "nuke the entire site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure" policy has its place, but the fear and uncertainty it fosters does more damage than good. Why, for heaven's sake elevate blood pressure and stress levels right off the bat?! You're wise to "move on", I know I sure did following the exam from hell, and I've never looked back. If I get a bad vibe, I'm gone. No way am I willing to pay top dollar for services from someone who "talks down" to me or treats me as though I'm just another body. Our health depends on our participation and involvement. My doctors should view me as a partner and treat me as such!

I'll take pictures of the shades but won't post them before I share them on another thread about finishing projects, lol. Right now I ought to be cleaning and organizing, NOT tapping away here, lol. It feels good to see something progress nicely and fulfill my "vision". Your color wheel is beautiful, Deanne. I LOVED color theory in art class, and use it daily in decision making at work. I love that you've linked the colors and their transitions to flowers... it makes perfect sense.

'bug, I feel your pain. We had to install a new well pump AND tank some weeks ago... a cool 3K, thank you very much. It's true, you know... "you never miss the water 'til the well runs dry"! Bummer.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I think I gave the wrong impression with my last post. I was referring to my first marrriage, to the alcoholic womanizer. If I had waited until I was 21 I would have avoided that experience! Actually, I think that all that has happened to me has worked out for the best in the long run. Everybody needs the bitter with the sweet. We would not appreciate the good if all was good.

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Well, for the inquiring minds, I planted my gentiana where it will get morning sun. I actually put the 3 I got in 3 different spots to see how they like it. I hope they make the winter as they are rated zone 5 but I can grow most zone 5 plants easily. They are nice looking plants. I walked around and looked for other plants with fall interest to plant them by. A few of the plants that I chose to plant near are polemonium Stairway to Heaven, hydrangea Endless Summer, weigela French Lace and huechera Keylime Pie.

Sue and Martie, I hope you both can find the best solution to your medical problems.

Deanne, I feel so bad that you have to live at the hunger point. Your color wheel is great. Maybe the Idylls will get to hear your talk yet. I hope my Endless Summers can get as nice of color as yours did. Mine were only planted last year.

Chelone, how sad that your mom is throwing away things that were probably quite important to her.

Kathy, LOL on the FuchsiaRama. It sounds like Deannes kind of place. Oh how I hate wind. We had a few days where I came home an large containers had tipped over. It is so disheartening.

Martie, what a horrible experience with the accident and then jerk.

I must get to it.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Unsatisfactory doctors, rude and incompetent drivers, wasps, plumbers....what crazy lives we lead!!!!

Today is heavy equipment day in the garden. No, not a new combine LOL, but better drainage away from the basement wall is the goal. Here's how things looked early this morning.

Lots of tree roots involved too. :(

Yesterday worked out well in the end with the new kitchen faucets installed, a filtered water tap for drinking water installed, and a 60 gallon water heater installed as well. Lots of clean-up involved afterwards (oh joy) but the end product is good.

I'm rather tired of all the necessary activity around here and wonder where all this earth moving equipment was when garden work was necessary??? I could have used the plumber too for additional water outlets.

Finished removing the verbenea bonariensis finally. Next, the raspberries need pruning back and the bulbs MUST get planted! What a busy time of year it is, trying to keep ahead of the weather. The time change too will affect things, as Sue pointed out.

Soon I'm hoping to visit a neighbour who runs a wool business and perhaps begin a knitting project. Meanwhile, still doing foot exercises.

Deanne, I echo Eden and hope you are doing the SMART approach to this weight loss. Don't get yourself all weak and fainty. This calorie counting stuff is so unfair. There's my DH who has ice cream every night, sugar in his coffee, loves doughnuts etc...and is skinny as a rail and healthy. Oh! This comment from my sister reminded me of you! 'Don't criticize the coffee; you'll be old and weak yourself one day.' LOL

On that happy note, back to work.

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Drowsy greetings. I made it through the "procedure" in record time. Never underestimate the value of knowing how to meditate and release energy through your fingertips.

My doctor(s) are the best and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I have three that I see at least yearly, and they all talk to each other and, most importantly, LISTEN!! Sue -- I'll email you separately as I believe they have offices in Hartford.

What a very cool color wheel! I vote for the calendar idea and volunteer to do the marketing!!! (Okay, ask me again when I'm not drug induced ;-)

Yes, the guy was a complete jerk. He's yelling at me while the woman who was driving was digging through a ton of paper looking for the registration. Like I said, I got back into the car. When the police brought my paperwork to me, they asked if the guy had given me a "hard time at all???" "Yes," I said, "he was a total jerk." [Officer smirk here.]
"Well, he was to me, too so he got cited for disorderly conduct." In that cop's honor I'll drive the speed limit for a whole week.
Hope everyone's day is much better than yesterday and not as good as tomorrow!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Well, Im still working on my color presentation. Ill be pretty happy when it is finished. At this point the novelty has worn off. LOL

Martie, glad you came through the procedure OK.

Wow, Bug, looks like youve got a lot going on there but at least progress is being made. ~~ I completely agree that this counting calorie stuff is totally unfair. I know people who can eat like your DH and maintain their girlish figures. Every time I think about how unfair it is I just remind myself that life isnt fair and I could have a lot worse problems than a highly efficient metabolism. LOL

Michelle, Ill bet your Endless Summers are really nice next year. My oldest one is the best one in the gardens.

Chelone, How neat you studied color. I didnt know you had art classes. Im sure that really helps you with your work.

Wendy, glad to hear your DS like the bee pic.

Eden, so glad you had a sunny day. We did here for a bit too but it clouded up later on and then the winds picked up again. Brrrr Now the weather gurus are predicting a couple inches of rain this weekend. ~~ When you get around to it would you be able to take a pic of your window perch for the kitties? Ive been thinking of doing something like that here in a couple of the windows. Do you line them with carpeting?

Speaking of kitties. Ive been playing with the camera a bit again today and His Rahjiness was kind enough to pose for me. I just love how sharp this new camera is. I cant believe this is a cropped and compressed image. Neat!

OKie Dokie, must run for now. I get to have some non-fat plain yogurt for dessert. LOL


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Top o the evening all, winds have stopped and baseball is on and Im enjoying a glass of cheap white wine after a long day traveling hither and yon to plan logistics for a physical inventory. Whopee ! Drove a rental car for the last couple of days mine was in the hospital getting some warranty work done. Rental car was something called a Chevy HHR, which looks kinda like a miniature PT Cruiser knockoff and or/ something that Bugsy Malone might have driven that was shrunk in the wash. Glad to get my own car back-this HHR thing was so low slung I felt like I was riding in a go-cart.!

Wow Martie, thought I had a bad day yesterday but you sure have me beat. My childhood friend Georges mother was absolutely terrified of traffic circles and freeways(-we grew up in Los Angeles ) and would drive an hour out of her way if she had to to avoid one ! Anyway, I think you need a manicure, a massage , and about 3 days in a bucolic resort with a private hot tub where you are waited on hand and foot!

Deanne that color wheel is great Ill have to tell you about the painting class I took a few years back sometime. We were certainly never given anything as professional looking as that !
OK so FuchsiaRama is in Cleone which is about two or three miles north of Fort Bragg. You walk thru a kitchy little gift shop into a greenhouse with tables full of Fuchsias. When my bro-in-law and partner lived on the coast I would hit FuchsiaRama about 4 times a year and buy more and more plants for which I had no space. Fortunately for you Deanne, July /August is probably the best time of year selection wise-and a great time to visit the Mendo Coast Botanical Gardens , which is between Ft Bragg (where 20 comes out) and Mendocino. Let me know when you will be around ! Would be happy to show you around Napa County, or meet up with you in Willits for an excursion to the coast. Have you done the redwoods ??
Sue, I am with you all the way on seeking out health alternatives. I am really fortunate as I have very good health and this runs in my family; but surgery and drugs are not always the answer. My DH passed away a couple of years ago he had cancer, but was a heavy smoker for over thirty years, many choices he made were not healthy for him.

bug, jealous of your new kitchen faucets. Every faucet in my house needs to be replaced . Thats an 07 project .

Well , I better see if there is anything I can whip up for dinner, nite all..

Kathy in Napa

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Mrs. MacDonald in 7th. grade was HUGE into color theory. I'd been well exposed in elementary school, too. And Mum was all about letting my brother and I "get messy" with paints. I was just a little kid but I well recall standing beside her as she mixed dyes to get the shade/tone she wanted in the wools she used in her braided rugs. I can still smell the boiling wools on the stove!

