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cheloneOctober 29, 2005

Could it be that my cameo appearance will lead off yet another Idyll?

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nickeys(z6 IL)

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start.

I wanted to check-in and see the update on Mystic. V, I'm so glad that he is recovering. Last nite I told DH Mystics story. See our dog Helen, well actually she's turned out to be DH's dog, is a material girl. When we go to work I gate Helen in the small hallway between our dining room and kitchen with her crate. Her crate always has a towel in it that she turns to swiss cheese during the day. I've been telling him that it's an accident waiting to happen but he didn't believe me. Well Mystics adventure convinced him of something that I couldn't so I am very thankful. Also, thankful that Mystic is recovering and will be home with you soon. LOL at Katie's message, I can just hear her saying that.

Cynthia thanks for the message about rooting the brugs. This is my first year to try them and I really want them to survive. I just put the cuttings in the bucket on Tuesday and they already have the white nubbies. The purpose of the pump and air stone is just to keep the water fresh. It's working great. I love hearing about your greys. I think my mom is a perfect candidate for a foster parent. We had a Dane when I was growing up so she knows how to handle larger breeds. She lost her Welsh Terrier last year from old age. So sad for her. Does she have to have a fenced yard to foster a grey?

Well, DH is out on the tractor so I better get something done here at home. I have a pheasant in the crock pot. Hope it turns out OK. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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Rippie (the new boy) has decided to make a special appearance here to demonstrate to Mystic the proper use of dog bedding.

I'm going to take the remaining air conditioners out now. Think it's time??!!?

Nickey - fenced yard depends on the group. Most don't require it, but greys can never be let off of leash. Too much prey drive that in one instance out of 1,000 will overcome all training. I had a horror here a couple of weeks ago when I let the dogs out for a walk and turned around for poop bags or to shut off a light or something. When I looked out the window to admire them, they were gone! I have three gates and the one furthest from kitchen door was wide open. There are a couple of acres of open lawn next door and they weren't there. I was panicked and surprised I didn't have a stroke right then. Ran around to driveway gate and out the front screaming for them. Old Monty galloped back like a hero saving a damsel in distress and Katie wasn't too far behind. I'm fortunate they weren't chasing a bunny or a squirrel or it would have been too late. They run 45 miles per hour. Think about it. My gates are padlocked, but I leave the keys in them. Now I've removed the key on that gate as it's not visible from kitchen door.

Back to my week-end work.

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Bein' a dog hater 'n' all, I have to ask... what's with EATING socks and bedding? I've shared my married life with 3 dogs before "Wrecks", before that there were 4 dogs, only one of which I remember distinctly. None of them ATE the things they destroyed. The evidence was strewn everywhere, lol.

Rex was given the monicker, "Wrecks" by virtue of his destruction of several of Mum's urostomy supplies... but he didn't EAT them (I guess plastic isn't as appetizing as fetid socks?). He also managed to destroy the lining of the right slipper of my new pair. When I replaced those and foolishly left the new ones "out" he destroyed the right one of those, too. I was BULLS--T, but it was my own damn fault... at least he could have eaten the left one, lol. It IS a pretty good anecdote. Now he is pretty trustworthy... occasionally he has a "relapse", but if we remove the catfood he's pretty much "saved from himself" and there isn't much to "ruin". He doesn't destroy furniture, rugs, woodwork... . It's MY opinion that the obedience work we work on daily has left him a more secure, relaxed dog. He's no longer freaked out that he's ALONE, he is now safe and secure in his pack's den... Mummy and Daddy will come back to the den, and Grammy is nearly always in the den, too.

I'm becoming increasingly interested in breed characteristics. This stems from the obedience classes we've taken. I'm MUCH more tuned in to the basic breed characeristics than I was before. Understanding them has been important in training Rex; knowing how his brain works, based on his breeding, gives us an insight into how to "reach" him and counteract or work with his natural inclination. Over the summer I met a Saluki who was loose on the beach (anathema to Cynthia's experience with her sighthounds) and responded brilliantly to one of those "silent" whistles used with herding dogs; the "sight hound" was totally focused on the whistle! why?I sure dunno! there were frisbees, loose dogs, seagulls, kids, surf, etc., go figure. Training will NEVER guarantee 100% compliance, but it's still the best option out there to stack the deck in your favor. What if the leash fails or the gate is left open, what do you have to "fall back on"? Monty and Katy came right home, didn't they? it MAY have been different had a bunny been a lure, but they were so tuned in to her familiar voice they responded to it! ... we'll never know. Nothing in life is guaranteed; you assume the level of risk you're able to shoulder. But the time spent on training will only work to your favor. Look, if we followed the 100% notion, do you think we'd be using a DOG to guide a blind person?! This is a fascinating subject.

I've seen scattered flurries on and off... flurries disturb me less than the dwindling daylight. I watch the sun creep lower in the sky and feel it pull a part of me with it. It really puts more pressure on me when the return of the clocks to EST reduces the available afternoon exercise time by one hour. I live in a rural area and there aren't places to walk with lights. I can't blunder around the perimeter of the golf course with a friggin' flashlight... . I am very aware that poor Rex will have to chase a tennis ball in the yard; he'll be OK with it, but it doesn't really address MY need for exercise... you know?

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

It is actually snowing here. In October. Little flakes of white s#!t falling from the sky. My kids are ecstatic, my DD especially is taking pleasure trying to find a place in the yard where it is sticking to the ground. It isn't sticking though, good thing. I love snow, can't you tell?! I'm just not ready! It is supposed to be in the low 60's tomorrow, better get out there and start the fall clean-up.

Hi Chelone, love that Heugene of yours, he sure is big, but handsome too.

Cynthia, I can picture those dogs racing "to the rescue" - 45mph is fast - good thing they didn't decide to escape.

V, glad Mystic pulled through surgery OK and will be back home with you soon, if not already.

Nickey's - pheasant, I'm impressed! I've never tasted it. Are there hunters in your family?

Well, back to work - trying to get all of my inside chores done today so that I can spend tomorrow outside!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Mystic is home and remarkably perky for all he's been through. Nickey, so glad that his tale may have spared your dog!

Mystic is wearing a lampshade on his head until his sutures get removed. He's not very pleased about that! He's trying to convince me that he can't lay down with it on, but I'm going to be tough on him! last thing I need is for him to east a suture.

Well I have 213 bulbs in the ground so far. Time to plant another hundred or so!


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Good to know Mystic is home... you could have been planting a "dog"wood, too...

Happy for you.

(am not married to a midget... he's 200lbs. and 6'2"... we have a large dog, and he was in search of a tennis ball buried under the helpmeet; one his FAVORITE games)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Drive by post...I had to work today and met the "guys" for breakfast at 7. Inventory has seen better days so the reconciling will continue into next week.

Got home a little after 3 to my mother and her entourage who are here overnight on their way to FL for the winter. They'll be gone by 7 AM tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to get something done this weekend. Tonight we have dinner reservations at the Pond House in Elizabeth Park. I'm chilling a bottle of Chardonnay as we speak.

Do I have time for a nap?


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Good afternoon

Thank for for the lovely Iris cards! When I first saw Babs' I thought for a moment Jain had returned and it was her birthday - I miss seeing the hillside.

Chelone - Rex is a gorgeous Biggie Boy. I love brindle coats. Rippie looks a sweetheart! V - I'm so glad Mystic made it through surgery and is on the mend. I just found someone had let Clousseau into the kitchen where the older children had been carving pumkins and he was snarfing down pumpkin chunks as fast as he could. I have a feeling he will not be feeling well tonight.

Eden - here are the witch and cats.

Some gooey pumpkin fun from this afternoon.

The last bouquet of summer

Have a good evening everyone


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Estate planning...

A grim subject; one fraught with the "hang-over" of every family excess. You THINK you've "gotten over it", but you've only formed a scab. When the scab is peeled off unexpectedly... well... the experience becomes intensely personal.

Mum has been with me for over two years now. When it became apparent she was incapable of seeing to her own affairs I was HORRIFIED. Required "detective work" revealed the complete absence of ANY estate planning. It was "organized grab-ass" in the hours before the surgery that removed the tumor in her bladder. I was beside myself, and she was still questioning why je should sign a medical power of attorney... she finally was cajoled into signing it.

In the nearly 10 years following my father's death she did NOTHING to assure the seamless transfer of any of her assets. It's taken my brother and I fully 2 YEARS to get it taken care of. If you have a parent with substantial assets you need to MOVE NOW to isolate and protect them. Here's a "reality check", the political climate is changing... smarten up! the changes proposed to Social Securiity and Medicare have legislative extensions. If you want to "protect" things you'd best "get busy" on it. Mark my words; there will be a a turning of the tide and there will be a "grandfather clause", of necessity. Move now or be one of the many who rush the door only to find it closed in their faces!

No one thinks it will EVER happen to them. Well, kids, wake up! it's gonna happen to SOMEONE and the faster you move on this the less likely it will happen to you. The dire condition of our nation's finances dictate that necessity/inevitability.

'bug, I'm sypathetic. No one understands the black reality more than I do!

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Just a quick stop in...

Cynthia, Rippie looks to be a gentleman. What a sweet face!

Mary, your witch and cats turned out great! Thanks for the picture. The kids look like they're having a grand time pumpkin carving and the bouquet is beautiful. Did you get the cape finished for Annie? Bella will be a little bat. I'll try to a picture.

Sue, the Chardonnay sounds GOOD! I'll join you in a glass or maybe a bottle, lol. It's been a long week.

V, glad Mystic's home safe and sound. Aren't the cones fun? Remember, we just went through that with Bud a few weeks ago. I think I was happier to get if off him than he was.

Nickey, I've never had pheasant either.

Wendy, NO, not snow. It was 60's here today and just beautiful. Hope you get that tomorrow.

Gotta feed Bella her bottle and tuck her in.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

V- Mystic sounds like he's doing well so that's a relief. Misty is likely to have a problem like that one of these days. She disembowels stuffed toys. Usually she spits out the 'guts' but I'm afraid some of it is likely swallowed. We unstuff any we see she has torn open. Once they're gutted, she just uses they to entice people to play with her, but she seems to have a need to tear the innards out. Other than the toys, she doesn't chew on fabrics. Both Misty and Chelsea get daily chewsticks to satisfy cravings to chew.

Nice day here today - the weather at least.... We got the new posts in for the north alley gate and fence BUT they are spaced 1/3" wider apart on the fence stretch which means the four cross pieces for the fence panel are now too short - which means we ran out to Home Depot at 6:00, got new 2x4s cut to fit, which will need to be drilled for the pipes and stained before we can finish the fence. AARRGH! One step forward; two steps back.... The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow again but then back to cold and wet so putting the fence up next weekend instead may not be fun or maybe not possible... Here's today's progress, before the second post went in:

Lots of leaves down now, although there's still a lot more to come. With the fence on hold, tomorrow we'll try to start chopping leaves for the new beds. I cut a lot of plants in the front bed down today because it was looking pretty scruffy out there! Still need to do more cutting back in the front yard. Here's the back lawn late this afternoon:

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Michelle I like the idea for the bottle. Thanks for the idea.

I agree , it is the last picture of Biggie Hugene that shows his size. I like big dogs.
A neighbors dog (part boxer part rottwhiler I think) thinks he lives here now. But I tell him he don't. He has joined up with my dogs for morning runs for quite awhile. Then when I started walking again he joined us as well. I don't feed him or pet him. If he goes home at all it must be at night. And then this week our closer neighbors little terrier dog started coming down. She is in season and flaunting herself at all three neautered males. Even my old man dog showed a little bit of life. LOL I keep telling Rebel he needs to quit bringing his friends home. But I figure he will need some friends when Keebler isn't around anymore. Strange though when I first started walking, Keebler couldn't keep up at all. Now he does much better, so I think the exercise has been good for him too.
Nice day here today. Tommorow is supposed to be good too. Plan to get the last of ghetto plants in the ground.

Mary your arrangement in the pitcher is lovely. Nice job on the witches and cats. Bet your glad the kids can do their own cleaning out the pumpkins. Show us their finished ones please.

Eden, I imagine you enjoy putting Bella to bed. They are so sweet when they are sleeping. My grandkids get a kick out of all the pictures I have of them sleeping. LOL

V, so glad you have Mystic back home and he will be ok. Way to go getting the bulbs planted.

Sue , I had a nice glass of wine this evening too. I guess your evening walking will come to a halt with the time change. I really dislike the long dark evenings. But don't like the idea of kids waiting for buses in the dark either. I'm fortunate to be able to walk during the day. I prefer mornings but when it is colder sometimes wait for the warmer part of the day.

