Official Job Change

anneliese_32(6)December 4, 2010

On Thursday I brought my last tarp of oak leaves to the curb, they were picked up by the city.

This morning I became the official snow shoveler for the season.

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We had a very slight early morning flurry, yesterday, but nothing that needed shoveling. However, our temps have been cold enough this past week, that if we get any precipitation, it will probably be in the form of snow. I know it's been cold enough, b/c I can see man-made snow on the slopes of our local ski resort. At night, when the runs are lighted, it's a pretty picture.

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Yes, the "official" jobs change by the seasons. It's my official job to get trees trimmed and thinned for the winter season. Also protecting the citrus trees and my baby "cold season" veggies from the frost. Turn the auto sprinklers on in the spring so the garden can come to life. Keep everything alive during the hot summer months. Reap the goodies in the fall, then clean up the garden and be ready start all over again.

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----It SEEMS like only 3 months ago I finished shoveling last year's snow, ice, and frozen dirt mixed in for effect.
My back is not too happy to see white stuff so soon again.

My X-C gear weeps before my scathing comments about snow.
The heart must have a frozen spot in it that was never there before.......

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

We have experienced the same shift in duties you have, Anneliese. And by "we" I mean "Steve." The man is in hog heaven. He came home with a brand new mac-daddy snow blower on Friday, and got to use it yesterday morning. I think he's in love.

Early this morning I went outside with the puppy so she could do her business (housetraining totally clicked with her a couple of weeks ago), and I noticed barefoot man tracks up and down our front walk. I don't understand Steve's love of all things winter, but he's as happy now as I will be come spring when all this white is replaced with green...

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