Idyll 230: Tough to find a title for this Idyll

just_tOctober 21, 2005

Well, hopefully I'm not going to double up on this Idyll.


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Well, I posted this at the end of the last Idyll, but since some may not want to go back and read it, I am going to put it here too. Hope you don't mind. EP seperate Birthday threads sound ok to me.

Hi everyone, drizzly day here so thought I would pop in and say hello. I have been in lurk mode as I feel I'm a pretty bad idyllyer.
I just don't have the knack for daily chatter, that you all do nicely and make reading here so interesting.
I am pretty bummed because I messed up my back a week ago and even after a week of everyother day treatments, I am still not able to get back to my power walking or much yard work. Just when I had a good thing going with the weight loss too. It stinks!
No frost here yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one over the weekend. I have taken a few cuttings and been gathering seeds , but there is still lots to do out there. I spent a lot of time brush hogging a couple of fields and also cleaning up my walking trails at the back of the property. Some of which were hard to find because of downed limbs and brush that had grown up. I hadn't done any maintence on them for a couple of years. I took a slow walk back there yesterday and was wishing I hadn't gone so far from the house. Painful walk back. I think I am being a bit impatient with letting my back heal up.

Happy Belated Birthday Ei and Julie. And of course Cynthia's is now belated too. Happy Birthday Cynthia.

EP, your picture with the lavender is lovely. Babs I like yours too, very creative. Of course I like everyones.

Woody and Michelle, your garden projects are both coming along nicely. Michelle I have heard the word potager before but not sure what it means. Is it a decorative garden or vegie? Maybe a combo? By the way Kenzies cheerleading pic was adorable.

VG, love the picture of Fred and your dog. My son used to have a rooster named John Wayne. His son now has a pet chicken named Camofloge. sp? (you know like the hunting clothing). I see you are getting some good input on your driveway border. I just fly by the seat of my pants, so I wouldn't be much help to you. I always wind up having to move things. I certainly admire the others who post here for their beautiful gardens. I do think the beds I have put in during the fall always turn out best though. Maybe because I used what was most available at the time and added more things in spring. I almost like my fall garden best because some of the later reseeding annuals have really kicked in by then too. Like Sue said the impatients, which reseed for me are still nice. I have a lot of self seeded petunias too, because of a container that I kept moving around all over the place dropping seeds wherever I put it. Periwinkle too.

Ei, How is your dads eye? and Babs how is your MIL doing?

Deanne I still haven't had a chance to eye all your garden photos, but I will. Congratulations! you are so close to your goal. I know how hard it is to accept that even if we achieve all the weight loss we can, It still doesn't make our bodies look the way we would prefer. But hey it still feels great to fit into those smaller sizes and be able to move about so much more freely. I am worried I will lose my muscle tone if I can't get back to power walking soon.

Welcome to new posters. It is a great bunch here. Missing hearing from some of the other ones .

Eden, your witches and cats are really cute. T, thanks for sharing the porcupine and I love the one of your GS with the one big glove.

GB you have shared some cool pictures too. And since I am posting from memory, which is my weakest part. I'm sure I've missed many other people. But I do remember some cute dogs and cats. And many pretty flowers.
And yes my DH leaves bread crumbs on the counter and coffee dribbles on the floor too. But he helps me move huge rocks and brings me old bottles he digs up. No chocalate or diamonds for me. And the only flowers I like are live ones. LOL

Ok enough for now. Gotta go. Litterly. Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hmmm... Interesting factoid, the nutritionist at the gym has been working with me to rearrange my food choices. The basic thing is to have protein and a carb at every meal and never ever eat a carb without some protein. So I changed my oatmeal to 1/2 cup oats at breakfast instead of the full cup and included 1/2 cup of eggbeaters. Then eat the other 1/2 cup of oats and another 1/2 cup eggbeaters for morning snack. That was the ONLY change I made and I lost 2 pounds since Monday. Maybe she has something there. If you have an apple for afternoon snack you should have 1T of peanutbutter with it or 10 almonds but never just an apple etc. She is also increasing my calories by 300 per day. She said I'm starving myself at my weight and activity level with the 1,500 c per day and it is shutting my metabolism down so no weight loss. She also recommended having 8oz of gatoraid during my workouts because they are so long and strenuous. She said my performance/calorie burn will improve because that gives you immediate glucose for your muscles while they are working.

The other amazing thing is that so far the nutritionist and trainer will not charge me anything for this help they are giving me. They have seen how hard I'm working at this and are really pulling for me to succeed. They said that I've already done all the work and they are just tweaking things. What neat people!

BTW, talk about body image. My nutritonist has 18% body fat and she thinks she is fat!!!!!!! Good grief!


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Norma, I hope your back heals quickly and I think you Idyll just fine.

I'm cleaning house & grooming dogs this morning. The clippers need to cool off, thus I get a coffee break.

The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. I'm not sure what our weather forecast is for the weekend, but it is a pretty day right now.

Hope everyone is having a 'good' Friday. I'm going to go clean out the litter box, fold the clothes in the dryer and then get a dog back on the grooming table.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Hey, Deanne - great factoids - keep them up! I just finished reading an article similar to what you speak of re the combo of carb & protein -- and you had success! neat - maybe I'll give it a try too. I wondered if you had shut down your metabolism. That's so nice of them to help you "tweak the image" for free! Obviously, they appreciate all the hard work you've done "climbing that mountain" -- and you'll be good P.R. for them. Keep it going.
Im so sorry you've hurt your back, Norma -- injuries like that are discouraging and so slow to heal -- but be careful not to overdo.
I have to ask - what is "brush hogging?"??? Great term, even if I dont know exactly what it means.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Norma, glad you liked the picture of Fred and Lady. Chickens make pretty good pets. i started to write "prety neat pets" but I thought, "No, they are not neat!:-) So, so sorry about your back. It's so frustrating to hurt something just when you're on a roll getting things done. Yes, I'm getting some great advice on my driveway bed. I'm a little bummed right now. DH is waffling on me about moving the dirt. His neck is hurting and his ear is numb so he is feeling overwhelmed about all the things to do before winter. DS just reminded me that we have a LOT of stuff to move so we can get the tractor in to the dirt pile. IF DH would just give us the go-ahead, we could work on it but when he is having a bad day or a bad week, he wants us to be doing the things on his list LOL!

Mary, I meant to tell you in the last thread..yes! Yes! Yes! I would love more inof on seed starting. I love doing that but have been disappointed with my success since we moved into the house and tried growing from seed with lights in the basement. It seems like it should work because the light is in my laundry room and the room stays around 65 degrees. Is that too cool?

Deanne, That is so neat that those two aren't going to charge you for their services! I'm glad you are sounding more encouraged now:-) Its funny that you should mention an illustrated children's book about Fred and his adventures! I had thought the same thing but I would have no idea where to begin with a project like that. I think it would make an adorable book all about Fred and Lady. She protected him from another dog once. Some daylily customers came and let their huge puppy out to run around. He was twice as big as Lady!! Naturally the puppy saw Fred and wanted to play. Fred was terrified. The faster he ran, the faster the puppy ran and the owner behind the puppy yelling. Lady was hysterical! She came running to me whining and looking at the chase like "Mom! DO something! Fred's in trouble!!" After several seconds of that she couldn't take any more. She intercepted the puppy and bit him on the butt which allowed Fred to make for some bushes and hide. She didn't hurt the puppy but it slowed him down enough that the owner could catch him and put him back in their vehicle. Fred would not come out of the bushes long after the customers left. I had to crawl in the bushes and carry him out. He peered around cautiously for several minutes then went to where Lady was lying in the grass and settled down, making contented little burbling noises:-)

Hi T! enjoy your day:-)

Our weather report doesn't sound good:-) 50% chance of rain Saturday with lows in the 30's. Yuck! We'll probably get our first frost over the weekend. On thru Wed sounds wet and cold too. So much to do. I'd better get out there.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL , Cindy ! I was wondering how long it would be before someone asked about " brush hogging " , or " bush hogging " . I think I mentioned it in a past post .

Here is a link :


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi all !
Man , what a difference a day makes . The high has never got above our last night's low of 48F ! It is foggy , and drizzly .
We went to the funeral of a 94 year old friend this AM . Not a good day to stand out in the cemetery , so we didn't .
The services took place in a small church building , and there were people standing for lack of room .

Ep , add me to the approval of your suggestion for the birthday greetings and pics . I also would like to suggest to the iVillage management that they add some pages to our forum . Would that meet with other's approval ? I don't want to rock any boats , but other's have asked , and been given what they asked for .

Hi , Norma ! Not all of us post daily . It is not necessary . Some pop in about once a week . I'm so sorry about your back . Do take care of it , so it can heal .

VG , woops , I don't know how I missed mentioning your 'dogs' . They are a handsome pair . Fred resembles the roosters we had with our little flock of years past. Ours were never friends with our cats ! Poor Lady , I do think both cats and dogs show embarrassment . I loved to hear our roosters and hens , but Nolon got tired of tending to them . They all gradually died off of old age . It really annoys me when people bring their dogs and let them have the run of our place ... peeing on my plants , annoying our cats , etc. I wouldn't think of doing that .
We had to keep our chickens penned up for 2 reasons , one was for their own protection from all the varmints , the second was because they would demolish my flowers !

Deanne , how awful that you lost so many of your orchids ! Do you think they are totally dead ? My African Violets got frozen back , and looked dead , but came back out .
Re , your body ... it is taking me an awfully long time to accept my aging body . I had hoped I would be a good-looking old lady ! Nope ! My abdomen looks like a disaster due to several surgeries . My skin looks like crepe paper . It's hard to accept that it will only get worse . But it is something we must learn to accept , unless we can do like the rich and famous with all their tucks and trims . I doubt if that lasts 'forever' too . It's funny , I do not see my aging friends in the same light as I do myself .

Wendy , I love the fact that your DS relocates worms so they won't get hurt ! How sweet . Hopefully your DD will learn to love gardening .
Thanks on the sunrise pic . I have several such pics in my 'skyscape' PT album . I'd have more if I took my camera with me when I go places .

Teresa , I thought it was a Washington coastline . It sure resembles what I saw in Oregon .

Eden , I root geraniums the same way ... I stick cuttings ( or broken off pieces ) in the same pot as the original .

RE: banana plants , mine are potted , and I set them in the utility room over winter . They remain in a suspended state all winter . I only cut off tacky leaves , but mine are not nearly as large as (?)... Sue's? .The room has windows on three sides . I try to keep the room no colder than 50F. I water them about every 3-4 weeks . I do the same with my Bengal Tiger Canna .


