West Coasters

anneliese_32(6)December 20, 2010

How did/does the weather treat you? Hope you are safe and had no problems.

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I just logged in and thanks for asking. We've had winds, rain ,lightning and two, yes two earthquakes in the past couple of days. One had the epicenter 2km from our house, it was only a 3.1 quake but it shook the couch where I was sitting, trying to relax from all the bump in the night noises from the storms.

Everything is fine in my physical world. The house and the trees are still standing, no floods and we are fortunate to have power.
But my nerves are getting frayed.

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3 1/2 inches in the last three days and the biggest storm is to hit tomorrow. Flood watch in recently burned areas and up to 8 feet of snow in the mountains. Good for the ski people but hard to trim trees.

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Rain, sometimes really heavy squalls, some thunder at times, windy and chilly. The property is looking fine, the pond is quite full, the water is roaring out of the culvert. Chickens and goats are comfortable, dogs get wet and have to be toweled off.
Last evening, just before sunset, we had about ten minutes of sunshine; it was pretty, all the droplets on the trees were sparkling, and my crystals in the kitchen window made rainbows all over the place.So far, roads are open, there have not been any accidents.

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Busy local news day, rescues, houses flooded Trees down and free ways shut down.
The golf course next to our neighbour hood has a creek going through it that grows in this kind of weather. Last time it got 20 feet deep and went over the road behind the hospital. may have a repeat. Two years ago a guy visiting his girlfriend walked her dog and the both he and the dog got caught in the fast flowing stream, did not make it.
Pictuures of flooded golf course from 2005

Here is a link that might be useful: Local news

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Don, talking about trimming trees. Our city and power company apparently go so tired of us complaining about the loss of power almost every time it rained, so they got together and hired a large tree trimming company to trim all the city and private trees that was anywhere near the power lines.
The tree trimming guys (have not seen a woman yet) have been in the neighborhood for a couple of weeks now, during rain, frost, and high winds.
The guys are dressed in major rain gear, the trucks are massive and the buckets are large enough for a couple of guys.
I think this is the best preventive measure I've seen re loss of power. But of course they waited until the weather people kept screaming about all the storms that was coming our way.

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lilod, we also had a little bit of sun today. Sure feels good.

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Ikeep seeing all this on the TV, and I never knew until my own daughter's house burned down what it really means when one's house disappears into a river or is crushed by a mudslike.
Lilo, please stay safe!

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Oh my gosh, I see that the people is the San Diego area is having a tough time. Floods, mud slides, evacuations etc. My heart goes out to them.

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