how many gph - your opinion pls

kashka_kat(z4 WI)May 12, 2010

Hello, could I get some opinions on what size pump to get for a new 700 gallon pond with goldfish - either a 950 or 1200 gph?

For my old pond (175 gal.) I was advised to turn over the water around 1.5-2 times per hour so I got a 360 gph pump and it served me well - have had healthy fish and clear water for 12 yrs now.

For this new pond I would like to take the same approach -however these larger pumps require considerably more energy (watts) to run so if I could get by with less gph maybe I want to do that......?

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I heard that you only need to turn your total volume over once every two hours.

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I have 7 or 800 gallon and I have a 2400gph pump. I am more interested in the waterfall spill rate and it looks about right. My Laguna pump is aledged to be effecient and only 100 watts. They are a little more expensive.

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I've always read where you shoot for turning the pond's capacity over once every two hours, but also heard " more is better" and many shoot for 2x that amt.

I planned for a 2000 gal pond and after head loss on the pipeline, etc. my two 3900 Laguna mag drive pumps probably are putting 6000 gal/hour over my falls (when I have both pumps running). I don't think it's excessive, but I have a wide weir.

Mag drive pumps are more energy efficient and safe (no oil). I'd go bigger, 1200 gal/hr.

Good Luck!

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My pond is about 950 gallons. I have been using 2 separate 500 GPH pumps. I had a turtle which puts out LOTS of waste. However, he didn't survive the winter so I am considering cutting back to one pump. I have done pretty well with water clarity and couldn't remember the last time I lost a fish. I don't have water falls though, just a skippy filter. I would think you would do great with the 950. Could probably do even less unless you have a really heavy fish load.

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hardin(7 SE OK)

My pond is about 900 gallons and I have a waterfall. I am using a 3100 gph pump, but with some pipe friction and head loss, I am probably turning the pond over twice an hour. So far, so good.

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