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Cindy, brush hogging is basiclly mowing with a larger mower pulled behind a tractor. Ours is small compared to what Brenda and Michelle probably know, but it cuts small sapplings and shrubby stuff as well as grass and weeds. The smaller size works good for me since most of my trails are in the woods and it fits between the trees nicely. When we bought this property 12 years ago(52 acres) it was so thick with underbrush we could hardly walk it. It was difficult to figure out where to put the house even. But we knew we wanted it somewhere near the middle. Now we have the fields brought back and I have trails all through the woods. There are several old log house foundations and a rock basement and remnants of a fireplace chiminey. There is vinca spread over about three acres around the old foundations. I mow paths through it. It is pretty in spring but it is to agressive.

my little tractor";>

paths mowed through the vica

the rock basement

last of the oringinal logs

an old post with square nails

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hurray! All my bulbs are in!!!! I'm a happy camper. Still need to bed down three group 1 clematis for their winter naps, but then the messy stuff begins: must get rid of frozen tomato plants, cut back the asparagus, compost the eggplants and green peppers, etc.

I am tired from various activities and DH's stresses, but it has been a wonderful sunny day at 50F. On Wednesday I was in Markham north of Toronto and bought my ingredients for making hot and sour soup at this store:

I bought lily blossom buds and special mushrooms and the bill came to under $1.50!

The kittens are growing...and I look forward to Cynthia, V and others posting on the weekend.

What's for dinner???? Better go check out the freezer!

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There was another picture of the paths but the tag line was messed up so it didn't show up. I will take the pics down later so as not to slow up the thread.

Hi Marian. 94 is a ripe old age. Sorry for the loss of a friend.

Deanne I have heard something like that too. (the carbs and protien) but want to investigate it further. Thanks for sharing that. Norma

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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Sorry this is a tad late Cynthia. In case anyone is wondering, this is Aconitum 'Barkers Variety' and Aster tartaricus behind variegated Miscanthus in a pot.

Congrats on the 2 lbs Deanne! I'll have to start bringing in some almonds to eat with my apple at work-sounds great to me.

EP, the pink flowers were Allium 'Ozawa'-a great late blooming onion that will also get orange foliage in a couple of weeks. Have a great weekend!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Deanne-that's pretty interesting about the carb/protein thing. I'll have to keep that in mind. Besides, peanut butter on apples is one of my favorites :) I think it's great that they're not charging you for their services. I bet they are just SO impressed with you-what you've done is just amazing!!

VG-I love the Fred story. Too cool that Lady and Fred are just tight buddies. Gus "tells on" Sarah and Jim the same way. Comes and paws at me, whines, and looks at the problem. When Gus was just a puppy, Jim started letting him lay on the footrest of his recliner. Of course, Gus doesn't realize that he now weighs a million pounds, and probably shouldn't lay on it anymore. If Jim doesn't recline his chair, Gus comes and paws and whines until I tell Jim to recline.

Marian, your sunrise picture was just gorgeous! I wish I had taken the camera with me yesterday. The sunset was spectacular. Also, the leaves are starting to change color. I never seem to have the camera when I see something really cool.

Marie, glad you got your bulbs in. That's always a good feeling. The way harvest is going, I'd probably have time to get some planted, but since I didn't order any, I'm going to leave well enough alone. Looks like a very interesting store you went to! A Chinese place, I assume? Had to chuckle, that the one box says "Hecho in Mexico". BTW, how do you know what's IN the containers? Do you recognize the stuff, or is in printed in English?

Norma, I love the pictures! And, what a beautiful dog!!!

I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday, Cynthia!

Monique, your picture is beautiful!

We got about 10,000 more bushels of corn shelled yesterday. We only worked until about 8:30, but it felt a lot later than that ;) I don't know how many of you have been in the middle of a big cornfield after dark, but it's pretty eerie. There's the small circle of light from the combine, and the rest is pitch black. I was picking along last night, lost in thought, and Jim managed to sneak up on the combine, climb the ladder and pop the cab door open before I knew anyone was around. Almost gave me a heart attack, lol! The guys have a bad habit of jumping on and off the ladder while I'm running. I really wish they wouldn't do that, I'd be glad to stop and let them on and off. The ladder isn't that far away from those huge tires, and I really don't need to live with running someone over. Coming from a factory, my sense of safety is a bit different than these old school farmers, I guess.

Time to head out again. There is talk of rain this afternoon and tonight and into tomorrow. We could all use a break, anyway. My friend, Diane, is coming over tomorrow. She's coming to ride in the combine, but I don't think we're going to be farming. I personally think we should take Sundays off, but the powers that be don't always see it that way.

Have a good day, all!

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Good morning!

DH had to go into work at his normal time this morning.....thus I'm up and doing my normal morning thing, too.

Normal morning thing? Bleary eyed, stumbling, grumbling, frightening to small animals & children before my coffee gets a chance to kick in. It is a sad and sorry state of affairs.

Norma, I enjoyed seeing your tractor (it's a Deere!) and brush hog along with the photos of some of your land. The foundations, logs and the square nails were neat to see. We don't have anything like that on our would be fun to own a piece of history as you do.

Marian, good for you on finding the 'brush-hog/bush hog' site to help those that aren't familiar with the terminology or the chore. We call ours a brush hog and it is 5' wide if my memory is correct. DH has tried to mow his share of large rocks so the metal looks like someone popped corn in a very soft container. Unfortunately the ground heaves the rocks up each winter, so there are always new ones to sharpen. He said he needs to pick the brush hog mower up, look underneath and see if there are still blades attached. :o(

GB, that store looks intriguing!

Monique, thank you for the id on the plants I would have asked. ;o)

Okay, dogs just looked at me and ran........time for more coffee. Poor little animals.

I'll refresh and see who else is up. I hope we get all the Idylls checking in.


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Marian, as far as anyone can determine all 'conversations' forums are limited to one page and everyone is expected to accept the 'rules' of the forum. However 'rules' can change. Spike was a good manager. The new management seems to be doing OK but haven't felt the personal connection we appreciated with Spike. With over a half million users it is a benefical service... but the objective of the service is research and marketing. We have no idea 'who' reads every word that is shared. It's fun to 'have coffee' and chat with people all over the world from our quiet little home in the Oklahoma hills.

Norma... your property is interesting. The basement reminds me of one we found on property that was occupied by my parents when they were first married. Their first home had been a double wide log cabin built by my father which they moved into shortly after they were married in mid December, 1911 and where my oldest sister had been born the following year. (Delivered by our father, as grandmother couldn't get there fast enough driving her horse pulled wagon). ( Dad was 46 and mom 40 when I was born.. 7th child... and soon afterward we were living on a ranch in Arizona.) The world has come a long way during the past century. Very few 'ancient' homes still exist in Oklahoma but some centennial farms have been recognized in our area. Some historical buildings are under restoration. The 'mansions' of the wealthy and homes of the famous have become museums. The production "Oklahoma" depicts the life style of that 'era' very well. Many of the men were very similar to the character of Will Rogers and almost everyone in this area were 'cousins', 'mixed blood' Cherokee, or 'full blood'. (Still are in this community). There were also the 'outlaws and land grabbers'. My best friend's Dad and Will once rode off together to rodeos when they were 'cowboys'.

Monique, thanks for the ID of the allium. Have been thinking of adding more alliums to our gardens. I love the flowers on the chives and garlic chives which bloom at different times. The flowers dry well for winter arrangements. Our daughter enjoys picking her weekly supply of fresh herbs when she visits on Friday evenings. Yesterday, she needed chives, mints, and parsley, and McCartney gave us a few rose buds. She also took home a bundle of dried bittersweet for decoration. Last week I sent a box of fragrant dried herbs to my sister in the California desert.

Our Callicarpa Americana is outstanding again this year. We found an 'offshoot' coming up at the base of the wall so partner moved the 'offshoot' to the terrace above. We don't know if it came up from a root or a seed. It always recieves comments.

_T ... your posts are always fun and interesting... don't expect to ever see either Australia or Oregon ... but who knows? I never expected to be living in the Oklahoma hills either.

Cindy, VG, and other newer 'posters'... It's interesting to hear from other areas of the country. I don't usually attempt individual comments but find everything interesting reading.

Partner just brought me coffee. There was a heavy mist over the hills and tree tops this morning. The sun is out now and I will most likely enjoy some time outside. It will probably be a quiet Saturday. EP

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I just put a roast (beef) in the slow cooker along with a large onion, baby reds (potatoes) and baby carrots. I only had to invoke the 5 second rule 3 times....which must be a record for me. The dogs were sitting around the cutting board, patiently awaiting the baby carrots flying in all directions. I didn't cut myself not once. It is going to be a very good day, I can tell already.

7:15 and daylight is just enough that the hills around us are beginning to show. It is hunting season here, so the rifleshots will probably be heard soon. We haven't seen the elk for weeks although I've come across their 'calling cards' sprinkled on the driveway so they must be visiting during the night.

EP, I always look forward to your posts also. Thank you for the kind compliment.

Brenda, I wrote you a note, excusing you from working on Sunday. It is in the mail.....hopefully that will be work for you. ;o)

Guess if I'm posting here then I'm not doing my Saturday morning chores?


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Saturday morning everyone,

It is a dull and cloudy day here and didnt frost again last night as predicted. There is so much work to be done outside that IÂm finding myself going out and doing absolutely nothing except looking at the wreck of what once was so beautiful. (Can you tell IÂm a bit melancholy this morning?) There are couple leaves with color that are still on the trees but all in all the foliage season here this year was a bust. Too much rain and wind at the wrong time and no rain whatever for eight weeks prior to the end of Sept. The trees are just saying Âgood night and dropping all their leaves without putting on their normal fall show.

EP what a delightful post from you this AM. How lovely your sweet DH brings you coffee. Mine used to do that but things shifted and IÂm now the person who makes our beverage in the AM. ~~ IÂm envious of your Callicarpa. IÂd really love to have one of those and will try one next year when we get the new beds prepared. ~~I love allium also and have planted many here because of MoniqueÂs gardens. IÂve been so influenced by MoniqueÂs, CynthiaÂs, SueÂs and DavidÂs gardens that the feeling and texture of my borders has changed the last couple years. Much for the better I think.

Morning T, IÂm doing my bleary eyed, stumbling thing this morning also, Here it is 10 and IÂve not even gotten to the gym yet. We had friends over for take out Chinese food last night and I stayed up WAY past my bedtime. I love visiting but I also love getting to bed at a reasonable hour! LOL YouÂve have been proud of me, I had one, six ounce glass of red wine last night. Yes, one six ounce serving. IÂd much rather have half a bottle but oh well, IÂm shooting for that 18% so must behave.

Brenda, love the story about being in the cornfield after dark. Sounds like a scary place and if Doug ever popped in on me in a situation like that IÂd probably faint, that is after I had a heart attack and probably wet my pants. LOL! IÂm always in awe of how much you guys accomplish.

Monique, Monique, Monique!!!! YouÂve done it again with another fabu-fabu combination that makes my heart sing. One of these years IÂm going to get down to your place this time of the year to see all these wonderful fall plantings youÂve got. (Also make off with divisions if IÂm lucky!)

