There must be a holiday around the corner

anneliese_32(6)December 20, 2013

For some reason or the other my kitchen appliances hate holidays or days where performance is of importance.
My last stove quit on a Thanksgiving morning, my refrigerator when my husband was due home after a hospital stay and I was not home and now my range is working only on high since yesterday evening - all 4 burners!
So I had to order a new one, what I want not due until the Dec 30. Just good that the oven still works for the Christmas Eve baked shrimp and my son will run down the road and pick up 5 portions of French Fries. Christmas Day is just my husband and I and the pre-cooked ham I get tomorrow will get heated in the microwave, the veggies ditto and the potatoes go in the oven.

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At least you don't have a houseful! I remember your problems with appliances quitting at the most inconvenient time, a bummer for sure.
One of the feed-store customers gave Joann a goose, he had been hunting and had more than he could use, so we may just have wild goose for Christmas dinner, I have been checking recipes, seems if stuffed with apples and onions and low heat roasted one can't go wrong.

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anneliese, I also remember you posting about your gremlin appliances in the past. I must say you are very inventive when it comes down to putting a meal on the table.
Lilo, yes, apples and onions are a good with wild goose, I'd add a few pitted prunes for the sweetness of the bird and the gravy.
I speak from experience, and I do hope the bird was "plucked" before you got it. I spent hours plucking the bird and said never again. But once it was stuffed and roasted, it was delicious.

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Low and slow on a smoker sounds good, also a good backup.

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Hello robb, since I could not find anyone else with an e-mail addr, I ask you please tell the Garden Party that I wish everyone at the Garden Party that I wish them all Merry Christmas. I have not defected but my holiday luck is here to stay. My laptop is in the computer hospital and the Garden Web don't accept posts from my husband's computer. Great that Don is back! Thanks robb, Anneliese

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Thanks for the post rob, and I'm glad that Anneliese was able to get together with you.
Now, what to do to help Anneliese back to the GP?
Any suggestions, anyone?

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