Primaries, secondaries, and tertiaries... oh yeah, color theory is the absolute basis for so many things. I'm more atuned to interior decoration than decorative art and therefore I tend to equate color with geographic orientation. Warmer colors in rooms that see little or morning light, moving into the tertiary colors in the warmer spectrum in rooms that see morning light to early afternoon, cooler colors in southerly facing rooms, cooler still in westerly facing rooms... moving into the warmer colors again... depending on how and WHEN the room is typically used. That's why I thought your linkage to flowers and foliage was so brilliant. It really makes the connection to the natural world and the world of NATURAL, available light.

If you were to ask me if "green" or "lavender" were warm or cool I'd answer with, "well, it depends". Tertiaries are my very favorites... so adaptable! they can be either "cool" or "warm"... depends on the mix! :)

I LOVED art class, though my talent isn't in drawing; when we moved to NH and there was no more art I learned to sew... a creative propensity manifests itself anyway it can.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just a quick one here before I send DH off to his 8:30 class.

I heard from Janie! When her shift changes next week she hopes to join us for an update! She spoke of construction at her house so I'm curious to hear what's going on. :-)

Today I expect will be the last of the patio work. I hope! Then we can start thinking about the renovation of the (mildewed) basementy room.

Back later,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Well, it's finally over for the season here. This morning when I left the house it was about 28 F. Anything that didn't make it inside is probably toast.

Enjoy! I'm off to our main parts warehouse for the day.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well it is really cold out there this AM! A hard freeze. As Sue said, Im sure all the things I didnt get in are going to turn to mush the instant the sun hits them. I never got a chance to bring the banana in so I guess thats toast. Im wondering if I dug one of those pups out if the roots would still be viable. Ill have to check it out today sometime.

Kathy, Way cool about FuchsiaRama! Im definitely going to have to check it out next summer. I dont remember the exact dates but I do have a class scheduled. Im surprised my students never mentioned it to me as they know how crazy I am about fuchsias. Ive also promised a couple of the ladies that Id make time to get over to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens next year. One of my students owns the bowling alley in Fort Bragg. Ill have to check it out when I get over that way. Then, Im always game to check out wineries so Im sure wed find something to do. Oh yes, I used to have a class up in Eureka so have been through the redwoods a few times. That sure is a pretty part of the state up there. Ive always been intrigued as to how to get a good photograph of those wonderful trees. Unless you put a person in the picture you really cant get any concept of the scale of the things.

Chelone that is really interesting that you base the color temperature of a room depending on its orientation to the sun. Makes perfect sense to me. Also, interesting that you understand that the perceived color temperature is dependent on many factors including the available light and its relation to the colors adjacent to it. Some people have difficulties with that concept and cant see it. I used to love art class too but now that Im the teacher I dont love it so much anymore. LOL

Bug, neat that Jaine is going to stop by

Ok off to the gym with me.

Have a great Friday everyone,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Progress from yesterday:

And indoors, for Kathy and those fascinated by kitchen plumbing ;-), the new faucets. There used to be 1 tap for purified water, one for well water, and also a spray attachment. The new arrangement eliminates the stupid spray attachment, has separate hot & cold handles with a higher tap for easier access and a separate small tap for filtered drinking water. Next week we expect to have a calcium filter installed next to the basement water pump to deal with filtering all the household water.

Finally, my contribution to the colour conversation. Sailors take warning!

I never studied colour theory very much, but find colour very important in my life. Paint colour is something I get fussy about. Years ago in our first apartment in Toronto, I decorated one room in reds/pinks and orange. The other room was painted in greens and blues. That really taught me a lesson in warm vs cool colours! I've come a long way since then.

But more interesting I think is the story of my amazing grandfather. I will link to several threads on him for those interested in colour wheels and more: television, photo transmission, etc.
I will add that he was also a portrait painter, taught us kids about fireflies, played pool, and was a neat but introspective and quiet man who LOVED chocolate cake! :-) His daughter, my mother, taught art the interest in color carried on in a different way.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Its been a long, mild fall here so far. Its surprising that so many of you have been hit by bad frosts and we havent. The spiderplants in the bench boxes are still doing fine. We lifted the Elephant Ears on Wednesday although they hadnt got hit by frost. The Solomons Seal hasnt started to turn color yet its always pretty when it does. The lake effect, which normally moderates our fall, seems to be particularly strong this year so I assume the lake got quite warm this summer.

Getting the Elephant ears out of the pot was quite a production. First I loosened the edges as much as I could by putting a crack weeder tool down as far as it would go and wiggling it about all around the pot. Then we tipped over the pot, I sat on the ground, braced my legs against the pot, and pulled towards me on the base of the largest leaves while Teresa pulled the pot in the other direction! It took a few minutes of pulling to get the whole thing out. Meanwhile, Misty and Bailey, who clearly thought this was a game, were bouncing over and around us! Once we cleaned off all the soil, we found that the large, old roots/bulbs/whatever-they-are-called had rotted away and what we have now is a large collection of smaller and medium sized roots. So, I may need to buy a couple of larger ones to make sure I have a nice full pot for next year in case all these smaller ones only produce smaller plants.

Misty has bounced back from her experience quite well. The outside bite is closing up now; the inside one is still a bit red but looks like it is healing too. The course of antibiotics finished yesterday. The Humane Society has placed a Biting Dog Order on the dog that bit her. That means the dog has to be muzzled if he is off their property, or else they face a $5,000 fine. Since when Max gets loose, it's usually because he has escaped, it is unlikely he'd be muzzled. I think the intent is that the potential financial cost to them is sufficiently high that they would be motivated to put him down. An unfortunate end for a dog but, given this one's history of biting, it is probably the best thing to do for everybody. I'm now afraid to walk up the street past their place and, when he gets loose, he can be anywhere so I'm paranoid about walking - period! The Humane Society person seems to think his owners may be willing to pay the vet bill for us, but suggested we do the request by letter. We will drop that off tonight or tomorrow. I doubt they will pay they didnt even come out after the attack to see is Misty and I were OK or not. The general opinion of these people in the neighbourhood is that the wife is nice but the husband is an aggressive bully!

I noticed yesterday afternoon that the neighbour to the north is preparing a garden bed on the other side of the fence to match the bed on my side. We had talked about that in the spring it will make both gardens look bigger.

Were still waiting for quotes on demolishing/rebuilding the shed. Yesterday we went to one contractors place to see the sheds he built for himself. One of them is pretty much exactly what I want except his is not so nicely finished. Tarted up, it would be perfect! But I fear the cost may turn out to be prohibitive. Ive got my fingers crossed on that I REALLY want a new shed!

GB that certainly looks like a major undertaking to fix the leak but well worth it! We had to do things like that here too one spot was done during the original renovation but another was done a few years ago and I lost a beautiful butterfly bush in the process! I hope you didnt have too many plant casualties with your work. Interesting link to the alternate color wheel I searched on your grandfathers name and found some interesting stuff is he the same person who differed with Einstein? Interestingly, we get the New Scientist magazine from the UK and there has been lots of interesting articles in it recently about issues around General Relativity and the possibility of using the old ideas of an ether - either in addition to or as an alternative to dark matter proposals to explain some of the anomalies. Ill have to go back and re-read those articles to see if your grandfather is mentioned!

Taryn Ouch! That sting story made my arm ache in sympathy! I got stabbed (thats what it felt like) in August in almost exactly the same spot as you did. I was reading in the lounge chair on the back porch. It just about gave DH a heart attack he was napping in a chair and was rather abruptly awakened when I shrieked OW! Did you startle anyone with your incident?

Martie Im glad you werent hurt in the accident. It certainly sounded like an all-round frustrating day! And then to follow it up with a fun (!) medical appointment. I think you need to do some serious pampering of yourself this weekend!

Deanne great color wheel! It sounds like you are a very creative teacher. None of the teachers in the art classes Ive taken were that creative in presenting color theory!

Chelone it certainly sounds like youve absorbed a lot of color theory. You realize Im now going to have to look at all the colors on the walls in the house and figure out if I need to repain! The kitchen color has bothered me from the beginning I picked it to match the cupboards but it doesnt go well with the dining room and I dont like it against the living room color either, so it will be the first candidate for repainting!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Don't expect anything rational from me after this...
The next best thing to DD marrying a super guy is the nine month count down. Not at all a surprise. SIL is over the moon already. Little 7 year old GS doesn't know yet, but has been asking for a brother or sister since the wedding. He doesn't know that it takes time, that they don't come from Toys R Us. I know it is too early to share this, but I can't keep a secret very well. (Some of you know that DD had a miscarriage a couple of years ago.) I suspect an Idyllunion is going to be hard to fit in this summer! Teresa will understand!

DGS is excited about using his wedding gift cards to buy toys. He has recently decided to buy a big lego set. His Mom & Dad are pleased that he no longer has his heart set on videos and computer games!

