It was a minus 12 degrees

gandle(4 NE)December 26, 2012

when we went to physical therapy this A.M. Not quite warmed up 3 hourss later. Feel sorry for the animals that don't have good shelter. If it stays that cold this evening Leone is going to do soap bubbles. I'll watch from the patio door. I'm not going out in that cold.

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I can't imagine that much cold,can't imagine. It's been 27 here today.I've left warm house, only to go to driveway for newspapers.

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Oh my, that's cold. It's been rainy and "cold" here , 33 low, 56 high, and I have been complaining about the weather. I don't have anything to complain about.
What bubbles? Sounds interesting.

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It's just above freezing here, but we got 6" of snow, today, and now it's "sleety" and everything is getting icy. It's pretty messy and dangerous, too.

Minus 12 is a little too cold, even for a cold weather fan like me. Tell Leone to be careful, if she goes out to blow bubbles.

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Posted by janis_g z7GA (My Page) on
Wed, Apr 20, 11 at 22:56

Lord luv a duck, George.
Leave to you to grow and consume something I've never heard of or tasted.
If I run across it in the super market I'll buy it and figure out what to do with it once I get it home.
You and Leone sure keep me on my toes.
Only you could have a southern girl like me stand out on
the deck in the middle of a cold winter's night blowing bubbles just to see if they will freeze.

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I thought of bubbles when I saw the title. I, like Janis thought last year, how amazing bubbles freezing. We are Southern girls! I'll always remember that bubbles can freeze and think fondly of George and Leone who spent their anniversary outside in that weather!

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I remember those temperatures from next door in Iowa, they were painful and required lots of layers to navigate. Dry is another result of that cold, the air takes the moisture from whatever is exposed. Wonder what the chemical description of frozen bubbles would be.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I shiver at the thought of *anything* below 0*. Phht, I'm shivering anyhow and it's all of 36 outside. With a gentle 40 mph breeze, so it feels colder but nowhere near zero. The farther upwards from zero it is, the happier I am.

Don ~ why would the chemical description be different from unfrozen bubbles? H2O is H2O whether frozen or liquid, glycerin is glycerin, etc.

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Hot water plus soap cleans better because the chemicals that make up the soap combine molecules better when warmer. The opposite is when they are colder and the chemicals separate or coagulate. Harder to mix soap with icy water hence soap bubbles act differently in colder temperatures. Our George and Leone are ground breaking scientists and have fun doing it.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Does Temperature Affect the Rate of Chemical Reactions?

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This may go off topic of
bubbles, but it's on topic of " How Does Temperature Affect the Rate of Chemical Reactions?" We've had the first day of dry, sunny and warm day in a long time. I feel happy being in the sunshine, the neighbors are out doing their thing, walking their dogs, trying out a new GPS, gardening and planting bulbs.
The sun and temps make a difference in our lives.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Don~ I looked up 'effects of low temperatures on soap bubbles'; wikipedia's was non-technical but interesting.

Gandle~ add a bit of sugar to the solution?

Personally, I hope to never be near air of low enough temperature to freeze bubbles.

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ok, going to have to try that 'bubble' thing, sounds fun to do in the cold. And now, thanks, 20F doesn't sound so cold anymore~ ;) Seems like the only who loves it is the silly DOG!! Lab x, so she would love the cold.... go figure.


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