Idyll #287: The Autumn Idyll

michelle_zone4October 15, 2006

Nature XXVII, Autumn

by Emily Dickinson

The morns are meeker than they were,

The nuts are getting brown;

The berry's cheek is plumper,

The rose is out of town.

The maple wears a gayer scarf,

The field a scarlet gown.

Lest I should be old-fashioned,

I'll put a trinket on.

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Oh, Michelle!!!! Tears are streaming down my face and I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!!! No, it's all okay, it's just that my Grandmother read this to me when I was a little girl and then put it in a card as a "surprise in the mail." I spent the first four years of life in Amherst and have maintained close ties for the rest of my 45 years. Emily is very much a part of my psyche, and to open this Idyll and read this is just, well, overwhelming. PERFECT CHOICE, my friend!!

Yes, Eden, Ky turned 20 and is convinced he's old. I'll bet that he and David would get along give their mother's passion -- instant thing to talk about. "How many holes have you dug this year???" LOL

Glad that the Connecticut tour was a success. It was an absolutely perfect day here, yesterday, and today should be no different. Most frost-bitten annuals (we had another hard hit last night that got everything that wasn't "gotten" already) were yanked and that will be finished today. Where does Tom find fresh-caught salmon??? Inquiring minds want to know .....

Missed most of the "how many pots to you have indoors" discussion but I'm still in the double digits so haven't bothered to count. Perhaps after today ..... But -- Rich and I have an agreement to only have one pot of any variety of plant in the house. All cuttings for next year are going in the basement. "OK, hon, but that means we'll need about another 20' of lights." Long Sigh. "I'll get'em tomorrow." We always manage, don't we???? LOL

Also haven't yet mentioned how darn cute those twins are, T. Stocky is good!! They look healthy and happy and just cute.

Yes, it was fun to meet a lurker. After my not-so-minor stalker incident I'm being a bit more careful, but meeting her on business and ending up on GW is very different. Doubt she'll join in for time reasons (running a retail business with three kids under the age of 5 is enough!), but hope she does!

Need to get going. See you all later!


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Good morning! I have a cat helping me type this morning....not a usual here. He likes the feel of the space bar key under his nose it would appear. :o\ It is always something, isn't it?

The day is still lightness to the day at all yet. I left home yesterday at 6 a.m. drove in misty blackness until it turned to misty grayness (greyness? I need to look up the difference between gray & grey so I know these bits of information). For 3 hours I drove in mist/fog and not being able to see what was alongside the freeway I was driving. Icky weather, but could be oh so much worse (could have been raining or icy or snowing or....).

After 2 hours, I stopped to stretch my legs and to buy a cup of coffee. When I was standing in line to order is when I found that I didn't have my wallet in my purse. I dug around for a bit in the black pit (black purse interior and black wallet---where is the intelligence in those choices?! But I digress). Then I walked back to my car....thankfully I had my cell phone so I phoned DH, told him what I discovered missing. He looked around the area where I usually set my purse. Sure enough, my wallet with my money, driver's license, atm card, credit card...everything is sitting safely at home----two hours away. I wanted to cry - I did snivel a bit when he said "well just go to any Xxxx branch and get some money" "I don't have any ID to prove who I am" I wailed (I wailed quietly but in my head it was a LOT louder). A stoic upper lip isn't in this ole gal's mind at the time.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and was a bit upset that I didn't hear sympathy nor distress from the one who pledged, all those years ago, to love & cherish me forever. Hey, I needed some loving & cherishing & SYMPATHY right then, darn it!!!

I went off on a tangent again, didn't I?


I didn't even have money to buy a cup of coffee. I was carrying the checkbook, but no ID to cash a check.

I drove the EXACT speed limit for the next hour and at one time saw a state police car who had pulled someone over (there were many that morning but it didn't bother me cause I didn't know I wasn't carrying my driver's license). I considered pulling over, behind the police car..walking up to him and holding out my wrists for him to 'slap the cuffs on'. I'd say "here, arrest me..I don't have my license with me". I just wanted to get the suspense over---I was breaking the law so I knew I'd get caught (didn't you see the blinking neon sign above my car saying "NO LICENSE"? I knew it was there).

Anyway, I kept from turning myself in, sigh, and drove the exact speed limit. I must have pee'vd hundreds of normal folks just trying to get where they were going. I wanted to make a sign to put in my rear window saying "hey, forgive me for going the exact speed limit.....but I'm driving without a license and don't want to get caught". I did realize that making such a sign would take time, money (hey I'd have to buy paper and a felt pen--oh and tape)--money that I did not have, and it would have alerted the police who had missed that blinking neon sign.. So, I drove....the exact speed limit....keeping my eyes on the road so I wouldn't see the quizzical, or mad, or pitying looks from other drivers (poor thing...look she is so daft that she isn't able to drive 4 m.p.h. over the speed limit like the majority of us).

I did have to admit to a bit of rebel pride that *I* was following the letter of the law. *I* was obeying the exact number that the signs told me to drive. But I also knew that in doing so, I was sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb (or black eye??).

Anyway........I thought about that black eye...wondered if the policeman would let me go when he saw the black eye. Thinking 'poor thing, someone already punished her for being stoopid'. Nah, they aren't sorry for you when you are breaking the law so I decided to just not chance it and I drove...........the exact speed limit for the next hour until I got to my destination. There, a kind person, hearing my story (okay my sniveling) about no money, no ID, etc (you remember all the no things that I didn't have)....she had $40 that she let me write her a check for. She probably thought it was worth the $40 just to shut me up?? Lovely woman who made me feel a bit better about the 3 hour drive back home. The ladies I was meeting with were all wonderful, caring, compassionate ladies.........who said they'd visit me in jail when I was caught, without my license, on the way home. :o\ Lovely ladies. ;o)

I did have a wonderful time at the quilting class that I attended......and I made it home without being stopped by the police. Another 3 hours of driving *exactly* the speed limit. Traffic was a bit heavier so I just stayed between two big semi trucks and pretended I liked going 'their' speed. 'Their speed' is sometimes quite quick and a few of them left me behind..... Hey, what was up with that? They were suppose to be protecting me.

It sounds like another wonderful gathering of some of the NE Idyllers. The food sounds lovely, as always. The gardens sound stunning, as always (I'd love to see Monique's fall color, hint, hint---ah heck, Beg, Beg). The company sounds perfect. You 3 are so fortunate!

Well.....yep, need more coffee!

:o) T.

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Oh, (((T))). I know your pain. I keep an extra $20 in my glove box for situations like this.

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING: Since this group has a way of moving accidents from one Zone to another .... DON'T ANYONE TOUCH YOUR REFRIDGERATOR!!!

Suzy Homemaker I'm not, but I couldn't stand the state of the fridge anymore. Massive purge and then cleaned every shelf and drawer. It came apart easily enough, but could I get it back together???? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not without pinching three fingers to the point of purple lumps and extreme discomfort and I'm still not sure the shelf with the gallon of milk will stay up.

Hmmmmmmm, it Is cold enough in the garage to keep things Okay 'til Rich gets home. LOL

(Couldn't resist and counted -- only 53 inside plants, so far, not counting cuttings. Thanks for the 176 number as that's a sure way to placate my plant-suffering DH once again..... "It could be me, hon!!.)


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Good morning Idyllers

Michelle - I've loved Emily Dickenson since my college roommate introduced me to her 25 years ago. Last year my sister gave me the book below about her and her gardens which I enjoyed. Thank you for sharing that poem.

I was gone last week from the Idylls and it's to the point of feeling hard to get back in. I've decided its rather like taking the plunge when swimming - hard to get your shoulders and head wet but so worth it once you're under!!

So here goes - I'm afraid I can't back track to make all the comments I'd like from the last Idyll, but here are a few of our goings on.

At the moment the children are busy raking our leaves with a neighbor. They like making a huge pile under the swing, then jumping in. It doesn't get the leaves off the lawn, but provides some good exercise and plenty of fun.

I'm in the middle of marmalade making. We went through the last batch very quickly so the kitchen is filled with citrus scent. I was feeling grumpy yesterday when I found I needed almost half a day to clean and tidy after being so busy at work and with after school activities. I really miss having time during the week to keep on top of household tasks. A friend suggested getting a cleaning lady but they don't come cheap. The "reasonable" rate of $60 a week quickly adds over a month to being the same as a car payment, but with little to show. I also feel as its our mess, we should be responsible for cleaning it up. With that in mind Annie and David each had more specific tasks to help me and we got it done with the aid of soem loud music. DH is travelling for 2 weeks so unfortunately I wasn't able to rope him in too (or the dog, one of our messier members.) Now, I just have to work out how to keep things tidy.

Later this afternoon we are planning a trip to the pumpkin farm. We have a nice selection of pumpkins from the farmers market - a flat cinderalla one, a white "ghost" pumpkin and an ernormous orange pumpkin for David to carve. However, even as they get older both Annie and David still love the corn teepees and ghost ride our local farm provides. We're then stopping for tea with a friend who has a new Clydsedale horse the children are looking forward to meeting.

Lunch calls, I'm not sure what I have to offer but like T, I need more coffee.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Gardens of Emily Dickenson

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I am hungry for lunch, especially after reading the menu at Monique and Sue's yesterday. Probably only soup and crackers here. DH is out of town at a conference.

A few shots to contribute to the Autumn theme:

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Okay, I popped in..just to do a quick skim and say hi. Turns out I'm pretty far behind on reading, so I'll have to catch up later, I only have a few minutes. Harvest is going really well, yields are good and no major breakdowns so far. Mechanical or emotional ;)

Just gotta say real quick....
T-thanks for posting the link to "Remember When". I just love that song, and the poem was so touching! The twins are ADORABLE! Ouch, sorry about the black eye :(
LMAO, I have always suspected that vacuums are not to be trusted, and that housework is treacherous and to be avoided at all costs.

Okay, now seriously, I gotta go, just wanted to say HOWDY!!

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Sunday Greetings,
Almost 11 here and no sign of the sun yet. I'ts supposed to show up eventually.
Mary thanks for posting that link to the Gardens of Emily Dickenson. I ordered one along with the Petit Encyclopedia of Daylilies that I've been meaning to get for a while. I'm getting my winter reading lined up.
Yesterday I ventured over to our largest garden center after reading an ad in the paper , buy 3 roses get a 4th free.This nursery has without question the best selection of roses in our county, but unfortunately they were pretty well picked over by the time I got there , and only had one of the varieties on my list. I restrained myself and came home empty ...what strength of character coming home from the nursery with nothing. It's time though to plant pansies in these parts so I'll need to go back.

T, loved your story about the DL-less journey ! And no coffee !!

Think I better go get the laundry started and go out and start pulling up zinnias. They are still blooming profusely but will probably get mildew any day now, and need to make room for the biggest pansy siplay on the planet.....

Kathy in the Napa Valley

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Getting here while I can ..... :-)

Just posted on the New England Gardening forum about plans for a January trip to Logee's. Why is this significant??

First, if anyone wants to come, it's worth the trip.

Second,it was Rich who asked if we were going :-0 We're coming along.

AND, realized the Sambucus i. 'Black Beauty' I got is flat. It must have been squished between other stuff but its roots are good. I know it grows fast -- one of the reasons it's where it is. Thinking of somehow training it up a large front light-fake-stone wall. Espalier? Trellis? Forgetaboutit?


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I'm glad that the poem was enjoyed.

I think I worked myself too hard yesterday. I was totally exhausted today.

Eden, how fun to have "your" team going to the Series.

T, I must say I got a chuckle out of how you told about your adventure. I'm sure it wasn't so funny at the time. I even told DH about it as he has been stopped several times and didn't have his license. No consquences though.

Its amazing how many Idylls are great cooks. Not here though. Pretty plain stuff.

Mary, the pumpkin farm sounds like fun. We have something similar near us that we probably will try with Kenzie next year. The place is called Grampa's Fun Farm, but the neat part is that along with Grampa's Farm, Gramma has a retail nursery there too.

'bug, you have some lovely bloomers yet. I'll have to post a fall picture from a few days ago as the eupatorium is now toast.



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Hi again

T - just rereading about your being caught with no cash. When I drove back from Washington with Annie and David I found we had spent our last few dollars on the road and in pulling up for the toll my purse was empty. I was sure they would take a credit card, but no way. We searched through the car for coins and I was amazed that we were able to come up with several dollars. The tollbooth collector put the last 50c in from his own pocket. I'm glad your quilting class was fun - are you working on anything special right now? The quilters sound like a nice bunch of ladies - are they gardeners too? By the way, those are two of the cutest little twins I've seen. You must feel a VERY proud Grandma!

Kathy - hope you post pictures of the biggest pansy display on the planet!

Martie - good for Rich for wanting to get out and about. Hope your Black Beauty does better than mine - after two years its actually smaller than when I put it in, despite a good spot in full sun.

GB - a lovely last fling of color.

Have a good night everyone, i've run out of steam and am heading to bed.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A very frosty Monday morning! A good day to all!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I would like to offer getting the booby prize of the fewest pots/plants brought in - Im certain it is in the single digits (after having successfully bleached the rest...) - what can I win? (more cuttings perhaps to kill, LOL?)....

I am enjoying reading everyone's hard labors & feasts of the weekend! Makes me hungry & It's only 9 a.m.... I managed to talk myself out of hitting any nurseries (we're Finally having the 30%-50% sales here but I've decided I might as well wait til Spring & pay full price) - Im undecided as to what kind of winter weather we're going to have & concerned it's going to hit too early.... well, put another way, I decided I better go overboard next Spring -- put the stops on the $$....

So instead, I went clothes shopping for my mother who's not able to do that anymore -- if you left to my Dad, he'd have her wearing the same nasty, stained, tired stuff as they go out so little -- why is it a guy doesnt understand that women feel better if we're looking our best and that doesnt include tired old clothing?? LOL.... Going to deliver the stuff at the end of my vacation week & see what I get to return to the stores (I suspect that's part of the issue, not wanting to return anything) --

Lovin the photos -- 'bug, is your Aconitum still really blooming or is that an earlier shot? Beautiful no matter when it was...

Mary - Im w/ you - I commented before re the maid - I'd love to have one but here in this area they're about $85 to $125 for a few hours visit..... and most people dont seem to be too pleased w/ the end result -- that's a lot of money to put out for something you end up doing better yourself (i.e., lots more $$ for buying plants!).

T - Im glad you didnt get stopped -- it is interesting how we are our own worst "frighteners" isnt it? You probably never would have noticed all those cops except for being concerned that one time! What a pain and embarrassing - I've done something like that recently at a store where my "guest card" for checks expired & I had to dredge thru my purse to come up with all the coinage possible to pay for my purchase. I think I managed it; had one penny left over.....

Emily Dickinson has always been one of my favorite poets as well (along w/ Eliz. Barrett Browning I confess).... neat idea to think of her, Michelle!!

Ok, lots on the work plate today -- & I need a cuppa coffee before I hit it....


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good grief, I can't believe it's Monday again already! I may also have to take a vacation day to get something done outside. Since we still haven't been frosted here I have trouble hacking the garden down and keep putting it off. If I wait too long everything will have to be done at once and I won't be able to Yesterday I took a ride to a couple of nurseries, Variegated Foliage and Quackin' Grass. I was the only customer at both and came home with nothing but it was a nice day for a drive. At least I remembered my wallet:). It's probably safe to say I'm done with plant buying for the year-always a sad realization even though you know it's coming.

So...time to put on the work hat and get crackin'.