OK, I'll shut up now !
:) :) :)

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No time to chat now, but I just had to pop in to say a big congratulations to Marie. I'm so happy for you. Boy once you got into the gramma business, it's really booming. I hope all goes smoothly for your DD.


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Bonjour Grand-mere 'bug!! What a happy, happy thing! Wish my French wasn't so limited because I'd also say: Abundant Congralations to the Entire Family!!!

Bittersweet Alert: Don't buy it if you want it! Email me and I'll be glad to send some out. I mean it :-) We have a ton and I've seen the prices of it in Ohio .....

Glad Misty and you are somewhat better, Woody. I'd be terrified of walking around with bully husbands and dogs running loose. Call everybody official with you see them out!

My pampering today (I'm not stupid -- I'll take advantage of the situation ;-) came in the form of superfluous gadgets for the kitchen at a buy one-get one sale; ordering a fresh turkey and ham for U.S. Thanksgiving; legal drugs for after a quick trip to the store for a "get out of the house" run; Kyle coming home and moving all my della robia undercover AND digging holes for the last of the pot ghetto; lying on the couch all afternoon (legitimately drugged) reading the Forest Farm Fall '06 book and fantasy designing my backyard; and, last but not least, eating homemade apple pie that I didn't make!!!!

Chelone, Deanne and others with a color eye. Boy, am I glad there are humans like you out there so that humans like me can enjoy art.

'bug: You grandfather was a very interesting man!

Everyone else: Just needed to uninstall the new camera's software and have been sitting up for a few hours. Need to go lie down, but 2+" of rain with 40-50 mph winds are expected tomorrow so providing the computer works, I'll be here!

Quickly - Deanne, glad the brug made it.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It's been an up and down week and I'm tired from the "heavy lifting". Minor victories on some fronts, minor setbacks on others, but all in all everything is allright.

But before I go brain dead for the night, I have to slip in two samll comments.

Deanne, that color wheel graphic is amazing!

Marie, congrats, best wishes and good thoughts to you, DD, DSIL and DGS! what exciting news for you all. I hope that all goes well for her; I know that the next few months will be a nervous time.

And speaking of nervous, I remember someone at the idyllunion who was very nervous about a wedding she had just learned about. Can I say that it makes me smile everytime I read/see how happy it all turned out?

I'm going to order a pizza, pour a glass of wine and immerse myself in Barack Obama's new book. TTFN,


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Just a quick one tonight-my Friday is not really Friday since I have to go in for awhile tommorow.The garden is a wreck because of the dry winds so I will be spending Sunday trying to whip it into shape.
I was thinking there have been some comments on book clubs and reading in general-maybe we should read a book together this winter and have a thread to discuss it on the forum? Don't know how many of you are readers, but it's been my experience that gardeners are brilliant , witty, creative, intuitive, artistic and have agreat vocabulary thanks to a working knowledge of Latin.

Congrats 'bug and I will try to make some time to read up on Grand Papa this weekend..
Kathy in the Napa Valley

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all, just a quick drop in here. I don't know what was going on but we had an enormous flock of robins around all morning today. When this one sweet bird decided to hang around in the dogwood tree I decided I had to break out the scope and old Nikon 995. Anyway, I couldn't resist the colors in this pic and thought you'd all enjoy seeing it.

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Congratulations to G'ma Marie!!!!



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Ahh, 'bug! you are so cute. I'm happy for you and everyone else who is "involved". I know it's early yet, so I'll add my thoughts for a healthy, safe, enjoyable "waiting period". :) How very exciting. Will your knitting project be booties or a "blankie"?

Deanne, amazing picture of the Robin. They are so pretty!

Kathy, I'm sort of curious about book groups, too. I am pretty much anchored to the house now and I could be tempted by the idea, depending on whether or not the book "grabbed" me. I just finished "The Forsyte Saga", loved it, but it was tedious in a few places. Lately, I've been more interested in history... esp. The Tudor family of England.

I had to scrape the windshield for the first time yesterday morning. Some of the plants have been a bit more heavily bruised than others. Like, you, Woody, I have the mitigating influence of the Atlantic ocean to stave off the first advances of Old Man Winter. Spring comes late for me, though.

Good to hear that Martie "kicked back" with such pleasant distractions. We're in for the same bout of weather today. They are calling for 12-20' seas... we'll see... . I'm rather wishing I'd taken the canopy down, but it's securely laced on the frame and it's too late to do anything about it now.

For the curious of you:

I don't understand why some of the pictures have a jaundiced look about them, but you can see the product at any rate!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, well, we are in for that bout of screaming weather all weekend here too. They are saying this afternoon the rain is supposed to be coming in torrents. Thank heavens it isnt snow or wed be up to our necks. You know the weather system is pretty extreme when you see Jim Cantori from the Weather Channel up in your neck of the woods. LOL

Chelone, love, love, love those shades! Everything about them is perfect. Your work area is marvelous too. I wish I had room for my studio to be above ground with good north facing windows but that isnt going to happen in this lifetime unless I win a lottery.

Kathy, neat idea about doing a reading group here. Id be interested but will have to say up front that I have real difficulties wading through books I dont like so Id be a participant if I can deal with the chosen books.

V. great to hear from you. How was that pizza? I can tell Im dieting again because normally pizza doesnt appeal to me anymore but when Im calorie deprived I salivate at the merest mention of anything with melted cheese on it.

Martie, glad to hear you took it easy yesterday and it looks like we are all going to be housebound up here in the NE today too.

Marie! Congratulations! How wonderful for your family. You must be over the moon. Now well be enjoying photos of another Idyll grandbaby.

Woody, glad to hear you and Misty are recovered from the dog bite attack. That still makes my blood boil every time I think about it. ~~ I ROTFLOL when I read about your trying to get the EE out of the pot. The imagery on that was too much and just the kind of thing I would do and why the neighbors think Im a bit cracked.

OK I guess I cant use the rain as an excuse not to go to the gym so Id better finish my coffee and get out of here. Have a great Saturday everyone.


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Okay, Chelone, this is a serious offer:

I will trade houses with you for a weekend and take care of your Mom and Biggie Dog (but not necessarily the helpmeet ;-) if you come to my house where fabric and space will be available and you make me drapes. Deal? Your projects are amazing. I think I can sew, but you construct.

Still going through the pic threads and delighting in the new things I'm finding.

Deanne: Love that Robin! Did you get all the fuchsias in?

We are being buffetted by wind and rain and will not be leaving the house All Day!! I'm feeling much better, no longer look five months pregnant (flipped out the poor check out lady at the grocery store whom I know well and let her think "Yes" for just a moment ... :-) and today will be finishing the Forest Farm book and narrowing down the list.

Having never been a huge fan of conifers and being out of the hybrid loop for awhile, need a good recommendation: Height doesn't matter but it would be nice if it could be tall and not more than 2' wide. I'd love some white or yellow coloration. Will be planted on the corner of the house with 'Blaze' rose on one side and the aforediscussed Sambucus on the other. Basically it will be used to separate the colors of those two plants, soften the corner, be a backdrop for 'Shropshire Lad' and define the transition between the front and side of the house.

The front of the house is various short-leaved Rhody's, some Kalmia, Sambucus that will be interplanted with "French Lace' and a tri-colored coleus with maroon, lime green and yellow in the foliage. Cuttings have taken!!!

Help with a good choice that will be the benchmark of the road view??? Thanks!!!

V - why is it that sales can't just even out sometimes?

Kathy - I would really like to read a book with everyone this winter. Though fiction is my least-favorite, I'm willing to participate no matter what the selection. How fun will/would this be?

BTW: Has anyone seen the movie based on Marie Antoinette? DS the history major says it might be accurate .....

Was thinking of Bella and Kenzie and Jamie, etc. last night when our elder neighbors had their grandchildren over for an early Halloween party. I knew ahead of time, and they arrived at the door dressed as the three bears and Goldilocks. The G. character had on a blond wig that almost reached the ground and everyone was just cute! How can kids Not be cute when they're between 2 - 8 and eager for their pick of puzzles and candy?

Am sitting here looking east (per usual) and watching the rain. It'll be a peaceful day as long as we keep the music loud enough to mask the wind. LOL

Rambling - Hi to everyone! Those of you also on the Right Coast, be sure to take cover .... "Blown Away" should be a Good thing!!!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

As Winnie the Pooh would say, "It is a blustery day!" It is awful out there, I just returned from driving DS up the highway to a birthday party at a laser tag place. The rain isn't so heavy right now, but the winds are really picking up. As Deanne says, good thing it isn't snow, I'm just not ready for that yet.

We haven't been heavily frosted here, no window scraping yet, and the coleus outside are hanging on for the most part. DH dragged the brugs inside for me the other night, they really look huge in the basement! The weather will be warming up a bit next week and I mentioned taking them back out, but I was informed that they had only purchased a one-way ticket.

