shrub tree what is it??

SunshinelizJuly 13, 2014

I'm new here, so hello! I ran across this forum when trying to find out what my plant is. For the life of me I can't figure it out and I've done so many plant identification quizzes.

We just bought a house and this plant is in the front. The previous owner had no idea what it was either, just that it was an unnamed plant she got on sale at Walmart and then planted. Which then promptly grew extremely tall. I might prune it, or I might pull it out and plant something else--depends on what it is.

The leaves are kind of stiff and waxy on top, and the branches and leaves are in a sort of spiral pattern to each other. The bark is smooth, the leaves are lightly toothed and it is a sort of almond-shaped leaf? I haven't seen any flowers or fruit so I can't comment there. Can you help me?

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Here's a leaf picture

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Hopefully this will show the leaf and branch arrangement

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Not sure but want to commend you on a useful set of pictures and information. Possibly Photinia?

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Yes Photinia

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Thank you--I think you're right. :) I now have to decide if I want to keep it. I am a little disturbed at the description I read on the plant that describes toxic berries. I have small children and though I've told them not to eat berries from plants outside, I still worry about it.

Plus I've always wanted a rhododendron.....and now I've just read that the rhododendron leaves are toxic. Hmmm....hopefully none of my kids will eat leaves? *sigh*

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It's not practical to get too concerned about toxic plants and kids :-)) There are far more plants that pose some degree of toxicity than those that do not.......even many common veggies are toxic if you eat the wrong parts! Just avoid the biggies like oleander, monkshood, castor bean, etc. and anything that produces attractive yet poisonous berries. Teach kids ASAP not to put anything in their mouths without prior approval of mom and dad and you should be safe. In most cases, one needs to consume a decent quantity of a plant before generating ill effects and as picky as kids are about food, most plants just do not taste good enough to bother with more than a cursory taste.

FWIW, if we eliminated ALL poisonous or potentially toxic plants from our gardens, there wouldn't be much left growing :-))

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Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I actually looked up edible flowers as a curiosity and there isn't a lot to choose from there. :) I'll just avoid ones with poisonous berries then. And keep teaching them to not eat stuff outside. The only thing they've really done anyway is suck the nectar from honeysuckle (which I taught them to do in the first place)

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