Time to Prune in SF Bay Area?

harmonypJanuary 24, 2012

Last year I pruned my roses in mid-Feb, thinking that I needed to wait until last chance of frost. Then I read on antique forum that Sacramento and San Jose gardens have already been pruning. What are pros/cons of pruning now or waiting another 3 weeks or so? Thanks.

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I don't think that in our climate (I also live in the SF Bay area) any exact time/schedule matters very much. Of course, once bloomers should be pruned AFTER they bloom, but other kinds of roses never stop blooming here (never go dormant), so I don't get all exercised about the "right" time.

Hybrid tea roses, if you treat them according to conventional wisdom, should be pruned by March at the latest, but I really don't think it matters whether you do it in Jan, Feb, or March.

Old ever-blooming roses such as teas, chinas, noisettes, don't need much pruning at all in our climate, unless you are trying to keep them out of a driveway or off a path.

So -relax and enjoy! We are so lucky, and our climate is so benign, that following the strict "rules" of when to prune, that might work on the East Coast or where they have very cold winters, is not necessary. I prune my roses when/if I get around to it. No matter what I do, they keep growing and blooming all year.


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LOL...we lower zones are still wondering...shall we salt and shovel now, or shall we wait.
I am so jealous.

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