Marie, what wonderful news! Congrats and best wishes to all. LOL about GS, he is probably looking for a live-in playmate! My nephew, who is an only child, was about the same age as your GS and looking forward to the birth of my DD, who would be the 2nd grandchild in the family. When he came to the house and saw her for the first time, as she lay sleeping in her cradle, he said "Is that all?" BTW, you'll love that faucet with the higher tap, we have something similar. It is so nice to be able to get those big pans underneath it easily.

Chelone, what a lot of talent you have. I love the fabric, and the fringe sets it off perfectly.

Woody, I haven't unpotted my large elephant ears yet, now I am not looking forward to it! I'll make sure to recruit a helper.

Kathy, a book club might be interesting. I read a lot, but I tend to ramdomly choose books from the bestseller or new book racks at the library. How to choose a book?

Well, time to go fold the laundry before venturing back out to pick up DS. I'm sure he is having a great time, and he would have been very bored being cooped up inside all day.

Enjoy the day!


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Good morning (for a few more minutes it is morning here).

It is very foggy here but is promising to be a dry and decent day. I need to finish moving the mulch as today is the nicest day in the extended forecast. I should have finished it a long time ago......but weather and lack of free time kept me from devoting time to it (sound like decent excuses? Nah, I didn't think so either).

I made the twins' Halloween costumes...just finished them yesterday afternoon. The outfits barely fit across the chest/shoulders, but I knew they would only be wearing them for a short period of time while they 'Trick or Treat' a few neighbors and relatives. Their mother chose what she wanted them to be.....two little pea pods with peas. It might have been cuter to have made a big pod out of something rigid but soft (thinking some packing type of sheet foam spray painted green) and then made the boys some outfits to make them look like peas (two peas IN a pod).......but this worked and their mother was happy. I'm glad to have them done and now can move on to some of my own projects. :)

Well, I'm going to go make some lunch for DH & myself.....then get outside to work on the mulch/flower beds.


P.S. I did some retouching on Jake's face as he had a very red nose and upper lip from having his face smooshed against his mom's shoulder while he was napping.....and I messed up his lip line with my attempts to remove the red, lol...Poor tyke... Jake on left, Josiah on the right...they are almost 12 weeks old now.

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Had I ever squeezed out a kid it would have been hopelessly destroyed by my penchant for "dress up" and practical jokes.

Quiet here today, huh?

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I guess I should have described what they were 'suppose' to be.....LOL.

They are pea pods as I mentioned. The dark green is suppose to be the split open pea's interior and the big balls are the peas inside the pod, of course. Oh and they had little stems on their heads....The bottom of their outfits are pointed, but Josiah had moved so tucked his 'point' underneath and I cut Jake's point off with the camera.

I wasn't sure if they were self explanatory or not ;o) (all the bits and pieces...). I think the peas would have looked better if they had been made differently and would have appeared to sit 'down' into the dark green.......

They are done and at 12 weeks, the boys won't know that I could have improved upon things if I had done things differently. LOL

Chelone...I bet you could have come up with some awesome costumes!

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They're going to just LOVE it when you haul this picture out an have it inserted into their Senior yearbooks, lol!

Those costumes are just wonderful.

LOL! (I told you I'd be a terrible parent)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh goodie! T wants to talk babies! I'm game to talk weddings, babies, whatever. ;-) I even went to two knit shops today to look at patterns. You wouldn't believe the cute stuff out there. Oh brother...I'm in deep trouble. You can't garden and knit at the same time.

Well Chelone, what amazing 'curtains' you whipped up! You'll be in tropical paradise with butterflies whenever you are working there. You can come here too! The lace piece hanging on our bathroom window has been worked on by the cats. When cats climb lace....well it doesn't look great. I never wanted anything covering that window - after all, it is a huge distance to the next house and no one ever sees in there, but somehow all the city folk are distressed by an open window. So I came up with the length of pretty lace. Time for something new I guess. But I gave up sewing ages ago. Our cat swallowed a needle with the thread attached- and I ran off to the vet's with her and never sewed again! That was at least 20 years ago.

Well, DH is back from his protest walk, I from shopping. Then after lunch we bought the insulation for the basement and grass seed for the muddy mess created outdoors with our new drainage area. Little by little things get going.

Yes, I like to read too, but like Deanne, have trouble if the start of a book is difficult. The English Patient for example. When the kids were small it was all mysteries. Then it was all gardening books. In fact, it still is! But I'd enjoy a group read here.

OK, time to move on here and accomplish something indoors! Outside is a drizzly mess with a muddy creek.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

T, your pea pod costumes are great! I never made anything that could remotely compare with them. The twins are getting cuter and cuter.

Chelone, I can't even remember what Tim wore when he went trick or treating! Talk about being a 'terrible' mother! I never took any pics of whatever he wore.... He probably just mostly had on a mask.

I guess I burned everyone out on my over load of pics on my thread????
Here is one I DO want to share, that I took this morning right after we got home from breakfast at the One Stop.

Then I went out into the woods and took more. This is one of the best:

Our color is still great. The oaks are coloring up now, and some other the forsythia bushes.
It is an absolutely gorgeous day wind...bright sunshine...and warm.

Nolon has spent the afternoon up at the mill, cutting another pickup load of firewood. He just now returned with it.

Tim came yesterday evening. He said the hospice workers give Marvin about 10 more days. He,(Marvin), is still helping with the house building. He is surely to be admired for his tenacity. He is still in denial. Such a sad situation.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi--just a fly by
Congrats, Marie!!

T, those two little pea pods are just ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
Howdy to everyone else!


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T: I can hear them talking:

Josiah: "I am completely embarrassed! I can't believe Mom wanted Grandma to do this to me. What will I tell my friends? I can't even kick it off!!!!"

Jake: "AAaaaaaaaaa, don't be such a party pooper. Who knows? We may get something more than milk!! Now look cute so all the ladies will love us and send us cards on our first birthday!!!"

You get the idea. LOL

They are precious!!


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Almost forgot:

For yet another reason I am jealous of Marie. I tried knitting but it doesn't go fast enough for me so it ends up getting a bit tight, as in can't remove it from the needle.

So, Marie, please post progress pics!! One of my fav gifts for Ky was a handknit "bag with legs" I could pop him in without frying the poor kid on cool days but still covered up the sock to pants gap that every infant encounters :-)


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

T the peapod sweeties are just too cute! Chelone, love your handiwork--you are very talented. You too Deanne, that colour wheel is very neat. For sure you'd be able to sell that. Actually that "other site" has a new selling forum, free to list, and only 5% fees when your item sells. See link below. Make up some calenders! Love the robin too...

Oh Martie, what an awful day you had! What a jerk that driver's boyfriend was, freaking on you, when they hit you! I'll stop whining now. Sounds like your doing some much-needed self-soothing. Next time I catch my dreamboat avatar I'll ask if he has a twin and send him to pay you a visit, lol!

Hope all the "female conditions", both happy, annoying and more serious go smoothly. I don't know what my particular problem is, but one day a month I can't be away from a bathroom for more than 20 minutes. This hormone-induced hemorrahaging is the pits, and I don't know what I'll do when I get a job. And I seem to be losing lots of hair lately, what's with that? Read an article in Oprah called "Beauty over 40--7 things nobody ever tells you about aging" The charming list includes:
1) The hair on your face
2) The hair (that used to be) on your head
3) thinning eyebrows
4) your nose and ears seem to be growing
5) What big teeth you have! (receding gum fun)
6) Your hands are veiny and spotty
7) your feet are gnarly

So what's there to look forward to this decade? Laser hair removal and being "lucky" if I don't need Depends? Good grief, just shoot me now! LOL, what we go through! If men went through this hormone crap there'd be much better treatments available.

Woody, and all, thanks for the commiseration on the wasp misery. Woody, that is such a tender area as you know from experience, and it was so swollen and itchy/sore for two days I could hardly stand it! Devin got stung last night. :( Glenn did go up in the attic, but there was nothing live out there, so they must be getting in from outside somehow. That's a scary thought--where? We are going to winterize the windows with that plastic cellophan stuff and see what side of the plastic the wasps end up on--that'll be a clue.

Had a much better day Thursday. It was a gorgeous, mild and sunny day, which was a treat after days on end of rainy, dreary, gray. I had an appointment in Oakville, Woody's neck of the woods, and the fall colours were just glorious! Woody you're right, you guys haven't been touched yet. It was particularly stunning going back home via the 403 up Hamilton mountain. Just gorgeous, and a treat for sore eyes.

Marian your fall colours are great! I've refrained from commenting on all the individual pic threads as it would take me hours to load them back to back and I don't have hours. Don't want to leave anyone out, but over the past days and weeks have enjoyed them all.