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IT'S OVER!....: ) Cross country season, that is. Actually I do already miss the gang of parents-very fun people; the reason I am so happy to be done is that the last meet was horrendous. It took place Sat. the day after Buffalo's snow fiasco. It took place on the lake Erie coast and one minute it was sunny(but quite frigid)and the next,just as the kids were about to embark on the run the sky went black as night,the wind was whipping ferociously,snow and sleet and rain fell all at once(of course our team tent was a goner)...I thought we(over 1000 people)were going to sail into the lake! The kids had the choice once the weather suddenly calmed down whether to run or not(naturally; )Aj chose not to run. I have to admit the conditions were dangerous with very slick grass,high winds and a steep,slippery killer hill so we didn't make him do it-and many kids were slipping and falling so it was an acceptable decision. Over an hour later at home my toes were still numb!

Mary I hear you about a messy house-mine has been untouched for weeks now. On sat. Chris and I started decluttering-but I have a long way to go still. I am of the persuasion that would NEED to clean before a cleaning person attempted such a dangerous feat of cleaning up the destruction; ) lolol.
Fri. Chris took off & the kids had off from school so we did our pumpkin shopping. It was such a nice crisp colorful fall day-perfect for our task. We found a huge pumpkin that I could barely carry so it should be fun to carve.

Mary I noticed an interesting thing about that Emily Dickenson book you linked. Do you notice that the daylily on the cover is actually upside down?? The stamens normally curve downward and then up. Kind of an amusing(ironic) mistake considering the subject matter!

T hope your eye is a better looking shade of black and blue today; )--wait till it's green and yellow. That pic just hurt me to look at-yow. I say we all just steer clear of any appliances period...except the coffee maker of course(except mine did blow up the other day)...a story for another time.

Busy week ahead with vison and screening exams to tackle in several grades. Time to get ready for work...have a good one!


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Just a quick check in! Hello to everyone!

Nick's oral surgery went well, but he's feeling "down" today....clearly a product of him feeling good and doing too much. He's got no nerves left in the roof of his mouth, so though I kept telling him to take it easy, he felt good and pushed too hard.

I hear sniffles, too, which is probably hay fever kicking in.

I got my building permit and the siding is 3/4 way up one wall....very exciting! The kids give a thumbs up.

I haven't even been able to read here....took Jake to the doc today, had "new baby in the family" all day yesterday (made me so happy I'm not a new mom and want grandchildren all at once), and Saturday we laid in the bed and critiqued movies....didn't finish one before he fell asleep or I went on to other things.

Miss you all....catch up tomorrow if he's well. We're actually enjoying some quality time together.


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It has certainly been quiet around these parts the last couple of days.My first day of vacation has bit the dust, and I'm enjoying a glass of wine at the computer ! I managed to get phase one of the pansy dislay planted. Like Sue I am having problems ripping things out that are still growing and blooming, but once it starts raining it becomes difficult to do anything so I am having to be brave and dispassionate.
One of my fellow Master Gardeners offered me a batch of her daylilies that she divided this past weekend. I already have several in gallon pots waiting to go into the ground but of course I said yes ! In '07 we (Napa County MG's) have our bi-annual garden tour and plant sale, so at least anything I don't use I can pot up and donate to the propagation committee.

Cindy, you can always say you have brought more plants in than I have ! I'm always in denial down to the last minute. I lost two plumerias last year because I drug my feet. Our first frost date is so variable half the time it takes me by surprise.

Babs, good eye on the daylily ... of course there is always the possibility that it was the photographer who was upside down !!!

Need to cook some food--bon apppetit !
Kathy in the Napa Valley

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Hi, Since it is rather quite here I'll put my boring two bits in. It rained all day here. I'm not complaining because we need some. I spent the day shuffling plants to the basement lights. About twenty more trips than I wanted to make up and down. I needed to get them out of the way so I can clean.

I wound up feeling to yucky to go to Jakes party Sat and curled up in a blanket and slept all afternoon.

T, I'm glad your quilting trip turned out ok,but I love the way you embelish your stories for us.

I'm off to watch a sitcom, so goodnite all. Norma

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Allrighty then, another manic Monday bites the dust. Tomorrow has some potential to be annoying from a work standpoint and I have to spend a few hours on Wednesday suffering the annual indignities of mammograms and various ultrasounds. Boy, that pedicure I have scheduled for Thursday night is looking better and

Right now I'm waiting for groceries to be delivered. The two hour window was 7-9 PM and it's 9:06 so I guess they're late again. Usually someone calls. Since this is like the third time this has happened I'm starting to get mildly irritated. Peapod is lucky I hate grocery shopping so much. Oh, here they are...dogs are having a barkfest.

Well, either you all have much more exciting and busy lives than me or much more boring ones. I'll assume the former as I head upstairs to bed. Is anyone else planning next years garden already?


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Manic Monday describes mine as well. Even my computer was sick this afternoon. First it was incredibly slow and after rebooting, it wouldn't let me into the software. After sometime spent with our IT people, it felt better. I even asked if I could have a 1/2 day of sick leave for my computer- I couldn't get anyone to agree to that one. Not much gets done without a computer at my job.

Norma, you sound just like me, I needed to get the plants settled so I could clean this pig sty. There are still quite a few things in the mudroom. Mostly cannas and EE. To bad you had to miss the birthday party.

Sue, my life is pretty boring right now too. I did get out and do some cutting back tonight. I like to go thru the beds and just cut out the bad looking stuff and after I'm thru all the beds make another round rather than hack a whole bed down at a time.

Babs, the CC meet sounds like it was miserable. I think AJ made a good choice.

I'm stalling here as I really told myself that I must work on the checkbook tonight.


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Sue---hells bells, I started planning next years garden in April!!!
Kathy in Napa

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Boring-humdrum-static-stagnant-mundane....curling up in a blanket: ) I'll drink to all those things; )CHEERS!

Today was chaos at school-every malady you can think of visited me today in the clinic(I don't feel right telling details but one situation was something serious I suspect).Remember to ask me at the next IU and I'll tell all lol.

Yes I AM in planning stages of next year's garden. Does one ever stop planning?; ) In fact I will finally be able to afford some *real* plants in spring! I need some dry shade shrubs to be used as a screen...Sue tell me what to plant! Something at least four feet tall is good. Evergreen or deciduous is fine. Oops but deerproof is important too(there goes all the good choices!)

Have I told y'all how much I miss ya? I do.

Saucy-SO good to hear you are getting some quality time with your DH! Oral surgery sounds painful! Hope he's a fast healer.

Kathy-yeah I guess it's not that impossible for the photographer to be off balance(snicker)...I've taken a few pics in odd positions

V-eat any good avacados lately? know I couldn't resist!

Ok I must get some sleep....the question is whether I will see new posts after this one by morning...I thought i scared everyone away!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Dear Babs is probably already snoring, but I had to add something for her before she wakes!

I just finished ordering my tickets to visit my DD's adorable family in Edmonton in November. By then my garden will be all put to bed, right? I'm excited already.

Today I cut back the asparagus and removed the cleome plants, saving the white and purple seeds separately. There's still the raspberries, Jerusalem artichokes and the KMOTGG to remove and compost. Things to plant as well. So when do you guess my bulbs will arrive? I'm awfully eager to plant them before the ground freezes over.

Tomorrow we have an important gravel meeting. I know, the world's most boring subject, but the Environmental Minister is coming to speak AND the Juno Award singer Sarah Harmer will sing her "Escarpment Blues" hit. Pretty impressive stuff for our first full year.

And now ladies and gentleman, time to hit the sack! (First, Charlotte has requested a treat!) Night-o!

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Good firesky morning! Nothing else can describe it and I've just been sitting here enjoying everything glow true orange.

Happily quiet here, too. Funny that Sue is less than 20 miles south of me and hasn't had frost. Here, anything tender is toasted. Perhaps another benefit of shade gardens? Cover from the frost??

Did some research and discovered that my "Black Beauty" Sambucus is really "Black Lace." Very sexy, huh?? It is a gorgeous plant and I'm looking forward to seeing if it does it's thing the way I'm imagining.

Also -- the compactor for the walkway is coming in this weekend, the sand will be layed and watered, and it will be done. Really, really done. Doesn't it always take two years three months to replace a walkway?? LOL

Everyone have a great day and don't hurt your toes tapping whilst waiting for bulb deliveries. (Experience talking, here :-)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Yes, Martie, the shade has something to do with it but I also live behind a strip mall and I believe the bulk of that building generates at least a degree or two of heat-enough to keep me at say 34 F when everyone else is 32 F. In most years it's November before I get totally toasted. To be on the safe side I have been tossing things in the garage at night. From tonight through as far as I see forecasts though there is no frost predicted so it looks like I have at least another weekend.

Happy Tuesday!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Babs the weather for that cross country meet sounds treacherous & dangerous  I think it was probably a good idea AJ didnt do it  yuck. WhoÂd have thought October would bring such horrible weather?

Kathy  glad youÂre enjoying your vacation  Im counting the days too before I can do as you. . . . . IÂve got a few things left to plant that really need to go in the ground (3 clematis that have been whiling away their lives in pots & 4 shrubs I ordered)... there are starting to be a lot of leaves (mostly compliments of the crazy squirrels who are chewing off branches of the nearby pin oak) so I think Im going to have a lot more yardwork than I like to think of. . . . My bulbs orders hopefully will have arrived by next week too so IÂm gonna be a buzy beee.

Norma  obviously after at least "twenty trips to the basement" we can count you in the "pot queens" category

Sue  like you IÂve saved up the personal indignities and am doing the same on one vacation day next week  I sure do dread those things but guess theyÂre a "necessary evil"  why is it Mondays are always soooo tough to work? It was a maniacal day here too  I was muttering under my breath a lot by Noon (a bad sign, LOL)

And yes, Im planning next yearÂs garden  esp. since this last one was somewhat of a "bust" IMO and I was very unhappy about a lot of stuff  esp. after hanging out w/ all you fantastic designers! So maybe if I start now I have a wee bit of a hope to come within even the same "category" next year!!

Michelle  I tend to leave a lot of my stuff up (probably laziness) but I like to pretend I read the "experts" saying that leaving a lot of stuff like agastaches, salvias, etc., uncut helps them winter over  the excuse works for me at least! I like the idea of a sick day for computers  they definitely donÂt always feel like working just like people!!

Martie  funny re your sambucus  I almost replied to you when you mentioned how "flat" it was  IÂve got the same problem w/ my Black Lace Sambucus  I have even studied it at a couple of nurseries who carry it and they all seem to have problems w/ it growing "upright"  itÂs a terrible flopper  IÂve got mine in almost full sun & itÂs still "stretched" to the grown --- probably 3 feet out  I donÂt know what Im going to do with it  Sue  howÂs yours looking? I read that they recommend cutting it back each year, but Im not sure I see how thatÂs going to "force" it more upright  I guess itÂs a question for the Shrubs forum. . . . .

Ok, gotta put on my work face...


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning, morning, just a quick one here before I head out to the gym.

Martie, I saw that amazing sunrise here today too.

Sue, I'm planning my container gardens for next year more than I'm planning my gardens. I've spent more time figuring out what I'm going to get rid of in the borders than what I'm going to replace them with.

OH yes, you are all going to be envious, my bulb order arrived last week. Woohoo! Now I just have to get outside and get things cleaned out so I can plant them. I ordered this stuff two months ago so I don't quite remember everything I ordered. LOL

I've been working up the motivation to get back to a really restricted diet again so I can ditch some additional weight. I've tried everything except cutting my calories down to the bone so if that is what it's going to take that is what I'm going to do. I had 1,241 calories yesterday and worked off 600 calories on the stairmaster in an hour. If I can keep that up I'll have to drop some weight. Holidays are coming and I refuse to be heavier on the first of the year than I was in June.

Oh yes the other very exciting news. I finally made a decision on what to upgrade my digicam with and the new camera should arrive tomorrow. A 10mpx Canon SLR. Woohoo! Can't wait to see what I can do with that. Now that should be LOTS of fun to play with.

Time to hit the gym and put my hour in on the stairs.

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Good Morning, Another gray day here. It rained all night. I've so had it with this weather. We deserve a warm winter or at least an early spring after putting up with the last couple of months around here. Too bad it doesn't work that way. Bella's going to be here today and I have vacuuming to do. Brad had the weekend off and I've done nothing around here since last week. I went to JoAnn's last night and got a bunch of stuff to do craft projects with Bella. We may make jack-o-lantern faces today if we have time while she's here. She just gets to be more fun every day.

Norma, My legs were sore for a couple of days after hauling plants down stairs. Hope you're feeling back to yourself.

Marie, great news that you get to go visit dd and family. I know you've been missing them.

Babs and Mary, I remember the days of hauling the kids around to sports and lessons. It's hard to get anything else but dinner done in the evenings during those years. They were busy but I have good memories of those times.

Deanne, Considering what you do with your camera now, can't wait to see what you can do with the new one. I'll be looking forward to seeing your spring bulbs bloom next spring. I didn't get around to ordering any this year. I do want to get some snowdrops planted though.

Cindy, sounds like you have a lot planned for that weeks vacation you have coming up. Remember to take a little time for yourself to do something special.

Martie, When you described your sambucus I thought it sounded like Black Lace instead of Black Beauty. I have both and prefer the Black Beauty. My Black Lace is a floppy grower too. I don't really like it much so far. I planted mine last year and am hoping it looks better when it gets a little older.

Sue, yep, I'm planning for next years garden too. I have a list of new tropicals I want to hunt down and made out a seed order yesterday, all annual stuff, I've really cut down on new perennials the last year or so. Seems it's woody stuff, tropicals and container plants I'm interested in these days. Your influence I think.

I hear Bella's arrival so must end this.TTYL, Eden

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Growing Old With Dogs

When I am old...
I will wear soft gray sweatshirts...
and a bandana over my silver hair.....
and I will spend my social security checks on wine
and my dogs.
I will sit in my house on my well-worn chair and listen
to my dogs' breathing.
I will sneak out in the middle of a warm summer night
and take my dogs for a run, if my old bones will allow...
When people come to call,
I will smile and nod as I show them my dogs...
and talk of them and about them...
...the ones so beloved of the past
and the ones so beloved of today....

I will still work hard cleaning after them, mopping
and feeding them and whispering their names in a
soft loving way.

I will wear the gleaming sweat on my throat, like a
jewel and I will be an embarrassment to all...
especially my family...
who have not yet found the peace
in being free to have dogs as your best friends....

These friends who always wait, at any hour, for your footfall...
and eagerly jump to their feet out of a sound sleep, to
greet you as if you are a God.
With warm eyes full of adoring love and hope that you
will always stay,
I'll hug their big strong necks...
I'll kiss their dear sweet heads...
and whisper in their very special company....

I look in the Mirror...
and see I am getting old....
this is the kind of person I am...
and have always been.
Loving dogs is easy,
they are part of me.
Please accept me for who I am.
My dogs appreciate my presence in their lives...
they love my presence in their lives......
When I am old this will be important to me...
you will understand when you are old....

Author Unknown

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Here's a preview of Bella's Halloween costume. My sister made it for her...


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Cute little Candy Corn Eden. Looks like shes enjoying it.

Jerri, I can identify with that poem. LOL

I got outside for awhile today. Planted a couple of things and did some weeding. I started out to do some mowing with the tractor but something fell apart on it.
I plan to be out tomorrow as it looks like the last nice day for awhile. Sure am missing our more normal Oct. weather.

Marie, good to hear you have a trip to look forward to in Nov.

Hope everyone had a decent day. I'm going to watch the ball game. I hope the Cardinals can make a comeback tonite. Norma

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Happy Tuesday everyone,
Now that is one great Halloween costume Eden ! Man, am I glad my children are adults. No more nights slaving over a hot sewing machine. In fact , I confess, here and now, I hate Halloween !!! Not sure, but I think this makes me a curmudgeon. I hate it now and I hated it when my kids were little. Well, except for about three years when a neighbor and I took wine glasses and tried to get refills from the neighbors as we escorted our children. We were'nt the only ones either-back in those days we had so many little kids in the neighborhood our street looked like Times Square on New Years Eve, crawling with people, many of them lurching about with thier cocktails. Still, I'm thinking about doing a dramatic pumpkin display. I guess I have not fully embraced my Halloween hatred !

