Fairy Ring

anneliese_32(6)December 9, 2012

A couple of minutes ago I went out to fill up the birdfeeder for tomorrow and found a fairy ring of very fragile little white mushrooms. It has rained for three days, but we had frost before that. That's the first time I encountered mushroom in December. Crazy.

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All the rain and fairly warm temp brought out a whole string of mushrooms here, little white ones. Even now we had some frost but the soil is still warm enough.
Wish I knew enough to use the edible ones, but don't want to take a chance.
Joann is taking a workshop about cultivating mushrooms, shitake and the oyster mushrooms do well, they do sell at the Farmer's markets and that is a safe enterprise.

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Just north of here across the Pennsylvania line there are many roadside stands along the hiway. They are selling mushrooms from the local farms. Mostly old mine shafts. Quite an industry.

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After the last rains we've had a lot of different "mushrooms" growing in the yard.They are prolific and fast growing, and I don"t know what they are, so I go on a mushroom kill.
I was interested in how to grow mushrooms, so after much research, including the posts here at GW, I decided to buy a kit and try it out.
It worked great and tasted good.
I would never buy any mushrooms from a road stand. Who knows what they know about mushrooms.
Below is a pic of the kit. I may have posted the pic and the info before, but I think it is timely to post it again.

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