It's all just about over here, except for the actaea, which are holding their burgandy. Eden, I keep meaning to mention, that is the local weed around here, the Baneberry. It grows by the roadsides. I was a bit scared when I found the one in my borders had sent runners under the landscape fabric in all directions. How do you control yours? Is it a clumping type?

Continued my drive Thursday southwest, nearly to Tillsonburg, to pick up a new $100.00 (used once) sump pump for a cool $30.00. Also picked up a voltage metre for $13.99, on sale from a regular $39.99. Between the wet basement and the wiring issues in this place, we have our work cut out for us. Deanne, though the thought of mould scares me, I have to think that it is a one hundred year old house, it has been this way for a long time, and so far there is no sign of mould. I'm going to spray the walls with 5% bleach solution periodically as a preventive measure anyway. And next season, Glenn will begin drainage work to stop the water coming in, so hopefully we'll have less to pump out

We are having rainy, windy, blustery weather here too. Glenn and I went to a local Antique place in nearby Waterford and got some good deals. An old metal washtub to hold firewood, a brass fireplace tool kit, two wooden African masks similar to one we already have, and a wooden chess/checkers set. Grand total $53.00. Okay, time for dinner. Made homemade burgers and they smell great. Have a great Saturday evening all...



P.S. Kathy, I was thinking the same thing re having a cyber book club! Count me in!

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Hi All, Happy Saturday.
Trying to wind down here after a rough DD who works at a winery (Hess) brought me a leftover bottle of 03 Cab from the tasting room which was just what the doctor ordered !
I appreciate all the feedback from my book reading suggestion.. my thought was that we do this in winter and maybe a garden related book not too many pages would be a good selection. Maybe we only do 1 or 2 this winter, and if you dont want to participate that is cool. So perhaps we start in late November which would allow everyone who wants to participate to get the book? Two books that come to mind :
"From The Ground Up-A Story of A First Garden" by Amy Stewart. Only 260 pages and the pages are about half-size.
Or "Second Nature" by Micheal Pollan.. I assume some of you have read "The Botany Of Desire ", this book is earlier. Any other ideas ??

Chelone- I love history too,I will be reading "The Eygyptologist" which is fiction , but literary fiction I guess. Love those Palm Tress on the curtains. Im an LA girl so the tropical stuff always gets me.

Martie, I wish I could grow Kalmia here-I love it ! But its too hot, dry and probably not cold enough in the winter
Wow T, I am feeling less curmudgeonly with those two peas in a pod ! How clever !!

OK Marian , You keep mentioning breakfast at the One Stop. Im thinking this is a place full of regulars who all know each other? Love that !! We have the Soscol Café and Buttercream Bakery here in Napa ! Love the photos too..

LOL Taryn , the beauty over 40

Got to go, time to read the paper and have some dinnerBoo Hoo , baseball season is over !

Kathy in the Napa Valley

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

I havent posted a regular note in quite a while, so Ill try to jump back in.

Today, we went out for our monthly run of frozen dog food at the feed store in the next town and stopped into one of our favorite little places to eat practically next door to the feed shop. They have wonderful crepes and we got our usual of spinach, feta cheese, tomato savory crepe and then a Sweet Rachel for dessert (lemon, sugar, butter). Simple but delicious. We dont stop in much in the summer b/c were too busy, but during the other seasons it is on our to-do list after the dog food purchase every month. In fact, hubby teased me last month b/c he stopped in to the small cafe quickly for a coffee and came back to tell me they were closing. I burst into tears-how pitiful and funny at the same time. He didnt expect that reaction but I realized that I love our monthly "errand" of dog food and lunch. In fact, they are moving to a new larger soon to be built location right next door. Whew.

T-I love those pea pod costumes-the kiddies look adorable in them! You are talented.

Marie-congrats to you and your family. Youll just have to finish all the knitting over the winter so come spring you can be out in the garden.

Hi Kathy, welcome to the Idylls.

Deanne-beautiful photo of the robin!

Well, thats it for now. Have a great w/end!

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Hi Monique, Thanks for the welcome! Your pics over on the other thread were fantastic !

Kathy in Napa

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Hi all, its been a hectic weekend so far. Kenzie spent the night last, need I say more. Corn harvest is in full swing. Ricks 3 sons and 5 of his grandsons were all over today. I took Kenzie home and we went to a nursery that is in their town. It was so cute, she got out and started walking around the shrubs and said "Gramma, Gramma, Gramma, look flowers. She actually enjoyed our time there. I picked up two shrubs that were 75% off. They both still had fabulous fall foliage, so they should be a good addition. In the afternoon I went to a bridal shower for the bride to be of Ricks son. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.

Deanne, Kenzie is very interested in birds. I showed your picture to her. She said "birrrrd tweet, tweet"

T, what an adorable picture. I immediately knew what they were that is so clever.

Chelone, you do wonderful work.

Marian, Im sure not tired of your beautiful fall pictures. The second one is really a good one.

bug, what an interesting grandfather you had. I also wanted to mention how stunning your sky picture was and how is it that I have never seen a picture of that fabulous gate? I saw it on the perennials thread also. I love the side posts, thats what my gate is missing and I would like to find or make. My gate isnt as ornate, so the posts could be simpler.

Night all

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Good Light Morning! Feels strange that the sun is up and it's not yet 7a. Gotta love "Fall Back." No major wind damage here but the trees, except the oaks and Kousa, are stripped bare. It's beginning to feel like Thanksgiving!

Kathy: Kalmia (commonly known as Mountain Laurel) is our state plant and a lot of the modern hybridization happens at UConn. Since CT is such a very small state, it's easy to pop there from anywhere to see the latest. There are a lot of private gardens with "one of a kinds" that didn't make it to market. More than the dry and lack of cool, Kalmia need practically all-compost soil to grow, and that's hard to create over the long term. Even my clay has some of the nutrients of the woods by virtue of proximity, so Kalmia is a Must in my gardens. Our CT pristine woods are full of it and when it blooms it's like a fairyland. A lot of developers have needed to spend a lot of money to use whatever Kalmia they take out. Since it really doesn't like transplant, they've needed to hire real gardeners to do the work. Triple bonus: Saved natural beauties, luxurious plantings in practically every wooded subdivision, and jobs for gardeners!

Looking forward to the book club. Haven't read any of the suggestions so I'm game!

So good to hear from you, Monique. Surely hope that you and Les will make the trek to Logee's in January. Got to meet the lady to owns all the Rat Terriers in town but still can't convince Rich ...

Taryn: I couldn't wait to hit 40. There was a feeling of "I've paid my dues and now I can do what I want." Rapidly approaching 50 isn't doing much for me, but I can honestly say that my 40's (other than Kyle's birth at 29) have been the best decade, so far.

And -- wish your boys lived next door. Knock on the door last night revealed the three 11yo neighbors, wondering if they could just hang out after being cooped up all day. Thought of your three and wished I could've contacted you. International pen pals are never a bad thing! They ended up teaching Rich how to more quickly download songs to his Ipod. I retreated to the other end of the house :-)

So, today feel like a foray to the fabric store is in order. Need something snazzy for the DR table and am planning to make three runners -- one length-wise and two wide-wise complete with tassles (the Chelone influence). Want something shiny and dramatic. Fake gold charger plates are available at my grocery store for just $2 so may take that plunge, as well. I've never gone for glam but this year it sounds fun!!

Bittersweet will be harvested today and the requisite pineapple arrangement will be made by the end of the week, post Halloween. Found my 2' wide spiders from last year so if the wind dies down, will get them outside.

Not much else going on, here. Went back through all the pic threads last night and feel so grateful that my cyberfriends live in such wonderful places to share.

Best --


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Greeting Idylls

Just wanted to pop in to say Hi. Lots going on, but all of it good.

T - those outfits are ADORABLE!! I knew exactly what they were.

GB - what exciting news! I love knitting for babies.

Kathy - your Idyll Book Club suggestions are great - count me in. I've read all three of the books you suggested and enjoyed each of them. I particularly enjoy Michael Pollan's style and humor. The Botany of Desire is a great book, and Second Nature had particular appeal having learnt many gardening truths the hard way. I'm looking forward to his newest work "The Omnivore's Dilemma" It would be fun for me to discuss a gardening book with other gardeners as there is only one gardener in my regular book club.

Hope to be back later with more news and comments but we're about to embark on pumpkin carving and I must skedaddle.


