Chicken sitting again.

gandle(4 NE)December 30, 2013

Been gathering the eggs and feeding the chickens for our friends. In 4 days we have 68 eggs. They will be home today. We have been eating just about everything that has eggs as an ingredient, Just had bacon and eggs for lunch. They are so good, when you slide the eggs in the skillet the whites stand up around the yolks. Don't know what the MDA (minimum daily requirement) for eggs is but expect we are exceeding it. Yes, I know there is no MDA for eggs but there should be for daily fresh ones.

Hear that pound cake is on the menu too..

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Wow! That's a lot of eggs--over 5 1/2 dozen, if I'm figuring correctly!

Deviled eggs are good, too, as are egg salad sandwiches.

Maybe you should set up a stand at the end of your drive, unless most folks in your area already have chickens and plenty of eggs, and don't need any more.

George, it's like a breath of fresh air to see and read your posts, again. Hooray for those glasses!!!

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George, having you back here is like a Christmas present for me. My thanks to you and Leona for getting those glasses.

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My niece and her husband live in an up-scale community and they have chickens as do their friends. I've had a dozen and wish I lived closer. I used mine to make a pound cake and it was wonderful.

These eggs are sold for $5 a dozen, money goes into college fund for their children.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

Your chicken sitting story reminds me of a fun time in my family. My children who were raised on two acres on the edge of a small town never had the advantage of feeding chickens and gathering eggs as we had growing up. When visiting my aunt and uncle, my children were given the opportunity of visiting the livestock, picking beans and watermelons and tromping in the woods. When my uncle took them out to collect the eggs, they returned to tell us that they had been "picking eggs". Of course, from then on we never gathered eggs anymore. We "picked" them too.

I love your stories, A lot of them make me remember my happy childhood on a small farm. Thanks and good to "see" you again.

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My small flock of chickens has an addition, an
Americuna (sp) hen, we named her Martha in honor of Martha Steward, who had a hand in developing this breed.
Martha lays green eggs - so it's really possible to have green eggs and ham - though the inside is like all eggs.

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