fountain base does not have a hole to hide cord

maggie_berry(z6CT)May 9, 2010

I bought a used concrete fountain from an ad. The fountain is 5 feet tall with two doves on top. The only tier sits on a concrete base. The concrete base does not have a hole going through it. It has one tier, a basin for the pump and doves on top of the basin that water shoots up from. My issue is that the there is no hole for the electrical cord to go through the base and plugged into the out let. the seller had the electrical outlet coming out of the side of the fountain with the cord dangling down from the tier. The fountain was a great deat at $125.oo but now I am wondering if Iam missing a piece of the fountain or if some fountains do have cords hanging off of them verses coming out from the bottom. Do think a piece is missing from the fountain? Is there a good website that shows where the cord comes from? Do you have any ideas how you would disguise the cord. Would you drill through the base. I am going to go solar for this fountain and for the price I can work with your ideas. I have googles my heart out, help!

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

I'd get a cement drill bit and drill a hole through it. To seal the hole around the cord, I think I'd use Great Stuff foam. That stuff sticks to anything and seals great.

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Thank You Ccoombs1,
I am so very tempted to do just that. But you just put another thought in my head. I am thinking that maybe I could tape the cord to the base and spray the cord with good stuff and paint over the good stuff or just paint over the cord....

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"Good stuff?" Well I've heard of GREAT stuff but not good stuff That stuff gets messy fast, but fortunately it trims off nice.

Drilling thru even a short piece of concrete can be a huge job, even with the right bit. How large is the base? I hook all sorts of things together in my yard with those electrical ties. I get them in black and white and use whatever is most unobtrusive. 2 or more can be strung together if you need larger. With the ends cut off they get lost fast.

But bottom line it sounds to me like you got the base to a different fountain. If it were me I'd start by asking where I got it.

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Ernie_m, You are indeed wise. I really screwed this thing up. I bought a used 5 foot tall concrete fountain from a yard sale for $125. The base is 3 feet tall with a fluted bowl and two doves on top. At the time, I had looked at so many smaller fountains for triple the money and in resin that I did not let the - obvious slow me down. Now I have to scratch my head and agree with you this has got to be a group of different parts that fit together to form a fountain. ) Now, I have a classic looking fountain that is going to look crazy with a electrical cord flying off of it. My choices are to skip the concept of a fountain and just treat it like a giant bird bath or planter.

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