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Hmm, only a couple of posts today- Maybe some power outage issues is the Northeast ? Heard a little bit about it on NPR news this morning.
I'm enjoying my 2 o'clock beer, though my bio-rhthyms think it's three. I'm with you Martie, it's nice to wake up to the sun for a change. On the other hand I'll be BBQing chicken in the dark .
Since I had to work yesterday I did all my chores today -and raked leaves and swept the patio. So glad I got that done, the patio was looking like a vacant lot in a bad part of town with all the debris from the winds we had last week. I re-potted a couple of my succulents and my Bela Lugosi daylily prolif , and did another half hour of digging in the front. I need to get that front dug up before the rains start.

Mary, I'll have to try to find a book you haven't read! I must say I have never knowingly eaten a potato that wasn't organic since I read the Botany of Desire !
My dog is begging for a walk---
Pleasant Sunday eve to all

Kathy in Napa

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Good bright and windy morning!! You may be right, Kathy. The winds here were horrendous yesterday and even with underground utilities we lost power for a few hours. It wasn't freezing, however, and work could be done outside if one wore protective eyegear for the flying leaves, etc. :-)

Not much new in the past 24 hours. Back to work today with a light schedule.

Made it to the fabric store yesterday and ended up "decorating" the entire dining room with 70% off stuff. (Yes, I am the quintescent Scottish Yankee and am always looking for a bargain.) Lots of pretty silks, some incredible fabric, tassle and fringe, actually pretty fake fruit, trivets, etc. Had a blast and ended up shopping with a young woman who was hosting her first Thanksgiving. By the end of the "tour" we had each others phone numbers and I had her promise that she would call me instead of her overbearing and cranky MIL if she needed help. Oh, to be naive at a major holiday and get away with it!! The goal is to have her MIL think she "did" everything. LOL

Halloween decorations are up and candy stocked. Also got some kaliediscopes (sp?) to ease my guilt over sugaring up everyone elses' kids and sending them home.

Off to the rain closet and then out into the bluster!!

Best - Martie

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My pumpkin was looking a little pale - I think he caught the bug some of the the Idylls had last week.

Happy Monday everyone


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OH MARY! What a hoot. That is precisely how DD feels these days too. As for me, I'm trying not to catch a bug but not sure I'm winning. It's the throat and nose...but I'm garggling with salt and taking some meds that are OK with the Diovan and Lipitor.hmmmm.

Today is the only decent weather day on the forecast and so it will be bulb planting, grass seed spreading, and maybe more clean-up. We'll see what's possible. I woke up at 5:30 and the stars were glorious. One of the big perks of country living is the clear crisp sky.

Looks like things are still beautiful in the Ozarks! Tim's friend sounds like a real trooper, putting meaning and effort into every day.

I hope Sue's visit with her Mom was peaceful and pleasant. Did she bring her dog? I expect things will straighten themselves out soon in the medical department. Best wishes for that!

Over the weekend DH managed to install the tar paper and insulation in the basement room. Then he nailed in the wainscoting once more. Next we'll try to get the heating unit working again down there. I see painting in my future once more. :(

I've decided to start knitting a sweater/jacket for DD as a Christmas gift. I chose the pattern and the wool that my neighbour dyes, a variegated blue with many colours in it, and did my practice swatch. Donna will need to make up a sufficient batch for the entire garment for me. Pretty exciting! Don't tell though....

This Friday the French Club takes place here. I also scheduled our annual holiday dinner for the 30th of December. Calender is sure filling up! I hope yours is too...with happy occasions!

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Mary! LOL Your poor pumpkin does look a bit peaked....poor thing. ;o)

It is 29 degrees here this morning. Our first freezing morning this fall. Last year we had low temps like this in mid September so we've been quite lucky to get another 4+ weeks of nice weather. I have 3 apple trees needing to be planted, should have done it this weekend as Saturday was nice....but the mulch moving was most important--and we did get that done. DH came out and helped me by moving 3 wheelbarrows of it...I was thankful for his help as I was dragging and dreading those last 5 loads. Him doing 3 of the 5 made a huge mental difference for me. I didn't quite have enough mulch to finish the bed as I wanted, but it is a smallish area that didn't get the additional mulch added to it. I've played with the idea of borrowing a pickup to haul a yard of mulch home to finish it off, but I'm still in the 'arms and elbows are so stinking sore that I cannot imagine wanting to shovel any more of this stinky chicken composted stuff'. lol I'm squinting and it looks pretty good if I stay standing far enough away.

I began writing a long post, commenting to many.......but I backtracked and erased it. I didn't figure anyone wanted to begin their Monday wading through one of my long notes.

So...I'll just say 'good morning--hope the day is a lovely one for all' and go get that second cuppa coffee. ;o)

Hello to everyone!

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Mary, poor pumpkin, lol!

We're having a bit of Indian summer today. Temps in the 60s and sunshine but it's to be shortlived. I hope to get the few bulbs I have in the ground. I've switched over to indoor mode with all of the bad weather we've had and am having a hard time getting in the gardening spirit of things.

Marie, Congratulations! Such great news. You're going to love being a grandma. There's nothing that compares to it and I think you have to experience it to understand that. You're in for such fun!

T, those are the cutest peas in a pod I've ever seen. Great job on the costumes. I knew what they were as soon as I saw the pic. They're just adorable!

Kathy, Count me in for the book club. Though I don't read as much as I did pre-Bella it sounds like fun. I like the idea of reading books that have to do with gardening too.

Martie, sounds like you had a nice weekend. JoAnn Fabrics? They always have such good sales on holiday decorations. Pictures?

Deanne, loved the robin. I've tucked away your bird calendar from a couple of years ago and would like to frame some of the pictures from it for my "office" room if I every get it done. I love the way you have of capturing them in photos. You asked about the kitty perch... it's really just a wide shelf that runs under the window. No carpeting on it, though they would love that. Brad's allergic to the cats so I try to keep things that are fur collectors to a minimum around here which translates to bare wood for them, poor babies.

I really should start in on accomplishing something today so have a great Monday all!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just a quick pop-in -- am mellow, rejuvenated (as much as can be done without plastic & other chemical enhancements); had internet/computer problems at home so I couldnt even check in here....

Have to read thru a bunch & looks like a bunch of gorgeous pics to review - Im going to try to do tonite.

But I will say I had a wonderful relaxing but productive vacation (almost like going to the beach) -- napped, cleaned, played - the only thing NOT cooperating was the weather -- it was danged cold & I only got outside yesterday (finally) to throw some lily bulbs in the ground before the high winds drove me back inside. My place is clean, clean, clean - anyone want to visit now? It's a good time!!! hehehe....

I sure missed the Idylls though -- I hope nothing but beautiful photos, etc., have been going on - I'm going to check quickly; but have a huge amount of stuff that the Boss has "saved" for me -- there's always payback big time when one takes off from work!


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Mary, I laughed right out loud and heartily enough that the helpmeet and Mum (who is deaf as a hake) both asked what was so funny. You're my kinda gal. ;)

Martie, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for reasonably realisitic "simulated fruit", too. I went to a place called Michael's and saw stuff I liked but was unwilling to fork over close to $2/ea. for them. I don't have a lot of extra time to shop around (have to get home to Mum in the afternoons). Do any of you happy shoppers have any suggestions for someone who suffers from RAS (retail aversion syndrome)? I oughta put Deanne on the trail since she seems to have such great luck with planters! I'd have been "all over" the chargers, too... add some tassels... yeah, I'm a "neo-Victorian".

The book selections sounds interesting. Nothing I'd probably grab for myself, but sometimes following someone else's lead takes you to new places. Make a choice, and I'll give it a whirl... if it sucks, I'll bag it. :)

We received about 3" of rain on Saturday. And it blew a gale. Same story yesterday, just minus the rain. The awnings on the south side of the house are called, "loose frame awnings". There is a lower bar that fastens to the house with screws through eye ends that fit into a "camel" hinge. The top of the awning is secured with a rod through the top of the canvas that is held fast to the wall with head rod clamps. The wind was so heavy yesterday that it raised the awings almost flat against the building! they'd drop down and bounce a bit, but everything remained secured attached. The deck canopy was no problem, whatsoever. Soon it will be time to take them down for the season and inspect them for damage. The window awnings are about at the end of their life expectancy; maybe this winter I'll make the replacements.

I have managed to acquire a few new hairs on my chinny, chin, chin in the past 10 years. No big whoop. You know, I don't really care a fig about the passing years. My hair has gone from copper red to distinctly "salt and pepper"... and I never bothered to color it (too cheap!). Eh, it is what it is. I'm not 25 anymore. And I wouldn't want to be! I've earned my grey hairs and wrinkles. I'm not nuts about the thickening waist, but until I vow to get serious about it, I have no one to blame by myself. :)

My desk is a disaster. I don't feel like addressing it. I haven't painted the inside windowboxes and the trays and I don't feel like doing that, either. Maybe I'll screw off and watch more of the Forsyte Saga on DVD (just got it; WONDERFUL, very true to the novel, and very lush in cinematograpy!).