Hi Ei, Marian, Yeona and all other Idylls. Blackie are those mums in the ground yet?

I will miss Jains sunny Calif. pictures when it is frozen here. Don't even want to think about it yet. But I know its not far away. Time to go put wood on the fire and fix the coffee pot. Later friends. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Is Rippie the doggie who was having problems in his 'forever' home? Problems with anxiety and cats? He certainly looks to be a Prince Charming to me!

I am very happy that Mystic is doing well. I know, Victorian collars are NOT comfortable. Gotta suffer to be beautiful though!

I enjoyed starting the day with what people are reading. My present book was sent to me by a buddy of mine in England. I think he is trying to make me more knowledgeable about his country (not hard, I know zero!). So I am reading The Kingdom by the Sea by Paul Theroux and enjoying it. (The war in the Falklands was like "two bald men fighting over a comb"). The map has incredibly fine print so my magnifying glass is in use while I travel along the entire coastline!

Today we finished stacking the wood, I got groceries, I hosed the basement floor after applying a coat of acid to it, and now, with very tender spine, I am off to soak in the tub.

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Cynthia, I forgot to say I like Rippies color with that pretty blue bed. Are your cats staying clear of him?

Woody your new gate and fence is going to go well with your house. Nice design.

GB take care with your back. Its not fun being out of commision for two weeks. N

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just wanted to say V I'm *so* glad everything turned out for Mystic! It must feel wonderful to have him home again...I can hear it in your voice! :-)

Mary your witch project turned out fabulous! And I know just what you mean about Jain. I can never look at an iris anymore without thinking of our Jain...I sure do miss *her* *and* all her lovely photos...

T - duh, well at least you asked! I thought *for sure* Babs was just having some fun and just wanted to see us all post some "birthday pics". So Mary...here are my sincere, though belated Happy Birthday Wishes for little Iris...

Well, this is another short post, but I will catch up as soon as I can...

Michelle...thanks for your kind words and for asking me about dad...it's very sweet of you to think of him and me. BTW, to you and everyone who posted at T's Idyll website...thank you *so* much for your kind words. I admit I haven't been able to post there since I posted that. A little bit embarrassed about spilling my guts, but also it's so *hard* for me to read my own words. So I'll just say it here...thank you again everyone, you really made me feel better and it *was* good to get it out. :-)

Well, I better be going have a lot to do here at home before I hit the hay...still doing laundry. On the plus side I did manage to dig out, clean, and box up all my cannas, dahlias, and elephant ears.

BTW Sue, I decided to try a little experiment with my red banana. It had grown *so* huge, that I knew there was no way I was going to bring it in the house to grow on. Noticed that it looks *very* similar to elephant ears when dug up, so what I did was cut it back all the way like an elephant ear, washed all the soil off and am going to store it down in the basement in a box with hamster bedding. That's how I store all my other bulbs, so hoping this will do as well as the others usually do. If not, oh well, it would have been left to die outside anyway. Interesting side note...when I cut the banana back and was trimming the roots, every time I cut, I smelled the distinct scent of banana! :-)

P.S. Chelone Biggie Boy is *so* handsome. You are so right about certain dogs needing direction and someone who feels comfortable being in control. Biggie Boy would probably end up being a bully or worst case, aggressive with someone like me as his lead dog. I *am* not very good at being commanding! :-) Guess that's why Scout is the perfect dog for me, he's just a natural born "people pleaser". Nonetheless, I *do* admire Biggie Boy's self assurred attitude! :-) I actually loved big dogs as a child and had a German Shepherd who I adored. It wasn't till I was nearly attacked by my boss's Rottweiler in a case of mistaken identity, that I started developing a fear of really big dogs (those that are massive, bulky in size) like Mastiffs, Rottweilers, etc. I would really like to get over the fear. If I entered your home, at your invitation, how would Biggie Boy act towards me? I mean would he sense my fear and try to intimidate me? Or, if he knew I wasn't a threat, would he enjoy my company? Probably sounds like silly questions, but trying to figure out *how* to be around really big dogs again.

Oh well, enough babbling...I'm off! Have a great night all! Ei

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Good Morning!

It was so nice to wake up at 7AM and find it was only 6AM! That's the only nice thing I can think of about the coming of winter - more morning time.

And here's the nice email that greeted me:

Dear Customer,

This email is to inform you that our website has been updated and our 2005-2006 Online Seed Catalogue is now available. To view our catalogue, please visit:
Patrick Studio Seed Catalogue

It has remained cool here while some of you have been reporting temps in 60s, but today the forecast is as high as 68 here so I should be able to focus on working outdoors.

Mary, I love the witch and cats! You and Eden are too clever to have accomplished this. Those are classic decorations that your kids will fight over when you're gone. Your bouquet is gorgeous, I particularly like the callicarpa berries! What a great touch, and enjoyed the kids and pumpkins pic too.

This morning I'm going to drag all the big boxes for pictures/art down from the attic. I actually found some one who is moving and can use them! They are much too nice to throw out, so this eliminates more 'stuff' from attic and I'm happy :) I'm pretty much all set for my yard sale, just need to accumulate a lot of 1 and 5 dollar bills to use for change before I can have the sale. So I'll be buying single bottles of cream with $20 bills for the next 2 weeks on a regular basis to accumulate small currency :)

OK, I'm off to the cold cold cold attic.

Have a great day everyone! Cynthia

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PS: Woody, I forgot to say how much I'm enjoying the progress of the gate. Can't wait to see the final installation!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Bye bye daylight. Yes, Norma the weeknight evening walks are a thing of the past now until next April. Because I didn't get home from work in time I had to spend two nights on the treadmill this past week. It's just not the same.

Today is a designated garden clean up day. It's supposed to get into the 60s so perfect conditions. What was left of the pots got frosted the other night so I can start dismantling and putting them away too. Best to start on the pot ghetto also. Sounds like an ambitious agenda-why am I sitting here?



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We are expecting mid 50s temperatures today and sunshine. I must move rosebushes to the veg garden in order to make room for the compost delivery tomorrow. I should have done this months ago...so don't know how they'll respond. At least one of them is in a pot and should be OK.

I just can't stay in bed beyond about 6am. So this morning was especially difficult with the time change...I dragged it out, but certainly wasn't sleeping. The cat traffic was busy across the sheets too.

I hope everyone has a bit of fun outdoors today!


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Morning, Just back from the donut shop. It looks like I have the same game plan as everyone else here today. Get as much of the pot ghetto in the ground as I can. No Bella here today or tomorrow so I must get productive in the garden. I have a hard time adjusting to the time change in the fall too Marie. I get up too early and then feel like going to be at 8pm. I was looking at the Patrick Seed Catalog earlier this morning Cynthia. Woody looks like the gates progressing nicely. I really like the design. Hi, to Ei, good to hear from you. OK gotta run but I'll be back later. Eden

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The attic door locked itself with two cats up there. The keyhole on the hall side of the lock is just a dot. I don't understand locks like that! Only thing I could find to unlock it from the outside was a crochet hook. (Why would I even own a crochet hook?) Fiddle, wiggle, fiddle more and phew(!) it opened. Think my hot flash heated the house though. Nothing like a good early morning panic. Only thing I can figure is that when I was throwing boxes down the attic stairs one must have hit the push botton lock while the door was open, and then I closed it in that position... So, Lesson learned!!! Onward and outward.

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V, glad to hear that Mystic is on the mend. I hope the vet is gentle with his bill.

Mary, what a beautiful bouquet. I love the pitcher too. The kids look like they are having lots of fun.

Chelone, I love that first picture. What a face!

Cynthia, Rippie looks quite regal on his royal blue pillow. Dont hurt yourself with those air conditioners. I just remember my dad taking the out and putting them in and they were beasts. Have they improved them over the years?

Ei, interesting about your encounter with a rottie making you fearful of large dogs. I was always afraid of large dogs and the first dog we got after we moved to the farm was a rottie. I overcame my fear of big dogs because of him. He was the most gentle dog. In the winter he would lay in the sun and allow cats to lay on top of him.

About walking after dark, I must start to walk Jaden right after work because last night we encountered a skunk again.

Martie, one year my DS was a vampire. White face paint, fangs and some red blood drops painted on the corner of his mouth.

Woody, the gate is looking great.

Have a great day all

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Cynthia, MY but your pets have been giving you adventures lately. I'm so glad they're all turning out with happy endings. I had to laugh because I too have a crochet hook and have no idea why. It resides in my sewing box. Guess I'll keep it. I guess you never know when the cats are going to lock themselves in.

I'm killing time waiting to go outside. It's only 40 degrees out there now. Brrrrrrr!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

The good news is the weather is gorgeous and I have finally gotten out and started fall garden cleanup. The bad news is my back is not happy about the work at all :(. I just can't become incapacitated again and would rather slow down and take longer. It's not like the work is going to go anywhere, right?


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Quick question for Ei...Ei, when you store your tubers in the hamster bedding do you moisten it or leave it dry?


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My back is happy but my whole-entire-complete body is tired, so I quit for the day. Sue said I could! I planted all of my bulbs. (But I only had 10 :). Waiting for Van Engelen order which I forgot to place until last week. Early snow for sure on the day before the bulbs get here. Planted one rose. Cut down 5 pots of brugs. Took the really heavy -back breaker- pots into GH. The dolly had a flat tire. Planted 4 50 cent gallon pots of phlox that I bought late spring and have been keeping alive all summer. Made 3 loaves of banana bread and stayed inside until it was done -otherwise it would have burned. I do lose track of time outside... The box people came and took all of my boxes away. They're happy, I'm happy!

Went to Sam's club for some essential thing or three and found bananas are now 1.28 a bunch there instead of 99 cents. I made up for it on Thomas's English muffins which are always two for the price of one. Bought a book too. 'Light on Snow' by Anita Shreve. She wrote the Pilot's wife. I don't have time to read, so I promised I would only read it if I was soaking in the tub. Tub is running :) Bye,

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Well, I got absolutely nothing done that I'd planned in the garden today. Brad wanted to go out to lunch so we did that and then took a drive. Then after he left for work I went over to Homegoods and found some pretty boxes to store my seeds in. Came home and sent in the seed orders I've been working on, Thompson & Morgan, Gardens North and Patrick Seeds. So 4 seed orders for me counting the Chilterns one I already did. I'm done ordering seeds. Cynthia, I didn't get anything from Plant World this year. There's a local nursery that does a 1/2 off seed sale in Feb so I'll get the more common seeds I want there. Oh, Patricks did have some good stuff in their clearance section for $1 if anyone's interested. It's 5pm now so I'm not going out in the garden I guess. Maybe I'll work on organizing my seed collection in my new boxes for the rest of this evening.

Sue, just a thought...you don't think walking on the treadmill is aggravating your back do you? I know sometimes treadmills can bother my back and knees.

I'm thinking my pot ghetto is going to be overwintering in the pots at the rate I'm going...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I spent the whole day outside except for the ham sandwich I ate indoors at lunchtime. Just came indoors again at 5pm. Planted and watered roses and clematis, cut back lots of perennials, weeded around the outside of the veg garden, mowed leaves into piles and probably did something else too....

Cynthia: Asphodeline damascens. I need to find more. Not sure how they'll make it over the winter. Here's hoping though!!!

Oh my aching back....
Better make some dinner.

Hi Marian!!! Hi Drema, Deanne, Ei, Taryn, Da and all those lurkers and folks I miss hearing from.

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GB, JL Hudson has the A.damascens listed in their 2005 supplement, supposed to be easy to germinate.

I am bummed. Took some good outdoor pictures of the new boy and the disk won't stop finalizing. Of course there's 135 minutes of remaining battery life on the camera. It won't let me stop it or open it until it's done or runs out of juice. Drat double drat. While I was trying to make it stop, Katie and Rippie put their heads together for a snuggle and of course it only lasted 5 minutes before they changed positins. Really odd, because Katie doesn't like the boys to breath her air let along touch her bod.

Eden, sounds like you had a nice day even though you didn't get to the garden. It'll be covered in snow soon anyway right?

Deanne did you get snow this week-end? A grey friend near Boston had snow yesterday. Haven't talked with my sister today as she was on her way to work at 6AM and I wasn't caffienated enough to have a meaningful conversation, so told her we'd talk tonight. She would have mentioned snow. Hmm.

Michelle, I walk in the dark and it's a little scary because I never know what critter the dogs have smelled or spotted before I do. I carry a flashlight but in the dark something rustling in the brush could be anything and while I don't think hanging around to inspect is a good idea but the dogs sure do!

What's for supper anyway?