Bug, interesting store, reminds me of places in Japan. Glad you got all your bulbs planted. I didnÂt buy a single bulb this year. I think I was too burned out with the Nashua Garden Club tour and the Idyllunion that my enthusiasm for any more garden projects went right downhill. Of course being ÂHose-Woman for two months didnÂt improve my attitude either. The good news is there is a possibility that we might be able to swing an irrigation system next year. Woohoo! That would be so wonderful.

Norma, sorry about your back. Do take care and get that healed up and donÂt overdo it.~~ I love all your pics! I guess I didnÂt know you had 52 acres of land. How fantastic but what a job to keep that up. Sometimes I think IÂd like more land but at this time of the year IÂm glad IÂm just a city girl.

Marian, No hope for the orchids. They had some kind of black mushy spots all over them and then some spots that looked like blisters that hadnÂt broken yet. Very nasty looking fungus or some disease and I donÂt dare take them in and risk infecting the rest of my collection.~~ You are so right that accepting ourselves as we age is something we all need to come to terms with. I havenÂt gotten there yet! LOL I scared myself this morning when I brushed my teeth and saw myself in the mirror because one side of my face was all smushed and wrinkled more than the other side because I lay on my left side to sleep. Jeesh Not a pretty sight. Now I know why some ladies sleep on their backs.

VG, Awwww another Fred and Lady story. I love, love love this relationship between your rooster and dog. Have you written all these stories down???? You need to do that. It is so very interesting and amusing and touching all at the same time. ~~~ IÂve not forgotten your design help request. IÂve been working on finding my old map of my driveway garden and updating it which is taking longer than I thought. Anyway, as soon as IÂm done that IÂll post it for your info. You might find it helpful to have a map to go with the pics. That way you could just substitute the plants you have that are similar in color and size?

GB thanks much for the info on the grass. IÂm going to give it a shot trying to get it to go dormant in the basement. CanÂt hurt and IÂd have lost in anyway. I think IÂm also going to try to keep one under the lights with the Albutilon.

Eden, thanks muchly for the info re wintering albutilons. You are the resident expert at wintering over tropicals I think and very generous with your information. I really appreciate it. What fun???? Not is right!

OK I think IÂve gotten to everyone I needed to Âtalk to so IÂm outta here and off to the gym with a bottle of Gatoraid. See how that goes. Have a great Saturday everyone.


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Perhaps the title could be "waiting for weather." We haven't had a hard frost, yet, and my annuals look great. Ditto the lawn, which is DH's baby and is finally coming into its own. Today I'll be moving Hostas and planting bulbs. Also will be on the lookout for iris and peony deals while DH stocks up on bathroom fixtures.

I look at the projects underway within this group and am humbled. Took inventory yesterday of the nurseryed plants and they include (mishmash of botanical and common names):

Climbers Golden Showers,
Climbing Peace.
D.A. A Shropshire Lad.
Floribunda Iceberg,
4th of July.
Hybrid Teas Pink Perfume,
Fragrant Cloud,

Lavandula x intermedia 'Provence', 'Grosso'
Salvia angustifolia and Tri-Color
Echinecea 'Magnus', 'Alba', and some shade of orange??
Lemon Thyme
Fennel Bronze and Green
Rosemary 'Hill Hardy'

Ornamental Flowering Perennials:
Pink Sedum
Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'
Geranium 'Rosanne'
Daylilys (unnamed??) bright yellow with red rims
Siberian Iris (unnamed??) blue and pink
Potentilla - 3 varieties including the outstanding 'Monarch's Velvet'
Hosta 'Elegans'
H. 'Dream Weaver'
H. 'Sum and Substance'
H. 'Gold Standard' here when we bought the place and taking over
Buddleia 'Black Knight'
B. 'Alba'
Dianthus 'Tiny Rubies'
D. 'Siskin Clock' -- A musthave. Bloomed all summer.
Athyrium 'Pewter Lace'
White Gaura
4 to a box carnations from HD

Clethra 'Ruby Spice'
Viburnum carlesii
Red Twig Dogwood
Rosa rugosa in pink and red
Short-leaved rhodies deep purple
Short-leaved rhodies light purple
Hydrangea macrophylla - a pink lacecap
Chionantus retusus
Heirloom Azalea that is a dusty gold with pink splotches
Heirloom lilac that originated at a NJ estate in 1920's

Many pots of tenders waiting to go into the basement.

Everything listed is first-year and mostly nursery size. Nothing like starting over, again. I have the distinct advantage of "knowing now" and avoiding plant mistakes I've made in the past. I wanted to start with plants I know and love and go from there. Design efforts have been put on hold given in-the-house projects that need to be done NOW. DH has been patient :-)

This has been a rather selfish post. Know I'm getting a kick out of everyone's daily adventures.

Will "talk" with you again later (probably with Hosta frozen fingers) ....


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi ! A chilly sunny morning here . Low of 38F , but no frost . Warming nicely on the no. east facing deck , so Nolon is already out there nailing on siding .

I have been reading some of the links on the bush hog site . There is some very interesting , and humorous , stuff . I didn't realize the webmaster is an Ozarkian . I think VG may be interested in some of it .
Norma , I hope you didn't think I was answering for you . I had mentioned bushhogging in a previous post ... Oh , I remember , it was about the new neighbor setting his pasture on fire ! We had a tractor and brush hog when we first moved up here . Nolon wasn't interested in maintaining and using them , so he sold them .

Ep , you are quite right , of course . None of the off topic conversation sites have more than one page . I see on the Suggestions and Comments forum that they have asked for more pages for the Cottage Gardens off topic side . The Kitchen Table Forum , and The Garden Party Forum , have multible pages . Sorry if I offended anyone by making the suggestion .

LOL , Teresa ! Can I come to dinner ? Your crock pot meal sounds delicious . We are working on the third day for a pot of pinto beans with ham hocks .
Various hunting seasons are going on here , too .Strange deer are finding their way to the sanctuary of our yard . So far the two doe and their this year's offspring are still here . Nolon saw a large buck pass through the other day .

It was so slow on this thread yesterday . I wonder if today will pick up ?

BTW , Norma , I really like your pics . Our acreage has no old foundations , but the place just across the fence to the north has ... at least it did . It has new owners and they have done a lot of clearing , so I don't know what is left . Ours has the imprints of old roads , and lots of piled up stones where it was once cleared .


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Rain,rain,rain. I suppose it's good to have after the drought, but lousy for yard chores and walking. I looked out the window this morning and realized it's almost November and time to think about chopping down the pots and moving to GH. It's not going to happen this week-end though!

I've made good progress in the attic - lots of fun memories and discoveries while going through boxes. The front guestroom is now full of boxes and 'junque' all categorized by box and labeled for yard sale. I'm not finished up there but very happy with progress so far. The "30 minutes once a day" worked well for this chore. It was actually fun! But probably won't get much more done this w/e as furnace guy is coming on Monday and I need to clean up the basement so as not to lose him down there.

I've been waiting for my bulbs to come, a small order this year just to replace the accidental orange Asiatics that were in the front bed this year, and a few other things. Well I decided yesterday that maybe I hadn't actually placed the order.... Always order in July, and there was the order sitting in my 'garden' spreadsheet but I had not added the order number and date. I called, and Van Engelen confirmed that I had never submitted the order, duh. I put it in last night, but of course a few things were no longer available.

Oh - got an email from Pinetree that they are already having their bulb sale. Allium Gladiators are good price there (1.95): Pinetree Sale

I'm getting a new foster boy today! He's a return after 2 years. Very very sad, and I feel for his owner. He's developed fear aggression with other dogs (non-greys) and fear of cats. She could work these but has a new baby and just doesn't seem to have any energy when I talk to her. I'm only doing returned dogs now for two reasons, 1) they're more interesting and fun to work out their 'problems' and 2) I have less concern about canine flu carriers with the dogs coming out of private homes.

This is another 'it's all about me' post :) So thank you again for all the beautiful cards, and most recently Monique's lovely composition!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Gunshots here too. I hate it folks!

This morning DEAR H and I cleaned in the veg garden. I cut back the asparagus and he removed the tomato plants, eggplants and green peppers too. What a job. He scared me to death when he tripped over the raspberry wires by mistake. He did a fine fall, just like in hockey, so he is fine except for raspberry stains on his jacket and jeans. That took us both a good 2 hours.

Then we shook out a couple of rugs, I changed the cat litter, did a load of laundry, made a grocery list and collected things for the dump. I feel as though I've done a full day's work, but there is more on our agenda for the afternoon. Exciting stuff, right?

The naughty four letter s word is in our forecast. Looks like a cold and wet week ahead for us, so I hope to get the basement painting done. That is perhaps a bit too ambitious a hope, but I'd be delighted to get enough done that I could set up my plant lights and DH's workbench.

I enjoyed reading EP's Oklahoma comments. DH's Mom, as of yesterday, cannot speak clearly or use the right side of her body. An MRI says there was no stroke...but at 94, we attribute the problems to age. The family history in Oklahoma is also interesting. In our case it was mostly panhandle (western) OK. Lots of cowboys in the family who ran the cattle up to Dodge City. Back about 28 years ago we searched out the old homestead and found various shards but not much sign of buildings. One long distant relative went missing and was found burned at the stake, supposedly by Indians. It is very unclear, and these stories may well have been embellished.

Off to prepare some lunch (warm soup), put the laundry in the dryer, then off to the dump and shopping while DH goes skating.

A normal Fall Saturday here!

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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Hi everyone

I'm afraid this is another all about me post - regrets up front!

Cold and rainy here too. No music lessons this morning so I pottered around getting a little bit of this and that done, lingering over a couple of cups of coffee. Yesterday, inspired by Eden, I ventured into the land of powertools and purchased a jig-saw to cut out the ply-wood witch and cats from Mrtah Stewart. It was a lot of fun, and even better, I still have all 10 fingers! I realized we really need a portable work bench. I was working outside and ended up clamping the wood to my biggest recylce bin which I filled with firewood - necessity being the mother of invention. The children helped paint the cutouts black while they were laid out across the driveway. At one point Clousseau trotted across the lifesize witch which was dripping with fresh paint. He seemed quite oblivious to our groans and wet paint on his paws. Photos will follow! (the witch not the pawprints)

I need to do a couple of errands but hope to be back.