I got a ton of work done today , but all outside ! So, I took vacation to clean the garage, clean some closets, take a load to the salvation army, and so far I've spent two days gardening. Guess I'll clean the garage, closets etc in December.

Love the doggie poem jerri !

Guess I'll go watch some baseball-nite all !

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Oh how cute...and creative too! I love candy corn even though it's probably pure sugar and horrible for you. My nana always bought it for me like nanas do so there must be a nostalgia factor involved. Will Bella be trick or treating? As a keeper of a small garden I think you're smart to concentrate on woodies, tropicals and container design. As my garden gets closer to being full I've become much more demanding of the plants I grow. They need to earn their space and two weeks of bloom followed by crummy foliage structure just doesn't cut it.

Hi Jerri, what have you been up to? I already understand the dog thing. Does that mean I'm old? Nick just came in from the rain and decided being squished with me into my chair was better than being stretched out in his bed. My dogs turn into velcro creatures when it gets cold. Both are crowding me out of bed every night.

Cindy, my Black Lace Sambucus is growing much more horizontally than I would like but that's been a problem with all the Sambucus cultivars I've grown. I figure I'll cut it back to the ground in the spring and see if I can get some upright growth. I'm having the same problem with Physocarpus 'Summer Wine'. Last weekend I moved it to a spot where it can grow wider and shorter so we'll see how that goes. I hate floppy plants.

OK, time to start shutting down.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi all. I love that little poem, it describes me already!

This is another drive by post asking for prayers and good thoughts for my latest little babies.

A Chi and Rat terrier mix Mom with 8 2 day old puppies. She's very thin and the babies were born in the shelter which is having a distemper 'issue' right now. Two look very weak. It may be a long night.
I'm off to see if I can get little ones to nurse on the bottle a little to help Mom out.

Jerri -> New to nursing ANYTHING! ;)

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O my gosh! Bella you look good enough to eat! What a cute idea. My mom was always so good at costumes and would make my kids whatever they asked for. Of course they were the first 2 grandkids. Kenzie is going to be a pink poodle again as the costume was quite large last year.

Snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Boo hoo! This is the craziest weather. It was cold and windy this evening, so Jaden and I walked the grove. Amazing how much warmer it is when you are sheltered from the wind.

'bug, how exciting! I'll bet DD and family are just as excited.

I'm still working on cleaning up this pit and situating plants. I'm also trying to update my excel garden spreadsheet with all the new plants and shrubs that went in this year.


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Oh what a cute bit of candy corn Bella is!!!


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Happy Warm Wednesday! We've gone from near-freezing at 7a two days ago to 61degF right now. My thermometer is Not broken. Like Sue, I'll be eeking out at least one more weekend ...

Love the costume!! I always had a blast dressing Ky up though by the time he turned about six he had ideas of his own. My favorite was the dinosaur with 6' long tail. Never thought about how he's walk around in the thing, but it was cute. Can also just see Kenzie. Pics!

I've come to like the Black Lace, I think ;-) Again, the more dentate, cut, shaped the foliage is the better, IMHO> We'll see what next year brings, but I've got a little extra room and am thinking something vertical behind and to the side of it. Perhaps a tall, narrow evergreen? Even though it flops (which for my use will probably be okay) how tall does it get? Right now it's about 3' tall and 5'wide but very few branches. Pics will come when they can. (I know, promises, promises. LOL)

Marie: Keep meaning to mention that I live in the graveliest part of CT and we have several "sites" around. Fortunately, the enviromentalists and the towns are Very, Very careful about what they allow, and the pits must be reapproved every six months. Still don't like it as it's gotta mess up the water flow everywhere. Good for you and your group to become effective so quickly as to warrant such attention!

Thoughts to you, too, Brenda. We'll have a cyber end-of-harvest party when you get back into the swing :-)

Babs: Invest in masks :-) AND -- whether you know it or not, you've made lifelong friends in the CC parents. Enjoy!

Have to laugh a bit about garden planning, and again realize just how fortunate I am to be in the gardening situation I'm in. Last night pulled out the rough plans I did when we moved into this house in July, 2004. Must say I'm awfully close to what we "saw" then. Funny thing was I really, really adhered to Hardscape First. Now must catch up on 15 years of plant hybridization and trends to supplement the plants I Know and Love and Won't Live Without.

Bottom Line: Can't wait to invite you all to come see in 2008 or so. LOL Seeing all of your pics and descriptions has been invaluable, especially for color combos.

Kathy: I'm envious of planting pansies now knowing that they'll actually bloom before next Spring. I love them, and next winter will be starting some under lights for the first time in years. Gotta love the ease!! Is this an annual thing you do? Do they reseed for you?

Mary: Marmalade! Is there anything smell better than citrus and spice? I've never been able to get the rind/peels thin enough to really work. Is there a secret?

Woody if you're out there -- the roses are still blooming!!

Marian: Can you get to your computer through all the in-house plants??? Missing you ...

Best to everybody! Office day today (for good reasons -- lots of proposals to write) so jeans it is!! YIPPEE!!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

So now you are all going to know that Im totally cracked and outta of my mind. Yesterday I received an order of tender plants to grow on through the winter. I was browsing things here recently and found that Abutilon pictum with yellow flowers on it for my Lemon Meringue arrangement at Avant Gardens. Well there was nothing for it but to order it to make sure I have it for next year and it will also give me the winter to do cuttings of it so I can have a few of them for the spring. Then I had to order another couple plants to make the minimum order (bummer right?) so I thought that Abutilon megapotamicum variegatum would be a nice addition too. I also got a neat chartreuse Alternanthera ficoidea 'Aurea' and another variegated one, Alternanthera ficoidea amoena. Well that A. megapotamicum is just the most darling plant. It is a sprawling type so will make a great trailer but I think Im going to make cuttings and make a standard out of it.

I wound up eating 1,500 calories yesterday and was pretty irritated with myself and am hoping to do better today. Ill tell you, it really is difficult to cut that extra three hundred calories out and still have a balanced diet. Im supposed to go out for lunch with a dear GF today and that is going to be a real challenge!

Eden, that candy corn costume is as cute as it gets! What fun, what fun! Are you going to go around and trick-or-treat with her? ~~ How are your plant babies doing under the lights? Im not going to have any room to start the dahlias next spring at this rate. Oh well, this year the ones I planted directly in the ground the end of May almost bloomed at the same time as the ones I started in April under the lights so I think that direct planting is the way its going to have to be.

Martie, glad to hear you are going to try to work with the more horizontal habit of the S. Black Lace. Ill be interested to see how it looks in a few years when it matures.

Michelle, yikes! Snow for you too? Jeesh, whats with this snow in October?

Sue, I agree with you about being demanding of your plants. Like you, my borders are all full and there just isnt room for non-performers. Ive been hoiking things right and left this year and even have some holes where I dont know what Im going to plant but have been thinking of shrubs. See, you are influencing all of us. LOL

Hello to everyone else, where has Marian been? Hope all is well with her.

OK must run to the gym. Ive got to be ready to go out for lunch so no puttering around with the plants this morning.

Later all,

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Morning, Not raining here for a change, but gloomy. We could sure use a little sunshine. I'm going to have to keep this short as today is another Bella day and she'll be here soon.

Deanne, I don't think ordering tropicals now is strange at all, lol. I received an order of begonias from Glasshouse Works recently and someone wrote on the invoice in pencil "looks like you are into extreme types!", LOL. I have that Abutilon megapotamicum variegatum . I think I got it from Avant too. It is an extremely horizontal grower. Cool plant though. My light gardens are doing well so far, no casualties yet.

Kathy, I have to confess that getting costumes together for my kids was not my favorite thing when mine were small. My mom always made their costumes. I love decorating for Halloween and seeing the little ones dressed up in their costumes though. Schnapps was our drink of choice while trick or treating, lol, and my neighbor and I usually polish off a couple of bottles of wine while passing out candy these days.

Michelle, I remember Kenzie's pink poodle picture. That is such a cute costume.

Jerri, stick around and good thoughts coming from here for mama and the puppies.

Hi to all, gotta run now, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

All went very well at our meeting last night and Sarah Harmer did a lovely job performing.

DH left early for his 8:30 lecture and then headed on to his conference north of Toronto.

I managed to plant 2 clematis (still a dozen left!)and a half dozen baby lupines.

I have good memories of Halloween, in fact it was a favourite holiday because it wasn't one of those greedy affairs with begging for gifts. Our kids made their own costumes and they were FANTASTIC! The dining room table was a disaster zone for weeks before hand though, with glue and wires and heaven knows what else. DS was Pack Man and delighted all the cars on the roads. They honked and cheered him on. Another year he was a working Swiss Army Knife with moveable parts. Another time a working stop light. Again the cars adored that one. In late highschool he was a gorgeous bat - as only a handsome young man of 17 can be in black tights & turtleneck with flowing wings and mask. DD was a computer, a sparkly snowflake, and many other amazing things. Pumpkin carving was a big deal too, and the best one ever was a pumpkin wearing braces. Everyone loved it...and it helped DS through tough times. So you can see that little Miss corn candy is a darling in my eyes! I also once made an alligator birthday cake using corn candy for the teeth. Another memorable treat.

Still no bulbs have arrived....and I ordered them VERY EARLY. I'm told they are waiting for a species lily order to arrive before their mailing. Tap tap tap...

Gloomy day here, high waters in the creek, but none falling from the sky. Yes Eden, sun would really please me!

AND! More good news, DD and family have tickets to come for New Year's! Nothing like having a seven year old around for holidays once more! Hoping DS can join us too. He'll be in Eastern Europe for Thanksgiving.

Good to hear from Jerri and all the hard working people on 'holidays'. Perhaps Taryn and others will reappear before Trick or Treat time?

Meanwhile, one of my foot exercises is to roll a bottle of frozen water with my foot while I sit at the computer. Brrrrr!

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Hi everyone

I'm sneaking in a few minutes before my teacher conference for David.

Bella Candy Corn is too cute!

Annie and David have always loved Halloween. We've made a ritual over the years of visiting the pumpkin farm, carving the jack-o-lanterns with friends, trick-or-treating with neighboring children and watching the school costume parade. Part of me misses sewing costumes (now the kids like to make their own). However, there is a certain freedom in sitting back and watching their creativity. This year Annie is going to be a corpse bride and David wants to dress himself up as an old man. Halloween is not celebrated in the same way in England but I have vivid memories of the year we lived in Wisconsin and went trick-or-treating there. Filling bags full of free candy was a dream come true.

Martie - during marmalade making I start cutting very fine slivers of orange rind but they get bigger towards the end. I don't mind it chunky as the rinds soften and cook down. I make a very dark "Oxford Marmalade" with a slight smokey flavor from a dash of Single Malt Scotch. It gets the morning off to a good start!

Oops, need to dash

later friends,


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Martie Im still out here but feeling the fall lethargy hard to get motivated to get moving! I think I noticed once that you said your Angel roses were in pots? Did you plant any in the ground? Theyre very hardy for me and are getting bigger and better each year more flowers and more hips! Most of the flowers have finished on mine now, except one group of deeper pink ones. This year there is an amazing number of hips though. Im hoping theyll be nice and showy against the snow (ugh!) in a couple of months time. Here they are today:

(The big gray pots had peas and beans earlier in the year. DH will be planting garlic in some of them in the next few weeks There are about a dozen of those pots on the driveway.)

Yesterday, we had two inches of rain! The ditch in front of the house was overflowing! I was worried whether the drains would back up into the basement but we stayed dry fortunately. I dont like getting stuck indoors because of bad weather but it did motivate me to do a bit of painting a bad weather pastime I have been trying to do a memorial painting to give as a Christmas present to a friend who lost her beautiful German Shepherd this spring around the same time as we lost Chelsea. I havent done anything on it in months but made a bit of progress yesterday. With apologies to the art lovers out there :-), heres Elga in progress:

Monday was a relatively nice day and we got some work done outside, including removing the climbing hydrangeas from the ugly shed in hopeful anticipation that we might actually get the old shed torn down this fall We put the hydrangeas on the north and west fences. If they survive the winter there, Ill have to think about where to put them next year. I probably wouldnt use them on the new shed assuming we can afford to build it! (Still waiting for the quote probably get it next week) Kathy Id love to grow roses on the new shed but the backyard is definitely a shade garden. Roses wouldnt do well there unfortunately.

The backyard is in its golden phase - lots of ash leaves and pine needles No point doing anything to clean it up until the rest of the ash leaves come down! We usually start cleaning up the first week of November. This is what it looked like this afternoon:

bug great to have the visit to Edmonton to look forward to and the return holiday visit too!

Hi Marian! and everybody else

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It's been a busy day and it seems to be flying by. Grocery shopping this morning took up a good chunk. That's a job I despise. I drug home 6 lawn bags of leaves from my neighbor's curb this afternoon. I also got six really nice gentiana scabra plants in the mail this afternoon. Now could one of you who grow them successfully please tell me the best conditions to plant them in? It's time to make dinner which is why I'm procrastinating here. We're supposed to get more light rain tonight and tomorrow, and it doesn't look like much sun through the weekend. It is fairly warm out though, 62F.

I keep meaning to tell Mary I picked up The Gardens of Emily Dickinson last weekend. I'll probably save it for winter reading though.

And Michelle, I really enjoyed the poem you opened the thread with. Thanks.

Wow Marie. Another visit in the works with dd's new family. It will be great for you to have them visit. I hope your ds can make it too. I loved the descriptions of your kid's very creative Halloween costumes. Thanks for sharing that with us.

I was worrying about Marian too but see she's posted over on Deanne's thread. Hopefully she's just busy with Tim?

Time to awaken Bella from her afternoon nap and then can't avoid dinner prep any longer. Have a good evening all!


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Happy Wednesday afternoon/evening everyone !
I've done all the chores I'm going to do today, so I 'm sitting here with the stereo cranked up and my Saturday sfternoon beer (when you are on vacation every day is Saturday) --Fat Weasel Pale Ale is todays selection. Right now it's 82 degrees out, guess our indian summer is here at least for today.

Here is a pic I took today of an area I do every year in pots beneath a tree whose roots prevent any digging. I love the coleus on the bottom left, and will take some cuttings to over winter. We have local grower who propagates some really great selections.,
img src=[IMG][/IMG]>
Martie, the pansies are an annual thing I do-here we plant in the fall cuz they don't like the hot dry summers. I put them out in Sept (best selection at the garden centers too) and then usually rip them up in April or May depending on how early the soil warms up and replace with zinnias or other summer annuals. In this climate we also put out snaps, iceland poppies , primroses, and stock amoung others . My pansies typically don't re-seed , but the smaller flowered violas do. I think maybe the pansies need cold to germinate ?

Eden --Schnapps! Jeesh, don't think I've had that since college football days .

'bug -lol the swiss army knife costume ! Too bad you don't have a pic of that one to show us. I made the Snow White costume one year for my daughter and it almost brough me to my knees. It amazes me how much I used to sew back in those days (DD is now 25!) and now the very thought of even hemming something just gives me the willies ! Tha's what I buy all my pants from either LL Bean or Lands End so I never have to take them up.

Woody- what a great painting of Elga. German Shepards are such beautiful dogs -your friend will no doubt be thrilled by such a wonderful gift.

Here is a pic I took this morning-love that coleus on the bottom left

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good evening all. I am okay.Thanks to all that asked.
Lol, Martie. No, the indoor plants are not blocking my way to the computer.
Hi right back at you, Woody. Your ash trees are farther along with their leaf fall than ours. Nice pics. No appology needed for the painting. It looks great!