For now...

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Chelone, I like your philosophy on womanhood! Why do we find men more handsome as they age and hate it in ourselves? I'm tired of seeing woman sabotage!

Sorry to be gone so long. I've had to leave the homestead for most of the days because the siding is going up, and being in the house with hammering was driving me nuts. I've been working with Nick, volunteering at school, and working across the street.

The pictures are beautiful on this thread....Deanne, it is amazing to see a robin up so close and personal without looking in my bird book. Just T, the peas in the pod are excellent....and I laughed out loud about Chelone's baby comments. I imagine you could come up with some pretty funny costume ideas.

How's Sue? I missed what's going on with the doc but will try to educate myself.

Taryn, hang in! My grandmother always said the worst part about getting old was losing all your hair....then she'd reiterate: ALL your hair, LOL!!!

I know I'm missing everyone, but I just wanted to check in.

With time changing and everything, I'm going to feels like midnight.


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GB, I'm excited for your family. I'm hoping things go well.

Cute little Pea pods T. What will Jameie's costume be?

I think Wyatt is going to be a Ninja Turtle.

We will only have the four neighbor kids here as usual. Even though there are no mini Snickers left ; ) LOL , Theres enough other stuff. Talk about stuff(ed) , I made Chicken and dumplings for the first time in long,long time. mmmnnn. At this rate I won't be able to waddle by Christmas.

I've been wrapped up in the ballgames (Yeah! Cards) and trying to get things put away for the winter outside. Sunday was so nice out but today was pretty windy and cold and rain on the way back in. I'm still not done.

I'm in for a book reading. My eyes won't let me read for long at a time, but I can get it done.

I'm not to chatty right now ,but wanted to say hello to all.

Oh yes I do remember I wanted to say to Chelone how nice the lab looks. I remember your before pictures.

Thinking of all. Norma

PS. Deanne I love the Robin photo too. I need to show you the photos I framed and put in the laundry room. Eden made me think of it.

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Fall, Leaves, Fall & Fall, and Fall and Fall.
Oh yes , seeing the title of this thread reminded me of the other thing that has been keeping me busy. LOL

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The Sauciest of dogs always makes me smile. You have from the my first tentative posts on NE Gardening. I tried to e-mail you but I've likely been reduced to "spam"... if you tried to reply you probably were, too. :) I'm so glad to read your post. How's the broken wing thing, these days?

I'm not a barrell of laughs these days. Much on my mind, not much of it fun. I USED to be a fun person, where did she go? will she ever return? I know it will never be the same, but wow... I'd like to see a glimmer of my former self. Why do I feel so invisible now?

I want to caution you about permitting life to become too rote. Rote is great if you're a dog, but monotony is the surest way to erode spirit if you're a human. You have to trust me on this. Monotony takes the edge off a passion for life... and it does so insideously. You don't realize it's happening until one day, you have occasion to survey your existence from a more remote standpoint. It's a fearful vantage point.

Tell me more fun stuff. Show me more silly and beautiful photographs. One day, I promise, I'll return the favor.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

SO very happy to have the Saucy Dog back too! Please keep it up.
Also very happy to see Chelone contributing more steadily. You may need it, but we do too!

Hey guys! Almost all the bulbs are in! Just the Anemone blanda left to go tomorrow. They're soaking tonight.

Must go proofread an agenda for DH's next meeting.
Hi lurkers!

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Mary ,that pumpkin is a riot ! Very appropriate for Monday.
I'm thinking we may have seen the last of our warm weather here- although I classify "warm" as 70's in the daytime, and I'm sure some of you have a lower threshold! I think I might have to start thinking about moving some things , especially the brugs and the plumerias closer to the house.And the begonias have to come inside.

So , I'm thinking now of a book called "The Invisible Garden " by Dorothy Sucher. Under 250 pages and her garden is in Vermont. Has anyone read this ?
Norma it was fun watching the Cards win the series- and that play Pujols made on his back !

Man, tommorow is Halloween and I forgot all about it when I bought groceries this weekend. I always buy stuff that I don't like-much less tempting that way ! Guess I'm going to have to go to the store at lunch time.
Talk at y'all later

Kathy in Napa

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Its pretty quiet here today. We are having high winds today and it is very cold. I hope we dont lose power. Yesterday was a super day, but of course obligations kept us from being outside. We did stop by the spot where Ricks dad was killed in a tractor accident 3 years ago yesterday. A tree was planted in his memory with a plaque. This was the first time we had been back since the night of the accident. A few tough moments.

Im tired, the time change surely screws me up. I get so depressed too that it gets dark so early. Since it was so cold and I have a ham bone, Im making split pea soup. I only boiled the water over twice. I also had a small fire in the oven too. A cook Im not. LOL

Norma, what a fun fall vignette.

Mary, your pumpkin was a good laugh especially on Monday.

A touch of fall from my place.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just read Idyll #230 (I think that's the number) from last October. How things change! Cynthia was there as was EP. Fun to look back.

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Good morning. It is 3:13 and I've been awake for nearly an hour. I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee (almost ready for cup #2) and the dogs just don't understand why they are up and not eating breakfast. They keep coming to my chair and pawing my arm. The first bat at my arm I find endearing.....after that it is nagging and I'm not at all pleased. :o] I tried explaining middle aged sleeplessness, altered internal temperatures and such.....but all they want is their food dishes filled. I'm not feeding them until the appointed time.....5 a.m. and no matter how confused nor how much arm nudging/scratching they do......the dishes do not get magically filled before that time. Power.....yep, I've got the power. Poor critters.

I don't know the temp. outside but the deck has imprints of bare feet melted in the frost. Sure wish I had grabbed my slippers when I left the bedroom. Wow, I just checked the weather center and it is 26 degrees out there. No wonder the deck is hairy white and my feet were freezing. I don't have the de-icer in the stock tank, will have to hook that up today so the animals' water won't begin to freeze during these cold nights.

Boo stepped on one of the goats a couple of days ago. It was while I was shoveling mulch (Sunday) when I heard an awful cry. I thought it was Boo, but later, when one of the goats couldn't use a back leg, we figured out that Boo must have stepped on him. We're not sure where the leg is injured, he isn't using it to walk but will set it down onto the ground, no obvious swelling nor overly tender areas noticed. This goat doesn't much like his legs being handled, so it is difficult to know if you are touching a sore area or if he is reacting somewhat violently because you are touching his legs at all. This is the same goat who had a portion of his tail torn off a few months ago. I'm thinking that Boo was a part of that injury, too. Of course he isn't doing it out of any maliciousness---the goats just lay down near him and when Boo moves, he isn't necessarily tip toeing through goat's legs. I'm surprised one hasn't been injured more severely or that they haven't quit laying down near him. The little female goat use to walk under Boo's belly to get where she wanted to go instead of going around him. :o\ Guess either there is no fear....or no brains. lol

The dogs still believe that breakfast should be served....they don't realize they need to wait another 90 minutes. Poor guys. I gave them some cheerios (one of their favorite treats--they also love bits of bananas, apples and carrots) but the cheerios wasn't breakfast and they knew it. Now they are wrestling behind my chair.

Well, my coffee cup is empty......can't have that so I'll go make another cup and enjoy the quiet morning a bit more.

I checked and the book Kathy mentioned in her latest post.....can't remember the name and too lazy to scroll up to look.......they have it used for 39 cents and on up.....if it is 'the' book and anyone wishes to buy themselves one at a very reduced price.

Hello to all........

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Good spooky morning! Boys are all excited and ready to be transformed into zombies (Shane and Brennen) and the Grim Reaper (Devin) after school. I'm slowcooking a roast for an easy dinner, then we'll go into town to hook up with the next-door-neighbors' grandkids for trick or treating. 16 houses on this 2 mile road, not enough action for my greedy guys, lol!

T, 3:13 is horribly early to be up! I am sleeping much better since taking Relora. It is an anti-stress blend of two herbs, not a sleeping pill, but keeps me much calmer and also keeps the brain from going on and on and on. It's supposed to aid in stress-related eating too, though I haven't noticed the scale dropping. (Probably due to stress-related drinking, lol!) Still, I wouldn't be without it these days. Hope you get a nap in later.

Chelone, I feel for you! You are still there inside, you've just had to push yourself and your needs to the backburner while you've taken the huge responsibility of your Mum on your shoulders. When that pressure is relieved, either by your brother or more permanent accomodations for her, you'll start to live again. Keep posting, and keep your (hairy) chin up!

Hi Saucy! What did your Grandma mean by losing ALL your hair? I don't want to think on that too closely, lol!