Stay warm and dry


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Three weeks ago I scanned a sprig of a beautiful tree we had seen in a lake park in Columbia, MO. Marian helped identify the tree as Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica) and provided a photo of some Black Gum trees on her property in Arkansas. Well.. guess what?... This morning I decided to walk in the recreation park near our home. Growing near the road there was a group of beautiful Black Gum trees with dark red autumn leaves. We have lived here for over 19 years and I had never noticed them before. I picked up a few of the fallen leaves to scan with the sprig I had brought home from Missouri. Hopefully will have pictures to share later. EP

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Don't have much time for 'forum hopping' and sometimes not much for responding either , but we have learned a lot. I did look up the 'Kitchen Table' forum which is designated as a 'forum for non gardening subjects' and the 'Garden Party' which is designated for 'dicussing subjects not covered by other forums'. Neither is a 'conversations' forum that is part of another forum, such as 'Perennials' or 'Cottage Garden' and others. So.. looks like those 'conversations' which are a part of a designated forum are for the conveniece of those who usually read and respond on those particular forums and who become familiar with one another as individuals. ('conversations' units are limited to one page on all of the forums I have checked out that offer them. To change one would necessitate changing the rules for all of them, to not show partiality to a specific forum). Lots of friendship goes on here. There is a lot to offer on GardenWeb. Have found there is almost always someone there to support just about any comment or question. After 'looking around' a bit , feel that this is probably one of the best used forums on Gardenweb in that the threads all seem to get good response and information of many catagories has been shared..including outstanding photography, links, and other information. Individuals of varied ages, circumstances, and locations share with one another and support one another. Thanks to all. We find the input from the 'farmers' very interesting as we are so appreciative of those of you who provide food for the world. We noticed the vast fields of corn and soy beans during our trip through Missouri. We thought of all the labor it takes to produce and market the crops. We also appreciate reading about the daily living, weather, children, pets, and employment. It provides a lot of insight to information we might not otherwise be aware of. Also, when we haven't time to share much everyone seems happy to 'see' us when we put on a response. We lurk in and out. Hope this will be beneficial to others who might not be as familiar with the GardenWeb procedures as some of the long time members. OK, this is probably my 'talk' for the week. Hope it explains things as the way I comprehend the forum differences. Thanks. EP

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Thanks for the note excusing me from work tomorrow, T. As it turned out, I got out of work today, and they're not planning on running tomorrow, so I'm gonna save the note just in case for next Sunday. Hope ya didn't date it, lol!

This morning, I crawled around on the combine washing the windows. They were filthy, and here's a big surprise...I'm the only one that will actually wash them. The guys will sometimes use their sweatshirt and wipe them off, but that doesn't really accomplish much. Anyway, must have twisted my neck wrong. After I ran for an hour or so, started getting a really bad headache. My left arm started getting numb, and I was seeing spots in front of my eyes. Sounds really scary, but is actually a pinched nerve in my neck. Sometimes heat will ease it up, as was the case today. Other times, I've had to go to the chiropractor. Scared the guys, though, and they sent me home with orders to get some rest. After some heat on my neck and a nap, I felt much better. That left me the afternoon to do as I wished. So, I payed a stack of bills. Headache is back, lol!

Oh, another side note for T...this afternoon after my nap, I was watching Mythbusters. They were testing the 5 second rule, AND the story about dogs' mouths being cleaner than human's. Turns out, dogs mouths ARE cleaner than humans, and it doesn't matter if something is on the floor for 2 seconds or 5, it's contaminated. However, I'm of the belief that you need to eat a certain amount of germs and bacteria to keep your immune system working ;) That's why I never get the house TOO's just not good for my family, lol! The roast sounds GREAT! That may just end up on the menu for tomorrow. I must be a terribly sloppy cook. The dogs are always hovering around my legs, waiting for something to drop.

Martie-Impressive list of plants!! Sounds like you're going to be really busy!

Marian, I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

GB-I haven't heard gunshots yet. I think it's still bow season around here, but it's only a matter of time. I've seen several deer while picking corn. Even though they do a lot of damage, they're so pretty. And, I get pretty irritated at the way hunters go about their business. They tend to hang around a corn field that's being picked, then shoot the deer when the combine scares them out. Not really what I call "hunting". More like shooting fish in a barrel. That's a rant I won't get on, though. I've also seen lots and lots of rabbits and raccoons. Big, fat ones. The corn must be agreeing with them. Also, there was a big, fat possum running ahead of one of the snouts on the combine last night. I slowed up a little, and he finally figured out that if he took a hard left, he'd be out of harms way. I think they're one of the creepiest looking creatures, but they're just trying to make a living like the rest of us, I guess.

Mary-yay for you on the new power tools! In the fog of just waking up from my nap, I saw a commercial for some sort of tool kit from Ryobi (I think...something like that, anyway) that included a laser level. Lol, I can't remember exactly what it was, only that my brain registered that I want it, and it's only 49.95. I'm pretty dull-witted when I first wake up, but I'm SURE I'll see the commercial again before Christmas.

Anyone know anything about Osage oranges, and their purpose? Yesterday, Jim gathered up a Cheez-it box of them. He says they're supposed to keep spiders out of the house. They look a lot like mutated tennis balls to me, and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with them. He doesn't know, either, only that he's heard they keep spiders away. He also gathered up a bunch of hickory nuts, and leaves he thought were interesting for me to look at. He's such a little boy sometimes. I obviously wasn't picking corn fast enough to keep him busy with the dump cart.

DD is coming over in a bit. She misses cooking in our kitchen, so her plan is to come over and make muffins. Works for me! I baked a couple of pies last Sunday, and there's still a piece of coconut pie left...her favorite. When I told her that, she said, "Yuk..week old pie!". HM-I'D eat it, no problem. The piece I had last night tasted fine to me. She gets one chance at it, then it's gone!

Have a great rest of the weekend, everybody!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

EP , I can imagine your thrill at finding those trees . The first few years after we bought this property , I spent many hours roaming every bit of it . I was trying to discover what all was growing here . I had many pleasant surprises . I learned to identify almost every type of tree and shrub . I hardly ever get out like that anymore . I need to . The chiggers are gone until spring , so I don't have that to stop me . I AM leary of any hunters who may be lurking in the woods .

Today I accomplished one task that I had set for myself . I sawed off the other limb on the honey locust , that I mentioned earlier in the year . I used my long handled saw . Man ! Those limbs are sure tough wood ! But I worked at it little by little until it fell . It was about 4 inches in diameter where it grew out of the trunk , and about 20' long . I like the opening that it left .

Nolon is finishing up the siding over the deck . How nice to have that done , too ! It has been a good day .

EP , Did you never post on the 2 forums that we mentioned ? I used to , but I'm afraid there were posters who got very rude if you ruffled their feathers ! And there were many who delighted in being controversial .... actually ... some were downright nasty-minded .
Some of the conversation sides have very little useage . The 'powers that be ' could determine the need for additional pages by that criterion .
I found that this group is the 'best behaved' of any that I have posted with . I sure hope 'we' continue to be considerate of one another . I feel like this is my cyber family .

Mary , do be careful ! All power saws can be dangerous . LOL about Clousseau ... I would expect Calliecat to do the same if she had the chance .

Marie , that sure sounds like a stroke , regardless of what the MRI reading was . I hadn't even realized that your DHs's mother was still living . Is she located close to you ? I'm glad your DH wasn't hurt from his trip over the wires . I hope the 's' holds off ! We seldom get any before the first of the year .

Cynthia , you are so kind ... taking in another foster . I hope all goes well .

Martie , that's quite an inventory ! Sounds like me in years past !

Deanne , I have the same problem with the left side of my face ! It appears much older than the right side . When the dentist's anestheptic messed up the side of my face and head , that side looked better for awhile . I don't recommend that for a 'cure' :o) ! I can't sleep comfortably on my back .
I'm sorry your fall color is a bust . I think we are going to have a nice show .


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Osage oranges exist to kill people. They fall in the streets and are run over by cars, then the rain swells the remains up and it's slicker than vaseline. I thought I was going to join the 'bad back' club tonight when I slipped on the green yellow muck of them while my eyes were on look out for free range Bassett hounds instead of where I was walking. Brenda, they can be used as air fresheners. When I first discovered them I found an entire website devoted to them. Do a google. Be careful, they eventually rot or mold, can't remember which.

The new boy in town arrived an hour ago. I thought I was going to need to run to the store tonight for peanut butter and poop bags (doggie basics :-), but new boy came with his own supply of both, so I can go shopping tomorrow instead. Hooray! He also has lots of toys (Katie checked them all out and traded a few with him) and a nice wardrobe. I threw all of his clothes and bedding in the washer except for his favorite blankey which is in his crate with him. He promptly pooped on my hall rug, and then marked the baby gate to the kitchen. I think the poop was just anxiety because his owner was so upset about returning him. He's in his crate now listening to opera on NPR, and doing a little bit of an aria himself.

I made 3 small loaves of zucchini bread today, cleaned and sorted and basically am sitting here wondering where the daylight went. Still raining.....

Eden, how do I winter over a banana, can I chop it down after it goes dormant or should I do it before it goes dormant? I don't expect frost for a month and I do need to start planning the evacuation (!) of the patio. I like to get rid of foliage before I drag things in gh because of the bugs that might be there. If I chop it, will I have a banana 'shrub' next year?

Mary, now you've inspired me! You bought a jigsaw and were able to get good result? I love the witch and cats that Eden made.... but I think I'll just enjoy hers, and now yours. Show us the results please :)

Ok, I will feed the hungry pack of animals, and go to the corner store for ginger ale for me while they're eating.

EP, I love tupelos too, mine is a weeping one, very old and hasn't turned red yet this year. Sometimes if not enough rain, the color isn't good and the leaves fall off before they turn. But in a good year it's striking!

Have a good evening everyone! Cynthia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Seen this?

Wanda's dishwasher quit working so she called a repairman. Since she had to go to work the next day, she told the repairman this: "I'll leave the key under
the mat. Fix the dishwasher, leave the bill on the counter, and I'll mail you a check."

"Oh, by the way don't worry about my bulldog. He won't bother you. But,
whatever you do, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk to my parrot!" "I

When the repairman arrived at Wanda's apartment the following day, he
discovered the biggest, meanest looking bulldog he had ever seen. But, just as she had said, the dog just lay there on the carpet watching the repairman go about his work.

The parrot, however, drove him nuts the whole time with his incessant
yelling, cursing and name calling. Finally the repairman could contain
himself no longer and yelled,

"Shut up, you stupid, ugly bird!"

To which the parrot replied, "Get him, Spike!"

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I'm with Cynthia, where did the daylight go? And we haven't even turned the clocks back yet-jeeshh!

Today was a wash out for me. The only garden related work I did was take some cuttings of my variegated Brugmansia that spent the season being decimated by what I think was earwigs. The leaves look like swiss cheese and something burrowed into the flower buds and killed them all before they developed. Funny thing is I have two other Brugs that were untouched. I'll bring a couple of the cuttings up to Deanne's tomorrow for closer examination.

Temps never made it out of the mid 40s and it drizzled all day-not exactly the type of weather I had in mind for fall garden chores. We did some shopping and had lunch out. I managed to squeeze in my walk with an umbrella and light layer of fleece. Soon I start the Pilates and free weight routines. With any luck my back will hold up and I'll be able to keep up a regular work out schedule throughout the winter.

One of the purchases I made today was a new Yankee candle scent called Autumn Wreath to replace the Macintosh apple that burned out. I like to use scented candles during the fall and winter. It must be my way of practicing aromatherapy. The outlet store for Yankee candle is about an hour north of me in Deerfield, MA. It can be a fun place to shop, just not on a regular basis.

