A lucky kitten

gandle(4 NE)December 5, 2010

Been in the sandhills at a DD's and they have a new kitten since we were there last. Seems that SIL was going to work early on an August morning and he thought he heard a tiny cry. tracing it down he found a very small kitten with puncture wounds on it's back and it was obviously starved and dehydrated. They already have 3 cats and he said they didn't need another, but, he picked it up and took to the only vet within miles, a large animal vet, much more used to tending to catle than kittens. He decided to see if they couldn't help the kitten and treated the wounds and managed to get some food and water down her. He decided the wounds were caused by a birds talons, could have been anything from an owl to a golden eagle or vulture. For some reason the bird dropped the kitten in their back lot.

Now, a happy, pretty kitten rather runs the house greatly the disgust of the 2 females who never miss a chance to hiss at her but the big male seems to think she is funny. All these cats except the kitten are neutered. He will just be resting on the floor and the kitten will attack him from the back biting his ears and bouncing all over him, he never moves a muscle until he flips over and is mauling her good, when she cries he just gets up and lays down again, she immediately kind of runs sideways at him and attacks again. If an adult cat can look amused, then he does. Her favorite toy is a bottle cap off a juice bottle, it really slides nice on a hardwood floor and the kitten seems to make a concerted effort to bat it as close to the old grouch cats as possible while the tom just looks on.

Can you tell that kitten watching is probably the most exiting thing happening in that area.

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New kittens are very exciting and watching them cavort is just plain fun.That poor kitten may have had a rough start but he sure hit the mother lode.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Kitten watching should be a national past time.

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Kitten watching beats TV, DVDs, even books, and that is saying a lot!

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so happy to see they adopted the poor baby. I finally adopted a new little boy kitten(born 9/11). I forgot how busy kittens are...and how sharp their little teeth are......and how they can climb the walls or curtains....sigh. My 14 yr old male finally caved in to the cuteness factor and plays with the baby...very nicely too. Im surprised, because Chuckie is a major grump...but the kitten forced the issue until he had no choice.
BTW nothing cuter than the sideways hop.

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oh oh..are you going to have a Christmas tree? One of my cats used to love climbing them and then sitting there hiding in the branches surveying the room.

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Cats know how to push your buttons. Steve in B altimore County.

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Yes, the sideways hop is sooo cute. I don't know where that comes from.
Gandle, when you mentioned the puncture wounds on the kitty and the vet said it may be talon wounds, I learned something that I may never have thought of before. Thanks for posting.

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Lesson learned many years ago. Until said kitten is at least 2yrs old the French doors to the living room will remain closed while the Christmas tree is up.

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George, that is one lucky kitten!
You and your family always seem to come to the rescue of wounded or lost animals.... I think it's great; for you guys AND them!
You live in a land of great adventure---it might be harsh at times, but it sounds like a place where there isn't a lot of room for second-guessing.
You just do the job and hope you get it right.
I've come to believe that a kitten having been within the shadow of death, if saved from its grip, will bounce back with a greater zest for life than others with no life-threatening horrors to report.

Little Be-Be Kitten is living proof---she almost died at a very young age, after losing all of her sibs within a 24 hr. period---they were part of a feral group and I'm sure someone put out poison---
She's now about 6 yrs. old and rules the roost, in spite of being smaller than all the other Owners-Of-Me at my house.
She is relentless when she wants something, no matter how many strings of battle cries are yelled at her in a fog of half sleep.
I adore her the rest of the time.

Make no mistake, any hawk or owl will gladly make a meal of a cat, whether large or small.
If I hear Crows or Jays screeching, it's usually the Red-Tail right out back in an Oak, checking out the scene.
Furry bodies with tails twitching, stomp all around the door area, all ticked off at me if they have to stay in 'til he goes.....
(I've had to stop putting out birdseed except on snowy days, because of him.)

Anyhow, I hope the kitten has a long and exciting life ahead of him while living with your family!

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Young kittens are born with the innate knowledge that they rule and everything belongs to them, we are just barely allowed to borrow some stuff for our use.
If we just could hear our rescue animals telling us what they had to live through before they got to us.

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I'm sitting here smiling as I read these posts. Gandle, what a wonderful thing you did. Good Samaritans are always needed.

I enjoy the "sideways hop", too, it always makes me laugh; I also laugh when I'm stalked, then attacked from behind, if I haven't acted quickly enough. (I typed "love", first, then, remembering what I quoted the other day, changed it to "enjoy"!) :>)

Just yesterday, I read a quote by Collette: "There is no such thing as an ordinary cat". Truth, for sure.

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similar here. I'm fostering a cat (for 4 more days only!) who has never seen a bird, or a fish, or eaten ice cream... it's so funny to watch her instincts kick in as she spies a squirrel run across the yard, hear an eagle cry on tv and then see it fly, or watch a fish as it swims off screen... I have to wonder what she is thinking. The other cats seem less than impressed with her new found curiousity. She's a fount of enjoyment!

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