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Ta-Da! ... sort of.... Lots of crooked bits that may or may not get straightened out :-) Lots of clean-up required too! It'll look much better in a few years when some vines hide the imperfections - I'm thinking Graham Thomas honeysuckle at this point.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

So I spent this entire gorgeous primo garden day sitting around the family room with Doug drinking coffee and goofing off! LOL I've been wanting to mess around with photo frames for a long while so I worked myself through a couple tutorials and learned a few things and in general had a WONDERFUL day off. (That is after going to the gym and burning off 1,237 calories on the Cybex machine)

Cynthia, Love the piccies of the puppies! So neat! Sorry your camera is acting up. What a bummer. Yes it did, in fact, do that snow thing here yesterday. Yukky. It never snowed enough to stick just decorate the air.~~ Supper was whole grain pasta with a sauce made of low fat chicken/basil/sundried tomato sausage, eggplant, onion, peppers, and a lot of sliced baby bella mushrooms in a non-fat marinara sauce. Yum, yum yummy! Topped with a bit of freshly grated pecorino romano.

Bug, take care of that back!

Eden, lol about the way you spent your day. Sounds a lot like mine. At this rate I'll be lucky to get the tender plants in. Tomorrow is supposed to be another gorgeous day. Maybe tomorrow. Yes definitely tomorrow. LOL

Sue, take care of that back! Be careful. You are way ahead of me in the garden cleanup dept. I've even had thoughts of just letting it all go. Now that is bad...

V, so sorry about Mystic's trial and tribulations. Glad to hear he is on the mend.

Babs, can't wait to see pics of the boys' costumes...

OK time to go. Doug and I are going to get a bit of frozen non-fat yogurt for dessert.


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I repotted a few plants today, watered a few shrubs and made the arrangement that is below. I leave this pot by my front door all year. Later I will put greens, pine cones etc. Rick, Jaden and I went for a long walk. It was a beautiful fall day. We walked down the road and back thru our pasture along the creek and then thru the grove. There are many paths from all the deer.

Cool frame Deanne. What program did you do it on? I need some sort of program to do that type of thing.

Hey you guys, everyone needs a crochet hook to pull in snags on sweaters right?

Cynthia, I hope your camera problem isn't serious.

Woody, do you have your DH "behind bars"?

Sue, take it easy, you don't want to go that route again.

A couple of fall garden photos from this afternoon:


P.S. I made an album of my 2005 garden. If you are interested, I've made a link below.

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Well this time change has got me up early. I've given myself a goal for today, 15 plants OUT of the pot ghetto. The weather's supposed to be fairly warm all week so I should be able to get caught up if I quit fooling around.

Michelle, I looked at your album. Your gardens are wonderful! I love the colors you use and the way you put them together. And what I wouldn't give for all that space. Thanks for sharing.

Deanne, glad to see you back. So Doug convinced you to take a day to relax. Well, except for the workout at the gym. I'll tell you what I've been telling myself. This gardening thing is supposed to be fun, so if we don't have time or just plain don't feel like doing it for awhile it's ok. Isn't is, lol? Now remind me I said that in the spring when I'm kicking myself because I didn't do everything this fall. Seriously, since I have Bella so much I just can't garden at the level I have been the last few years. I just don't have the time and I'm going to have to scale back somewhat for awhile.

Woody, the gate's looking good. It does look like you've got dh behind bars, lol.

Cynthia and Marie win the prize for being the most productive yesterday. I'm going to try to follow both of your examples today.

Cynthia, hope you're camera isn't broken. I'd love to see more pics of Rippie (and of course Katie, Monty and the kitties too).

Have a good Monday everybody and HAPPY HALLOWEEN...have a treat or two.


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Woody -- Love the gate and the honeysuckle idea. My mom mixes in morning glories with her honeysuckle and the effect is outstanding. What is the gate made of?

Sue -- As a fellow bad back person, good to see you're listening to the spine!

Michelle -- great pics and arrangement! I love your spider :-) And, it makes me feel so much better that someone in Z4 still has their birdbath out. I always wait until the last possible moment to bring it in, too.

GB: At various points, I've moved roses year round and have lost only what I probably would've lost, anyway. It's always worth a try to save them from *certain* death, isn't it?? "-)

Yesterday ran errands and planned to have some good quiet outside time. Sat in the sun room for "just a minute" before changing to garden work clothes, and three hours later was awoken by DH returning home on his motorcycle. Pizza for dinner and a whole lot of yard work left to do makes me cringe, but boy was that nap nice!!!

Slow day today work-wise so hope to make up for yesterday, and be available to neighbor who wants to be the "baddest vampire ever." I'll do my best .... Gotta love it!

Everyone enjoy your day! On the flip side of time change, wasn't it great to see outside this morning??


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today has just too much in it that I want to get done...and too much preventing me from doing it. Frustrating!

It is drizzling, I'm waiting for the compost delivery, don't have the car, but need to get my meds in town, need to weed the veg garden (in the rain?), need to paint in the basement, prepare meals , etc. I guess it will take all week to do these things. :-(
Friends invited themselves over for a meal next weekend, so that will prevent more stuff from getting done. I know, friends are a good thing... Then DH goes to a conference for a week, so maybe I will get more accomplished then.

Love all the photos of the season!

Last night Vita-cat jumped in the full bathtub as it was starting to empty. Too funny! She was fascinated by the water...but not when she landed in it!

'bug (who has already dipped into the treats...)

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Martie - the gate verticals are 1/2" copper pipes. They are set in pressure treated wood painted with a solid color stain. We ran into numerous snags in putting it all together. The 2x4s were somewhat warped, which we didn't notice until we looked at the top support for the pipes and noted that the two pieces don't fit flush together on one end. The post by the neighbour's was in one of those collar things which was not straight and left nowhere to attach the bottom rail of the fence! To
replace it with a proper post would have been difficult to impossible - the collar thing is set in concrete but it looks like it is right up against the chainlink fence's last post which is also set in concrete - trying to remove the collar thing without damaging the chainlink fence post would probably not have been possible. DH jury-rigged a support on a post that he put under the bottom rail to hold it up. And then there was the problem of the supposedly 6' copper pipes not all being the same height... It made getting anything level very difficult indeed. Hopefully some abundant foliage will hide a multitude of sins! I have tried growing morning glories on the original old fence but they didn't do too well - not enough light - but I may try that again using seeds from the MG that are surviving in another shady area. The fence did end up looking a bit like a jail - jail for the dogs! (DH does look armed and dangerous though with the two drills he's holding...:-)

GB - no drizzle here - supposed to be a nice day but rain tonight and tomorrow. I hope it stays nice today because we need to do a bunch of clean-up stuff to finish off the gate/fence area. One of the cats we used to have liked to sit on the edge of the tub when anyone was taking a bath. She'd dip her toes in and liked it if you ran a wet facecloth over her but she didn't like a full body dunk in the tub!

V - How's Mystic today?

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Happy Halloween!

The office is filled with people en costume and lots of candy-candy everywhere you look-baked goods too. Some ghoul even left a small bag of assorted goodies on my desk. So far I haven't touched one piece, not one. How long do you think that will last? I couldn't pass up a chunk of the homemade apple cake though, now that was good.

Eden, the treadmill doesn't bother my back unless I go over a 4% grade. I do get pins and needles in my right foot sometimes on the treadmill-something I never get when walking outside. Yesterday I walked over 4 miles outside, went through a stretch routine and lifted free weights and it didn't bother my back at all. It's the bending and squatting out in the garden that does me in, digging too. Despite all that I did get quite a bit cleaned up but only two plants out of the plant ghetto. Marie I got your Cleome seeds and took cuttings of the Charles Grimaldi brug. It's not too late to send to you, is it Michelle? I just thought about that. All my procrastination and now it's November already.

Yes, lighter in the AM but I prefer the daylight at night. Wish I could walk in the dark but I'm not comfortable doing it alone.

OK, the boss is in Disney with his grandchildren this week so I'm somewhat footloose and fancy free. I'm actually surprised he hasn't called yet this morning. Maybe trick or treat on the Disney street will be keeping him busier that I thought.


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I got my 15 planted plus a few more. I also finally made it to the post office so Marie, your book's on it's way as is the next Elm Creek book to you Mary. Sorry I procrastinated so long. Now I need to get everyone that's overwintering in the basement watered this afternoon. I'm with Marie, so much to do, so little time.

Babs, very cool Jack-o-lantern! I love it!

Everyone, don't forget pictures to share of the kids wearing their costumes.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Happy Halloween, Idyllers!

Mystic is mending quickly. His appetite is back to normal and theres a bounce in his step again. He will have restrictions for another week until the sutures come out, but otherwise hes doing great. Tonight I hope to give him somewhat of a sponge bath to get some of the stink off him! This plan depends upon having another set of willing hands to hold him, as I think it would be too hard on him (and me!) if I were to try and hold him and wash him at the same time. Were getting some good chuckles from his cone. I think my favorite is when it goes flat onto the floor and becomes a giant tail-wagging vacuum.

The vet bill wasnt too atrocious. I kept telling myself it wouldnt be as bad as Sues bosss dog at $5,000, so when it came in at 25% of that total I was relieved!

We spent Sunday at the opening festivities for a new conservation district site and spent a couple of hours hiking a few miles. It was a beautiful day and the site is quite impressive with 1600 acres of open space smack in the middle of our fast-developing county. So glad to see this area preserved!

Woody, your gate looks great but it does look like DH is incarcerated.

Okay, I am seriously procrastinating and must do some other things!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

That's what else i was going to say!

I got the latest Elm Creek book at the library last week, The Sugar Camp Quilt. It all takes place in the 1840's (no current day setting at all) and I think it's one of the best yet. It was back to the library in a week.

Now I'm reading "Reading Lolita in Tehran", about a female university professor in Iran who started teaching forbidden literature to female students in her apartment. It's a very interesting look into a very different part of the world and it's very well written. I bought it because I had heard good reviews and was prompted to start reading it because my son is going to take a class on Muslim culture next semester and I thought he might find this an interesting read when I'm done.

Okay, now I really have to work!


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A fast note to be reinforcing to what Marie and Chelone have been sharing. We use professional services for medical, legal, tax consulting, and insuranace. Partner just reminded me that when we cash in on stocks we need to know what we paid for them in order to file appropriate tax estimates on profits. He thinks of all kinds of things I never would think about. Also, how does that go with real estate and so forth. There is so darn much to keep up with and be aware of for our protection and protection of our families. We are busy with a lot of priorities right now. EP

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No time to blab today but here's something to do instead...

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Here's Megan and her little Halloween Bat...


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Babs, isn't Mama Nature beautiful dressed in her fall clothes. We enjoyed a colorful drive thru the hills this afternoon and now enjoying a glowing sunset. EP

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


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More spooky kiddos please!

Bella (Lugosi :-) is too adorable. And she loves whoever is taking that picture, just look at that smile and outstretched arms. (Bet it's Grandma Eden.)

Taryn, your boys are looking scary! (They're getting tall too.) Thanks for sharing the pic.

Now where's Mary's flock and Babs? Kenzie???? Norma, where's the little pumpkin smasher? Who else is holding out?

No trick or treaters here, but a flyer was left on my door Saturday that the high school kids would be collecting food for the needy. They included a list of what was appropriate, (no glass) and instructions to leave the bag on the front porch. I loved the idea, I hope this catches on as a new way to trick or treat. I saw car lights out there a few minutes ago and when I checked, the bag was gone! I know I'm too excited about this, but I really like the concept.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

What a gorgeous day and absolutely perfect weather for our trick-or-treaters tonight. Doug is so funny answering the door and saying 'Boo!' to all the goblins. I'm sitting here on my wireless and laughing at the fun of it all. We've only had about 50 children tonight as opposed to the hordes we used to have. The children have grown and moved on and there'll probably be another large batch of younglings in five years or so. We've noticed it runs through waves through the years. One of the fun things of having been in the same house for 27 years.

Cynthia, what a dynamite idea about collecting food for the needy. I hope our community starts something like that. It is a good concept.

Taryn!! How FUN to see your gang all decked out in their Halloween costumes. Wow, but they are getting so tall.

Eden what a terrific pic of Megan and Bella. No kidding that little Bat just loves her grandma! So cute!

Babs, What a wonderful walk and a terrific pic of you and family. I really enjoyed the fall color as we never had anything as lovely this year. All our leaves either died and fell off in the drought or the wind and rain blew them off the trees before they changed color. So, it was a treat to enjoy your 'neck of the woods'. I love your pumpkin photo with greetings. So well done. You are such a whiz at this photo editing stuff now.

V, that is so impressive that your organization has set aside 1,600 acres! Fantastic!~~ So happy to hear Mystic is on the mend. What a fright that must have been.