Not much else is going on here obviously. I'm looking forward to brunch tomorrow with Deanne, Monique, Wendy and assorted spouses. The garden work isn't going anywhere and truth be told, until we get a frost I'll just be cutting back green and blooming things anyway.

Hey Eden, it's wine night.

Nite all!


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Brenda, in Oklahoma Osage Orange (bowdarc) is planted primarily as a hedge fence used mostly for hedges or as living fence posts. It is said to contain tannin and has been used for tanning leather. Have heard that the fruits repel cockroaches but since I have not seen any cockroaches here , don't know if that is so. The wood is said to be hard, strong and durable, largely used for posts, lumber, and fuel. Native Americans used the wood for weapons such as bows and war clubs. It is said to be a source for a khaki color dye. Got most of that information from a book titled "Forest Trees of Oklahoma". We see a lot of it growing here. I think it is 'awesome' that you drive a combine harvesting those vast fields. When we traveled as an Air Force family I thought Indiana was one of the prettiest states we traveled through. We once went though Indianapolis between Christmas and New Years and the lights of the city were beautiful. Everyone who shares here is 'awesome' in one way or another. No Marian, I never 'chit chatted' before using this conversations forum but was drawn in by the information and friendliness. My niece told me about GardenWeb about three years ago and informed me about the Ozarks forum. After seeing pictures of Kaye's rose garden in Arkansas I was 'hooked'. Some of the other folks are quite remarkable too. It's good to see that you sometimes post there. I also try to keep up with reading Cottage Garden and Oklahoma. Our little corner of Oklahoma is more comparable to the Ozarks since we are on the western edge of the Ozark uplift. Your posts have been interesting and your knowledge of plants is remarkable. Everything was new and wonderful to me when we first came here and a lot of it still is. I especially love the trees, the running water, and the birds. This is the first place we have ever lived where I've had enough gardening space and our own woods. Also have beautiful space around us that we don't have to maintain. The recreation area at the creek is maintained by the state and the City of Tulsa owns the 'goose pond' (which is spring fed) and the lake. (Which was the first clean source of domestic water for the City of Tulsa).The water from the 'goose pond' eventually flows into our stream and on to the 'big creek'. Many people come here for the recreation. Today, as I entered the park there was a convoy of beautiful convertables exiting the park. There must have been at least 50 cars and they had emblems on the front doors but I couldn't read what was on the emblems. Probably a car club. The motorcyclists also use it frequently and it is popular for reunions. I smile because we live here and can walk there anytime we please when no one else is there. I tell people we were guided here by the 'hand of God' and truly believe it. EP

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Came across this link so decided to share it. I think the motorcyclists are 'awesome' too. This seems to be one of the persons who has camped out at the camp ground. EP

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This is the spillway the writer of the above story was mentioning. There was no water coming over the top today and the creek was as low as I've seen it since we have been here, but there is a flow pipe continually releasing water into the stream and the water was as clear as glass. I could see the creek bottom and beautiful reflections in the water. Can't believe how 'gabby' I have been today, but had such a good day wanted to share it with everyone. Looks like I got the picture a little out of alignment when scanning. EP

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Yesterday I brought several plants and things in from the front porch including the small watering can. This morning as I was washing dishes I noticed something unusual. He seemed quite content.

I'm glad my pictures triggered a few memories. Good to hear others experiences.

Brenda, I think you owe Jim one for sneaking up on you. I made a roast this week and it hit the spot. My back is not feeling much better despite several trips to the chiropractor. I go back monday then I'm going to tell him I'm just going to let it rest for awhile. Sure is frustrating not getting done what needs to be though.

Cynthia I hope he settles in quick for you. Are you having a yard sale soon?

Mary good for you, doing the woodworking. I have always enjoyed wood working.

Has anyone had success getting cuttings from the sun coleuses. I can't get mine to root like the others do? Can I take cuttings from salvia black and blue?

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Good Morning, I've got LOTS to do today so need to get an early start. First I'm making a trip to the donut shop though...We have to set up the auarium today so we can bring in the goldfish this week and I have bulbs to plant and still have things that need to go into the ground, dahlias and cannas to dig, and so on and so forth.

Cynthia, I'm no expert on overwintering bananas. I overwintered a couple of smaller ones under the lights last winter and have one smaller one I'm doing that way this year too but I have a couple of larger ones that I'm going to try to let go dormant in the basement. On my basjoo I left the entire stem but cut off all the leaves except the newest one at the top that hasn't yet unfurled. With the red abyssinian I left all the leaves on. I'll just give them a little water every few weeks. I'm just hoping it's not going to be too warm for them in my basement. I think you can cut the stem off at pot level if you want but then they will start with new shoots next season and loose alot of height. I have one basjoo that I'm going to try to overwinter left outside in the ground. I'm going to cut off the leaves after it gets hit by frost, pile mulch around the base of the plant, tie sheaves of straw around the stem, add a layer of black plastic, tack the edges down and then wrap the whole thing with burlap. I got these instructions from a book I bought called Hot Plants for Cool Climates. I was talking to the tropical guy at Goldner Walsh and he said he's never known anyone who was able to overwinter a basjoo outside here in MI...So in conclusion, it's all an experiment here, lol. Sue, how are you overwintering your bananas?

Norma, I sure hope you're able to get your back feeling better. I know how frustrating that can be. Especially when you have alot to do.

Mary, I was so happy to hear that you did the MS witch and cats too! I can't wait to see them. We used saw horses when we cut them out and also when I painted them to get them up off the ground.

It's almost 8am and I must get this show on the road, so NE Idyllers have a fun get together today and TTYL.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I'm leaving my Musa basjoo in the ground. It's planted in what I think is a zone 7 microclimate south facing bed between my patio and garage wall but I still plan to cover it with a couple of feet of shredded leaves and a plastic tarp. The red Abyssinian will be stored dormant in the basement. I'll leave a couple of the newest leaves and probably root prune it. Last year I kept a fairly small blood banana (dwarf cavendish maybe) as a houseplant but that plant is way too big now and has multiple trunks. Maybe I'll divide it and pot up the smallest as a houseplant then store the rest as dormant corms. Truly I have no idea if any of this is going to work.

Norma, lol, it's a good thing you spotted him before he became a resident of your house. Is that a toad? Has your chiropractor given you any stretching exercises for your back? That helped me last year, stretching, ice and ibuprofen...and of course rest. It's hard to believe I had a herniated disc with all the garden work I did this season and have had no problems since despite walking 20 or so miles a week since mid July.

OK, best to get this show on the road. I've already had my shower and been to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. I still have Brug cuttings to get and need to be out of here by 9.

Have a great day!


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Good mronnig, Good mooring, Good Morning! I have cold fingers.

New doggie (he's in the witness protection program so I can't use his name) had a wonderful night. Not a peep. And quite excited when I woke him up at 1AM to go outside. When we came inside Katie grabbed a stuffy and moved into Monty's crate with it to make lots of noise. I was happy to hear squeaking from the guest crate in response :) I woke up this morning with 4 warm kitties and Monty on my bed. I keep telling him 'no doggies on the bed' and he says 'I'm a cat, prrrrrrrr prrrrtttt, rtttttt .'

Norma, that little frog is doing yoga on your watering can.

Sue, I've moved from candles to simmering pot pourri and had harvest pumpkin in the tea pot yesterday. The house smelling yummy. Usually I have 'Clean Linen' (smells like Tide!) or Ocean something or other when I need I scent in the house. I had been noticing an odd floral smell in the dining room like old lady perfume and I didn't like it. Finally figured out it was the plug-in room freshener that had been there for months. It didn't smell like that originally. Be gone.

Eden, thanks for the ideas on Banana preservation. Guess I'll use my chop and drag technique. Shoot it works for everything else. Watering is minimal for anything I carry over because I don't want rampant growth in winter.

GB, I got a good laugh out of the joke!

Time to talk with my sister! Hope all the New Englanders have a good get together today. It's sunny here!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

I've got to get myself in gear and take a couple 'chunks' off the floors here. Can't wait to see my Idyll buddies today!!! It is pouring rain here. Sue must be on her way! LOL

Just wanted to tell Norma that that photograph is precious! That is so darned funny because I did exactly the same thing. When I took the orchids in the other night I'd apparently taken a small tree frog in at the same time. We didn't figure it out until Friday night when we heard this incredibly loud squeaking from down the hallway. Initially we thought it was a mouse. When the cats were completely disintersted I rethought the situation and I finally figured out that it must be a frog. Well this little guy was only about an inch in diameter but made enough noise for an army. Man they are loud.

Cynthia, sounds like the critters are in heaven at your house. I couldn't keep Monty off the bed either if he lived at my house. What can I say, I'm a pushover.

I'm going to put a link to another site where I've posted some photographs from Oct. 16th. I'm getting the drift that folks don't want a lot of pics on this forum anymore so I'll post them separately from now on.

Have a great day all.

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Finshed chatting with my sister and just took a peak at Deanne's photos. Wow, you even make burnt dogwood leaves look like art! Your place is beautiful in the fall too.

Now, I realize I haven't been reading details, but I don't recall any messages that there should be fewer pictures here. Sheesh, when I'm here during the week that's all I have time for and I need illustrated idylls please! If this is a download time issue, I know there's a way users can set the browser not to display photos and then open individually if they want to see. Doesn't that solve the problem? Please please keep posting photos here!

Ok, I'll get dressed and out into this beautiful blue sky day now ~ Cynthia

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Good Sunday Morning!

Norma: Love the toad pic. Surprise!!!! Once found a garden snake in a trough I was breaking up in the basement. EEEEEEEEK!!

Cynthia: Glad your new boy is doing well. A friend in Florida does the same thing and I give you guys credit. I wouldn't be able to let them leave when it was time ....

Eden and Mary: How are you holding up the MS witch and cat? We did something similarly large and are having trouble getting them to stand up. Have tried sticks in the ground, bricks in the back, etc.

The brush/bush hog thing is brand new to me, too. You can only imagine the visual when I first heard the words :-)

Brenda, Marian and All: As my poor DH and DS are saying looking at piles of folders and catalogs and pics strewn around the study .... Wait'll you see the list next year :-) This is the bones of the garden and I've had a blast figuring out what will do well where using these simple yet essential plants. I think sometimes we all get carried away with what is new and hot and different and challenging, and forget where a gardens "roots" start.

EP: Thanks for the moto links and pic of the spillway. Close by, there is an old mill town that has a smaller spillway that needed to be opened during the recent rain. Longtimers remember the last time that happened was sometime in 1950's. I ofttimes wonder how they did it then .....

Wishing I was brunching with Sue, et al. Instead, planting more bulbs, iris and peony, and going on a hunt with friend for a double bird bath. She has a lot of my "former life" plants so may end up moving hostas if the rain holds off. Then, need to help DH get the bathrooms ready for plumber visit tomorrow. Since DH is a contractor, getting anything done in the house is a Very Big Deal and don't want to miss the opportunity!!