Eden, your little 'corn candy' is very sweet ...:-) Cute idea for a costume.

I am more in a lurking mode, than a posting mode, but am reading along frequently.

I took Nolon for his follow-up Doctor appointment yesterday, to get the results from his blood tests taken Monday. All was well except his cholesterol. The dr. gave him some sample pills to take. ( Vytorin) I hope he has no side effects from them.
After the Dr., he went to the Golden Year's class with me. It was a nice day.

We got a wonderful rain Sunday and Monday. Around 4 and 3/4th inches. More is predicted tonight. The high today was about 80F. It is about 53 now, and will be in the lower 40s by morning.

The sun was bright most of the day, but the clouds moved in about 5 PM. and the wind was coming up. I took my camera and wandered the yard. The best of my pics for today are added to my Fall Progression thread. I hope it will be loadable for you all.


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Good evening.
Nothing exciting going on here. I spent the day going over the trails with the brush hog. Trying to clean them up a bit for my fall walking. It was cloudy all day and dreary in the house,but the colors in the woods were nice. I should have been planting a couple of things but needed to get the mowing done because Bob is wanting to take the brush hog off and put the carryall on for getting wood.

I may have to go into lurk mode to keep from boring everyone to death. LOL.

Well the Cardinals pulled it off last night but the Mets are getting a jump on them tonite. Guess I'll go watch.


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Woody! Don't you dare apologize for your artwork-that looks very realistic! Wow You definitely have talent,girl. Is that acrylic? What a special gift that is going to be.

Bella's costume is so fun,Eden! That is a perfect costume-easy to sew and she'll be warm too...and naturally she'll look sweet; ) Even though I'm a capable seamstress the Halloween costume rush is a bit much if we have alot of other activities going on but I always 'seam' to manage-lol-get it? Both boys want to be's too funny-since I do not have time to sew elaborate ones this year I told AJ he could be a pirate but he'd be wearing one of my girly blouses. In fact it looks perfect for a pirate so he's cool with it. To see Ryan with a long haired wig and a penciled on goatee is hilarious. He's got the jaunty pirate lingo and dialect down perfectly--should be a fun night.
My fav of all the costumes I've sewn is AJ's Barney costume. Ryan wouldn't go near it when he was able to fit in it. Oh well.
[When I was a kid my most memorable costume was as a two- headed-people-eater. My friend and I coated our entire faces with purple eyeshadow and stuffed ourselves into a single dress that was from her mom. Walking was a trip(ooooo I'm full of puns tonight!)lol]

Kathy that coleus grouping is stunning! How nice to see thriving coleus-mine withered from the cold last weekend. I miss summer.

Hmmm I guess I haven't been the drunkard I thought I was every Halloween...micro-brewski's or wine for us! You guys crack me up: ) I just know we should all live on the same street.

Norma you must not think that way-any little bit or long novel at the idylls is appreciated.(Hey I miss Ei)Your fall walks sound nice-this is the time of year I love for hiking in the woods. So far we've only squeezed one hike in a couple weeks ago.

Marian I'm glad you are OK I kept hoping you'd appear!

I wonder how Saucy is doing with her oral surgery patient : )

Deanne have fun with your new camera! But now you must post pics frequently-entertain us, lol!

My biggest excitement for this week is that I *finally* get my first paycheck on Fri.-that will be a good feeling...Let's go SHOPPING: )


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The snow was very short lived, but the day was damp, cloudy and windy. I continue to work on moving plants from the mudroom to their winter spot. I then got Rick to help straighten up the basement. Time to get the inside of the house presentable again.

Halloween was always lots of fun. Our church held a Fall Festival so the kids could show off their costumes twice. We had the Little Mermaid, Princess Jasmine, Pocahontas, Minnie Mouse (see a theme here) for my DD. DS liked Ghostbusters, Dracula, Ninja turtles, a California Raisin and a skeleton.
Babs, I remember my DS wearing a black blazer of mine one year because he wanted to be one of the Blues Brothers. He didnt seem to mind that it was moms.

bug, lucky you to have another family visit to look forward to.

I would actually like to know what plants Deanne and Sue are hoiking, just so I dont go out and buy them.

Woody, what a special gift for your friend.

Eden, where did you order the gentiana scabra from?


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I know you all are probably sick of hearing this but it's raining again this morning. I don't remember a worse autumn than this is turning out to be weatherwise. The way it's going I guess I should just be grateful it's rain and not snow. I'm up early this morning hoping to get more accomplished today than I have in the last week or so. I'm in a slump and need to get going.

Woody, what a beautiful portrait of your friend's dog. I didn't realize you painted. I think you're one of those people who has lot's of hidden talents though. We're hoping to do a shed teardown and put something else up next spring too. We were going to do it this summer but after finishing our paver project I didn't feel like having anything else in the garden torn up this year.

Kathy, love the coleus pic. Is that Mocha Mint in the left corner? I had that one this summer and I think I took a cutting. I'd love to have an 82 degree day about now!

Marian, glad you're ok and just in lurk mode. Good that you and Nolon had a nice day out.

Norma, I love hearing about your days. Nothing boring about them. Did the Cardinal's win last night, last I checked they were behind. I have a soft spot for them, my dad's from Missouri. It would be neat if they end up playing against the Tiger's this weekend. A repeat of 1968.

Babs, the first paycheck huh? You must buy a plant for the garden to celebrate, lol! I would love to spend Halloween with you. I know you'd just be so much fun. Loved hearing about the purple people eater costume. My mom's a good seamstress (like you) and used to make my girl's really elaborate costumes. Let's see, they were Kermit and Miss Piggy one year, Strawberry Shortcake and her cat Custard another and once Jennifer was Rainbow Brite and Megan was a Cabbage Patch Doll. Those were fun times. David was a pirate too, must be something all boys go through. I think he was a teenage munant ninja turtle 3 or 4 times though, lol.

Michelle, hope the snow holds off for you for a while. I feel the same way about the house interior. It should be easier to keep up now that garden season's winding down but for some reason that doesn't seem to be the case for me so far. Look for an email from me this morning.

I need to get off this computer and then maybe a few things will get crossed off my list today. Have a good day everyone. It's almost the weekend!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Another inch of very welcome rain here during the night. Now we are socked in with fog.

For all who are suffering from too much rainy weather:

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - The Rainy Day

The day is cold, and dark, and dreary
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
The vine still clings to the mouldering wall,
But at every gust the dead leaves fall,
And the day is dark and dreary.

My life is cold, and dark, and dreary;
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
My thoughts still cling to the mouldering Past,
But the hopes of youth fall thick in the blast,
And the days are dark and dreary.

Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.

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Hi guys!

Well, I bought 10 bags of mulch at the local grocery store. They were on sale 5 for $10.00. I had previously bought another 10, but it didn't seem to make a dent. And that was after I got 6 yards in the many weeds. I think I started out years ago all wrong, and don't know how to rectify it. Or I need a new system.. My bulb order came. I got it from Colorblends. I picked one named Stop the Car..purple and orange tulips.. and a parrot blend, and one more called three different pink hues. My daughter Jen ordered one called lava. I can't wait to get them in the ground. I just have to figure out where to put them. My bulbs are kind of scattered around. I was going for a natural look, like Mother Nature just sort of dropped them, but I am coming to the conclusion that it just looks messy. And since I have so many other messy areas in my life, I think I am going to make them like little soldiers. Just kidding, but I am going to try for the drift look. It is hard to make things look the way I picture it in my head. I brought in all of my pots, except a few cannas, and now I feel like I sort of panicked or jumped the gun. Skip put everything in Mike's room because he was still working on the roof in the back where I usually keep them. Mike seems to like them, so I am thinking about just installing some lights in there so they can grow. So,I am on a simplification mode. I really need to go through my house and get rid of a bunch of stuff. It is too crowded.

Sue, I can't remember if I told you before, but I love that Gentiana. I went online and found a place that I go to once a year close to Columbus that sells it. I added it to my plant wish list for next year.

Eden, Bella is so cute as candy:) I love little kids in Halloween costumes. Sorry you are having too much rain. Skip is heading up your way today. I wish I could take the day off work and come with him. I was trying to figure out if I could get him to go to Arrowhead Alpines for me and get a conifer, but it is an hour in the wrong direction.

Kathy, I have that coleus too, and it turned out to be one of my favorites. I took cuttings, and hope that they live.

Yeah Babs on the paycheck. What are you buying?

You guys were talking about planning for next year's garden, and I have to say, I have been thinking about this too. I have a long lot, and on both sides there is about 200 feet (I'm guessing) of weeds, underbrush, sumac (some are tall enough to look like a palm tree, and I am thinking about just leaving it as a tropical area:). Anyway, I have no idea how to go about clearing that out. Any cheap ideas?

Woody, your painting is really nice. I am sure your friend will love it!

Ei, if you are reading along, which David Russell CD do you recommend? I am getting ready to buy one, but having a hard time making up my mind if I can just get one..

T- How's the eye? and the babies? They grow so fast, don't they. I read about your coffee deprivation, and totally understood your pain.One of the things I like about my new job is that there is a Starbucks at the end of the block, and another nice little coffee shop across the street. I think I am getting spoiled in the beverage department. I also meant to mention that your curvy bed is looking really good. Are you excited to start planting?

Martie, how fun that you met a lurker. How did your husband's teeth repair go? I hope it helped allieviate some of the pain.

Deanne, speaking of surgeries.. is Doug's toe all healed? I am still being a chicken to go to the doctor to have my nail removed... guess I'll stick to the tea tree oil.

V.- you sound like you are having fun. Check in and give more details.

I bet Honey is having fun with her buddy. If you're reading, I love your fall garden. It looks like an impressionist painting to me.

Hope everyone has a great day!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! Gray and dreary here but supposedly it will become sunny and lower 70s. Maybe I should go home sick...hehehe. My boss isn't in the greatest mood so that option is looking better and better.

My driveway is full of blooming Brugmansias. As much as I hate to end the show, the extended forecast is looking iffy for next week so I may just have to spend the weekend cutting everything back and getting it ready for winter. Tom winterized our smaller fountain the other night. The leaves are coming down fast and furious. Boo hoo!

It's too bad some of you don't live closer. Alot of the plants I'm hoiking aren't necessarily bad plants. They just don't fit my conditions, are multiplying faster than I can use them or don't pass my extended interest test. For instance I have a bunch of Sedum 'Autumn Joy' in too much shade. I already have it everywhere else I want it and don't want to hold it over for the plant swap next May. Maybe I'll put some in my cul-de-sac circle but's outta here. Same with some bearded iris, peonies, catmint, a large Panicum, a Miscanthus, some slugbait get the picture.

Enjoy the day!


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I stayed home sick today. It seems to be an intestinal thing. Im not sick enough that I need to stay in bed, just be close to the BR. It is sunny but cool here yet, but all is green again.

Sue, I have thrown out more AJ sedum than you can imagine. In full sun it multiplies like crazy. At one point I counted around 20 in the gardens. This year one was in the spot where I wanted to plant a tree peony and one where I wanted to add a clematis. Out they went. I also got rid of some iris that had made pretty big clumps. Not bad plants, just too many of them.

Eden, I feel your frustration with too many rainy days.

Drema, would it work to put thick cardboard down? Or maybe you can rent a brush hog and then put down the cardboard and lasagna. I have found that the rentals really arent that expensive and quite a time saver. Do you remember the pictures of us using the trencher and stumper grinder last year?

Marian, the poem rings true.

Kathy, I loved the coleus picture. Of course you probably know by now that there are a bunch of coleus addicts here except for bug she hates coleus, but we are converting her. LOL


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Hello all

Im now down to counting hours before I have "all Saturdays" as Kathy calls vacation I love the concept. . . . and am planning accordingly. oops, I may get nothing at all accomplished then as thats usually what my Saturdays amount to. . . . .

We gentiana scabra coveters are envying you, Eden, but I decided to hold strong & wait til Spring & hopefully order then ... you can let us know if yours over-winters... you are a great plant tester!

Kathy I love your coleus shot Im probably in the column where Gardenbug falls but have come to appreciate them a bit more (esp. as my garden areas grow a bit more shady). . . . I hope youre continuing to enjoy those batch of Saturdays Im panting to start mine. Will have to check the stock re beer & vino!

Woody you are soooo talented I cannot believe how lifelike that memorial portrait is youre a great friend to do that and its terrific too! I cant draw a decent stick figure myself ...

Drema I second Michelles suggestion to get cardboard or boxes & newspapers/junk mail, etc. after chopping down the worst undergrowth (e.g., sumacs) and try the lasagna method on your areas that are so large by next Spring youd have terrific beds ready to start making holes in to plant its cheap, not terribly necessary to be very scientific (i.e., worry about the proportions of browns/greens), and it really does work as everyone can attest to. . . .

Babs first paycheck cool buy something personal and hold back $$ for spring plant orders!!

Halloween Im not a big fan of the holiday Im such a bah humbugger arent I? I think I ruined my DDs psyche with the first home-make costume when she was 2 wed just moved into a new rental place 2 weeks before the holiday; I was very poor, newly divorced I used an orange trash bag (dont ask me where it came from I dont remember...), stuffed it w/ newspaper & she became a very large pumpkin w/ a painted paperplate for a "top"(on top of her head) the woeful face in the photos we have of her show her as very unhappy. . . . . I thought I was very clever at the time but consequently thereafter poor DD would be stressed if she hadnt decided on her Halloween costume by the end of August each year!!!! (I think she was afraid of any last minute "creations" I might come up with, LOL). . . . ...she did that for probably 10 years. Luckily my MIL was a sweetie & sewed some better creations (my one sewing attempt was a mouse... we still have the foam cheese). I still hear about dressing her in trash bags though. . . .

Deanne wow an SLR you are going to be competing big time now I cant even imagine the artistry youll come up with.

Well, the first bulb order has arrived so Ill be sure to have that project to do for one "Saturday" I hope it isnt as cold as theyre talking though just my luck... High of 50 next week (& its 70 now!). . . . and more rain tonite we are soggy, soggy here.

Michelle hope you feel better soon!


P.S. how's this for a good size castor bean plant(?):
(another from the Smithsonian Garden):

I thought this was kind of sad -- urban thievery, do you think it's a federal offense since it was from the Smithsonian's property? (LOL):

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Cindy, so glad to hear that I am not the only "Bah Humbug" ! Lol.
Your second pic brings to mind the culprit that caused my lump on my forehead :

The clay pot full of asparagus 'fern' and ivies. I took this pic while there were still potted plants on the deck.

Marie, be glad you don't have these to contend with:

I sort of enjoy raking and hauling them off. I need the exercise it gives me. ;-)

Michelle, sorry that you are under the weather. I hope you,( and anyone else ailing amongst us), will be fine soon.


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Ah but Cindy if you wait until spring to order, you'll probably have a hard time finding the gentian. I tried in the spring and no luck but it's in stock again now. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance. Those of you who have it, well-drained yet moist soil and part to no shade? Does that sound right? As hard a time as I had getting this plant I want to site it correctly.

Feel better Michelle!

What a nice grouping of houseplants Marian!


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Good afternoon

Marian - I thought for a moment those were banana skins under your tree LOL!

The week is clipping by at a fine pace. Right now David has a buddy over to play. Its raining hard here too so no outdoor fun. The boys are engrossed in chess at the moment so I have a moment to Idyll. I'll then be doing the frantic dash to make the house look decent before the friend's Mom arrives to collect him.

Cindy - I LOVE the giant castor bean. Mine were tiny this year, barely reaching 2 feet.

Woody - I think your friend will be delighted with your lovely dog portrait - congratulations! It's made a lot of progress since we saw it and looks wonderful. Will you do a portrait of Chelsea too?