Sue, LOL, when I read that your boss was in 'Disney' I first thought to myself, Hmmm, I thought Spike didn't send anyone there anymore. te he...

Bug, ROTFLOL about Vita's unexpected bath! Tooo... funny.

Michelle, I absolutely love your garden gallery. That photograph with the delphinium and lilies is over the top GORGEOUS!!! You do a lot with wonderful chartreuse and blues that is lovely. Thanks for sharing your gardens with us. I'm going to feast my eyes on those pics for a while for inspiration. I also love that fall arrangement in the container. Scrumptious.

OK I'm just about out of power so I'd better sign off for now. Later all,

PS this is the new painting I just finished up last week. It is a magazine article that is a step-by-step instruction for painting this flower.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wow, Deanne your paintings are so lifelike. What talent!

Babs, loved your fall walk. Nice looking family. My favorite was the first picture of Chris and the kids. You have much better foliage color than we do here.

LOL to all the spooks and goblins. We got wiped out here of about 6 bags of candy and had to close all the lights. I was working out and Tom had door duty. According to him the dogs were a bigger hit than the candy with some of the kids. Great weather for trick or treating.

Steaks just came in off the grill. Night all!


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Eden-Bella is a beautiful bat-those lower teeth are precious! The better to bite us with right? lol(AJ says she looks so cute!)

Taryn-hey stranger! and the boys of macabre are looking...well,macabre; )....I'm not sure who I'm most afraid of! I hope they had a blast tonight.(AJ says they look really cool)[must be a boy thing lol]

My guys had fun-Ryan was such a trooper but eventually needed my assistance to carry his candy pail. I'm so proud of him because he let me use face paint-one of my favorite things to do for Halloween. Best of all-He stood STILL wile I applied it.No really, that's big-really big! It was a fun night-perfect weather.It was 60F!!and DRY! : )

Cynthia felt bad hearing that you never went trick or treating as a kid-which is fine if a kid doesn't want to...except it sounded like you really wished you could. I took the kids out for half then Chris took Aj for the other half...funny, as parents we both want to be out haunting the streets too.
Hey I met an Italian Grey yesterday on our fall walk-the boys fell in love with it(gulp).

OK where's the wine...heehhee.

~Babs...hoping MAry's kids and others pop up next.

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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Happy Halloween Everyone

Here is Annie bedecked in purple wig and showing the cape I struggled with. My sister Ruth is sitting on the stairs to the right.

Iris as a little green dinosaur

David as a vampire on the right, little Ivan as a shark and Iris again.

The weather was perfect and it was declared on of the best Halloweens ever.

Have a goodnight all.


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Happy Halloween everyone!

The kids are all so cute & cleverly costumed. I don't have any pictures of our little guy yet. He did go out to a few neighbor houses with his mom before it got too dark. They are now at their home giving out candy to all of the kids coming to the door. DD said he wasn't so sure about giving 'his' candy away. ;o) She said she'd send me photos of him after the trick or treaters stop coming which will probably be after all of you are long to bed.

DH came home from work, ate his dinner and got called back into work. Poor guy.

Babs, your photos are beautiful!

Deanne, the painting is lovely.

I guess I'll go turn on Monday Night Football so that if DH calls for the score, I'll be able to tell him. I get lots of points for knowing things like that at times like these.

Take care,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

No trick or treaters out here in the boonies this year. Lots of work on the mandatory retirement issue, 2 gravel pit meetings this week, lots more painting in the basement. Plan B starting on Mom's estate business, MIL has pneumonia and kidney infection. Hospice soon very likely, then a trip to Oklahoma for a Thanksgiving party, no matter what. I really don't want to go, especially with all the pets etc, but there are certain things a person has to do...
Compost was delivered today and is covered with 2 tarps so it stays somewhat dry. It was sifted and steaming slightly. :-)

Annie has the MOST beautiful cape, AJ looks like he'll be a serious sultry teenager before you know it, and they ALL look like Halloween is the greatest holiday to celebrate. I always thought so! But you know, I think I'll never eat raspberry gumdrops again....

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well All the trick-or-treaters looked great!

T that is the cutest costume. Is he 'Tigger' or just a tiger? Bummer that your DH had to go back to work last night.

Babs, love the boys' costumes. And the face paint for Yoda is perfect. What a lot of work.~~ So I forgot to ask, is the family pic from your 'walk' done with a tripod? Very well done however it was accomplished.

Mary, Annie's cape is absolutely gorgeous. What is that fabric? And Iris, the little dinosaur is too cute. Did you make the vampire costume as well? You are just too clever! I was just scrolling up again and caught the expression on Ivan the shark's face. Too darned cute.~~ I kept forgetting to tell you how much I enjoyed your flower arrangement. What are those dahlias with the strong pink and white contrast? They are gorgeous! and of course the callicarpa berries in the arrangement are to die for. I MUST get myself on of those shrubs for next season. How big do they get BTW?

So I've decided to take the day off from the gym and take advantage of this warm sunny day that is coming up and really seems like a gift. It is supposed to be 70 today!I'm going to try to get all the containers broken down today, get the coleus, iresine, strobilanthes, albutilon, fuchsia etc. etc. cuttings potted up and all the tubers dug and ready to go into winter storage. I'll be tired by the end of this day! LOL

Have a good one everyone,

PS My sympathies to all the moms and teachers who have to deal with all the younglings with sugar 'highs' this morning! LOL

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful pics of kids and costumes. What a creative bunch!! I think I'm glad I didn't have a DD -- much more complicated costuming!!

We had a good number of T or Ters, most of whom we know, so we did it up big and scared the patoot out of them. The candy was in a bottomless bowl on a crab table covered with cloth. Rich (DH) was under the table and as the kids reached in, he reached up!! Of course, kids screamed and candy flew all over the place. At that point DS (home from college for the occasion) turned off all lights and overhead flew a ghost he rigged up on a pulley.

Needless to say, we had more fun than our visitors.

Everyone we knew got chocolate ghost cookies. Those we didn't know got back up candy.

Had a wonderful day outside yesterday. Pulled out all remaining annuals and planted 120 Wood Hyacinth bulbs. Pulled up another inch of mulch around the roses and shrub nursery plants. Dug holes for more hosta movement. DS will actually move the plants this weekend.

GB: Your family is in my thoughts .....

Have a great day, everyone!!

Martie, enjoying the sun and prospect of a 75degF day.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

(yaaawwwwwnnnnn!) Dog issues in the middle of the night. Suffice it to say that I will be sure to pick up the water bowl before bedtime and to walk Mystic one last time, even if DH says "I just walked him..."

Wow! What an incredible bunch of adorable trick or treaters! Except, of course, for Taryn's boys who are incredibly creepy and would not want to be called adorable! Bella is a beauty, Devin, Shane and Brennan are WAY too good at those frightening expressions, AJ and Ryan are just a riot, Annie's cape is amazing, Iris is just too precious, David and Ryan look like they're having the time of their life, and now I'm in trouble because I can't remember the name of T's sweet tiger. What a great bunch of kids, moms and grandmas.

I took a slight detour last night and drove through our town square to take a peek at all the kids trick-or-treating at the businesses on the Square. It's an organized event with entertainment and lots of friendly police and firefighters directing traffic and passing out their own candy. Did I ever tell you we have a great town?

Then last night on the news we watched a feature about a local haunted house. I put the link below. What we really enjoyed about this story is that this is the house my MIL was born in! So if you think YOU have MIL problems, remember that mine was born in a haunted house! ;)

But the real excitement last night was that we got a letter in the mail. A real, handwritten, personal letter, from Germany, no less! One of our former au pairs is going to be in Chicago next week and wants to come visit. We were all very excited to hear from her as she was a wonderful girl and it will be so much fun to see her again.

Martie, it sounds like you had a lot of fun last night. Cynthia, what a wonderful idea that was in your neighborhood. I also hope that idea spreads. We of course had not one visitor at our house way out in the country at the end of a long drive.

Okay, I'm waking upo now so I should work. Later!


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Almost forgot -- Sun Soaked Brain Syndrome today:

Babs -- your fall walk pictures are outstanding! And, I *truly* appreciate a small boy standing still for makeup. Good for you -- good for him!

Mary: I shudder at the thought of making that cape. It's a keeper! Love the shark and vampire and, of course, there's always a special place in my heart for dinosaurs.

Taryn: LOL at the look of your little guy in the middle. Is he into the whole thing, or what!! :-)

Eden: Bella is just too adorable for words.

T: The cutest Tiger ever. Scoring points is never a bad thing ...

Deanne: You could give me every instruction in the world and nothing I paint would ever look that lovely. What talent!

WOOOOOPEEEEEEE!!! Just confirmed lunch with Sue and Monique tomorrow!! Can't wait to meet Idylls.

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Lots of cute (or appropriately scarey in the case of the boys...) kids there! Mary - that cloak will be an heirloom for sure. I'll bet Da would like it - she seems to like spider things. Martie - it certainly sounds like you guys were having lots of fun! We had more kids than usual last night - ~45 instead of our usual ~30 so I think that's an indication of change in neighbourhood population demographics in the past year.

Some rain here this morning so probably not much gardening going to happen today. This is bugbane time - you've got to love plants that are freshly in bloom as everything else is fading! I'll have to remember to add a bunch to the north alley garden next year.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Does anyone remember the smell of oil paint fumes? Well our entire house reeks of it. Guess I'd best get down to the basement and paint some more of the floor. Too wet outdoors for garden clean-up. The colours outside are beautiful still. My goodness, November. Time flies.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning! Its raining out so Im forced inside. Thats good. I need the rest! I havent been keeping up with yall b/c I wanted to take advantage of the dry, warmer weather for fall garden work. Perhaps Ill get a chance later today to catch up. OMG, I just skimmed the pix and can't believe I missed so much.

Talk about a whacko gardener?!! DDs and my neighbors think Ive gone over the edge and theyre probably right! While I raked leaves up in the commons area behind my house they were too beautiful to leave there and redistributed plants, DH shredded the leaves Id already collected. That is until the motor ground to a halt and knocked out the power in the house. He took the shredder apart and decided it was dead. After calling locally to see if we could pick up another one, none were available here. So I called Gardeners Supply to ask if there was any warranty on the one that died. The rep said his was still going strong after 5 yrs. When he looked up our purchases, it turns out I bot the shredder in 03. So theyre expediting out a NEW ONE at no cost!!! And they told me to use the packing of the new one to ship back the old and they are providing a prepaid UPS label to do so. NOW, THATS CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Meanwhile, since the leaves here have started to come down fast and furious and were dry, Ive been collecting up a storm. Were got 15 already shredded bags and 20 50-gal. contractor bags stuffed tight with dried leaves awaiting the shredder. Yesterday, I cleaned up DDs yard pile and all those in the street on her corner. I made 3 trips in my van to cart back all the bags. Last week, I bot the last of the pine bark mulch from the nursery and have been improving the soil as I rework the beds. I still have 12 bags to use to hold down the leaves after I spread the shredded ones on the beds.

I am down to figuring out what to do with 2 areas left with a mish-mash of plants before I start putting in the bulbs. And I still need to figure out what Im going to do with a couple of hostas that need to be divided and moved. Altho I should divide the daylilies, Ill leave that until Spring.

Im pleased with my progress, but still have lots to do. The weather is supposed to be reasonable for the rest of the week, so Im hoping to get the lions share of it done this week. If Im absent, its b/c Im outside.

Meanwhile, Im going to fly thru this sty and try to catch up inside a bit. Im thinking of yall. Back later. Honey

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I took the day off to get some fall cleanup done. My list is long. I am taking a cappachino break right now.

Wow, lots of nice costumes. Adorable children and creative moms. No picture of Kenzie yet as I didnt see her last night. I told Laura to email me one. I did see her in it earlier. I guess she had so much fun just watching out the door for kids to come to their house. No trick or treaters here in the country.

Sue, since I know nothing about brugs, I really dont know if its too late to send, but we sure can try.

Babs, I loved your fall tour. You sure have some great colors there and what a wonderful blue sky to go with it. Great picture of your family.

V, I laughed about your MIL being born in a "haunted house"

Deanne, another fabulous painting. I just love the way you do the veining, its just so realistic.

Eden and Deanne thanks for the nice comments on the album. Of course you know I only posted the good areas ;o)

Well, Id better get productive.
Enjoy your day.