Have a great day, all.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

NO , No , No ! Deanne ...we DO want a lot pics on this forum ! It's the 100 plus Idyll threads where a 'lot' of pics are a problem ... and the key word is a 'LOT' . Your Oct.16th pics need on a separate thread , like your others are . Comprendo ?

Norma , such a cute tree froggie . I usually end up with at least one wintering over in the utility room , and I enjoy hearing their cheerful sound in the dead of winter . Last year none made it in , and I missed it .

LOL , Cynthia ... I had to laugh at your description of Osage Oranges ! I believe EP is right about it being cockroaches that they are 'supposed' to repel .
It sounds like your critters did well last night ( even Monty ! lol . Or should I say
" espacially Monty "? )

I hope the 'get-together ' goes well ...have fun , all !

Brenda , you gave me a chuckle with the left-over pie , and your DD . I'm with you , as long as it isn't moldy I'll eat it .

Eden , your over wintering of bananas sounds similar as to what I said I do , except I don't have a basement , and I've never left one in the ground .

TTYAL ... sorry.... ;o)

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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Good morning

I'm sipping my coffee and thinking what fun our NE Idylettes will be having soon. Wish I were closer and I'd drive over to join in.

Deanne - as far as I'm concerned there can never be too many photos. It's what makes the Idylls so special, the glimpses into each other's worlds. I'm looking forward to your October 16th link.

We're having the same grey and rain but enjoyed a nice wood fire the last couple of nights. Ruth and I watched an excellent movie - The Twins. It's Danish, with subtitles, (which makes crocheting hard when watching) and is set during WW2, following 2 twins separated by the death of their parents. A good film for a rainy night.

Cynthia - I love hearing about your four legged contingent, feline and canine. Clousseau joins me most nights when DH is out of town. Last night he very obligingly warmed the spot right where I was heading, then snuggled next to me for most of the night. As I keep the bedroom very cool it was as good as a hot water bottle.

Brenda - that pinched nerve sounds scary - glad you got to go home and rest. I love the fact about a dog's mouth - I'll have to look it up for more details!

Eden - I'm still finding the best placement for the witch and cats. I'd like them to silhoutte against the white of our house, but my borders are still rather full and make them hard to see. Do you have a light on yours? Using the jig-saw really was fun - saw horses are a great idea. I want to see if I can find a Christmas cut-out I like - have you done any?

Norma - so you enjoy woodworking too! I'd also like to try and make some birdhouses and eventually a dovecot. It was something I never thought I could do, but it really isn't so hard. Our neighbor came over after I was done cutting and told me to be careful with the saw. Its funny, as I know he wouldn't have said that to my DH! What a cute little toad!

EP - I enjoyed hearing and seeing pictures of the beautiful place you live in.

GB - our children will enjoy the joke too!

Sue - I'll be interested in how your Musa fares this winter. Our weather men are predicting a particularly cold one for us - I'm not sure I'm thrilled with that prospect, especially with the increase in fuel prices.

Marian - it sounds as if you had a workout sawing the limb from the tree, but how satisfying to accomplish and enjoy the new view!

Today I have a cape to sew for Annie's Halloween costume. We're meeting DH at the airport and having an Indian Buffet lunch together, then tonight a friend is having a musical gathering and we are taking a chocolate fondue for dessert.

Have a good Sunday everyone


VG - I'll start a new thread where we can post our seed starting techniques.

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I've just learned a new trick and wanted to share this with you...


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Martie - I'm using lenghts of conduit sunk 1 foot into the ground, secured with conduit straps. It seems to work.


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Chelone - ho, ho, ho! One I'll have to share with a few friends. Hope all is well with you and your Mum.


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A doggie with a tail! How cute Chelone ~

    Bookmark   October 23, 2005 at 10:45AM
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Love the new trick!! Think if you pack it up any of the seeds would come true??? LOL

Conduit!! Yes!! DH has some leftover pieces tucked away.

Popping in quickly to 2nd Cynthia's suggestion to check out the Pinetree Fall Sale. This year had a heck of a time finding wood hyacinths locally and had given up on having these beauties started for next year. (I've been really trying hard to stay away from mail order 'cause I have a bit of a tendancy to get carried away -- no enabling needed.) They're at Pinetree!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

YEAH CHELONE!!!!! I love the trick and naughty photo! I have an eggplant photo from long ago that would be a good companion piece. Keep them coming! I want to meet Wrecks and see the kitties now that they have grown. Did you have an October get-away? Tell all! I missed you so much!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Cynthia--eeewwww, I had no idea osage oranges were so lethal! DD thought they were pretty creepy looking-she thought I had gone to Mars and done some neutering, lol. I dunno, I TRIED to bring her up right ;)

Sue-I love the Yankee candles, too. I only buy them in the winter. I usually give a couple of people those sampler packs for a Christmas gift, and I burn them in the winter. If you burn Buttercream and Mom's Apple Pie at the same time--you'll gain 10 pounds 'cuz it makes ya hungry for sweet stuff.

EP-thanks for the info. Jim was pretty impressed with all the stuff the wood is good for. He's the "tree guy" around here. I can't identify most of the trees in our woods', but he knows a lot about them.

Norma, I owe Jim more than one, lol! Not long after we met, I was over here learning to run the combine. When we quit for the night, he had told me to park it back a ways from the road, and he would go get the pickup. So, I'm walking along the edge of the corn that hadn't been picked, thinking how creepy and dark it was, and he popped out of the corn and grabbed me. Frankly, he's lucky to still be alive. I saw no humor in it at all. The guys have all startled me, jumping on the combine in the dark. Lol, more than once, I've glanced over just in time to see a head pop up over the catwalk. I really don't like them doing that, not because it freaks me out, but it's just NOT a safe thing to do. It's so easy to trip in cornstalks. All the farmers do it, and there's no talking to them. They've never had to deal with OSHA in the workplace, so they're totally at a loss when you point out that guards are on machinery for a reason, etc.
Hope your back gets feeling better. I know how frustrating it is to have things you want to do, but can't because of your back. Sue's right about stretching and walking. My biggest problem with my back is that I spend SO much time sitting, then try and do heavy work in the yard. I'm better than I used to be about stretching before I start, but really need to do it daily, even when my back's not bothering me.

Martie-My most favorite plants in the garden are some of the old stand-bys. Russian sage, peonies, black-eyed susans...can't imagine a garden without them. Have a great time planning and putting orders together. Jim hardly even rolls his eyes anymore, lol! He even sounded a "little" disappointed that I didn't order any bulbs this year. He's always the first one to notice bulbs popping out of the ground.

Marian-as they say, ya snooze, ya lose. I didn't eat that last piece of pie, and Jim nabbed it. With no ill effects, I might add. Just as well DD didn't eat it. She called this morning, and said that she FAINTED last night after she got home. Found out that all she had eaten all day was a breakfast sandwich from Arby's and a taco. She's always had a fast metabolism, and burns up food like I wish I could. She called this morning, and was telling me about it. She had gone to the grocery store this morning, and stocked up on healthy foods. Just as well that she didn't eat the sweet pie, after not having anything substantial all day. She's going to spend the day cooking and freezing meals, so she doesn't have to eat vending machine food for lunch. I think she's got the same problem with her blood sugar as I do. It dips too low when she's not eating right.
So, now I'm trying not to freak out about her living alone, and passing out. She's going to get her blood sugar checked, and watch what she eats.

Mary-I can't remember what channel Mythbusters is on, but I love that show. Of course, looking at some of the stuff I've seen my dogs carrying around, it's hard to imagine their mouth is cleaner than mine, but that's what the test showed.

Chelone, I shall keep my sordid carrot remarks to myself, lol! Good picture ;) Looks like he needs to shave his legs, tho.'s a DOG......I'm gonna go hide in the corner now.......

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Deanne, thanks for the link. I've put it on favorites to enjoy later. With the link I can view without reloading the thread. Sometimes I try to be in and out of here as fast as possible. Sometimes I do a quick read but don't take the time to respond. I wouldn't want to miss anyone's pictures or birthdays which is why I suggested individual birthday threads, especially when there are several close together. I do enjoy seeing the photos shared on the thread and appreciate that posters are leaving them on and not removing them immediatly. If my pictures don't improve I might get another camera soon. They haven't been very good quality this year. The direction and availability of light might have had something to do with it. The surrounding hills, weather, and position of the sun influence the light. Norma, your froggie is priceless. We have tiny frogs here that measure about an inch and can leap about 6 feet. We are wondering where everything goes when the weather turns cold. We know that the toads go under the mulch and into little hollows in the earth. I did enough chatting yesterday so probably will give it a rest for awhile. We read every day and it's part of our daily conversation here. EP

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, thanks so much for both definitions of "brush/bush hogging" == hee hee. Three!!! acres of vinca to clear - o my goodness - I guess that shows us how a "vigorous" plant matures - incredible.Great photos, Marian and Norma. Thanks.

O.k. as usual Im way behind -- but you had me laughing really hard, Gardenbug re the parrot story - maybe I need to get one to deal with repairmen!

I learned a lesson today -- Im usually lazy about reviewing my bulb orders/boxes when they come in - for some reason I decided to open all the ones I've received this past week -- and lo & behold, VE instead of 100 White Trimphator tulips sent me salmon-orange "Temple of Beauty" - ugh - they will NOT go well with the fuschia "Mariette"!!!!! But VE was great about it and luckily still had the WT - they're having UPS pick up the color clashing ones (offered them to me at 1/2 price but with such a small yard and already 500 bulbs to put in this fall, I did not "bite" on the deal). Moral of the story -- definitely check your orders quickly upon arrival.
Cynthia - so sad that the "new doggie" is given up after 2 years with owner - how sad! how can a person so that? but he's obviously coming to a good foster mom who will take care to find him a forever home.

I too did not see a thing about having fewer photos here - but I guess I miss a lot -- frankly I thought that was the purpose of the gallery/conversation areas - so as not to clutter up the regular forum side -- after all what the heck is a "photo gallery" for?????
Chelone - Im dying -- that is a stitch!!! oops, another photo cluttering up the thread?? bring them on!
Well, hoping the NE idyllers are having a fabu brunch together - we're all jealous arent we?
As Cynthia mentioned, it rained in the DC metro area most of yesterday but Im hoping by end of today to find it dry enough to plant at least some of the peony/daylily soaking in a bucket and a few lilium bulbs - I may have to try to take a day off to get them in before I leave on my trip at the end of the week.
Well, I've got to get going too - been a slug so far today --

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Hey Howdy Hi All!

Happy Birthday Eileen!

Happy Birthday Cynthia!

Welcome Martie!

