I now have three books

Janis_G(z7GA)December 14, 2011

That Neil's grandfather wrote.

I wanted to give the kids something different for Christmas.

Their great gradnfather, I found out, had written four books.

The Devil's Own

The Fountain of Youth

Rhyme and Humor

Pa and Ma Wilson

I have been trying to find them and have succeeded in

finding all but one. Rhyme and Humor.

Pa and Ma Wilson showed up today and has a dust jacket with his picture on the back. I am thrilled. Neil isn't.

I took one look at the picture and said OMG Neil you look like your grandfather. Two of the books are signed.

Now if I could find the other book, each of Neil's four children would have a book their great grandfather wrote.

If any of you have Rhyme and Humor by Major Ellsworth Wilson stashed away in your attic, please

let me know.

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What a nice surprise for those children. I so hope you are able to find the last one.

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Janis, this is really nice, hope you find the fourth book, that would make it more than nice, it would make it perfect!

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HHow exciting I did a google on great grandfather and his names sure pops up a lot Maybe you can find a copy comewhere

Here is a link that might be useful: rhyme and humor by major ellsworth wilson - Google Search

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On the back of the dust jacket it says he was a lawyer,
newspaper man. It also talks about his being in the
Spanish-American War as a Lieutenant. A Captain of Calvery on the Mexican border. A Major in the World War.

In the picture on the DJ, he is wearing a suit vest and tie and is a really nice looking man.

Neil unfortunately didn't like him and when he did come home for a visit he brought his tent and made Neil and his brother sleep outside and would get them up way before day break to see the sun rise. ( it doesn't sound so bad to me)
Neil just says he was so strict everyone was afraid of him.

I can remember Neil's mom saying she didn't like it when Papa came home and that he was too strict. I'm thinking
if he was in the military, he probably was pretty strict.

Neil looks a lot like him. It's a shame he doesn't have any good memories of him.

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What a wonderful gift for them; I, too, hope you'll be able to find the 4th book.

Like Neil, I don't have fond memories--but it's of my maternal grandmother. However, I find myself quoting her way more often than I want to. She obviously had a greater impression on me than I thought.

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He may have sounded strict , but it seems that he had a sense of humor,looking at the title "Rhyme and Humor". And he was into "The Fountain of Youth".

The Devil's Own
The Fountain of Youth
Rhyme and Humor
Pa and Ma Wilson

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