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Loved the t or t photos. Mary, now it's very obvious why you were using clear thread for sewing the cape. Honey, good way to go with the leaves. Woody, been following your liability thread on discussions. We have a hazardous garden so would never consider having more than a dozen guests here at one time and discourage small children. However, we love our switch back paths and elevations. I enjoy looking down from above and up from below for the different points of view. However it would not be convenient for anyone who is not completely mobile. It's wonderful that your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. Days have been beautiful and I've been exploring the woods and park. Most of you have 'heard all about it' before. The hills are glorious with color. EP

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The decorations are down and Halloween is packed away for another year. I heard an advertisement on a local radio station yesterday that they will begin playing only Christmas music starting soon. That will be too soon for me! I loved seeing all the Idyll trick or treaters pictures last night. What a bunch of great kids we have here!

Babs, thanks so much for letting us join in on your autumn walk. Those were the most beautiful pictures of fall colors. I have to confess I looked at your garden album too because I want to tell you how beautiful I thought your gardens were. And your house is just darling with it's screened porch and all. You should really post those pictures here so everyone can enjoy seeing your garden.

Deanne, I love your painting. The details in your work always just blow me away. Beautiful work!

Marie, so sorry to hear about your MILs failing health. Got my fingers crossed that Plan B works out better for you on your mom's estate.

Taryn, wasn't yesterday the deadline on selling you house? So what's the verdict? Are you moving or are you staying put?

No gardening for me here today. It rained overnight and is pretty wet out but the next three days are supposed to be beautiful so I'm hoping to get a bunch more of the ghetto planted. I did make good progress yesterday. Brad and I are going to plant the bulbs tomorrow too. He drills with the bulb auger and I plant.

I'm off to do some laundry so everyone have a good afternoon...Eden

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Does this guy know that Thanksgiving is just weeks away? I guess he had been by the neighbor for awhile, but moved to our place last week. I think he heard that the neighbor is a hunter and we aren't ;O)
He really didn't like me chasing him with the camera.

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Michelle I'm glad you mentioned your albums in response to Deanne and Eden-I had missed your link! I am really impressed with all that you've done-your gardens are beautiful and remind me of the fun things Deanne does with color and form: ) I am lusting over that lupine-it's a great flower color and I love the foliage too.

Eden tsk-tsk for peeking at my other albums; )it's OK. The only reason I haven't posted more pics here is that with dial up it used to take forever to go through the process of posting them here. Having DSL makes all the difference now.
I have to say on Sunday the leaf colors and sky were just brilliant-I don't remember such a vivid fall as this year's.That was such a perfect day. It's raining today so I'm thinking if I go back there next weekend it might not be a repeat performance.

Martie-that was very eerie,I just happened to notice today that you were from CT and I was thinking you and Sue could easily get together-and by your next post lo and behold you're *doing* it!...maybe I have magical powers lolol. How fun! You will have a great time!

Honey you're making me smile with your leaf hoarding skills. Your DD/neighbors really love you right about now! Excellent,on the free exchange of the shredder-I was sighing in relief or is that,'releaf' lolol(too much Halloween candy; )

V your MIL's birthplace was a beautiful home-love the story behind the curved corners-if a manly cop can be weirded out by happenings and talk about it on TV, it does make me think a bit!
Sorry Mystic is having those 'water' issues...I'm so glad my kids are potty trained--no really I am: )


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janie_on(z6a Ontario)

I am alive (barely)...been sick and really tired. LOL...not back to full strength but it'll have to do.

My two (in the back)and my brother's three!

I am reading and chuckling but haven't had the energy to post...I am sssssoooo far behind. But I do think of you guys everyday!

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gardeninbc(z8 PNW)

Loving all the trick or treaters pics. Lots of great costumes!.

Here is my princess:

Gotta get back to work, hope I can stop by for a longer visit later.


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Love all of the pictures of the kiddos in costume :)

I feel so neglectful not having created costumes for the puppers and catsters. But here's Rippie impersonating a dignifed dog!

This is the real Rippie:

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I've only skimmed, not giving the 68 (!) replies the attention they deserve... how do you guys keep up?!

Mum went to my brother's on Sunday morning. It's busy at work. And I'm into cleaning and repair HELL with respect to the commercial accounts we have. Everything I touch is FILTHY. Most of the canopies are really grubby, too. I ment things that leave the machine bed coated in dust and heaven only knows what else. The wrinkles on my forehead were so dirty when I was finished. ICK.

I'm crabby, and it's dark now. Not nearly as dark as my present mood.

Mary, you made your decorations? (I told you I skimmed), they are sensational! and I howled at the image of Clousseau gobbling up pumpkin inards while the kids were blissfully unaware... too funny. Maybe when the jack o' lanterns are nicely rotten he'll roll on them for you... :) .

I miss not having trick or treaters. It's such fun... maybe NEXT year I'll have it together enough to contact the few families on our road of child-bearing age and tell them to stop by... yeah, RIGHT.

Ei, Rex would bark like hell and grow his Mohawk when you came to the door. You'd be scared witless (I cleaned that up). BUT, I would have him a leash and he would be required to "sit/stay" while we greeted each other. He would remain sitting while you extended the BACK of your hand for him to smell/lick. Then I would say, "OK", un hook his leash and he'd basically ignore you if you ignored him. He would cruise along side you to see if you'd pat him, but if you didn't he'd "take a powder". I don't permit jumping or being a pest. I don't like it when other dogs do it and I strive to have our dog behave well enough that people who don't like dogs (like me) can tolerate being around him. It's a lot of work; and requires as much vigilence as a toddler, but it's my responsibility as a dog owner and I take it very seriously. It's my experience that most people don't hate dogs (I am a notable exception), they simply dislike untrained/poorly behaved animals.

I finished "Elizabeth I" (TERRIFIC, and I thought of Mary!) and started "A Tale of Two Cities"... but picked up "Jurassic Park" and buried 60 pages in no time flat. Have made note of EP's recommendation.

Awnings on the south side of the house are down. The screens are off the deck canopy and we "bagged" it... too nice to spend the afternoon dealing with awnings. I may hire my friend to help me take down the canopy later in the week. It will be easy and I will learn the finer points of a part of the industry I know very little about. I have to make a secure storage bag for the whole shebang, too.

Let's not talk about cleaning up the perennial borders, OK?!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Still down under:

Meanwhile, outdoors it is still beautiful when it isn't raining!

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Halloween is serious business around here:

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I got the majority of clean up in the gardens done today. I am now exhausted. There were some things that I just couldnt cut back yet because they look so good. Do any of you have the geranium Nimbus? I planted 3 small ones from Bluestone this spring and they have bloomed non-stop all summer and fall. I left them as they are still blooming. As I was looking at one of them trying to decide if I should leave it, I saw a pair of eyes looking up at me. It was a rabbit. We were nose to nose and he just sat there!

More great Halloween pictures from the beautiful princesses to the scary goblins and GI Joe, all are so fun.

Babs, I checked out your garden pictures and loved them. Your garden is wonderful as is your home. What a nice porch. Now that you have DSL, we do expect more pictures ;o)
Thanks for your nice comments. I should have saved some seeds from the lupines for you. Ill try to remember next year. I grew those from seed.

Eden, that is so sweet of Brad to help you with your bulbs.

Cynthia, that 2nd Rippie picture is hilarous.

Chelone, how nice that you are getting another break. How long will it be?

Marie, what are the yellow trees? Isnt it amazing what paint can do?

Janie, I wondered where youve been. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Marian, are you out there? Are you feeling ok?


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Eden, I just love Bella in her bat costume. Your fowerpot witch candy dish is cute too. I'm with you about the xmas music. They could at least wait until after thanksgiving.

Deanne, your painting is so good, but i'm not familar with that flower. What is it please? Did you get all that stuff accomplished with the plants? Are you having better luck with the changes you made(protien carb thing)?
I am pleased that in the two weeks my back was so bad I couldn't power walk, I did not gain back any weight. I was able to speed up today and it felt so good to be able to move again.

Taryn,good to see the boys. They look quite frightful. Hope things are smoothing out for you.

Martie, LOL on the , just a minute rest that turned into a nap. I woke up with a headache this morning and took some Ibuprofin, then I fell asleep in the recliner and was dreaming I was quilting. When I woke up Simply Quilts was on tv. I think I was hearing that while dozing. Lol . Have fun with Sue and Monique.

GB, to funny , Vita got a surprise bath. Sorry to hear MIL is not doing well. Your basement is looking very nice. I do know that smell of paint. Before we sold the old house I painted that basement in the winter. It wasn't quite as old as yours but it was old. Wish I had done it sooner. You sound like me about making trips you would rather not.

Babs is that this years pumpkin? The boys look very authentic. I just want to hug Ryann. Bet he would like that. NOT.
Loved your fall walk pictures, especially the reflections in the water. Nice family photo too.

Michelle, I haven't had a chance to check out your pictures yet. Looking forward to it. Nice catch on the turkey tho. I heard one in the woods the other day. They used to walk through our yard until we got Rebel. The only trick or treaters we get here are one neighbor family. I didn't get to see Wyatt in his superman costume. Maybe his mom got a picture for me.

V , good to hear Mystic is feeling perky. Don't forget to walk him again before bedtime. LOL . Nice you are getting a visit from a friend.

Mary, loved seeing all the kids in costume, they are all so cute. Looks like they had great fun. Any news about Ruths DH job interview?

T, what a cute little tiger. DH wasn't to sure about giving his candy away either. I don't buy it for him any other time. And I didn't buy a lot, because I didn't want it hanging around to tempt me.

Woody , so Bugbane blooms in the shade? Is that about 3x3?

Honey , you have been one busy little beaver. Good for you, getting so much done.
These last two weeks of bad back sure put me behind. I never get it all done anyway though.

EP, I love walks in the woods this time of year too.

Marian, I hope you are getting some R&R.

Janie , cute group of trick or treaters. Take care and get well.

Barb, and a pretty princess she is too.

Cynthia, Rip does look regal in that collar and content with his nose in the stuffy.

Chelone you are doing some heavy duty reading there. I bet working on the dirty canvas is hard on your sinuses.

Yep, looks serious Wendy. Cute

Well thats it for me tonight. I'm fading away here. Norma

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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Hi everyone

Halloween is almost as much fun here as the birthdays are!

Deanne - your magnolia blossom is stunning! I'm sure it will be a popular one for people to try. My dahlias no longer have a name - I only remember they came from Home Depot. The pink and white is a particularly prolific bloomer. My Calliacarpa is in its third year and is 5 ft across - they do get quite large. I need to yank out some of its companions to give it more elbow room.

GB - your basement is coming on a treat! What plans do you have for it when its completed? I loved Kingdom By the Sea. Hearing you enjoyed it made me want to dig out my copy and re read it again.

V - we read Women Reading Lolita in Tehran earlier in the year with my book group. I found it fascinating in places, but very heavy going in others, maybe because I'm not very well versed in Nabokov. I'll be interested in what you think of it when you're done.

Chelone - who wrote the book on Elizabeth 1? Sounds fascianting. Hope your crabby mood lifts and work becomes less messy. I enjoy hearing about your techniques with Rex.

Cynthia - are you ordering from Plant World again? They have Althaea Cannabina listed this year - something I've been looking for a while so I'm doing a small order that Mum will bring over at Christmas. Rippie has a lovely collar and such an elegant nose!

V - Clousseau had me up in the night to let him out so I was yawning along today too. He is very well mannered after dark - he gives the tiniest "ruff" to let me know he needs to go out. If I don't respond he comes and presses his cold, wet nose right in my face to wake me. For some reason, he never, ever does this to DH ! Hard as it is to stir from a deep sleep it still beats a puddle (or worse) to clean up in the morning.

Honey - you sound a whirlwind of activity. I've raked a couple of times, but still have tons of cutting back and a few bulbs to plant too. I picked up some end of season bargains at my favorite nursery - I hadn't bought any plants since Idyllunion so it was fun to go shopping again. Roses were all $5 so I got a Rosa Rubrifolia, a Henry Kelsey Climber and a deep pink Fairy. All looked very healthy. I also came away with some $3 perennials including a Lilafee Epimedium which I'm delighted with. Its fun to have a pot ghetto again.

Michelle - how great to have the majority of your garden cleanup done. This afternoon David called me over as there was a rather small rabbit eating grass right beside the pond. he was very cute. I don't have a Nimbus geranium but would like to try one. I remember David the gardener saying it was one of his favorites.

Eden - I love celebrating Christmas - but not till December. Two weeks ago I was going to nip into Bath and Body Works for some handsoap but the entire store was decorated for Christmas. I just wasn't ready so I kept on walking. I wonder if these stores realize they loose customers by starting seasonal celebrations so rediculously early. (Or maybe I'm the only one).

Its getting late so I think I'll turn in.

Good night all,


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I'm not feeling appreciably less crabby than I was last night. More curtains to clean and polish, and they're BIG; abut 10'w x 8'h, there are about a dozen of them, and then the next job is even bigger. They're drop down curtains for restaurants, so I deal with this every single year. And the dirty canvas does make me sneeze and blow out some pretty nasty boogers... :) just thought I'd share...