Cathy - a week full of Saturdays, what bliss! I actually enjoy sewing but for some reason HATE making alterations to clothes, jeans especially. I'm tempted by the idea of purchasing a second hand industrial machine that can handle several thicknesses of fabric properly. A neighbor has one for sale from a tailor that went out of business. I shall ask Chelone if it's a decent machine if I go to look at it.

Babs - isn't it fun having a paycheck again? How are the screenings going?

Michelle - intestional upsets are no fun, feel better.

I'm planning very few bulbs this year. New job and kids have put me so far behind with the garden I don't want to stress about getting a lot of bulbs in the ground. However, I have bought some English bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) to try and establish a patch by our trees are the bottom of the yard. In England in spring the woodlands in our area were a sea of blue as they bloomed beneath the trees. I used to think it was like heaven. Sadly the native bluebells are being invaded by Spanish and hybrid bluebells planted by gardeners.

Time to grab the vacuum - lets hope it doesn't attack me!


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Oops - sorry Kathy - you're a "K" not a "C"


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Just a quick pop in here... I am supposed to be cleaning the basement. Skip didn't go to Detroit after all and it is garbage night. We sort of can't agree on what to throw out, so I took a little break. I am just carrying out the bags:) Anyway, I wanted to tell Marian how nice her picture looks. That doesn't look like my asparagus fern.

And Mary, John Scheepers has a woodland garden for $70 or $80. I forget how many bulbs it is but it gives a similar look as your picture, and I think there were a lot of bulbs. I wanted to get it, but didn't quite want to spend that much..

Thanks for the thoughts about lasagna bed gardening. Skip said no more cardboard. He doesn't like when it blows around the yard... I did some last year, and didn't quite have enough of the other stuff to cover it, but where I did it really worked well. I will have to check on renting equipment, but I think it is expensive here, but maybe worth it..

Cindy, I hope you have nice weather next week. Either way, I figure if the weather is bad, I have plenty to do inside... like ditching some of this junk we have been saving forever.. and if it is nice, I work outside....either way, it is nice to be home. I finally have worked long enough to have a whole week off, man it took almost a year.. I am going to save it until I have almost two weeks, so I have some back up time in case of emergency.. like an emergency trip to the beach.....
Back to the dungeon:)


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Hi everyone.

Eden as you probably already know the Cardinals lost last Night. It is almost game time again. Where in Missouri is your dad from?

Cindy, the nerve people must have to steal plants in a public garden, or anywhere else for that matter. That is a huge castor bean plant. I bought seed for them this year and never got them planted:(. Maybe next year. I am the worlds worst procrastinater. If I did half the things I think about doing it would be a lot. LOL. Happy Vacation days.

Babs, that seems like it was a long wait for a paycheck. Have fun with it.

Kathy, (when you are on vacation every day is Saturday) chuckle, chuckle. Good excuse.

Woody, your painting of Elga will mean so much to your friend. Two things I always wanted to do was paint and write, well there is a third thing too. Play the guitar. Dabbled in all of them but not sucessfully.
Do you have a picture of your planter bench planted up? I've wanted to see how it turned out.

I went into the city today for some "have to shopping". I didn't regret it though as the route I take is always so pretty during peak leaf color, and it was gorgeous today.
I found a gift for a baby shower, a new collar that is large enough not to choke Rebel and finally a new quilt for my bed that I like. The one I had was in tatters but I never could find one I liked. Also picked up The Well-Tended Perennial Garden for me and a Sci Fi for DH.

Deanne, I hope you have time to try out your new camera at the Gorge? for us.

Marian, Have you heard from Tim?

Game time. Catch ya later. Norma

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

I logged on tonite expecting to see Sue's TGIF, needless to more day to go. I hate when that happens.

It has been a long week. We had to take DS to see a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Boston yesterday. Thankfully, everything is fine. A few weeks ago his pediatrician screened for scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and sent him for an x-ray, and scheduled the appointment with the specialist. That gave us a few weeks to worry until he could see the orthopedic (there is entirely too much info on the internet...I had visions of putting him in a brace or even surgery). Turns out that one of his legs is a fraction of an inch shorter than the other, so his spine is not straight when he is standing. No treatment needed, just something to watch as he grows. He has no symptoms at all, no limp or pain, so no worries. What a relief.

Saucy, good to hear that Nick is doing well. Glad you two are getting some time together, even if it took oral surgery to make it happen! I know it is hard to find time for each other, especially with kids in the picture, but it is important.

Eden, you and Deanne have got it bad with the indoor plants! What fun though, plenty to look forward to all winter. Eden, Sue mentioned the conditions for that gentiana either earlier in this thread or in her picture thread. I can't remember the specifics but it is here somewhere. I have to say also that candy-corn Bella is the cutest!

Babs, congrats on your first paycheck! Remember to pay yourself first by putting some of it away (at least until the spring plant buying season). DH has automatic deduction into a separate account, otherwise we probably wouldn't save much.

Kathy, enjoy the rest of your vacation - and show us your pansies when you get a chance!

Hi to everyone else. I am signing off now, have to go convince DD that if she would blow-dry her hair, she wouldn't be cold and want the heat turned on!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL, Mary! Banana skins!

Drema, my Asparagus fern is A. densiflorus 'Myers', a plume type. Yours may be A.d. 'Springeri' also known as Emerald Fern. Does it have long drooping stems? That is the type my mother had most of my life. I had one also, but let it die.

Thanks Eden, I like them too...;-)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Norma, no we haven't heard from Tim . He said he would come again this week, but so far no show.... Maybe it will be tomorrow when he is on his way home to Malvern. Thanks for asking. I know he is really under a lot of stress.

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Michelle-I hope you feel better by the time you see this. Bananas,rice,apples,and toast are things that might help slow you down-if you know what I mean ; ).

No kidding Norma about the long wait for the paycheck.I only get paid once a month and they lumped the last week in Aug. with the month of Sept. and it takes another two weeks to process the checks! We have been struggling with funds for a while and I almost choked when they told us at orientation how long it would be....hey but it will at least be a big one lol. I plan to set aside a specific amt. each month so that by spring I can get plants I really want rather than basement bargains all the time.
Your day sounded enjoyable-you also sound more cheerful: )I'm glad.

Cindy!How sad that you have those memories about this time of year...I still give you credit for using some serious creativity on the spur of the moment! I have to admit I'm not as into the decorating for the holiday as I used to. It has something to do with knowing that if I put a bunch of stuff up I also have to take it down(preferably before xmas,New years, OK I'm not THAT bad)!
I DO like that Castor bean! I've been seeing them throughout the neighborhood and am trying to figure out where it would work in my beds-a very fun plant!
Mary,as luck usually has it for me, mine would end up two feet tall too I bet ; )

Marian-you need to make a wreath with those pods![ I can imagine EP doing something like that: ) ]

Mary!: "I'll then be doing the frantic dash to make the house look decent before the friend's Mom arrives to collect him." ....That is exactly why I like you-that's me to a If our kids played together you wouldn't have to dash!
The screenings are going really well-the kids are just so cute(I'm doing the 1st grade now). The trick is fitting the screenings in between the sick kids,and injured ones but it's coming along.
And are you able to enjoy your new position or are things hectic for you? Are you more comfortable being in a leadership position than you'd thought you would?
Those bluebells are a stunning carpet at that link-it reminds me of the mertensia hillside we have here.

Wendy-I remember having to get an xray for possible scoliosis in grade school(I was fine)-you wouldn't believe how many kids get incorrect referrals. In fact I have to help with those screenings at our school. I'm glad your son is Ok-always a worry. Yeah you really have to not dive in too deeply when researching health stuff on the internet-it can scare a person silly.

Hi Drema! If you anchor the cardboard with bricks or rocks they should stay put through winter-that's what I did and it was fine.
How did your Callicarpa do?? I was amazed at the amount/size of berries on mine-I hope you were able to get more sun to yours because it's a worthwhile show! I'm cautiously excited because I see seedlings that look like the callicarpa-wouldn't that be great if they are easy to grow from seed! I'll let you know in spring what the verdict is.

I hope the weather is nice on Fri. so the kids and I can pick winesap apples at my mom's-she got a nice crop this year and if I help pick she'll reward me with a pie(nothing like bribery lol).

I wonder how Eileen is doing and where's that V chick? Saucy? Yeona I hope all is well with you.

Every night before Ryan goes to sleep he asks,"Do I have to go back to school AGAIN tomorrow?"


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all, well too much excitement here today. The bratty cat got himself in trouble and came home limping with an injured shoulder and a big cut/scrape on the top of his head. The only thing I can figure out is he must have tangled with a large dog somewhere. Egad! One emergency trip to the vet later and it appears that he just has deep bruising on his shoulder. He had to have a booster to his rabies shot and the poor kitty is feeling pretty lousy tonight.

Marian, your plants look pretty happy in that window.

Mary, I remember the bluebells at Kew when we visited in the early 1990s. It was wonderful and remarkable. Im wondering if I can find a pic of that somewhere. Sounds like youve been flat out busy lately. ~~ Do be extra careful with the vacuum. The dastardly machines usually band together and plot mass injuries on us when we get going with any kind of group cleaning.

Cindy, that is one amazing Castor Bean plant.

Michelle, hope you are all better tomorrow! Sorry you arent feeling well.

Drema, thanks for asking, Dougs toe is all healed up and hes all back to normal. (Thank goodness) ~~ RE: needing to go through the house and toss a bunch of stuff. Ditto here!

Eden, jeesh, I sure hope you get some sunny weather really soon.

Babs, yea!!! Paycheck!! That is always a good thing.

Kathy, great coleus! I just love coleus! And plectranthus, and abutilon, and strobilanthes, and fuchsia and alternanthera, and acalypha well, you get the picture. LOL

Wendy I keep forgetting to tell you that the Phygelius you gave me last summer is setting buds right now. I cant wait until the flowers open. ~~ Glad to hear that your DS is OK. That must have been a real worry.

Woody, your painting is really coming along beautifully. Its lovely.

Norma, Id love to see your paths all ready for your fall walks. How long does it take you to do them all with the brush hog? ~~ Sorry no trips to the Flume Gorge for me this year. I missed the peak of foliage season up north this year.

Marie Id have to wear a winter coat and all the woolies in the house if I had to roll a frozen bottle under my foot. Yikes!

OK I feel like Im starting to babble incoherently here so I guess Id better turn in for the night.

Nite all,

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Hello out there is a dreaded bug making the rounds of the states......hit Michelle and it has been here since Monday morning. An off and on bug, the sneakiest and nastiest kind. :oP Michelle hope you feel better soon.

Not much happening here....staying home, staying inside (weather and the belly bug) not getting much accomplished and still have about 1/4 of the mulch to spread. Maybe this weekend I'll get it finished up. We're going to have Jamie Saturday and Sunday nights -- also Alice, his beagle puppy. Right now I've got the twins' black lab here while their family gets a new asphalt driveway put in......except you can't do asphalt when it is raining. The contractor put some gooey stuff on the old driveway so the lab was sent here for a few days.....but then it began raining. I'm not sure how long I'm going to have him here. He is a dear but boy does he shed!! He is also a maniac about having a ball thrown for him. Right now he is laying in the doorway to the powder room......because his tennis ball is laying in the sink in there (covered with dog slobber). I pulled the door closed and he pushed it open. He's in love with his

Well, the Cardinals just won.......

Guess I'll go curl up in my chair until DH comes home (working late).

Hope all are well (sorry to read about Deanne's kitty getting mauled by something). I enjoyed the photos and enjoying reading everyone's posts.

Hello to all......

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Good dank morning. Lots of rain and wind coming our way.

To those who asked:
Rich's teeth will be an ongoing process, probably done sometime around February. He's up to five root canals, a new temporary plate, temporary caps, scaling and that's to get him in shape to do the permanent stuff. It gives me the shivers.

Yes, Woody, I have roses in the ground and in containers. The seeds you sent were prolific and I had plenty of plants to try all kinds of things. All are now in the ground to come back next year.

The peppers Eden sent are now officially toast, but not before I grabbed some seed for next year :-)

Why is it that first paychecks are always spent at least five times before they come in? LOL

Marie -- is your DS going to Europe to study? Travel? We'll have to figure out a way to hook up respective DS's. They sound like they'd truly get along.

Fun reading about costumes. Amazing how creative kids can get when there's fun involved.

Marmalade with a shot of scotch. My kind of concoction!! (Wonder if that's why grandmother's always tasted so good??)

Poor cat, Deanne!! Was it the one I scared out of Doug's arms?? It's not at all unusual to me to order tenders now, especially slow growing ones. I'll be making a trip to a fav greenhouse in a few weeks for their annual "clean off the benches" sale. My MO is to get two of everything for the inevitable die off but this year Rich assures me that light area downstairs will be ready for whatever I bring. Little does he know .......

Very busy but happy week, here. Lots of travel and the foliage, despite dire predictions, is stunning. Yesterday went to the CT shore for all-day meeting so have seen foliage this week from Rutland VT to Mystic CT AND got paid for it. How lucky am I????

Sure I'm forgetting something or someone, but have a free weekend so will be back.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Pet owners - take care! (... in case it's not only vacuum cleaner attacks that run in batches!) Misty and I were attacked by the neighbourhood scary dog (30-40 lb beagle!) at suppertime last night when we went for our walk! Misty got bitten on her left hind leg We're all OK but a bit shaken up. We're waiting to hear back from the Humane Society - but don't expect much action. Max has attacked - and bitten - many dogs in the neighbourhood. He attacked Chelsea and I several times before we had Misty. Chelsea, being bigger, was better able to defend herself. He would have killed Misty I think. It happened very fast. I think he slipped out past someone going into the house because someone pulled him away seconds after he attacked and I started yelling. Misty is on antibiotics and We need to wash the wounds with peroxide twice a day. This morning she's still feeling pretty sorry for herself but ate her breakfast. The wounds look clean so far - no redness or excessive heat. Deanne - I hope your kitty is going to be fine too.

There were other things I was going to comment on but I'm a little 'out of it' still this morning....

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Jeez, I guess I'd better keep an eye on my dogs. They can be confrontational little buggers under the right circumstances. I rarely walk them in public anywhere anymore because I just know too many people who have had small dogs attacked and sometimes killed while on walks. Hope Misty and Rahjii are feeling better today.

Here you go Wendy...


Dreary looking day. Good one to be at work. Babs, avert your eyes. We get paid every Friday here.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Just jumping in here w/o reading to say hi. My friend is back in sunny, WARM Palm Beach. Geez, who would've thunk it would snow for her visit in mid-October!!!

I still haven't gotten my pot ghetto planted, stuff moved, etc., etc. It's barely 40 here but I'm going to try to brave it as much as possible today, even tho the dampness will cause havoc w/my arthritis. The long range forecast isn't much better so it's now or never.

Just a brief comment to T -- T, I recommend keeping your BLACK wallet in your BLACK purse. It makes it harder for pickpockets!!! I had a bright pink wallet stolen and the police told me that I had made it very easy for the thieves to locate. They didn't keep the wallet. Instead they sucked out the cash and discarded the wallet where it was found w/everything else intact.

Also, my wallet is now a very small one. I used to carry one of those big checkbook/wallet "my life is inside" thingys. Now I only carry a very small change-purse with only my license, medical cards and one or two credit cards. The police warned against carrying the larger version.

I'll be back. Missed you guys. Brrrrrrr.


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Awww poor Misty and Rahjii. Woody you too. It had to be upsetting and a little dangerous for you.

Wendy, I'm glad all was well with your DS. Our GD went through the same sceneario sp? I guess for the ones getting a correct diagnosis and early treatment it is a blessing. But one has to wonder if all the extra tests are always necessary.

Yea! We have sunshine this morning. But had a heavy frost last night. Bet many more plants are toast.