I'm so far behind here it's not even funny. I wanted to say how much I appreciated all the lovely birthday pics and greetings- Thank You!
I had a fun time, we invited friends over for a party and before the night was over, wound up lighting the cakecandles a few more times for friends' wishes ;)

turned quite chilly overnight here; poured rain! I turned the thermostat On for the top floor last night, 62 was just not comfy. Friday night I seemed to have caught a chill, today I feel a little stuffed-up and ache-y.

suppose I should make use of my 'free' time while daughter's at a birthday party...there's one of her conceptual art pieces strewn all over the parlor floor that needs vacuuming up.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


Sorry we missed it...

T & kitties

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

And a great time was had by all! What a fun visit we had today and what a treat to meet Wendy in person! Brunch was a huge success and I ate way too much of the wrong food and loved every minute of it. I think Sue was going to split her sides laughing at me every time I tasted the chocolate mousse and almost swooned... LOL

Here are the Idyllettes just before the Michael Timothy's brunch. L to R, Sue, Deanne, Monique and Wendy

Chelone, snicker and snort....

Taryn, nice to 'see' you. Hope all is well. Ive been thinking of you.


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Hey, you in the NE know how to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your pretty selves. That's what we lurk in for!!! EP

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

How nice it was to meet Deanne, Sue and Monique and their husbands today. We had a delicious and fun brunch; what a great restaurant Deanne picked out for us! Deanne's garden is gorgeus, such lovely views from her windows (the rain kept us from seeing as much as I would have liked). Good conversation and laughs, what a way to spend an afternoon!


P.S. Have not had time to read most of the weekend posts yet, but Chelone - your naughty carrot caught my eye, LOL, good trick - keep those photos coming!!

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Martie, we used the conduit too.

Mary, here's a link to a company that has lots of wood cutout patterns. I've done a couple of Christmas ones in years past, "snowy hug" and the gingerbread toyshop. We do have a light shining on the witch but I'm not happy with it. The light bounces off the black too much or something. I think the cutouts might show up better with the light shining from behind them. I'm going to have Brad move it and try it that way.

Deanne, I don't remember reading about posting less pictures either. I LOVE seeing everyones pictures!!!

Cynthia, sounds like you're already getting the new guy shaped up. Hugs to all the puppers and kitties from me!

Marian, I'm glad the method I'm using with the bananas has been working for you. That means there's hope that it will work for me too. I'm kind of afraid of the going dormant method of overwintering. I just don't have confidence that I can revive them in the spring. But I know Cynthia does it too so I'm going to be brave and try...

That's a good one, Chelone, lol. Thanks for the laugh.

How's it going Babs?

And Taryn, I'm assuming if the house had sold you'd tell us? Still have my fingers (and toes) crossed for you guys!

I'm soooo tired tonight. I'm going to try to stay awake for Desperate Housewives. I've missed it the last 2 weeks because I fell asleep. Having Bella all day Thurs, Fri and Sat has me dragging on Sundays. I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Glad the NE contingent had a fun visit.


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The NE Idyllettes look like they had a nice visit. :o) It is good to 'see' each of their smiles once again. Wendy, it is nice to 'meet' you.

I have no news, just thought I'd catch up on reading and pop in to say hello.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What fun to see Taryn's pretty photo and the NE get together.
I just surfaced from a few hours of painting behind the furnace. The basement is coming along, ever so slowly.

Made oven dried tomatoes and turkey soup with dumplings today. Then it was cheese fondu for dinner with more dried tomatoes. They're all gone now!

A rainy day, but a gentle rain, so Charlotte and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the sound for a little while. DH was off playing hockey. DD called. A nice weekend with lots accomplished.

Enjoyed the motorcycle report from Oklahoma. Looked at the moose decoration for the lawn in winter on Eden's link too.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Chelone, congratulations on learning how to post pictures into your messages. We should have thought to invite you to brunch today. Your carrot tricks may have been a hit at the buffet

So, we actually got a group picture where everyone looks good. Not that we don't always look good, ho, ho, ho, but usually someone blinks, squints or frowns. Was this the picture where Tom had us say sh** or the one where he asked us to say poop? What a relief to see Wendy posting-I was afraid we may have scared her away even though Monique never broke out the fart machine.

Yes, Deanne conjures up quite a vocabulary when eating dessert. I think she was calling the lemon tarts gorgeous until we pointed out that gorgeous seemed more appropriate for something you look at and not eat. The meal we enjoyed was delish but the desserts were the icing on the cake, so to speak. Among other things, I had what I think was pumpkin mousse served on a fresh ginger cookie. As Deanne would say fabu-fabu. For dinner tonight I had a half of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat and wasn't even all that hungry for that.

Deanne, believe it or not but the sun was out when we got home. It was probably nice here all day because I was gone. At least I did get out for my walk tonight-something I didn't think I was going to be able to do. One of these days I need to get serious about fall garden cleanup but I keep telling myself it's not going anywhere. No frost predicted for this week as far as I know. If that changes, picture me dashing around in the dark like a nut tossing pots into the garage.

"See" you all tomorrow.


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

What a great picture - ladies, you look lovely and Wendy looks a lot of fun. Glad you had such a good time together.

Hi Taryn - any house updates?

Thanks for the wood pattern links Eden.

We had a lovely evening with friends and I'm about to curl up on the sofa next to hubbie.

Nite all


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

I've read and enjoyed all the posts and pictures. Except I can't see Chelone's and Norma's:-( I enjoyed all the historical comments and stories, dog stories, etc. Lovely ladies at Michael Timothy's!

DD1 and SIL came Friday and just left this evening. Enjoyed them SO much! Also a couple of cousins visited yesterday at different times. After the kids left, we went out and picked the tomatoes and peppers. We're supposed to get rain mixed with snow tonight and tomorrow morning. I have to go to the dentist at 8:30 in the morning:-( Friday, I got all my pots of perennials moved across the creek and buried to the rims in the sawdust pile. Four trips with the wheelbarrow full of pots! I've overwintered pots of perennials there before and they do well. This is the first winter I've overwintered hellebores. I had big plans to have their spot ready to just plant them in the ground but it didn't happen.

Brenda, thats funny about Gus thinking he's still small enough to sit on the recliner foot:-) And telling on Sarah and Jim!

Martie, what a nice bunch of plants you have! have you made any concrete plans on where they are going yet? I'm still in the thinnking stage. I'm going to talk to DH tonight and explain that my re-doing my bed section is time-critical and see if he really plans to facilitate it.

Mary, I'll be watching for the seed starting thread!

Marian, we keep Fred penned up at night. He goes into the pen by himself around dusk and I go out and shut the door. Every once in a while he decides to roost on the glider on the front porch. DH just picks him up and carries him to his house.

Deanne, I haven't been writing the Fred & Lady stories down but I will! I'm excited about seeing your driveway map!! I think it will be very helpful to me as I make plans.

I had more comments to make but i need to do some other stuff before bedtime. I'll be much happier after the dentist trip is over!

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Thanks for the comments on the toad picture. He did blend right in on the spout. I put the can back on the porch and when I checked later he was down inside.

GB how are oven dried tomatoes made? I made Dh fried green tomatoes the other night. He loves them. Tonite I made him a chocolate pie. Can you tell I am very grateful for him digging a trench for me. LOL

Good to see the smiling faces of a happy get together. A good looking bunch.

Chelone that carrot is hilarious. I too am looking forward to a Biggie Boy picture.

I am tired tonite so I'm going to bed early. Have a good week everyone. Norma

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Deanne, I like the drama of the longshot of Wendy in your Oct 16 Pictures. Wish I hadn't lost my Jack Frost. I have a much better spot for it now. Maybe I'll try it again next year. Norma

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Someone wanted me to post over the weekend. Its still the weekend, right?

This may be a pretty selfish post. For one thing, the space bar is acting up and only responding periodically so its taking a long time to type this.

But a few quickie comments first. Brenda, has Jim been listening to WGN? Theyve been talking about keeping spiders away with Osage oranges. Youre supposed to cut them in half and put them in the corners of the rooms where you get spiders. I havent tried it, but there is an OO on my drive home and Im watching for those fruits to drop.

Looks like the NE idyllers had a great time!

CHELONE! What a riot!!! You know how to pick em, girl!

Im finally getting over this cold which really had me draggy all of last week. Now the weather has turned cold and raw. Maybe next weekend will be better for planting bulbs?

Went to visit DS downstate this weekend and had a nice time. He made breakfast for us this morning French toast made from bread he had baked from scratch the night before and homemade carrot cake. This kid is turning out all right!

Sigh th ekeyboard issues are getting the better of me. I think Ill post this and see if I can fix the keyboard.


    Bookmark   October 23, 2005 at 10:31PM
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OK , I have to share one more photo, I think is cute because I'm the grandma. LOL

Whacking the Pinata

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Deanne, thanks so much for posting the link to the Oct 16 pictures. They are so pretty, and some great information thereabouts!! I will be checking back there!

The flower bed re-do is a GO! I talked to DH last night and he finally admitted that he was reluctant because he didn't want to do the dirt part this late and have a big bed of mud right by the driveway this winter. He decided that he could level JUST the flower bed and leave the septic tank covering until spring. Then DS, bless his heart, took it upon himself to clear the way to the dirt pile so they could get thru with the tractor. This involves moving our little pick up truck and its engine which is on an engine stand to be re-built, and several other huge items that I can't move myself.

So...I am hoping to get the bulbs and plants dug up this week.

Somebody asked me several thread ago if I had any special Thanksgiving recipes. Actually I don't. We don't really have a traditional meal. No turkey:-) since the family includes vegans, lacto-ovo-vegetarians and meat-eaters, we are planning a Baked Potato Bar for this year, with everybody bringing their favorite toppings. *So far*, the plan is Friday supper at DH's sisters and a Saturday meal(this will be what we call "Haystacks". It's tortilla chips topped with yummy-flavored beans,all kinds of shredded/chopped veggies--lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, olives, etc. and the dressing of your choice. Delicious!!) at our house. Everybody wants to spend the weekend at our house so there will lots of air mattresses on our floors!

My cereal is cooked so I'd better eat breakfast and get ready to go to the dentist:-(

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Nice to see early morning risers again on this forum! For some reason I don't like to be the first to start the day. Well this morning there was a race track on top of our bed. Three cats and a dog charging all over at 7am. I can imagine how I'll feel about it when the clocks change.

Such a sweet photo of the pinata! Love your GS's expression. Norma, I would suggest trying the Jack Frost again. It does return late for me, so mark the spot so you don't think it is missing. There are other new forms of the plant ("Looking Glass" is a sport of JF) that are slightly different, but I still like Jack best.

V, I hope the day/week improves, your cold disappears and the keyboard gets replaced. I've been able to buy new ones for about $10 in the past. It is worth it! Sounds like your DS is majoring in culinary arts. I should have married him...but he has a lovely girlfriend already.

Off to do breakfast and get DH off to his meetings. Poor guy has had a rough 3 weeks and it continues on. Then it is more painting in the basement for me. Sigh.

Have a great week everyone, smile and enjoy life.