Mary, the book is "Elizabeth I, The Struggle For The Throne" by David Starkey. It's really good! but I've been a bit of nut for British history since I was a kid. Actually, history in general. I like biographies a lot.

I'm not sure how long this break from Mum will last; 2-3 weeks, but she'll be "home for the holidays". This visit involves the final trip to the attorney's office to (I hope) finalize her will and the estate planning. It will be a relief for both my brother and I, though I'm not sure Mum fully appreciates the magnitude of the whole exercise.

Today I have to drop the last 3 dining chairs at the stripper's. I had wanted to do them myself, but the reality is I simply don't have enough hours in the day to do the things I HAVE to do. Inevitably, the things I LIKE to do always seem to find themselves shuffled to the end of the list. So, they chairs will be stripped and reglued, they're pretty rickety, and I'll deal with reupholstering the slip seats myself. I have to wash the curly hair that is tied over the padding this weekend. I can't seem to escape the really dusty, icky work, can I? Then I have to order the padding, the muslin, the cambric and get the frames rewebbed. Rip it down and rebuild it... they'll look nice when they're finished. They should blend prettily with the new sideboard and be A LOT more comfortable and secure then they were.

The basement is coming along great, 'bug. I'll bet getting the stone facade painted is hard work. I've used alkyd paint exclusively in our home and know the smell well. But the finish is unmatched in my opinion.

Enough of my prattling, I have to get the remaining chairs in the car, and get to work to deal with the curtains. I'm also not happy about my hour later start time... I have virtually no time for the dog when I get home and it will only get worse as we get closer to the solstice.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Outside my window I see silhouettes of trees and the hope of a sunrise.

I need to get an early start on floor painting. It turns out the floor drinks up paint and we need way more than the can indicates for coverage.

The kitties have been prancing about for an hour already...I dare not feed them yet and get them used to early hours.

Yes Chelone, the walls were murder to paint. Those were done in latex paint with a tiny brush to shove in the paint, but the floor I felt just had to be alkyd because of traffic and occasional flooding. Who am I kidding, more than occasional!
Time to don my yukky painting gear and eat some cereal. Then, to work! Good to know someone else is doing grubby work too. ;-)


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Daylight is breaking here. I have such a hard time getting used to the fall time change. I've been up every morning by 5 and not sleeping well through the night. I don't understand why it throws me off so much but it does. Changing back in Spring doesn't bother me at all. The plan for the day here is planting bulbs and getting more ghetto plants into the ground. Then Bella will be here later this afternoon. I think she is laying claim to my shelves in the livingroom. I need somewhere convenient to store her everygrowing collection of toys and books and since she doesn't have her own room here I think that may be the answer. So I may work on getting all of her things organized there later today too.

Marie, what a transformation of your basement. I know it's been alot of work for you but it's been worth it. When you go down those stairs now doesn't it make you feel good to see it so bright and clean?

Mary, I love Christmas too and I'm especially looking forward to it this year since it's Bella's first one. I'm with you though, I don't like seeing Christmas decorations in October. We do put up our outside decorations a little early, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving. It seems like if we wait longer the weather turns bad and it's a miserable job then. Will Ruth and the children still be with you at Christmas? It must be fun having the little ones around for holidays at your house. They were so cute in the Halloween pictures. And you did a great job on that cape for Annie. David was also a very handsome little vampire.

Norma, it sounds like your back might be feeling better? I hope so. Thanks for the compliment on my candy dish. That was my Halloween craft project from a couple of years ago.

Cynthia, loved the Rippie pictures. How's he doing? Have you got him rehabilitated yet and ready to send back out into the world? I just love the collars on all your pooches.

Wendy, love your GI Joe. He doesn't look too happy about having his picture taken but is very cute.

Barb, Kiana is truly a princess. What a beautiful little girl! How's it going with her and school. Did you get everything sorted out with that?

I had a dream last night that we were having a Idyllunion here in Michigan and Honey pulled up in my driveway and had arranged to have Marian come here as a surprise. I was so excited to see Marian and showed her all around my garden while the three of us were having the best conversation. It was one of those good dreams that when I woke up I wished I could go back to sleep to continue it.

Is it today that Sue, Monique and Martie are having lunch? Have fun girls. Pictures please!

I've gotta get off here and start my day. Lots to do. Have a good one everybody. TTYL, Eden

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Im running late so will have to make this quick and might have to do it in two parts. I couldnt get to sleep last night then I couldnt get up at 6 like I normally do and Ive got to be all warmed up at the gym for Steve to review a few new ab and upper body exercises. Ba humbug. Im feeling so lazy and really do not feel like doing this at all today but must get myself into the heavy exercise mode.~~ I do have to congratulate myself because this is the first time in my life that I didn't eat one single piece of trick-or-treat candy and we bought the good stuff with Hershey's chocolate bars and my personal favorites Almond Joy bars. Nope didn't eat one. ~~Yesterday I wound up cleaning the second floor top to bottom again. It was only about ten days ago that I scoured it and it needed attention again. At least this time it only took four hours instead of two days. I even began washing a couple windows. If I do a couple a day theyll all get done and it wont seem like such a horrible job. ~~ In the afternoon I actually finally got outside and cleaned out half the rose garden (believe it or not the dahlias next to the breezeway are still blooming) and the entire mailbox garden and the new little garden in front of the corner where I had the containers on the bench. Well, Holy Moly! The canna lily I had planted there was ENORMOUS! It was only six or seven feet tall and the clump of tubers was beyond description. It would fill and 18" pot.

Sue, I dont know how the heck you are going to dig out that monster youve got in your garden., You are going to need a backhoe! It took an act of congress to get mine out of the ground.

Cynthia, love the puppers pics but Im really missing seeing the kitties. Next convenient time you have your camera out Id like to see the feline contingent again. That Rippie looks like an entertaining fellow.

Barb, how fun to see you guys! What a lovely little princess.

Jane! What a neat group of Trick-or-Treaters. Fun costumes. That little-little in the front is too adorable for words but Im thinking he maybe should have had the devil costume???

Michelle, too neat about the turkey. There are more and more of them around these days here as well, That guy looks a bit scrawny for Thanksgiving dinner though. He probably doesnt have anything to worry about.

Eden, you must be a woman on a mission, Youve already gotten your Halloween decorations down! I only take down the Jack-O-Lanterns but leave all the pumpkins etc. up until after Thanksgiving. Sorry your sleep schedule is messed up right now.

Bug, Im in awe of your basement project! Wow! You dont need to do any supplemental exercise when doing something like that. You are getting plenty. It really looks fantastic.~~ Your tamarack tree is lovely. At least Im thinking that is a tamarack?

Wendy, wow, he looks a little peeved about having his pic taken or is he getting into the role? Great costume.

So Michelle, now that your gardens are done you want to come to NH and help me with mine??? LOL good for you in getting that finished. Ive got a huge Rosella dahlia that has a ton of buds on it and it is about 7 feet tall and I couldnt bear to chop it down either. We are supposed to have another stretch of good weather so Im seeing if it will open those buds.

Norma, so glad to hear your back is doing better and that you didnt have any weight gain. That is always a plus. I dont know if Im losing any weight because Ive just quit getting on the scale. I do know that I have a pair of LL Bean (non-stretch) jeans that were way too tight to zip and I can get into them now and zip them and sit in them. (I didnt say they were comfortable yet!)LOL so some progress is being made on that front. Im just looking for size changes and ignoring the scale for the time being. I might get on the scale in a couple weeks again.~~ The Saucer Magnolia is Magnolia Soulangiana. Some people call it a Tulip Tree. They can grow to 25 feet and about a wide. A beautiful spring bloomer.

Mary, Have you dug those tubers from that pink and white dahlia yet??? If youve got lots of extra Id love to trade tubers with you if there is anything here Ive got that youd like to have. Sounds like you made a haul with the roses. Neat My Fairy rose is still blooming in front of the mailbox. What a performer.

OK time for me to get myself out of here and to the gym. Have a good day everyone.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Another beautiful fall day here, but not as warm as yesterday - it was in the 70's. Quite a switch from the inch of wet snow we got here Saturday night. Yeah, after I posted that it wasn't sticking, it stuck good. Looking out the windows seeing evergreens weighted down with snow in October is awful! Thankfully the rain washed it all away in the night.

I have done some clean-up, but still have a lot to do. I'm getting it done a little at a time, still not good on my feet for too long. I took apart some of my pots yesterday, and I noticed that my "Illustris" elephant ears plants have no large bulb, but plenty of roots. I bought it as a small plant, should it have a bulb now?

Woody, your gate project is looking good. Your bugbane are great; mine bloomed briefly but is all dried up now.

Marie, the basement is coming along. What a lot of work! I don't mind painting, but that is heavy-duty stuff. I agree, too many projects, too little time.

Babs, I love that pumpkin. I usually only manage the standard triangle shapes - all those curves are great!

All the costumed kid pictures are wonderful, they all look like they are having a great time. My soldier thought that smiling was "out of character", besides we were holding up the pending candy-collecting mission. Babs, LOL on your son and the face paint - my DS insisted on the face paint for authenticity, but DH said he moved so much it was tough to apply it. Getting it off was tougher - the poor kid washed in the shower before bed and still woke up with a 5 o'clock shadow that had to be scrubbed off before school. Do all little boys think that soap doesn't belong on the face?

Martie, your bottomless candy bowl sounded great. I bet you scared some adults too!

V, LOL on your MIL being born in a haunted house. I'll have to go back to check out that link.

Deanne, your magnolia blossom looks so real, such stunning detail. The frame sets it off to perfection! You must have been busy with those containers, did you manage to put them all away?

Honey, it sounds like you have been busy! We shred our leaves too, I talked DH into buying a shredder a few years ago. Ours is a big, honking gas-powered machine, but it gets the job done fast, and it is practically idiot-proof so he lets me use it (have I told you that I'm a bit accident-prone?). We pile up all the leaves in the back, and use them for mulch the following spring. They are also great for the compost.

Chelone, I can picture Rex with his Mohawk, we had a husky when I was growing up and he did the same thing.

Cynthia, I like Rippie's dignified look - he looks like he should be sitting next to the throne - Prince Rippie.

I have been noticing an over-abundance of Christmas stuff out too, it seems it starts earlier every year. I love Christmas too, but after Thanksgiving should be the rule.

Marie, Monique and Sue - enjoy your lunch - I'll be thinking of you guys while I wolf down my soup before playing taxi-driver for my kids!

Gotta run, off to work - half-day today. Enjoy the day everyone!


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Chelone, we have learned so much from you regarding dedication and endurance which are rooted in love. We have been missing the creative, dancing, sailing, swimming, individual. You will enjoy "Aristocrats" more than I did because you will be able to comprehend the French side of the 'Aristocratic' sisters, all enduring individuals. I appreciate history and found a lot online about the history of that era.. the follow up on the politicians.. such as the King , Charles James Fox (who became an advocate for American independence and helped abolish slave trade) and so forth. Our 2nd daughter has lived in England much of her married life so can relate to the locations and significance. We also visited some of the historical locations when we were living there in the military. I was in my early 20's then and gave birth to 2 children while there, but it was a very significant time. I also appreciated the beautiful gardens around us there. Some historical gardens are now being restored.
Endurance can be said for just about everyone who shares here.. Each has appreciative qualities. EP

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

One thing I love about the idylls is that you folks explain so many mysteries to me! See, I couldn't figure out this whole thing that went on in congress yesterday, with one party forcing a "secret session" for some mysterious reason. But then Deanne tells us, "The canna lily I had planted there was ENORMOUS! It was only six or seven feet tall and the clump of tubers was beyond description...It took an act of congress to get mine out of the ground."

So that's what they were doing!

Mystic had a good (dry) night and I had a great night's sleep. What a difference! The biggest problem I have with him is that he does not give me a strong enough clue sometimes that he needs to go out. He needs to be more verbal. Mary, Sunrise thinks much like Closseau does; she will come wake me up if needed but never bothers DH. Of course, I am the one who will jump out of bed and promptly let her out. DH sits up, slowly walks to the bathroom, spends a couple of minutes there, finds a pair of pants and pulls them on... are you getting the picture? Call me the "Rapid Response" team!

Christmas - there is a serious effort this year to get most of the US to do all of our Christmas shopping before we get our first serious heating bill. Yes, really. Major retailers are concerned that once higher heating bills start piling up we won't want to spend on Christmas. Personally, I keep looking more and more at alternatives to those "major retailers". Our church has a craft fair this weekend with a fair trade merchandise display, and I plan to see how much shopping I can accomplish there. I also like the goods offered at The Hunger Site. Then I will go to our independant bookstore, and I may try to wrap up my shopping there. Some of you may remember that two years ago we gave my MIL a gourmet dinner for Christmas. She dropped a big hint that she'd like us to do that again, and that's fine with me!

