TIME - a poem

lilosophieDecember 1, 2012

What she had failed to learn is to live in the moment
Gail Wolper


Retired, elderly, too much time on your hands
How do you fill it? Some say to me
One has to stay busy and productive
Keep schedules and To Do lists
To keep Dementia and Death away
Run, run, run

I say I work, not employed
No longer selling my skills and my time
Time is my own, work is what I do
Changing from moment to moment

Keeping surroundings to please me
Digging in the earth
Communing with animals
Companions and wild ones
Reading, learning, traveling in cyberspace
To visit my imaginary friends
Meditating, loving books and music
Just sitting doing nothing at all
Work for my psyche
As long as the Angel of Death allows
So much to do, so little time
Wear the moments,
Like a string of pearls

Lilo Ducommun

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A good quote and a better poem, thanks. You too are one of the people who don't understand how anybody can be bored, no matter what age and that there is more to old age than trying to beat it.

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DH and I are constantly amazed at how fast the time goes and how satisfied we are in doing what we want/when we want. B/c of his physical limitations, we aren't able to do many of the things we used to do, but fortunately, we've acclimated ourselves to what he can do, and still manage to enjoy each other and our life, together.

Lilo, you have a great gift in being able to put your thoughts into such beautiful language. Thanks for letting us share your gift.

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Yes, nice poem and quote. I live in the moment at times but I also live in the future.I'm vigilant about checking out the politics of my situation and write emails and send petitions to our representatives.

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I think I live too much in the past.

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Like how you instigate thought, keeps me on my toes.

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gandle(4 NE)

Good one Lilo

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