What is this garden weed?

subtropixJuly 31, 2014

It forms a kind of ground cover. Flowers are an attractive blue. This is NJ, Zone 7. Thanks in advance

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Most likely Commelina cyanea. A relative of the Wandering Jew. This is Scurvy Weed. NJ, I am from Montclair. I do miss the East Coast!

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Or actually, Commelina communis (Asiatic Dayflower).

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What?! You have no weeds in Zone 10b, Paradise Valley! LOL!

Thanks for the ID. I was researching it and that was what I thought. I see that it is an indicator of wet soils. No surprise, been a wet year and I am adjacent to some wetlands (or at least extremely moist).

Weeds are going crazy this year! Cannot keep up so thought I might as well identify them, label 'em and add them to the botanical garden!

Had to take a break today as still nursing my injury from unintentional exposure to that most evil of weeds (poison ivy). Thanks again!

Oh, and have a Happy Birthday tomorrow, leo! (Mine is a bit later in the month.)

P.S., I used to live (for many years), in your old NJ town.

P.S. 2, Did you know that all cultivars of Edith Bogue Magnolias also came out of Montclair, NJ? (Think the original tree is still around.)

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Haha. There are weeds, but they are unusual to a person who has just recently moved from NJ. NJ is always wet, that is why mosquitoes love it in Northern Jersey.

Uffa. I am immune to the ivy, but I have a flippant allergy to certain other weeds that leads to minor rashes. If not one problem, there is always another to take its place! Ha.

Thanks! Happy Birthday in advance for you as well!

I will always have a place in my heart for Essex County (and I suppose Morris County as well), Cape May, Ocean Grove and LBI. Ha.

I did not know this! Perhaps around Mills or on Highland Ave, maybe Presby Iris Gardens?

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