Marie, your basement is looking wonderful! What a lot of work you've done, but it will be such a better space when you are done.

Barb, good to hear from and see you! Great Halloween decorations! Kiana looks so cute; how is she doing witht he school issues? Stop by and update us when you have a chance.

Janie's bunch looks great, and Wendy's son looks sooo serious!

Cynthia, I loved Rippie's "disguise". I will confess that I was seriously thinking about adopting a grey from the nearby track that is closing, but Mystic's recent episode a.) cost a lot of money! and b.) convinced me that I still have issues to resolve with this dog and I'm not ready to expand yet. Dog-wise, that is. Halloween candy has me expanding in other areas as I'm not as good as Deanne.

Deanne, I forgot to mention how wonderful your lates painting is. I'm always in awe of your talent.

Chelone, it's always nice to hear from you, even when you're disgusting (boogers!)

Okay, long interruption here and I've lost my train of thought, so I will post this now and hope I haven't forgotten anything or anybody. I hope the CT idyllers have a great lunch today!


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V I hope Mystic is much better these days. Aj was concerned when I told him about her problem. He hopes she's feeling better.

Michelle that turkey looks skinny: )

Janie-sorry you aren't feeling well. I love the costume shot of the gang. It's fun when cousins can be together for such a fun holiday. That 'little' red devil is cracking me up-I wonder what he's thinking lol. Aj wants to be that same 'Scream' character next year-so far he always picks nonscary costumes. I always loved the classic horror monsters so I kind of hope he leans that way. Since Ryan let me paint him I hope I can talk him into being a skeleton;that would be fun makeup.

Barb she's gorgeous! Looks like you got serious and did some great decorating too-that's a great pic! With this being your first HAlloween in the new house did you get many trick or treaters?

Cynthia that's such a nice fall dog pic!

Wendy-that army guy DOES look pretty business-like!lol

Michelle-is lupine easy to grow from seed? If they are something that I can direct sow I'm better off since I don't have grow lights. If you think of it next season and I remember to ask that would be fun to try.(You know I will forget; )

Eden I actually saw a Xmas themed TV commercial yesterday-it's just not right!

Norma- Actually I do think Ryan would love a hig hug from you! I think it's something about his Yoda ears that makes him so huggable lol.

Yep,that was this year's pumpkin. I never know what I'm going to do I just start with the eyes and go from there. This one had such a thick shell I was able to give him spherical eyeballs. Wendy if you get one of those kid- safe carver knives they curve 'on a dime'!-the width of the knife blade makes a big difference.

Enough talking I need to get something done for a change!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK folks, I'm not too disappointed that I ran out of paint. It's only 10:30am and I don't have the car to go get more. :-) :-) :-)

This is one of THOSE days. The phone rang while I was in the basement, a long distance ring. (a triple ring rather than a single one) So I finally get my oil painted self upstairs pick up the phone with gray paint on my hands, knock over junk on the counter into the dog water bowl, drop the phone in the water....well, you get the picture. I finally got the Varsol to clean the phone off, mopped up the floor and all that stuff. Some guy in Ottawa wanted to speak to DH. I gave him his work number. Why do these yoyos call him at home all the time? At 10am most people have arrived at work, haven't they?

I feel like a full day's work has been done already. Reading about Deanne's new workouts and Honey's leaf crushing makes me so tired I want to go back to bed! But no, I need to plan a menu for Saturday's company, walk Charlotte, etc.

I hope you are ALL still enjoying Fall weather!

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Taking a break from the bulb planting. Have about 100 in and 50 more to go. And I'm getting some of the hosta cut back as I go.

Babs, that's the most adorable little Yoda I've ever seen!

Jane, forgot to say hope your feeling better every day...and what cuteys from your place too.

Back to it...Eden

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gardeninbc(z8 PNW)

I should be working, BUT, since I was reading anyways thought I should at least acknowledge everyone. Now we'll see how long it takes me to compose this with all the interuptions I keep getting.

Thanks for the comments on the pic. Loved everyone's costume creativity...ours was was bought at a store. But we did spend most of the day Sunday doing the halloween decorations. It was fun to decorate at the new house and my hubbie did a great pumpkin too that unfortunately you can't see in that pic...the scary one on the right is mine.

Thanks Eden and Babs for asking about Kiana's progress at school. Unfortunately, absolutely nothing has been sorted out. Just after I asked you all about it, the teachers here went on strike and were out for 2 weeks! Poor kids just got back to school last week and now we're all scrambling to get them settled back into a routine. So, too much upheaval to get things sorted out. Next week though is parent teacher interview time and I intend to get some better answers then and hope to come out of it with a plan that the teachers and I can work on together.

Well, just to get this far has taken over an hour and now I must run to a meeting. So, ciao for now. Hoping that Taryn checks in soon to update us and hello to everyone.

Just one more things - Rippie looks so cute in his dignified pose. and I must say that all the halloween pics are fabu fabu but the one of little Iris the dinosaur has me constantly scrolling up to see it again.

ok, I really am going now.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

OK so I'm completely TOAST! That trainer is going to kill me. He has me doing push ups using one of those half-balance balls so not only am I doing the push up I have to keep myself from falling over at the same time and then he has me going from that to standing overhead presses but keeping the weights over my head and alternating arms. (Much more difficult than lowering and raising because you ALWAYS have a weight over your head) Then from that to this pull up exercise using a bar that is about 4 feet off the floor. You have to scoot under the bar so that your chest is under it then raise and lower your torso to the bar while keeping your body straight like a plank, then from that particular torture we went right to triceps 'dips' where you raise and lower your body off the side of a bench using your triceps. I almost fell on the floor by the time I was done with that one. Then of course I had to finish up my ab work then do 45 minutes on the Stairmaster. I completely ran 'out of gas' by the end of that workout. Interesting factoid, Steve and I were talking about how I'd like to help other obese people get on the road to healthier living. He gave me a ton of information on how to get a certification as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Constultant. I'm going to look through that and see what the requirements are. He said that he really could use someone at the gym with that certification. (He hires the trainers at my gym) Even if you only helped one person get on the road to healthier living wouldn't that be a terrific thing? Food for thought for me.

Wendy, thanks! Glad you liked the painting.~ Nope, I didn't get the containers done yet. I keep winding digging out the dahlias and cleaning other areas. I think I'm in a major avoidance thing with the containers at the moment. I'd better get to them soon though.

V, so I'm still laughing about the 'act of congress' thing. I had to clean my computer screen because you made me spit out my mouthful of coffee when I read that. You are really too funny.~~ Glad to hear you had a good nights sleep.~~ Glad you like the magnolia.

Babs, 'Yoda' is pretty darned cute!

Eden, I've not bought even one bulb this year! I can't imagine what my problem is but I'm not even one little bit inspired to put a bulb in the ground this fall. Maybe it is the thousands of rodent holes throughout my gardens that is affecting my attitude.

Michelle, I'm going to try to dig out that Golden Tiara hosta in the next couple weeks. If you'd still like a piece of that please email me your address and I'll mail it out as soon as I've gotten it out of the ground. (I'll bet you thought I'd forgotten about that. LOL)

Bug I just hate it when that happens. the phone in the water bowl etc. That usually seems like dominoes when something like that starts, then one disaster keeps following another.

OK lunch is done and I've got a ton of errands to run today so I'm off.


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Just a short note, DH is home today and will want lunch soon.

I enjoyed seeing all the Halloween pics. Looking forward to a picture of Kenzie when Michelle gets one and of Wyatt when Norma gets one of him. Kenzie was going to be a pink poodle? Should be as cute as that little black bat was. :o)

Marie, the basement looks wonderful! So bright and clean! Do you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when you look at the photos? I would.

Nothing happening here, thankfully. DH had a colonoscopy this morning and the report so far is sounding positive. I've been on edge for a couple weeks about this and the last few days have been horrible. I handle stress by eating and I was stressing big time. Thus our pantry is depleted and my pants are a bit *depleated* too. :oP Time to behave and get back into the journaling & wise food choices and portion sizes.

Hope everyone is well...


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The setting sun (gulp!) is gilding the trees over my shoulder and I really ought to go throw the tennis ball for "Heugene" but my arms fell like jello right now. Anyone remember the scene in the "Karate Kid" when he gets to apply wax... (ahhh... Daniel san, wax on, wax off)? That pretty much summarizes my day today. BUT! Stonewall Kitchen is all ready to be put in storage for the winter. (nothing good in the way of a booger update, though... ). ;)

I have a counter full of dirty dishes, and 4 grungy awnings to put through the washing machine. And then the household bills to pay. I feel like a total drudge...

I heard a story on the radio about trying to get people to shop early, too, V.! My reaction is about the same as your's... I don't think I've visited Wally World since I bought the flags for the window boxes (they were made in China, BTW)... nearly 7 years ago now. The stores are too big. It's too hard to find what I want (if they even have it). I "shop local", too; but do confess that "add to cart" is really a very "good thing". :)

I have to spend the evening with the upholstery supply catalogue. The guy at the stripper's shop is going to try to have the 8 chairs ready by next week. I have 8 slip seats requiring a complete redo... we have no chairs around the table right now. My home is a disaster, I'm a maid, and 3 tons of Calgon couldn't "take me away", at least not far enough...

I have to deal with the dishes. No escaping that cold, hard reality!

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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Hi everyone

Babs - Yoda is soooooo cute!! It was a Halloween treat to see ALL the children. By the way, David had one of those horrible scream masks with dripping blood last year - he just loved showing it off to all his friends. We hid it this year as we thought it might scare his little cousins. I miss the cute days!

Deanne - you would be a fabulous consultant for those trying to loose weight. It sounds as if you are at the gym a lot and you would certainly be an inspiration to others. Hope you go for it! I'd be very happy to share some of the pink and white Dahlias. I'm embarrased to say they are still languishing in the ground, I'm rather behind with garden chores. I'll save a clump for you - last year they had multiplied magnificently so there will be plenty.

Barb - I must have missed about the disruption at your school. Did the children have to stay home while the teachers were on strike? Hope you get some good input at your conference.

T - so glad your hubbie's colonoscopy was OK. It must have been a great worry for you both - glad you could still come up with a word play! My DH has Chrohns Disease and has to undergo those unpleasant procedures rather regularly.

Much of today was taken up with Dr's visits here. Both Annie and David had a check-up so I seemed to spend most of the day running from school to school. They were both pronounced in excellent health and we played hookey having lunch out together to celebrate.

As we speak my BIL is interviewing in Washington so keep your fingers crossed.


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Here I am with time to "burn" and there's no one else tapping in accounts of life "away"... !

Word from my brother is that the trip to the lawyer was fruitful. The savvy, young lawyer whose specialty is ELDER LAW struck an immediate rapport with Mum. My brother was NOT in the room for certain signatures. Of greater importance, and I want to add here, is that she (the attorney) was ALL ABOUT involving Mum. She explained the entire process to her and patiently answered Mum's questions.

"Elder law"... an evolving specialty! They are up to speed with evolving inheritance laws. They can guide you through the "planning" phase so their client's assets are more fully preserved. Their whole schtick is making asset transfer following death simple and tax-free, or at least, minimizing the liability. It's smart, it's "hip", and it's the smartest expense you'll make in a long time. Get honest with the 'rents about their assets. You're gonna find out their worth one way or the other... be honest and know up front and work TOGETHER to protect them! I sound like a broken record (shrill and off key), but get busy on this!

Dancing, swimming, sailing, creative... they're but dim memories now. I can't honestly remember the last time I did anyting that was remotely creative. I can't remember the last foxtrot. I didn't go out on the boat ONCE over the summer. I work, I attend to my "maidly" duties. I'm doin' time. It'll be OK, but when? I don't know... so I keep my head down, lean into the collar, and do what's required to get to tomorrow.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

"The wind is in from Africa..."

Well, maybe it's not from that far away, but it's blowing hard from the southwest and carrying the strongest smell of woodsmoke. The sawmill across the road has mountains and mountains of mulch in their yard, so the worrier in me has visions of blazing piles of mulch... 'scuse me, I'm going to go pour myself a glass of wine to "calm my nerves".

Okay, that's better.