Deanne I will finish the trails today. It usually takes me two days as I have to go slow and make three passes. One on each edge and one down the middle. I try to get as much of the edge as I can or brush will encroach into the path and it would take a lot of hand triming. I have some that, would I be riding a horse rather than walking would definetly need trimmed higher.

T and Michelle, hope you recuperate for the weekend. Hope that bug doesn't come this way.

Has anyone heard from Cynthia? For some reason I have been thinking about her. If you are reading, hi Cynthia.

Hi to everyone else too.

I have to go to a "party" (you know the demo kind) tonite, and a baby shower tomorrow. Lucky me:( Oh well its a chance to visit with friends.

Yes! the Cardinals did win! It was a good game though played well by both teams.

I better get moving here. Need to go check the plants in the basement. This is why I don't do well with plants in the house. I feel it is a chore rather than a pleasure most of the time. I will probably feel better about it when I can see something green in the dead of winter. LOL

Later Norma

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Happy Payday everybody, Since Honey filled you in on our weather, I'll pass for today. No improvement in that department. I was just downstairs tending to the light gardens and everything is growing. At this rate I'll need to take cuttings from the cuttings soon! No big plans for today, just hanging out with Bella. She's VERY into puzzles at the moment.

Deanne, glad your boy is ok. I hope his shoulder isn't too sore today. I'm too much of a chicken to let my cat's out around here. They'd be a snack for someone's vicious dog for sure in this neighborhood.

Woody, that must have been so scary for you and poor little Misty. I've never seen a sadder little face! Poor, poor baby. I'm so glad it wasn't worse. We have a new dog living behind us and over one lot. Bud, my 125 lb. chicken, doesn't like him and seems to be afraid to hang out in the back of the yard these days. I hear the other guy barking at him and he doesn't sound friendly at all. We did finally get rid of the pitbull factory across the street and a really nice young guy bought the house and moved in last weekend. The whole neighborhood is very relieved about that.

Wendy, thanks for the heads up Sue's post on the gentiana. I somehow had missed that. Glad to hear that everything's ok with your son. My niece had about the same thing and she's a senior in highschool and has never had any problems.

Norma, looks like the Cardinals vs. the Tigers. That will be a fun World Series to watch for me. My dad was born in St. Louis and lived in Poplar Bluff until he was about 12. We used to travel to Missouri for a couple of weeks every summer to visit relatives when I was small.

T, hope your tummy's feeling better today.

You too Michelle.

Babs, great idea to sock away money for spring plant shopping!

Martie, I saved pepper seeds too. I have a couple of new varieties this year, black pearl and explosive embers. Let me know if you want me to send you seeds.

Enough babble from me so have a great Friday! Eden

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Martie, here's a pic of the c. black pearl. I really liked this one. The peppers really do look like shiny black pearls, very pretty.

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Norma, I just read your post. Interesting, you reminded me that today's Cynthia's birthday. Maybe that's why she's on your mind. I don't think she reads here but if she is...

Happy Birthday Cynthia! Hope you're having a great day!


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I'm back at work today and feeling pretty good. T, I hope you shake yours as quickly.

How terrible for the poor Idyll pets who are injured. Hopefully, they are feeling better today.

Eden, I ordered myself some of the gentiana. Thanks for the info. Here a quote from Sue's thread about her gentiana scabra. "I don't know what the secret is to growing the Gentian. Part sun, regular garden soil...Monique may have hers growing in morning sun. As I said, mine are reseeding somewhat. The one I transplanted into my crappy soil retaining wall garden is struggling so dry soil does not seem to be what they want."

We saw the c. Black Pearl several times in gardens this summer. It even caught Rick's attention at the Green Bay Botanical Garden. It is a beauty.

Drema, check with your city, many give away mulch made from ground up tree branches. This would work good to hold your cardboard down. I never have any blow away.

Waving hi to all else. Figures I get back to work and have 700 customer bill stuffers to print and the dang machine breaks. Off to the printer with them.


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Pestilence has just packed his bags and is about out of this home... . Miserable colds for everyone here. :(
Helpmeet home for 3 days, I missed no work but wasted no time tumbling into bed as quickly as possible. Mum was functional, but instead of repeating things twice I had to do it 4 times... .

Thanks for "High Hopes"!!! the lyrics always make me smile and I always rather fancied the tune.

I have more reading to do, and some funnies to share but I'm tired right now. Maybe later.

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Hi everyone

I arrived back from work to find Clousseau had peed, pooped and thrown up on the recently cleaned off-white berber carpet. The pond had emptied itself again and one of the children's favorite indoor fish was belly up in the tropical fish tank, its partner has completely disappeared. Sheesh - did someone put a hex on us? I'll be back after I've had a calming glass of wine.


(Could Clousseau have somehow removed the lid to the tank, eaten the fish, then had a violent reaction to his fishy snack? I wonder......)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello everyone! The boys are off for their annual fishing weekend so it's just me, the dogs and a glass of wine tonight. I see there's been a small outbreak of pet attacks (condolences to Woody and Deanne and pets!) which seemed fitting. My two labs were having fun with each other when Mystic must have either gotten a tad too aggressive or hit the wrong spot on Sunrise. All 85 pounds of Sunrise came flying at me on the couch, and she climbed into my lap a-trembling. She tried to wrap herself against me and even chewed on a hunk of my hair. I've never seen her act like this; I think she must have been very startled by whatever happened. No visible damage and both are calm now.

I MISS MY IDYLLS! I used to always have time at the office to sneak a peek during the day, and now I'm just too busy most days to do that. I need to adjust my schedule but haven't figured out how to do so quite yet.

Our autumn weather has been unusual to say the least. We ended up with an inch of snow last week. which mostly melted by the end of the day, but bits and pieces lingered until the next morning. Our earliest measurable snowfall by six days! Since then, it's been mostly cool and rainy. If it isn't pouring tomorrow, I will go out to Trudi Temple's farm and see her speak.

For those who worry that I am pining for my DD, tomorrow night I will see her for the fourth time in seven days! She came home for fall break last weekend, then I had a trip to her college town to work an ag career day at the other major school in that town. So we got to meet for dinner one night and lunch the next. Now she is coming up this way to see a musical in Chicago Saturday afternoon and we will have dinne tomorrow night .

I haven't done diddly in the garden other than getting the tropicals in and lifting my EE's and dahlias. There's a lot just waiting for me to remember to do it! I did clear some room in the garage so there is a spot to put the rest of the pots for the winter.

Work continues to go well. We did a new-for-us customer event this week and it was a major hit! The feedback forms were 100% positive and my boss was very pleased.

That's the brief update from this corner of the world. I think I will post this and then try to catch up on reading again. I'm somewhat falling into that trap of geting behind, then avoiding the forum because I'm so behind. I must stop that!



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Hi again

Order has been restored, carpet steam cleaned and all remaining fish are doing well. Clousseau seems none the worse for whatever he reacted to though something sure made him sick. He ate a hearty supper but I'm keeping fingers crossed and the steamer handy.

How awful to read about the Idyll pets - hope Rahjii and Misty are feeling better and have a quick recovery. Woody - that must have been very scary;0(

I'm very glad its the weekend, and that I have an evening at home with no one to drive anywhere. We had a cozy supper downstairs while watching the Discovery Channel. DH arrives back from a 2 1/2 week trip tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the company, its seemed a long time since he was here.

Saturday will begin with a market run - the winter squash and apples are excellent right now and I have some new Fall recipes I'm looking forward to trying. We are promised a break from the rain so I'm hoping to fit in a little raking. I even bought a new rake as there seems to be a lot of demand on the one we own (both Annie and David like piling leaves)

Have a great Friday night and good start to the weekend.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


For a variety of reasons this has been a long week. Unfortunately on top of other distractions I got a call from my doctor tonight with the results of all my tests. She is recommending something that I'm not thrilled about and we've decided I need a second opinion so her office is setting that up. I hate doctors and try to avoid them whenever possible. How did I end up at their mercy?

Starting tomorrow I've got to get tough on the tender plants. It's time to send them off to their winter rest. Next week looks iffy from a frost standpoint and I don't want to be running around at the last minute picking and choosing. Plus I have the moving and planting of hardy stuff still hanging out there as well as the cleanup of the usual 600 billion leaves. I know it all eventually gets done but at times the amount of work seems daunting.

OK, time to grab a yogurt and head up to bed to watch Law & Order.

Sweet dreams.


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Gee-T you have the bug too? take care of yourself...we're dropping like flies! I hope Michelle is doing Ok.

Woody that is horrifying what happened to your Misty!! I can see the anguish in her face-she's frowning! That's just not right that that can happen as many times as you've mentioned to so many other dogs as well. I hope the Humane society will help.

Deanne-sorry about your 'bratty' cat-it's about as bad as when a kid comes home needing urgent care! Hope by now he's improved...umm do you use an icepack on a bruise for a cat?
Did the camera come yet?

Mary I'll bet that wine was pretty darn good. Wow that's just a little too much pet excitement! I hope the kids are OK about their fish-but if it was a favorite I imagine it's pretty upsetting. I hope Clousseau is OK-that's just not fun.

V! glad you checked in and Honey too! You've both been missed.

So this is payday? Grummmmph. OK so I skip to the mailbox and let out a heavenly sigh of joy because I see the envelope in among junk mail.YAY... but not exactly. I open the envelope and after SEVEN weeks of toil the check reads $95.00...HUH? All it was was the reimbursement for my classes I took and uniform stuff >=0( Drat. I'm giving them until tomorrow then I'm gonna make a fuss. Doesn't that stink?

What to be for Halloween. I need ideas...simple, fun or scary it doesn't matter. I have two weeks!

I have more to say(always)but it's movie night so I better go see what Chris chose(we seem to have seen every movie the store rents). Idylls stay well,pets be safe,and otherwise I hope the weekend is a good one for you.

Sue I saw that part about the WEEKLY paychecks....yeah. well thanks ; ) lol.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all, well his Rahjiness is feeling better today. He's almost back to his bratty self and just about drove me crazy today running around the house screaming his head off wanting to get outside. Jeesh!

Woody, that is just horrific about that dog attacking Misty. What the H - - l is wrong with people with dogs like that? Unacceptable for that animal to ever be anywhere it can hurt anyone or any other animal.

Sue sorry about the doctor stuff. I hate it when that happens.

Babs, bummer about the missing paycheck. I'd be frothing at the mouth. ~~ RE Halloween, is this for you? if so how about 'Raggedy Anne'? I had a red headed friend who did that one time and it was too cute. YOu'd pull that one off really well. ~~ RE camera, yes, yes, yes! I got it and it is just fabulous. I think I'm in love! LOL Decided to click pics at everything in sight and here is one quick pic of Luke using a flash bounced off the ceiling. This pic was hand held at 1/40th at F5.6, ISO 400 and a focal length of 53mm. The lens I bought with the camera has an image stablization mode so you can get sharp, hand held shots at slower shutter speeds.

Mary, OMG! Poor fishies, poor Clousseau, Poor, poor Mary! What a bummer. I sure hope that is the end of the drama for the day and that you have a great weekend.

Michelle, glad to hear you are feeling better.

Eden, love those peppers. Maybe I'll have to try them next year.

OK time to get ready for some shut eye. Have a great evening all.


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Bummer Sue. Whatever you decide I hope it goes well.
A second opinon can't hurt.

Hi V, we miss your regular posts. Good to hear the job is going well though. How is DD likeing college life? Strange that Sunrise reacted like that.

Mary , I hope Clousseau doesn't have any more mishaps. Did you find the leak in your pond?

Deanne you can send that bratty cat to live with me anytime. I think he is gorgeous. The camera sounds really neat. I have become lazy after working with cameras for so many years. I basically just want to point and shoot these days. Besides the old eyes aren't what they used to be. I have a young friend that wants me to do some family photos with her DH and baby. She has been trying to pin him down to a time all week. They want something outside with the fall colors.

Speaking of young friends. Tonite at the party I went to I got to hold and feed the three month old baby of a young lady we watched grow up from babyhood. Where did the time go. The baby had a winning smile and fell asleep in my arms. I haven't got to do that since Wyatt was a baby.

Babs, I bet you did a double take on that check.

Well I should be in bed, and thats where I'm going. Nite all. Norma

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Sorry you're having troubles Sue. I'm right there with you on avoiding doctors. It's why I'm always looking for alternative stuff which helps for the the most part, though sometimes I can't find what I need with it.

Babs I'm okay, just wondering at how life has turned in some ways for us. My ill family members seem to be around us lots, and seem to need a great deal of time and attention.

Hi Marian. I was worried too when you didn't write here. I'm glad you're okay. You are an integral part of this place, and we lose some momentum when you're mia. It's like when others are gone, like Ei, Brenda and many others. We need everyone to make that special Idylls music.

Hi and hugs to everyone and their poor beleaguered pets. I hope Babs can spend some money on herself with the first cheque, but it's tough when family responsibilities rear their necessary heads. Chelone when will your mum be placed. We had to do it for our MIL, as she was a flight risk, and it's the best thing that was ever done for her.


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I was wrong about pestilence... it's moved into my chest. Special!

Woody, I don't think there's much in this world that cheeses me off more than irresponsible dog owners. As the owner of a big one who is loud and presents a terrifying image I'm keenly aware of my responsibility to keep him under control. He has dashed out to "greet" walkers on the road a few times, I know he wouldn't hurt them, but the site of Biggie barrelling toward you with the full Mohawk isn't something that would give you the "warm fuzzies". I remember walking with him a year/so ago and a dog charged out at us, took one look at the size of him and skulked home, lol. but it might well have been a different story had the dog been a small one. I hope Misty is OK. And you, too!

It rained like the hell yesterday, sheets and torrents! Today it's fair and very windy. Pity, too... the leaves were really pretty, now they're on the ground. The surf should be nice today with the wind and I expect the traffic on the road will be heavy. Too heavy for a walk (if I can muster the energy). Maybe we can try the golf course if the wind remains steady and gusty.

Nice shot of the kitty-cat, Deanne. And very exciting news about the new camera.

I need to recline.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, its a very blustery day out there. Only 44 degrees with a brisk wind. I'm thinking I'm going to wait a bit to go and work outside. Anyway, I was playing around a bit with a couple images I got on the new camera and Oooo la la... This wasn't even a great pic to begin with and I don't even have the sharpest lens in my camera bag yet but when you have all those pixels to mess around with it is amazing the detail you can pull up. This first pic was another hand held at 1/50th, pretty slow for any macro work.

I cropped the center part of the image and masked the bee and brought up the brightness and contrast in that area and you can even see the little hairs on his head. Cool! Detail that you can't readily see in the first photo is actually there if you enlarge the image. Double cool! Yes, I am a kid with a new toy. LOL

Norma, what did you do with cameras for so many years. I don't recall that you ever talked about that. Are you a professional photographer? ~~ That kitty pic is actually of Luke the grandfather of the 'Bratty Cat' whose real name is Rahjii.

Yeona, I love your statement, "We need everyone to make that special Idylls music." Perfect.

Chelone, so sorry you are still sick. DD actually had a similar pestilence recently and after three weeks and a strep throat is finally on the mend. The place she worked for decided she'd been sick too much apparently and they let her go on Monday. Their business has been going steadily downhill for a couple years and I think they've just used this as an excuse to get rid of her. The thing that really T'd me off is that they just let her go with no severance, just 'you're out the door' and here is you last two day's pay. That company didn't pay for any vacation time or sick pay. It is a small privatly owned company so they can apparently do what they want. Last week when she developed the strep throat the boss told her to go home and not come back to work unless she was all better and, oh, by the way, as I said they don't pay sick time. So the deal was she needed to find a new job anyway but that was a lousy way to lose your job.

