I could've danced all night!

rob333December 19, 2011

It was a beautiful wedding. A small service in Wightman's Chapel and there was a cellist and pianist only. There were, I think I counted, 15 attendants total with three flower girls. They are a very close knit family and each of her other two sisters were matched with their husband's, but there were also other brothers and sisters. They wore black tuxes and flowy, whisper blue long gowns. They were sleeveless, but had a chiffon wrap over their shoulders. There were Christmas trees flanking the organ and candles on the altar, but that was really all for decoration. It is a very old and ornate chapel, so really, nothing else was needed. Oh the look on her face, and then his face, and then her face, as she walked down the aisle. I truly thought she was going to sprint down the aisle (looked like daddy was holding her back some (((BIG grin)))). All throughout the ceremony, she giggled with glee--just beneath the surface. She was also physically bouncing. Don't get me wrong, it was solemn enough to be correct. We just kept giggling at her with glee. It made us happy. All of their parents are devout Chrisitans and after the childrens' vows, they had a private prayer, just for the six of them. We stood and watched with smiles on our faces. He pronounced them, and we could contain ourselves no longer, we roared with applause! Then they kissed, and we roared with applause! After the last person of the procession hit the back of the pews, the party themselves burst into clapping and shouting. Pure joy. It still just hits me deep into my core with joy. What love filled that room.

Which was awesome enough, but followed by the most gracious party ever. It was held at the Cannery Row's Mercy Lounge, and her dad is a member of an orchestra, so a big band orchestra played music all night long. The kids, their friends from university, were also music lovers too obviously. They actually danced well to the swing music. It was great to watch. I basically danced in my seat. The food was great, the strangers at the table were great. At the end, there was a sock hop replete with a soda shop! Every person I encountered were kind and we all laughed the night away. The table behind us was a group of university kids, obviously "his friends", but they were the number three reason I had such a great time. They were so happy for him. And well mannered and smart as whips! I have so much hope if this group is any representation of their generation. It was so wonderful. All of it. Yes, I was the only one my age or younger wearing pants. Everyone else had on glitzy satin dresses and sequins, but that's ok. The rest will be memorable enough for my lifetime. No one ever looked down at me or made me feel like I didn't fit in.


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Sounds like a joyful time. Steve in Baltimore County

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Oh Robin, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful occasion with us. Your description of the gowns and the decorations, the music, and the beautiful chapel were marvelous. How wonderful to be a part of such happiness. I got teary-eyed while reading about it. I'm so glad you had a good time; I hope the newly weds have a long, happy marriage ahead of them.

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You told the story well, Robin, a truly delightful glimpse of a bunch of people having a good time and also having manners and consideration and good music and food, can't get better than that!

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You and me both mwheel. Each time I'd quit crying, something else would turn the waterworks on again.

You said it Lilo, you can't get better than that! It is exactly what I thought all night long, and I still think it. The best ever.

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Knew you'd have a good time. Good for you.

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