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west_gardenerDecember 4, 2012

I luv fortune cookies and I always read the message. This time the fortune may be true. It said: "You will live a long life and eat many fortune cookies".
How did they know?
Have you every had a fortune/teller message come true?

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Can't remember any in particular but have had instances where I have just blurted out things that later came to be for others, wierded me out sometimes.

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Doncha know you're supposed to add, "in bed" to the end? (wink, win) So yours should've read "You will live a long life and eat many fortune cookies in bed."

My weirdness (like Don's) was I always knew when our phone would ring at university. I'd say, "Get the phone". And she'd say, "It hasn't rung" and then it'd ring. She finally figured out not to say it. Or I'd run to get the phone because I knew it was for me. My other weirdness? My current job-for the first few months I kept having a recurring nightmare right when I was drifting off to sleep. I'd have to find him, out of town, to tell him something awful had happened to his wife. I hated that dream! Who/when was it? His daughter was in an accident, ended up in the emergency room, and they were both out of the country. But I quit having that driftoff nightmare. No more since then.

Here is a link that might be useful: The fortune cookie game

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That was a fun site, Rob. It certainly adds some flavor to the sayings, like "you will have much luck"
Don, I know what you mean.
Back in the old country, the Gypsies use to come to town every couple of years and they would tell our fortune for a fee.
Two of my aunties would save their pennies and get several readings. If they did not like something, they went to the next reader. Then they did their cherry picking.
When one of the aunties came to visit here in the states, I brought her to the one and only reader that I knew about here in the valley. She did not like the reading and wanted other readings. She was not a happy camper when I told her we did not have any one else.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Sorry, but I don't pay much attention to fortune cookies, possibly because I don't care for the cookie itself, which is probably because by the time it's served, I'm too full from the preceeding dinner. :)

That does remind me of a woman I worked with [many years ago]. She always looked at the "lucky numbers" and would play them in one of the lotteries. She never won a big sum, but often won smallish amounts.

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Hey, winning is winning! I'd be happy with that!

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