He told her we are through with your book. Kind of slow readers.

gandle(4 NE)December 21, 2011

I was going through a box of kids books that we used to read to our kids and to the grandkids when I found a book "Ann Can Fly". Didn't remember our childrn ever having that book. I opened the cover and written inside was Amy Adams. We lived next door to the Adams's for years and our 2 girls and their 3 used to play schoola t both houses and I suppose it wound up at our house then.

We knew where Amy works so yesterday we took it back. She is now 59 and guesses she might have been 10 when the book wound up at our house.

She told George "you really are slow readers" and thanked us, promising to read it to her grandkids.

Afraid that says something about my housekeeping, not noticing something out of place for perhaps the last 49 years.

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Leone, I'm sure hoping Any had a big smile on her face as she made that statement to George! Trust me, it doesn't say a thing about your housekeeping, except that you're a careful person who doesn't throw things away with checking them, first!

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I meant to say "WITHOUT checking them, first". I didn't proofread very carefully before I clicked on "Submit". Sorry about that.

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What comes to mind is the saying "all in good time". and another one, when it's right it's right.IMO, you did the a good thing.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

My first thought was, 'oh wow! you still have the kids' books from 50 years ago!'

The second thought was just a mix of admiration and amazement that you could locate the owner. Between the local farms being sold for tract housing, military families moving in and out of the neighborhoods, and the death rate of various wars and 'actions', I couldn't locate any of DH's friends (other than her BFF who remains in this area), much less any child I knew in school. I guess that's one of the big differences between living in a stable community and the non-stop movement of local suburbs.

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