What is this Native of the Midwest?

Zaqa(10b)July 31, 2014

Currently in the Midwest for a couple of months. I have been finding plants that I am not accustomed to and would like to learn the ID for. With that being said, this is one of them growing in the garden. Central Indiana, Zone 6a.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Compare with Verbena bonariensis or V brasiliensis. There's not enough detail in the picture to tell. Neither native in N America. The big leaf behind is Ricinus communis. We can't see the leaves of the Verbena except two small ones at the top of the plant.

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Okay. I will take another shotof the leaves and post tomorrow for you to review. Thank you for hte leads though. There are hoary vervain here, but I do not know this specioes. It is def a Verbena of some sort though.

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I agree with floral_uk, that's V bonariensis

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The backdrop plant is Ricinus communis/zanzibarensis.

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Thanks for the ID. The leaves that are more mature resemble the small leaves farther dow nthe stem, but they are a mere cm or two wider and a few inches longer. Slightly serrated.

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