Anyway, I've got to get to the gym and do my daily 'penance' and then finish the step-by for that magazine article which still isn't finished. (I was too busy playing with my new camera and the editor made the grave mistake of telling me I could have more time to do it).

Have a great day everyone and I hope that all who are under the weather are back to 100% soon.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We had our Saturday morning breakfast at the One Stop. The leaves are gorgeous in this area. I went to Harrison yesterday and noticed much less full color after I got past our area. Harrison is a thousand feet lower than we are, so a little later to turn...but earlier in spring.
The sun is too bright for good pics this morning. If it clouds up later, I may take my cameras and do my own tour. :-)

So sorry about the pet injuries. Deanne, I'm glad Rajii is okay. He is such a beauty!
Woody, poor Misty. So sad looking. I am so glad you were not injured. But it must have been very scary.
A few days ago Tommy didn't show up at the usual time. We searched and searched. I called and called. Finally Nolon discovered him on top of the open shed. He was just politely ignoring all my calling! Talk about 'bratty cats' ! I think he was pouting because we had 'both' went to town Tuesday. He expects Nolon to remain at home. :-(

Thanks Yeona. I am happy to see you too!

Sorry for all who are suffering from virus's . I wanted to get my yearly flu shot yesterday, but my clinic had ran out of it. They said they would be getting more on Mon. or Tues., so I'll get it Tues. Nolon got his last Tues. We are both due for a renewal of our pneumonia shots too. They are recommending every 5 years, and it has been 6 for us.

Babs, sorry about the skimpy paycheck. I sure do know the feeling! I had a terrible shock one day this week when a statement came from the hospital billing me for over $700 for 'out patient' ... say what ? !! The Doctor at the Arthritis clinic had sent me to the hospital's lab and x-ray facilities, but I certainly didn't consider I was an 'out patient'! I rounded up all the pertinent info that I could find, and went in to the hospital's billing dept yesterday. I told the gal at the window that there surely must be some mistake. She asked me to wait while she got the gal in charge of such things. After a few minutes ( seemed much longer) the other lady came out and placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and told me, you will be charged $20, and will get a billing for that amount. She threw away the other billing. Wow! What a relief! I felt so good , I went and bought a bunch of pansies, and some more chrysanthemums! LOL.

Now I need to get out and plant my new purchases. It should be getting warm enough. It was 40F this morning.

(((Sue))), I pray that all will be well with you. I am thinking it must be a rather scary diagnosis that you got.

Mary, I love that you have to get another rake so both David and Annie can rake leaves. :-) How about bringing them here so they can rake up all these 'banana peels" ? LOL
Oooo, what a mess on your newly cleaned carpet. Poor you, and poor Clousseau ( and poor fishies). So far damage from Tommy and Trubby has been very minimal.

V, sorry your time is so full that you have no time for the Idylls. I hope all settles down soon, but being busy IS a good thing. I think I would be happier if I had more to motivate me. It's great that you are seeing your DD so often. Our DS was a no-show this week...:-(
Great also that your job is going so well.

Eden, what kind of puzzles is Bella into? My DDs have always been interested in jigsaw ( like Grandma ) :-). They are moving up to to 500 piece ones. I usually do the 1000 piece ones. ( I have well over 100 ). One is one the diningroom table, partially done, right now.

Norma, I like the idea of you mowing the trails for your fall walking. I'd like to have some through our woods. There used to be logging roads, but they are growing up. Do you have any pics to share with us?

I know I have missed at lot of you, but you are not forgotten! :-)
I am fizzling out..TTYAL


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Hmmm, 33 degrees with a NW wind, doesnt sound very inviting. I really would like to work outside but Im stalling. Maybe it will warm up some. Ive done some wash, mopped the kitchen and baked a butternut squash.

Im actually quite a ways with garden clean up, but the plants that still look nice, it is hard to cut back. Im thinking of working on the window trim and shutters for the new window in the garden shed that I never got done last spring. That is one of the nice things about early spring and late fall is the time to repair and improve the hardscape. Of course I have a bunch of bricks left that I could edge a bed or two. DH and I looked over an area right behind the row of blue spruces that has a lot of old dying trees. Id like to clean it up and cut down all but a couple. One huge tree came down and is laying in there. It would be quite a project. That is near the area I would like to put Kenzies garden. Im thinking of putting down cardboard in her area so it will be ready next spring.

Sue, I hope all turns out well for you on the medical front.

Mary, I almost cried for you thinking of all your messes. Im sure its somewhat harder to deal with when your hubby is out of town. Nice that he will be back this weekend.

V, we miss you too. One of the things I like about my job is the opportunity to do a little reading when Im not busy.

Babs, what a bummer about the paycheck.

Deanne, what a great picture of Luke. It looks like 3D. Im more of a point and shoot gal.

Yeona, you have such a wonderful way with words. "Idyll music" What a great thought.

Marian, it sure pays to question your bill, good for you. We got the insurance statement in the mail that the hospital is charging almost $2000 for the night that he spent there. Rick is so mad about it. After all, he only slept there, he had no nurse attending him, there was no food served and no shower in the room. The attendant for the sleep monitoring actually had a separate bill. We havent gotten the itemized hospital bill, but it will be interesting. Maybe you can come be our advocate ;o)

Well, I think Ill bundle up and go out for awhile.


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Good Day!!

Rich is drumming and there's a door that closes tight to the office, so I've actually had a chance to read the Idylls!

Where's Taryn?????

Gotta luv that pepper. Yes, Eden, I would love some of those seeds. Deanne has learned how horrible I am at sending out plants despite all good intent. That said, I have some incredible Echinacea purpurea seeds from an 8yo momma. They would be great Bella flowers -- just about eye level and butterflies love them. Perfect for Kenzie, too, Michelle.

Stalling today. Really windy outside and feels cold. Things left can wait.....

Good to "hear" from everyone!

Martie, heading for the earplugs :-)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woke up late to a gloomy cold morning. DH managed to talk and snore in his sleep from I was not at my cheerful best. Walked downstairs to whip up breakfast and landed in a pool of water. Seems the old kitchen taps have a problem! So DH spent the morning investigating the situation and concluded that the plumber is needed. This is a first as he ALWAYS repairs things himself. In the meantime, I suggested he also fix our hot water heater which gets clogged with calcium every year and needs fixing too.
With all that junk going on, I decided to go to town. Well the car was screaming for gas, so I had to deal with that right away. Then I made it to the post office just before they closed at noon. Then to the dump to get rid of 2 weeks worth of trash. Finally I went to get myself a haircut and pedicure. It was nice to get away from all the trials of dayly living!
Yesterday I planted a few lilies, but the weather was not great. I hoped to do more today, but it is drizzly outside and I'm not motivated.
Last night we went to a friend's place for French Club and sang some songs as well as listened to some nice new ones from Quebec. The food was I came home with heartburn. I'm not used to rich things anymore and was overly attracted to a baked brie with cranberries.
Charlotte is fine thank goodness, but she was naughty and would not come inside when we called her last night. When she finally did return, she was a smelly pooch indeed. Ugh. This morning I noticed gun fire, so I guess that season is upon us. I have to watch Charlotte much more carefully when the nuts are out there with their weapons.
My friend Lynn whom some of you have met, is putting on a program on weddings this coming Thursday in Toronto. Some antique dresses will be modelled as well as other newer ones. She will be making the ribbon wands used for DD's wedding to show the audience. I'd like to go, but it looks like I'll be home with the plumber and the guy with his bobcat repairing the exterior where water leaks into the basement. Why is it that repairs are always to yukky stuff and not for beautification? Hrumph.
Time to contemplate preparing a nice dinner of chicken with apricots.

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I can think again :-)

Sounds like everyone is having "that kind" of a weekend. Comm'on Deanne, show us the results of your new toy. Your pics are always a joy and would surely brighten the day!

Barely, but six different rose varieties are still blooming outside. Most impressive is an unnamed orange and yellow near some pumpkins, cornstalks and dried grasses.

Also am really liking the horizontal branching of the 'French Lace.'

The mailbox eating Passiflora has born fruit that got picked for drying.

80 Bulbs for $10 (quality stuff!!) at Stop and Shop (grocery store that delivers to Sue). Also a big chicken for dinner and wish I was close enough to Marie to trade some apricots for lemon flavored herbs....

Spent some time with my Mom's dog that we collectively brought home from the Humane Society and started to get "the twinge." Hmmmmmmmmm

Noticed today that the overgreen field -- we're talking 20 years of overgrowth between us and the golf course -- is getting closer to the house. Perhaps some rental path-making machines and we can meet mid-country?

Cleaned my closet, dusted, went through the new Logee's catalog, scanned the Forest Farm book, and generally deflated.

Got the common Rosemary and a pretty Lavandula stoechas that is budding for the first time out of the gardens. The roots are through the potholes so I know what I'm doing tomorrow. They'll stay racked on the south side of the house (light colored house) for a few weeks and will then be brought inside.

AND I have Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter cactus ready to bloom.

V: Good to hear from you!

Martie, off to the couch :-)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hey! Martie, I have a Thanksgiving cactus that IS blooming! And another that will be open in a couple more days.

I toured our yard and road again today, taking pics. Then I drove around and took more. Here are 3 of my favorites

#1 our yard

#2 the hill near the goat yard

#3 A pasture scene along the Highway, about 2 miles from us.

Hopefully I can get more, tomorrow, or Tues., to add to my thread.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Been very busy here lately, and the boys are on all the time (dial-up not QUITE slow enough, lol!). But it's Hockey Night in Canada, Glenn is watching the Toronto Maple Leafs lose and we have a rental kid for the night so the four of them are playing gamecube. So I get a wee chunk of Idyll time!

Sorry to read His Highness Le Raj has been injured and Chelsea attacked! Woody that must have been frightening for you both! Our across-the-street neighbors' two Border Collies were going ape-crap earlier and I saw the wild dog slinking around that was making them cause the ruckus. Hightailed it inside quickly--wild dogs and coyotes I have no desire to tangle with, and we have packs of both around here. Next-door-neighbor saw 3 coyotes in his backyard this morning, so we are making sure the kitties are in before dark. Also sorry to hear some of you aren't feeling well, and hope that passes soon.

So what, you ask, have I been busy with? Well first Canadian TG a couple of weeks ago, as you know. It went GREAT! Perfect weather, fantastic meal, great Xmas at Thanksgiving gifts for the kids, and a totally relaxed, fun night partying and playing pool and darts. Everyone helped with both the dinner and the clean-up, and it was great having 15 of us having a sit-down meal AT THE SAME TIME! Also great to be able to accomodate everyone overnight, and not once feel crowded. I love this house!

Except the wet basement that is. The sump pump has been acting up and 3 times this week I've woken up to 3-4" of water in some areas. Scary! Adjusted the bloody thing tonight and now it won't shut OFF and is sucking air half the time. ARRGHH! Need a reliable one with this basement so am checking them out on Ebay right now.

Been getting some great deals on Ebay lately. Have a bunch of tulips coming soon, which I'm going to post on the bulb forum as she gave me such a great deal! Will link it here as well. And also bought one of those swivel
sweeper cordless 2lb vac thingmes for $39.99 no shipping earlier this evening on Ebay. Hopefully it's not an attack vac, lol!

Holiday Monday and Tuesday (week before last) I planted frantically and got all my 200+ plants in the ground finally! Yay! Planting the new lasagna bed was a dream, but planting in the existing beds a nightmare! They had put that landscaping fabric down then mulched with woodchips, much of which had broken down to good soil. So I had to cut holes for each plant in the landscaping fabric, which hadn't broken down at all. And what did I find underneath? I was hoping a 100+ year old house with 3 hog barns would have great soil with such a ready source of manure. NOT. Sticky solic grey clay under the landscape fabric! Ughh! So for each plant I dug a million dollar whole, removing wood chips and soil, then cutting out the landscape fabric, digging out the clay, then mixing a scoop of my garden mix with the good soil and clay and planting all. Whew, what a job! One I was glad to finish!

In other big jobs, we've been enjoying the fireplace each night after getting 15 cords of hardwood on Tuesday. I LOVE the crackle of the fire and the smell of hardwood! The pile has kept Glenn and boys busy, but they have it down to 18" tall now. Should keep us in wood for 3-4 seasons, and I should get a decent load of mulch out of it too.

And finally, I've brushed up my Resume and am applying for a couple of jobs. Both are 6 month contracts. One is coordinator for a local town's BIA (Business Improvement Area) which sounds very interesting, though I don't know what they are offering for renumeration. (more than $95 for 7 weeks I hope, lol!). The other one is a gov't job involving customer service for those receiving disability. Doesn't sound that thrilling, but the pay is excellent and I could stand just about anything for that kind of money. And it would lead to more gov't contracts that could be much more interesting and maybe a permanent one. I like the 6 month idea and would take the summer off with the boys and the garden if possible. No gaps in my resume for the 12 years I've been home, what with daycaring, Ebaying, the plant sales and the weedy workplace job. And lots of computer skills. Hopefully they'll see it the same way, wish me luck..

Okay, a few shots from the last couple of weeks:

Thanksgiving jam: (Glenn, BIL Bill and nephew Ryan)

The grown-up table (SIL on right is so photogenic, lol! We used her wedding photog because he made her look wonderful, and she usually looks like this in pics, lol):

The kid table. Kids had their choice of grape or apple juice for red or white "wine" lol. They loved that, and were clinking glasses all through the meal.

Christmas at Thanksgiving:

Love Devin's shirt;

The EX-pot ghetto! Yay!!!

Got them in just in time, as two days later (a week ago Thursday we got THIS! (though it didn't last thankfully!)

The woodpile:

And finally, before and afters of the new lasagna bed. Did a smaller island bed around the flagpole since, but other than some of my bulbs will wait 'til spring to plant it.

What V said about having a hard time jumping back in after being "away" for so long--too true! So I'm not going to attempt to comment, as I know I'll miss way too many of you. But know I'm thinking comments to all of you as I read along. And I've enjoyed all the photos and photo threads, especially those little Idyll princesses, Bella and Kenzie...Hi everyone!



PS I love Sarah Harmer! Was listening to her on CD in the car today in fact. This one goes out to Glenn (though I must say the counselling seems to be helping, and things are getting better in the marital strife dept--on that note, wine and movie night, see ya later! ;)

Don't Get Your Back Up --Sarah Harmer

Baby, if I could keep it together
Don't you think I'd try?
And maybe if I could make something of this
Why wouldn't I?

You say I close a blind eye
That I don't put up the time
But what you see as goodbye
I don't see as a crime
I'm tired of the blame
Being put on my head
You're breathing fire
But you're not bringing back what's dead

Don't get your back up over this
If I'm so wrong and you're so right
You really got your mind made up I guess
Won't you let me get some sleep tonight?

It's late now
And there's only four hours 'til I get up again
You know I'd wait somehow
If I thought this was something
That a little time would mend
You, you're dragging this misery on
Let's leave this thing for a while
It's too far gone
Too far gone

Don't get your back up over this
If I'm so wrong and you're so right
You really got your mind made up I guess
Won't you let me get some sleep
Won't you let me get some sleep
Won't you let me get some sleep tonight?

Don't get your back up over this
If I'm so wrong and you're so right
You really got your mind made up I guess
Won't you let me get some sleep
Won't you let me get some sleep
Won't you let me get some sleep tonight?


PPS. where's Eileen??

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Good Sunday mornin'. I didn't have the gumption to take Biggie on a "forced march" yesterday, preferring to remain basically supine with a book. I did get the dishes done, though and I did drag myself into the shower. Mum hovered protectively... a sweet gesture from someone who can't really do much to make things easier for the "under the weather".

