What is this particular species?

Zaqa(10b)July 18, 2014

Hello -

I know that this is a chilli pepper, but what is the exact species? I hope that the photo is clear enough to ID efficiently. Thank you! And if a chilli, shall I merely utilize the common drying out procedures for culinary usage?

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This is an ornamental chili - probably "Chilly Chili' - they are not intended to be edible and most are labeled as such. It is not that they are poisonous but most are extremely fiery hot and because they are grown for ornamental rather than edible purposes, are often treated with various systemics and other pesticides.

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Ah, that is what I was wondering. They are used in a very ornamental manner akin to the purple stout ornamental version that I have in seed. Thank you for the clarification.

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