Here's my bright, shining moment from today. A friend of mine is under a lot of stress at the moment. Her mom has been ill and the drs are having a tough time getting her meds adjusted, she will be having surgery herself in four weeks, and she's having problems finding someone to help her with a group that she organizes. In response to oneof her emails to the group, I sent her a long response saying that maybe she should just step back and let the pieces fall where they may with the group. If someone chooses to step up that's great, but if no one does let the group "fall apart" for a while. Well, can you all guess what I did? I hit Reply All instead of Reply and sent my message to the whole group. While several people have told me it was a good message, I'm still a little embarrassed that what I meant to be private was very public.

Babs, thanks for the close-up of Yoda. Your paint job is wonderful! You couldn't see the detail in the other picture.

T, glad to hear Jim is fine. I hope the good news continues. Between my "act of congress" and your "depleated" we may owe Deanne a new screen.

Mary, I'm basically unversed in Nabokov, and I was wondering if some of the literary refernces would leave me scratching my head. So far I'm enjoying it though. Best wishes to your BIL.

I got the last of the dwarf iris in the ground before the light faded tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to get some of the hyacinths in. Time to crack out the rubber gloves as they make me itch!


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Jaden isnt feeling well tonight. No vomiting or diarrhea, but I can tell she is lethargic. Yesterday when I stayed home she seemed lazy. When we went for our run, she ran but not with her usual energy. Gosh the only time we have had a sick dog was the day after Jaden got in a fight with a coon. She was quite sick the next a.m. She was scheduled that day to go to the vet for shots, so that worked out good. She had an infection. I will have to see how she is in the a.m. I may have to take off work to take her in.

The temp was in the upper 70s today. Recording breaking. Too bad it was almost dark when I got home from work. That didnt stop me though, I did a little touch painting outside with my little headlamp.

Monday they took down a large tree by my office. This tree was no more than 15 from my desk. I have the corner desk and this tree was right outside the building. The tree must have been 70 tall and they thought 130 years old. It was an ash and the diameter was probably 4-5. It was interesting how it all came straight down. I was a little worried and after the natural gas leak a few weeks ago and the fire trucks blocking off the street right outside my window, I told the boss that I think we should get hazardous duty pay.

Norma, its good to hear that your back is feeling better. Id love to see a picture of Superman. My DS was superman many years ago.

Eden, I sure hope I was at your dream Idyllunion ;o) This year I really decorated for fall and not Halloween since we dont have Trick or Treaters anyway. That way I can leave it all up until after Thanksgiving when I put up the Christmas decorations.

Deanne, now thats what I call will power to have chocolate in the house and not touch it. Im really not done with cleanup, but am quite aways. Ill come work in your garden if you clean my second floor top to bottom ;o) I started on the guest room the other night. Im cleaning, rearranging furniture and eliminating some of the furniture also.
I cant even picture the things that you have in your new work out. Of course Ive never been to a gym so treadmills and weights are all I know. You would be a great inspiration and a lot of fun to work with for a person trying to lose weight and change their lifestyle.

Babs, I too think Yoda is adorable. It must be the droopy ears and that infectious smile. I did some digging and found some seeds that I saved from last years blue and white lupines. Since they are a reseeder, you could sow them this fall. I wintersowed some this spring from this batch of seeds and had great success. Email me with your address and Ill send them to you.

T, great news about Jims test. Yes, Kenzie was a pink poodle.

Marie, how interesting that you get a different ring for a long distance call. Ive never heard of that.

Mary, fingers crossed and toes too.

Have a restful night

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I'm I'm having having a a little little trouble trouble here here since since it's it's really really not not that that easy easy to to type type with with my my eyes eyes crossed crossed...in honor of your BIL's interview, Mary; ); )(I'm crossing everything that is able to lol). Then again I bet he's accomplished enough that he doesn't need our crossed appendages to land that job...I'm crossing anyway-no bad ju ju here.

Oh V-I yelped when I read 'Reply All' that's one of those frightening nightmares I envision when I email people. As a matter of fact,once when I emailed Eileen I accidentally clicked on my sister's email addy and then had to explain why I was sending her email there too...well my sister knows I'm batty but Eileen was only just learning lol. Ennyway-the moral is,it can happen to anybody and that was a good thing-now those people will understand the concern your friend has about finding a leader for the group! You have a good heart and if someone's offended I'd say that's their own problem.(I don' tthink they were offended though)
You're kidding,you don't speak Nabokov? That reminds me,today Ryan decided he enjoys watching Scooby Doo(DVD) in French instead of English. I have to admit it sounds better.I don't kno wwhat Nabokov sounds like; )

Thanks you guys about my YodaBoy-I've decided to make myself a matching hat so that people will want to hug me and smile at me; ). Truthfully the fleece I made it from is so soft I'm thinking about designing a winter hat from the leftovers( I bought WAY too much on purpose).

Michelle-that is sad that Jaden is not herself-I can hear your worry. If it's going to be anything I hope it's something easily treated. I like Jaden's name-and I 've never heard that before-where did it come from?
Are you serious you would send me seeds?! : )
Ok I will email you!

T good luck with the colonosc. results-anything like that is a worry. Don't feel bad if you gained-I'v been stuffing my face with Snickers and Reese's cups. I covered the scale with dirty clothes so I can't find it.; )

I need sleep!

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Greetings from frosted CT.

Because of work stuff, the lunch that was supposed to happen yesterday couldn't. All three of us had to back out at the last minute. Some would say we should be grateful to have repsonsible jobs where we can't get away, I say to yesterday: DRAT!! We'll figure something else out.

In the process of removing fake spider web from our lightposts, I broke one beyond repair (it was 20 yo and ugly, anyway) so we're in the market. I have visions of clematis and roses....

Glad all pets are improving. This house is petless for the time being, but I'd love to get a Rat Terrier or other small short-haired creature. DH needs some persuasion.

Had a tough go yesterday and the pics of costumed kids absolutely put me in a better frame of mind. Thanks, again!

Very chaotic day, today, so want to take a few minutes to watch the sunrise, take a deep breath, and get-a-going.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The sunrise here is just gorgeous! Very pink and blue...The wind is very loud though, so I'm not sure how that will affect the day's agenda.

I guess Eden must be sleeping late this morning! I slept a bit later...until 6am. Then I tried to sleep some more, in vain. At least I made up my grocery store list while lying there. A funny mix of activity today, including lunch out with a friend.

Later folks! Enjoy your day...and do something a little silly and don't forget to giggle. ;-)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Morning all,

Well it is 39 degrees out this morning and going to be another gorgeous day here. The weatherman just said we are going to have four beautiful days here in the Merrimack Valley. Neat. Im teaching this weekend though so Im not going to be taking advantage of the warm, dry days. Oh well, this seminar will finish paying off my laptop LOL!

T, glad to hear from you and very happy to hear your DH is fine. Whoops about the depleated pants. Yep, just start with the FitDay again. Ive found that even when Ive eaten too much the exercise of journaling keeps me in line for the following days. Ive not gotten on the scale for a couple weeks now and almost did yesterday but Im simply not going to until my tight jeans are loose!

Chelone, nice to see you more often lately. That really is too sad that youve not had time to dance.. Doug and I are going to start taking ballroom dancing classes in a couple weeks and I cant wait. It is something weve talked about for a long time.

Mary, Oh Boy! Thanks for being willing to share the dahlia tubers. That is way cool. As I said let me know if there is anything here youd like. How tall does that variety get?? ~~ Thanks for the positive feedback RE being a consultant. I would LOVE to be able to help people with this terrible problem.~~~ I sure hope your BIL has a positive response to the interview. Positive thoughts in your direction.

V "Last night I couldnt sleep" --- You know that is the second line to that song?~~ Hope there is no problem from the sawmill.~~ Oh dear about the Reply All! My worst nightmare.

Michelle, I hope Jaden is better this morning/ ~~Thank you! It really has taken a lot of willpower to stay the heck out of the Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joys. I absolutely LOVE them but I really want to be at my peak for my HS class reunion in three weeks. LOL~~ Hmmmm I guess Ill pass on doing your housework. That has never been my favorite thing to do but I like a clean house. What a dilemma. ~~ Do you have any pink poodle pics???

OK Babs, Im waiting for a pic of you in Yoda Face! The hat idea is a good one. Id like to see what you come up with for a pattern for that. Im always looking for a good, warm hat. The way I wear my hair makes my head very cold in the winter. I told Doug I want to get one of those Mad Bomber hats they sell at Cabelas. He laughed at me.

Martie, bummer you had to cancel lunch. Knowing Sue and Monique it wont be too long before you have a get together.

Bug, Im going to try to have a good giggle today when Im sweating my butt off on the Cybex machine. BTW, the new workout schedule is working. I can really feel a difference in my clothes. Im getting much more toned than I was. (even though I was already pretty fit) I have an Orvis skirt that I just love and have never worn. It finally fits with no unattractive bulge of fat over the waist band.

Yesterday I walked around the drowsy gardens preparing for their winters sleep and I found a few surprises.

What a surprise to find all these flowers left after a frost. Have a great day everyone.

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Off to the vet this a.m.

Deanne, I am suprised how many things are still blooming, but you do have to look close. Yours are lovely. That must be a reblooming iris. I think I have planted some, but haven't seen any rebloom yet.

Babs, funny about Scooby Doo in French.
Jaden is a girl/boy name. I do know several children with this name since I used it.



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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Yes, Deanne - "Last night I couldn't sleep..." But it wasn't the wind that kept me awake, it was the rain. Wait a minute, the skies were clear? Oh yeah, it was indoor rain! The upstairs toilet sprung a leak of some sorts about 10:45 last night, and the water started leaking through the ceiling into the kitchen and dining room. I turned the water to the toilet off and I think we got the hardwood floor dried off in time. The house looks like a small disaster area right now, with all sorts of things displaced and bowls spread about to catch the last drips. It did stop dripping during the night but I was too tired to pick up everything this morning.

The excitement can stop now, okay?

I dreamed about Chelone last night. DD and I went to visit her in Maine and she had an enormous dark wood bed in the middle of row upon row of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. All of her books were lovingly catalogued and she told us to find a book and read as long as we wanted too.

Martie, if you need to sell your hubby on getting a dog, take him to see Monique and Les and their two sweethearts, Emma and Oliver.

Michelle, I hope Jaden is okay! By the way, here's a little advice for your DH, based on my friend Terry's experience. He discovered that cell phones do not survive a trip through the corn auger! He bent over to look at something, the phone fell out of his shirt pocket and finally ended up in the truck. He recovered the phone but it had a deep crease in it and no longer worked.

Everyone swallow your coffee. Last weekend when DH and I were going to the play at the HS, he asked me who wrote "A Doll House". I told him it was Henrik Ibsen and he looked a little confused. Finally he said, "Henry Gibson? Didn't he used to recite poems on Laugh In?"


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Beautiful day here today. Sunny and seventy, what more could you ask for in November? Brad's off at the tire store purchasing a new tire. Seems I drove to the store on a flat this morning and ripped a hole in the side of the tire. I didn't notice it was flat, it didn't drive like it was flat...oh well.

Geez V, do you ever have a night go by without some sort of crisis these days? Glad someone else besides me is having Idyll dreams.

Michelle, hope everything turns out ok with Jaden. Let us know. Megan has a friend with a little girl named Jaden too.

Mary, everything crossed here too for your bil. You almost had me convinced to place an order with Plant World but I was good and deleted it. I alread have plenty of seeds to plant this winter.

T, glad Jim's test came out ok.

Pretty pictures Deanne. I still have some nice blooms too, especially the mini roses. Ballroom dancing sounds like fun!

Well, I got most of the front garden cleaned up and cut back this morning before Bella got here. I did leave up my autumn decorations, just took down the Halloween ones the other day. I still have the mums and kale, a scarecrow decoration and my windowbox full of pumpkins and gourds. I think I'll try to get a few more things planted when Bella goes down for a nap later. I'm feeling like I'm starting to make some progress out there. Have a good day everybody.


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Deanne.. I think of you and Da every time I walk in the garden. Your photograpy captures so much beauty and detail. We still have the brilliant volunteer petunias. I have been trimming them and laying the trimmings in places where I hope they will continue self sowing. Some day it might be a garden filled with petunias. I wouldn't care if that happens. Other than that the luecantha is still pretty but declining and the callicarpa is beautiful with the berries. So proud of you, Deanne, for your persistence in self improvement. You are at the top. Go for all the fun it brings. Wishing all peace and rest and freedom from stress. Sometimes everything just seems to go backwards but we can try to keep moving forward. Good to see the children, hear about the reading, the caring. This should be about the end of this thread. We will be doing a lot to get ready for the rest of the year. We will keep tuning in. EP

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Hello, I just bought a Galloping Gourmet Oven in almost new condition. The oven did not come with any directions or recipes, and I have no idea how to use it. Can someone please help me with a few hints on how to use this oven? Thank you.

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