Cold this morning, some sort of condensation on windshields but no conclusive evidence of a ground frost yet. The Cascade petunias are still hanging on, albeit tentatively. I can't even begin to think about interring bulbs, but need to get going on it. Among other things... . I'm downright impressed with Taryn's efforts at landscaping her new digs. Boy don't I recall the labor involved in digging planting holes in "virgin" territory! Rocks, roots, hard packed soil... it sucked, but years later the effort required to double dig the beds has paid dividends. You won't regret the effort.

We have some wood left to split and stack, but that will be for NEXT season. Our 2-3 cord are split, stacked and well seasoned for this woodstove season. We have yet to fire up the stove, but I can tell the initial fire is right around the corner. Cold rain is due in tonight and next week is supposed to be quite chilly and unsettled.

Marian, those pictures are so pretty. The countryside in and around your home is really lovely. Very different from the topography around here, and fun for me to see. Friday's windswept rain and yesterday's gusty weather has stripped many of the trees of their seasonal splendor, only the oaks are fully clothed, at this point. The sound of Canada geese flying over the house is commonplace, now. And in a scant 2 weeks the November hunting season will be underway... . I expect His Hugeness will manage to steal away for a "carcass cruise", too, 'bug. EEwwww.

Time for me to get the day underway. Laundry, kitchen detail, cat box, and then a survey of the present sewing project. Perhaps that will take my mind off this cold?

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, a bit crisp here today. It was only 36 degrees when I got up but the wind is making it seem colder than that. Im going to have to try to get all the rest of the plants in the garage taken care of today and get the brugs and banana ready to go down to the basement for the winter. It is time and past time to get all the tender stuff put away. Ive got to try to get Doug to clean up the corner of his shop where I put the big pots. I cant get too insistent as he is being generous to let me have the space. It is his shop after all. LOL Id like to start digging up the dahlias today too but Id like them to lose a bit more of their top growth. We still havent had a night below freezing yet.

Chelone, hope you are feel well enough to enjoy this beautiful day. Maybe take Biggie Boy out for an excursion.

Bug, oh dear, I just hate it when the puppies decide to roll around in dead stuff. It seems that the riper it is the better they like it. My long departed Kelcie rolled around in a soiled baby diaper one time. ON the living room carpet, one hour before I had company coming over for dinner. I wasnt happy.

Marian, what lovely photos of your area. It really does remind me of the hills around here in the fall.

Michelle, would you PLEASE send me some of your energy? How do you keep up with the housework and the garden clean up? About the only thing Ive really kept up with is the laundry. Its time to get to the windows again and do a thorough fall cleaning. I always think washing windows is a bit like shoveling garbage into the tide because the second it rains they are all dirty again. Never ends. Lately Doug has been mister spill and drop every food item on the planet on the floors all over the house. Hes been munching away as he walks about and Ive been finding bits and pieces of stuff everywhere. Yesterday it was an animal cracker in the living room. Grrrr.

Martie, ummmThat photo of Luke and the pictures of the hydrangea with the bee were taken with the new camera. ~~ Is there anything really exciting that I need to know about in the new Logees catalog? I think I need to get one of those so I can plan what I want to bring home for the Jan. Logees trip. LOL

Taryn, looks like you are well settled into the new house. What a bummer about water in the basement. Do you have mold problems anywhere because of it?

Eden, I just love those peppers. Are they easy to germinate and when do you start the seeds? I might like to give them a try.

OK Im off to the gym to put my hour in on the stairs. I did manage to keep my calories down all week. It was tough but Im getting used to going to bed hungry every night again. Its a sad fact but if I want to drop any weight thats the way it has to be. Have a great day everyone.


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Good quiet morning. The wind seems to have died down but it's still fairly cold. Hard frost again last night but the tomatos are still hanging in there, literally :-)

More pics, Deanne!! Have some more fun and share with us!! I showed Rich the pic of the hornet with hair and he suddenly realized all he could do with his new camera. Nothing earth shattering in the Logee's catalog. Definitely designed with holiday giving in mind and the plants are what you can get babies of for less money other times. I did, however, cut out the pic of the Victorian tabletop terrarium and left it in a very conspicuous place ;-) I'm thrilled that you're coming in January! With you, we'll have people from four states there. Who can we add from Idylland??

Taryn -- So good to hear from you! Everyone looks content in the new house -- now home??? -- and I know that great feeling of everyone sitting AND eating at the same time. A requisite for the house we're in was dinner seating for at least 20. It goes beyond the food, doesn't it? It's far more the "feeding people" feeling.

Marian - Pretty! Like Chelone, we've got wonderful views but nothing that looks like the topography you have.

Chelone - Hope you're feeling better. The CT Cold d'jour must've headed north because what you have sounds a lot like what I had. Geese here, too. Wonder if they're the same ones? I think it's maternal instinct to hover, no matter what the other capabilities. The day after my Mom had her kidney out she was calling my sister to see if she'd gotten the results of her mammo back. Remind me in 20 years :-)

Very quiet day today. Rich will be out on the bike with Brother #4 and I'm either going to nap all day or plant bulbs. Still no extra oomph!

Sue -- Your doctor phone call is in my thoughts and all good ones are being sent your way. Agree that the plaza may add to your temps. The south side of the house with white cement and siding is practically a solid Z7, while the north side of the house, though protected, barely meets Z6 criteria. Gotta love microclimates!

Later, pals --


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It really is incredibly dreary and soggy here. Not good for the morale. I've wanted to plant bulbs for days now, but I'd sink in mud if I tried. I'm hoping that Wednesday or Thursday it will be possible, but wet flurries are expected until then. :(

DH is off playing hockey but when he returns I must get out and buy some essentials, like bread etc Frankly, I just need to get OUT!

Last night I had a chat with the adorable seven year old DGS. He wanted me to send him photos of the cats this time, so I did of course. Yesterday he was practising riding his new 2 wheeler and also helped clean off tomato cages with DD. I guess there were a few verbal exchanges about helping out and putting the bike away...Testing, testing, testing. Nothing like instant motherhood!

We are fortunate in the wood department, to have plenty remaining from last winter. We do love using the fireplace and as I recall, even managed an early fire when Mary, Sue and Deanne were here having our musical gathering in September.

How fortunate Marian is to have so much colour remaining. Here the trees are mostly bare. I do hope we will have a few more days of autumn in our future this year!

And now off to deal with all the sopping wet towels from under the kitchen sink drips.

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I no longer need to consider myself a bad Idyllplantsender. Deanne's Jean Pasco brug is packed up and the UPS tracking number obtained :-)

What a happy-looking kid, Marie!

Now, I'm off to the couch.


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Morning, I won't say "good" due to the fact that it's raining again or should I say still. I'm wondering at this point if it will every dry up enough to get any of the autumn garden chores completed. I did go out this morning and bought some snowdrop bulbs and ran across some narcissus sir winston churchill. I've had those on my list of wants for a couple of years so that made my day.

Marie, your grandson always looks so happy in the pictures you share. What a precious smile he has!

Deanne, how awful about your daughters job. Hope it works out for the best and she finds a much better one pronto. I'll put you on the list for pepper seeds. They couldn't be easier to grow. I sowed them in milk jug greenhouses outdoors last spring.

Sue, I'm concerned about you. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

Marian, beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing yours since we've had pretty much nothing this year in the way of color, except gray.

Chelone, hope your over the worst. It's very touching to hear about your mom worrying over you.

Taryn, glad you found time to check in. Looking good and I can't wait to see your new gardens next spring.

Martie, I've got you down for seeds.

Michelle, shall I add your name to the list?

Brad has the day off and should be home from his workout shortly. I've got a few things I want to get done before his return so have a good Sunday afternoon everyone.


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Good afternoon

It's grey and drizzly here but we are all enjoying a quiet Sunday together pottering about the house. Annie's Home and Careers homework was to do 3 loads of laundry for the family. She's been doing her own clothes for over a year now, but today I'm off the hook - yippee! I like this teacher:0)

The boys are assembling a desk David chose for his room. It's a frustrating piece to put together but David is thrilled by the idea of his own place to do homework. He has a nice pneumatic swivel chair too which he has been testing out all over the house (and I have tripped over more than once) I still have the feeling he will prefer working at the kitchen table, but he's getting to the age where have a desk in his room is important. David does extremely well in school, but getting him to sit down to homework is like trying to catch a slippery eel. There are too many other things he enjoys doing - I'm hoping the new desk will help.

Right now I have 2 chickens in the smoker. I've found they are delicious smoked and make the best chicken salad ever. They take a few hours to cook but once they are rubbed with spice and placed in their trays I simply close up the smoker door and forget. They come up succulent and juicy, with a nice crisp skin - yummm. I'm going to serve mashed celeriac with them - does anyone else eat it? It mashes up like potato and has a delicious celery flavor.

It was great to read everyones posts this weekend. Taryn - your house is looking great and the new beds fantastic. What fun to plant them up in spring - you must have worked unbelievably hard to get so much accomplished!

Sue - I'll be thinking of you too as you make the Dr's rounds.

GB - love the grandson picture. That is just the greatest smile! I love a wood fire in the eveings too and remember enjoying your woodburning stove.

Deanne - the pictures on your new camera are AMAZING!! What incredible detail. Hope you have a lot of fun experimenting with it and I'll look forward to more wonderful photos.

Marian - you have soem gorgeous color right now.

Babs - want to bring the boys for a play date? Glad I'm not the only one who feels the need to scramble with the mop before meeting new parents. Is you MIL still in hospital?

Nice to hear from Eden, Drema, T, Yeona, Martie, V, Michelle Chelone and all the other regulars and occasional posters. I've been thinking about Ei too and hope she has time to pop in again soon.

I'm off for our afternoon outing - a visit to the library and the new Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop in the village. I'll probably save my appetite for supper but the children are excited.


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Eden, Id love some of the seeds, I didnt know if I dared beg ;o) How do you collect the seeds? Do you let the peppers get over ripe or just harvest out of the peppers and dry? I wintered sowed some this year as well and it was extremely easy. I have usually bought them in the past. Sir Winston Churchill is a beauty.
I should really add more.

I wimped out and ended up going to the city to do some shopping yesterday as it was just down right cold and with a brisk NW wind. No fun to be out even if it dry here. The sun is shining today but still only 39 and breezy. I had several things I wanted to do in the city. I thought Id take a look again for a dress for the wedding. Would you believe I found one on the clearance rack for 49.00? It is navy and very elegant. Not too casual and not too overly fancy. I couldnt believe it because I had been to this store earlier, but since it is a large dept. store I probably missed the area it was in. I had supper with my DS. His weekend nights are open as his girlfriend is doing an internship at a TV station and she works on the 6:00 & 10:00 news behind the scenes. I ended up with 6 Christmas gifts and a birthday gift for my DD, which is this week.

bug, sorry to hear that it is so dreary there, but Ill bet that GS brightened your day.

Deanne, LOL I think you have way more energy than I. What with your workouts, awesome garden and "window washing and thorough fall housecleaning" My house and windows would go into shock as they wouldnt know what was happening. LOL

Heres wishing all the ailing Idylls a return to good health.

Taryn, what a wonderful feeling it must be to finally get some plants in the ground. What did you put in there?

Marian, fantastic fall foliage (say that 3 times fast) All the leaves are off our trees with all the wind lately.

I think a nap might be in order.


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Dag-nabbit!I lost my post from yesterday but that just means I'll abbreviate what I can remember-so it's a good thing from your points of view-I do babble too much lol.

Deanne-raggedy ann is great! Chris and I brainstormed and we already have intact vampire outfits so we chose the goulish way before I saw your Chris would be so charming as Andy: )!!! funny too-I am growing out the red locks and trying my natural look after 15 yrs. of sassy red(lol). I have less grey than I thought and decided now would be a good time to color closer to my real shade-we'll see how long that lasts. I guess I could have made a red yarn wig though for Annie!
Wow Deanne on the pixels! And handheld shots at that!!! Very fun to rediscover your immediate world with macro! I look forward to more! Hey that hydrangea looks so fresh with color-mine are all faded to green and maroon-which one is yours??

Marian I loved your fall pics-thanks for sharing all that color. I especially like that blue spruce with the various fall colors setting off its form & blueness.

Sue I'm sending good vibes for whatever your doctor is suggesting. Should we be worrying?
...this probably isn't the same thing I'm sure, but my mom who actually is great about routine check ups has been putting off the dreaded colonoscopy for many years now but is finally taking the plunge(?lol)on Tuesday;sometimes you just have to be ready for tests like that and it just took her time to go for it-she did a bit of research on the risks and it scared her. I think it's great that you are getting a second opinion.(would you do a third too?)

Yeona-glad you checked in-sorry it has been so rough. Just remember to take time for yourself so you can pull yourself together. Sounds silly but for me a simple thing as mowing the lawn is something I love to do so I can be alone and think(and hopefully not run over things I'd rather not while I'm being pensive lol) The stuff with Chris' mom at times just overwhelms me so I have to steal moments for just me even if it's during meanial tasks.

Taryn how great to see your homestead pics-please teach me how to get so much accompished!! Good luck with the job prospects I hope you find just the right match for all your skills.

Oh so that check I was supposed to get? It came on Saturday! It was bigger than 95 bucks : ) Now I have that arduous task of deciding which places the mullah should go. I'm not used to having leeway when the end of the month rolls around so this should be a nice change of pace. We celebrated the windfall by ordering sushi: )yum!

Mary-playdate? Wait-that means you would have a whole SEVERAL hours to tidy up before we got there ; )
Yes, Chris' mom is still in the hospital.While it's been a long time, at least she is being well cared for. My worry is when she's released and we need to coordinate helping her-Chris' sister is up to her old disappearing trick again.

Michelle-you really did score on your trip into the city-I hope we get to see your dress-I know you will look stunning. I'm very impressed that you are onto Christmas shopping already-I always tackle AJ's Nov. bday first then worry about Christmas but maybe you will motivate me to get a move on.

Aj and Ryan have been sick all weekend...I thanked them profusely for waiting for the weekend so I won't miss work! Actually one year AJ was only sick on weekends and only missed one full day...I wonder if he can pull that off again, let alone Ryan.

Don't mean to skip out but I've got prep for tomorrow to do. Hi to all I missed!


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Hello everyone, Happy Sunday evening, or whatever it might be in your time zone...
I have returned from a four day trip to Portland this afternoon, and am trying to catch up with mail, newspapers and of all things watering-It was in the 80's while I was gone and had a lot of droopy looking plants ,I had left no watering instructions with DS, because of course it is October, and things should be able to go 4 days without water. If I had been gone one more day all those pansies I planted would be DOA!
I broke my rule this trip, because I always without fail give myself at least one day after returning from a trip to recuperate, clean ,laundry, groceries etc,(except business trips) and this time I am off to work already tommorow. That means alot of catch up the next few days.So will check back in tommorow and try to catch up..
Nite- all

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Just popping in to say 'hello'....we still have a 6 year old black lab, a 4 month old beagle puppy and a 3 year old human child here---it has been challenging and tiring. Jamie's newest favorite phrase (other than 'no') is "Darn it". I've tried hard not to laugh when it has popped out as I'd prefer he learn to say 'oops'...but Darn it is much preferred over many other things that he could have picked up. Little mimics at this age.

I made some apple crisp at lunch time today. While it was in the oven, the twins & their parents came by for a surprise visit. I didn't have any vanilla ice cream and what is hot apple crisp without it??? So I made a quick dash to the store. We enjoyed a nice visit with them over dishes of hot apple crisp. Lovely!

Well, the 3 year old is having a late night melt down (I want my mommy!!! I want to go home!!!!) so I need to go soothe the little guy. are on my mind a lot.

Hello to all.....Chelone, hope you feel better soon. This intestinal bug that has hit here is long lasting and persistant. Poor DH isn't feeling very well this weekend. :o[

Okay, 3 year old is teasing the 6 year old lab.....the 4 month old puppy is whining and I want to run away but DH says he can run faster than I can..........

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