Recycling kitchen scraps

lilosophieDecember 3, 2012

One gets a good return. These two young hens have been laying one egg each per day, it adds up. There will be more to come, we give some away to those nice people who come and do small jobs for us, it keeps them happy and so keeps us happy.

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scraps for eggs and eggs for jobs. There's a kind of "upcycle" in that. Looks delicious!

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Lilo, can I come by for breakfast? Haven't had eggs still warm from the hen in about 50 years. After that my parents' hens stopped laying regularily and died all of old age, pampered pets.

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Any time, Anneliese! I am getting more now, the pullets are all starting to crank out eggs, I think. The two New Hampshire Reds (that's a breed) were the first, they are early starters, and now I am getting one more brown egg and one light beige one, don't know who the layers are, we have such a mixed flock and a couple of them are feral chickens of unknown breed, so I'll have to catch them sitting.

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