Quilt Event- part2

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)October 22, 2008

The women have very mixed backgrounds. Some are from England, others are Indian or part Indian, one was born in Korea and had lived in many countries before becoming involved with quilting in the 1950s. Another woman embroiderer was 77 years old and a strong minded business woman!

I met the artist who stitched this amazing quilt. The blue pieces are inserted into the orange by cutting through the orange part and stitching around the edges. Not easy as the pieces are very narrow!

But look closer at the background! The quilting is all done by hand! Can you see the lion?

Here again is the entire piece. Can you find the heron, a meerkat, a gorilla, an alligator and more?

I chatted with this lovely lady for a few minutes and we discussed intensity of colours, her work and her children. It took her 6 months to make this work! I think that is speedy!!

And here is one of my favorites. Fortunately for me it was already sold...($800) The necklaces of the women featured are beaded jewelry from the market.

And this piece by the same artist:

And more...

Calabash pots depicted here:

This braided tassel edging is frequently used:

There is piece work for some designs, hand painting for others.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Wonderful! I could only detect 2 of the images in the zebra quilt. I think my favorite of this group is the one that I call a 'piece quilt', it reminds me of the one that I have that my grandmother made. I remember having it over me when I was very sick with rheumatic fever. I would lie there and feel all the differant textures of the pieces.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

G'bug....thanks for posting these, I have enjoyed them very much. I love the zebra quilt best on this post, and the one under it is also gorgeous. There isn't one that is not wonderful. Amazing how talented some people are!

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Hand quilting is a real skill and art, the tops are usually quilted on a frame. The stitches should be short,even, and smoothly tensioned as they are what holds the interlinings of the quilt in place. I have never tried it, nor have I embroidered since I was about 13yrs. old. (in my "spare" time!).

Many people don't realize how much the quilting can add to a good design because you often don't "notice" it until you're close to a piece.

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