Norma and Michelle, love the fall decorations! I just did a few squash and mini-pumpkins in my Radio Flyer wagon on the porch, nothing special. Out here in the boonies don't think we'll get too many admirers. Only bought 24 bags of chips, but don't expect them to go. Will leave an 'on your honour' basket on the porch while we're in town with the rugrats. I am proud of myself for skipping chocolate, as I hate chips! Don't need the temptation...

I'm having my family, sis and her BF, brother, SIL and the 3 girls, and my Mum for a visit and dinner here on Saturday. None of them have been here since we first moved and everything was everywhere. After that I think I'm going to get serious with Deanne about the diet and exercise, maybe do another cleanse. I'll have 6 weeks before Christmas if I start Monday. I have found my 'set point weight' I guess and not gaining, but am 35 pounds heavier than I'd like. Have just started using a pedometre, and though I'm averaging nearly 10,000 steps a day, I must have a small stride, as that is only 7 km, and I'm aiming for 10k a day.

Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny, 65F and I got 25 new tulip bulbs plus lots of alliums, and spring ephemerals like striped squill, grape muscari and snow drops that I brought from Cambridge in the ground. Was a thrill to see my little bulbs had made it through, when they just looked like pots of dirt (except for the grape hyacinths with their fall growth). Only lost about 24 plants, out of 250+, so that's pretty good considering they were dug up a year ago, wintered over outside in pots, then we moved in the heat of August. I used up the last two yards of garden mix and made two narrow beds along one side of the house which I'll plant in spring. Am going to plop the 24 'dead plants' in there for the winter, just in case some of them are playing possum.

Today is very warm again, but rainy. Going to check out the newest job postings, fire off my resume if any appeal, then take advantage of the warmth (and large covered garden shed) and finally unpack all my garden tools, pots, fertilizers, etc. Those are the last boxes to unpack, then I am truly done.

Hi to all I've missed, and have a great Halloween!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Mary, forgot to tell you your pumpkin rocks! Devin declared it "WAY sick!" (that means he liked it, lol!)


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Michelle, I'm sorry I forgot to send you and Rick cyberhugs. Visiting the scene of such a terribly tragedy must have been a tough one...


Okay, I'm really going to check the job postings now. Where is everyone today?

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O my I almost died laughing from Marys pumpkin I sure hope its not contagious!!! What a hoot.

what lovely photos Ive missed Deanne, your pics are "mag" no matter what camera you use. Norma, I love that Halloween shot too. . . .

Great news too love those sweet peas in a pod, T and bug is going to be joining in the gma baby news shortly too how exciting. . . .

Michelle you make such lovely vignettes w/ your arrangements that should perk you up I was totally startled last nite to walk out of the office & find it totally dark (but it was almost 70 degrees weird, why couldnt I have had a 70 degree day last week to plant bulbs??????)

T- I am right there w/ you re the middle-aged sleeping problems if I get more than 3 hours sleep in one shot I consider it a good nite but Im impressed you can put too coherent thoughts together at the computer & compose at 3:00 a.m.!!!! OMy. . . . no way I just stumble & fumble and bumble around. . . .

Love the idea of a garden book club the essay types would be great reads.

Chelone I love your shades & the fabric you manage to keep yourself creatively occupied despite the routine you have had to establish in your life.

Its nice to see other "faces" Taryn, Saucy, Monique, Chelone others out of lurk mode.

Sending good Halloween thoughts to all no tricks from me. . . . The tricker-treaters are going to have marvey weather here for their festivities (why o why couldnt I have had 70 last week...? I guess I was destined to clean that house, uh?)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

For Chelone - some Halloween humor, w/ nods to the cartoonist:

O to be so creative!!!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

For all who posted with great advice and comfort on my last thread, please go back and read what I posted this morning.

And thanks for the appreciation of my pics.

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A very scary tiger surrounded by not so scary pea pods. ;o)

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T, what a cute picture. Jameie is to cute to make a scary tiger. LOL
The twin with his eyes open looks like he is smiling too.
I hope the goats leg is just sore and not broken.

Cindy those cartoons are too funny.
Too bad the weather is much nicer now that you are back to work.But doesn't it feel good to have a clean house and not feel guilty about it if you do get a chance to go outside? I finally got mine cleaned up , although there is still some things that need to be cleaned.

Michelle, are all the dried things in your lovely fall arrangement from the farm?
I can imagine Ricks and your sadness at visiting the site of the accident. ((Hugs)).

Hi Taryn, I can't wait to see what all pops up in your new gardens next spring.
Good luck with the job hunting.

Yes Kathy, that Pujols play was pretty cool.

Chelone, I still think you are a fun person. But I understand where you are coming from right now.

Saucy, do we get to see before and after shots of the house?

Mary, Your pumkin does look a little under the weather. How did Annie and Davids turn out?

I did some running today and picked up a few bulbs.
Tomorrow I need to get downstairs and redo a bunch of the plants I have drug in, and get that area organized.

Better go check to see what I can throw on the table tonite.

I miss Sue. hint hint.

Hello, EVERYONE! norma

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I can't remember the cartoon lady's name, Chloe, but we have a Christmas ornament of her with lights wrapped around her body. The first one is my favorite. "Bite me size", lol. And the two peas in their respective pods made me giggle again. I'll work on keeping my hairy chinny, chin, chin a little higher. It was a tough weekend and the week ahead will be long, full, and all I'm really looking forward to is bedtime on Friday night. How pathetic is that? (maybe my much needed haircut on Friday afternoon will prove a boost, too).

Michelle, your arrangement is just lovely. I have a particular fondness for cattails, and always want to pick them early on... but don't really know how to collect them to prevent the seasonal, fuzzy explosion... what's your secret?

The annual take-downs are arriving in the shop for cleaning and mending. I'm fine with the mending part of it, but I so loathe the cleaning. It's hard on my hands/wrists and it's so terribly boring. I have a solid month of it ahead of me, I reckon. More rote, and while it's not what I need on an emotional plane, it's does rather pay the bills handily! More sucking up is order, I fear. :/

The book sounds fine... assign it and I'll go for it. I'm thinking a diversion of any sort might just be a very good thing for me about now!

Now it's time for me to tend to the dishes in the kitchen. And clean up the broken wine stem that belonged to my grandmother. Now only two are left... out of 10. My irritation at "frat. house carelessness" will subside, but today I didn't need to see one more pretty, "fun" thing broken. Maybe I should simpy accept it and use DixieCups?

What is it Taryn says, "calm, blue ocean... "? I need more tassels, methinks.


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What an interesting ride home from work. About 9 miles from home I was at a 4 way stop when I saw a hiway patrol. I knew that I had a headlight out and dreaded getting stopped just because its time consuming and somewhat embarrassing. It was so funny, he just couldnt catch up with me. First a construction truck got between us and he couldnt get around him, and then I was able to pass a slow moving tractor and he couldnt. I felt like I was "outrunning" the police. Finally I was almost ready to turn on our gravel road and was wondering if he would follow me down it and I met another guy with a headlight out. I believe he went after him instead. Needless to say I stuck to the speed limit.

Chelone, I spritzed the cattails with hairspray and it seems to be working. By the way, I love tassels.

Norma, the cattails, celosia, sea lavender and sedum are from here. The orange berries are from Hobby Lobby ;o) The pumpkins are from the pumpkin patch.

Just where are Deanne and Sue? I hope that they arent without power.

T, I hope the poor goat is ok. Jamies costume is adorable too. Did you make it?

Taryn, I have a pedometer and have enjoyed seeing just how many miles I put on a day at a "desk job"

Cindy, thanks for the Halloween humor. Be careful, you just might get a house full of Idylls LOL

I could go for the book club. I love to read, but life sometimes gets in the way. These days I just dont get to it much.

Id love to see some of the little Idylls in costume.

Poor little Halloweeners, its pretty cold here tonight. My pea soup sounds pretty good.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Happy Halloween folks! The trick or treat crowd has been a little on the light side tonight but we just had a mad rush so maybe we'll be able to "off" a few more pieces of candy before it's all said and done. As expected, the dogs are having a total barkfest. Who needs costumes when you have attack schnauzers? Maybe next year I'll have T make me a Cruella DaVille costume. lol

Not much else going on around here. This time change is the pits-dark by 5 PM. Pooh! At least I don't mind coming home from work and jumping on the treadmill. Tomorrow I have a half hour consultation with a new primary care doctor. I've never been comfortable with the one I have and consequently haven't had a physical in over 10 years. This one is actually an osteopath, a young woman. We'll see how it goes. Have any of you tried to change doctors lately? Not many of them seem to be accepting new patients. It's almost alarming.

Marie, congrats on your graduation from turtle nana to human nana. What a great nana you'll be.

Anyhoo, dinner is ready and it's wine night.


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