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So while I'm elbow deep in cold, wet soil and nightcrawlers, in the drizzle with S*^* in the forecast, and then removing a leaky toilet, my new NE gardener friends are enjoying a lovely brunch complete with desserts to die for. Hmmmph. Told DH that next time, we're going. He saw the pic, remembered what I looked like when I came in yesterday, and agreed that would be a good idea :-)

Added a few things to the plant list over the weekend and the ONLY newbie permanently placed are a few peonies. Put in about 200 bulbs and ordered a few more. Took stock of indoor overwintering space and had to barter for a few more square feet of DH's office.

This needs to be quickly -- I'm on the road today and hope that the sun stays out just enough to enjoy what little color there is ...

All Stay Well!!


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Good Morning, It doesn't look like the sun will be shining here today. I did get a sinkful of dishes done already this morning and had a cup of hot chocolate sitting out in the garden, or should I say what's left of it. We still haven't had a killing frost, but things are definitely in decline. I have a Thompson Morgan seed order ready to go in, just a few things though. I'm being good. Bordines, one of the local nurseries, has a 1/2 price seed sale in Feb so I'll pick up most of my annual seeds then.

Norma, What a cute picture of little Wyatt.I love that look of happiness on his face. He looks like he's really shot up and is getting tall. They grow up so fast! Jack Frost is definitely worth trying again and I like Looking Glass alot too. Chocolate pie, yum! My grandma made the best one, she used lard in her pie crust and baked them on the back of the upside down pie pan. They were so light and flaky and she made her chocolate filling with the Hershey's chocolate powder in the can. It was sooo chocolatey. I wish I had learned from her exactly how she made it.

Marie, just think how good it's going to feel every time you go down into that freshly painted basement this winter. Hope Ric has an easier week ahead.

V, ds sounds like he's really settling down and growing up. It's so nice when that finally happens after those rough late teen years and we get our original kid back again. And his cooking sounds divine, french toast from homemade bread, yum again. I must be hungry, lol.

Martie, good lesson learned. Never pass up a meeting of the Idylls. A good time is always guaranteed, as is lots of good food and drink.

VG, sometimes the hardest part of a project is getting the dh motivated to get started. Glad to hear yours is a GO!

Sue, if we don't get to fall cleanup, we can always do spring clean up, right? We've still got November though...

Coffee's done brewing so off I go. Have a nice Monday everyone. Eden

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Have been up for quite a while and Partner has the coffee made. VG ... I was the one who asked about Thanksgiving foods. The 'Haystacks' sound interesting so might try that. Is there any special way that you fix the beans? The baked potato bar sounds nice too. I usually don't do a lot of cooking but like to have ideas for family celebrations. They usually like to begin nibbling immediatly when they arrive. We are getting into more vegetarian preferences too. I do make a turkey for Thanksgiving. Our daughter usually brings the foods that they prefer.
Norma, the pinata picture brings back a lot of memories. Right now we are trying to decide on the next home for a 'life size' teddy bear that has been camped out in the corner of our computer room for a few years. His 'boy' is into studying engineering now but G'ma didn't want to give up the bear (or the boy!) but G'mas have to eventually 'grow up' too. Enjoy it 'all you can' 'while you can'.... Always interested in what the 'working girls' are doing.. keeps us in touch with what our daughters might be doing comparitivly.. one a nurse and one an accountant...and our 'grown up' grand daugthers are now working women too.. one a reporter and one in retail sales. We don't have a lot to chit chat about but do hope to be reinforcing to others. Yesterday on the Oklahoma Gardening presentation on TV the host did the 'persimmon seed' experiment (cut open the seed and see if the embryo is in the shape of a knife (indicating wind and cold) , spoon (indicating lots of snow) , or fork ( indicating ice and cold). Most of the results demonstrated the spoon. We've had milder than usual winters the past couple of years. Getting ready to snuggle in for whatever it brings. EP

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Good morning!

Norma, that little guy is adorable!

V, I was glad to see that you had an opportunity to check in. Is this the keyboard on your laptop? Hope it is an easy fix.

Mary, how did your book club gathering go? I thought you were calling your neighbor a cute little toad! I got such a kick out of it, even though that wasn't your meaning. A jigsaw of your own? Neat! I have a toolbox & tools but the only power tool so far is a drill. Jim is always borrowing my tools and quite often they are missing for quite awhile. I've put a T on them in permanent marker but I'm thinking I need to buy a can of that rubber coating dip, in pink, so that my tools have a better chance of not migrating into his toolbox.

Our daughters and grandson are coming over this morning to spend the day. I found out about their plans last night so haven't anything prepared or on hand for a lunch. I guess it will be soup and toast. Perhaps we can make cookies or something fun while they are here.

I hope everyone has a great Monday.

Hello to everyone!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi. Warning, this will be an all about me post. I've been enjoying the pix and tales, tho. Just checking in after a busy weekend. If I dont post regularly for the next few weeks, its b/c Im racing the calendar and weather to get my garden to-do list completed. At the rate Im going, Ill be planting bulbs in the snow!

Our trees are mostly still green here and leaves have just started to fall so usual garden mulching with shredded leaves is quite behind schedule. In DDs town, folks blow their leaves to the curb for city pick-up. Im going try to get over there and scoop up as much as possible. DD has lots of trees on her lot, so when they come down, Ill bring the shredder over there, shred and bag hers and haul them back here. Ive got two neighbors giving me their bagged leaves for shredding. One has a Sequoia next to his garage and hell give me the needles for mulching my rhodos and azaleas.

It was supposed to rain all weekend and when it didnt, I got DH to help me till-in 10 more bags of soil conditioner in an area about 8 x 12 in the back of the garden, and we pruned a number of trees (with more to do). I made 2 trips to the nursery for more pine bark mulch/soil conditioner. Of course, each time I came home with more plants. Im incorrigible. With my Garden Club discount and the sale, I got 2 gal. pots of May Night, a 6-pk of Sedum Angelina and a Tassel Fern for $5 ea., a really nice Sweet spire "Little Henry" for $9, and more bulbs. I need more bulbs like a hole in my head. Sheesh.

I raked and bagged the leaves that fell behind my garden in the commons and now have 4 stuffed contractor bags ready to shred. DH and I reorganized the garage to store containers, cages and plant supports and got the leaf shredder down from the rafters. Today hopefully, Ill get the area we tilled measured and sketched so when it starts raining I can work on drawing up a plan. I still have a couple more hostas next to this area to divide and move, as well as move a couple more plants on the house side of the serviceberry area. I have one more Dahlia from the container by the front door to dig, clean and prep for storage. Its still blooming up a storm and didnt get zapped in the frost Sat. nite so I hate to cut it down.

Over the weekend, we spoke to our friends in Florida about their plans to take cover from Wilma. Their gorgeous waterfront properties have far less appeal to us than they used to. Were a little worried about one couple that has a home in the Keys. Theyve just rebuilt since being devastated a couple yrs. ago.

Im concerned about our NE Idyllers with more rain in the forecast. You guys certainly dont need more precipitation! I was glad to hear they built a rock dam below the old wooden one in Massachusetts, to protect the downstream residents. Hopefully, it will hold thru Wilma.

I loved, loved, loved that great pic of the NE Idyllers! And th pic of sweet Wyatt. Ennyhoo, it's finally up to 50. So I'm going to bundle up and see if I can get something done outside. Thinking of all. TTYL, Honey

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Gardenbug, I've experienced that morning race track when we spend the night at DD1's. She has two huge cats:-) How big is your basement? Is it *finished* or are you painting a block wall? We have to do that one of the se days too.

Martie, it sounds like you're moving right along on your garden projects. It's cold and rain mixed with snow here this morning, so i will be working inside.

BTW I am back from the dentist, Just had a cleaning and he said they looked good. Yeah!!!

I was so engrossed in thinking about my flower bed re-do on the way home from the dentist that I missed my turn and drove about 10 miles out of my way!

Eden, a seed order already? Oh dear! I've been telling myself that I can't get anything new until I find homes for all the refugees in the coldframe and nursery bed:-( I agree on the hardest part of a project!

EP, my family prefers Refried Beans but most of the others like some chili beans. i got my refried recipe from The Moosewood Cookwood by Mollie Katzen (sp?) and tweaked it just a little. I used to fix it for Christmas dinner every year for the tree planters when we were out on the road. It's pretty neat when the Mexican folks ask for your refried bean recipe LOL! That persimmon seed thing is interesting. i wonder if it is true?:-)

T, chuckling about the pink handled tools:-) Have fun with you family today.

Honey, Wow! You are getting so much done! If we weren't getting rain and snow I wuld be out there digging up daffodil bulbs. Maybe tomorrow. No wait, I think we decided to do another big batch of applesauce tomorrow. I'll have to check the weather! i hope your friends will be OK. I have a friend in Homestead, or used to be friend. She lived just down the road and we were friends. She and her husband divorced, she moved away and I haven't heard from her in years. i think of her every time there is a hurricane there.

I need to get to work. DH and DS are working on finishing the sheetrock in the master bathroom and i might even get to paint the walls and ceiling before bedtime!!
Hi to everyon. Marian, are you OK?

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Vegie girl, just enjoyed some black beans mixed with an Oklahoma brand of salsa with tortilla chips with some honeydew melon. good! I've enjoyed a lovely morning trimming plants. EP

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well I've "enjoyed" finishing the first coat of paint behind the furnace. That means the first coat on the walls is DONE. I am considering leaving things with only one coat for the time being. It is only an old basement after all. It looks cleaner. I then swept the floor as best as I could considering there are hoses from all sorts of places (furnace, water tank, etc) along the wall. My lungs are full of dust now. The walls were expecially difficult because they are over 100 years old and very rough. No type of roller could be used, even the paint brushes were very difficult and slow going. Next I must move old tables and shelves to another room so that I can wash the cement floor with acid and rinse it. Then paint it once it is dry. Maybe I'll be done by Christmas? I do hope sooner!

Norma, was it you who asked about oven dried tomatoes? I only make them at the very end of the season, once, because I hate to use the oven for such a long period of time. I slice the tomatoes into thick slices, about 1/2" or less, or chunks. I put them on a cooky tray spread with olive oil, then spray them on top with olive oil. I put them in the oven at about 200F for about 6-8 hours, watching them every so often. We like them when they are still rather moist. I try to make 2 full trays of them. They disappear ever so quickly.

Froze up the rest of the green peppers from the garden this morning, saving 2 for stuffing for our dinner tonight.

Honey, plant those bulbs ASAP! I am already excited about how they'll look next spring. This is what carries me through the awful time of year!

DD is starting a new job today working on a 6 month contract for the Dep't of Fisheries in Edmonton. I haven't quite figured out what fish are in Alberta yet...I wish she had finished writing up her thesis before starting, but money is useful for them it seems.

Must go breathe outside and clear my lungs with Charlotte as my companion.

Marion? What's up?
Babs? Taryn? Lauren? Jerri? everyone?


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Got blown off by every single client today and, Oh Shucks, had to stop in at a few nurseries along the way to kill time and thus my budget. Ended up with a bunch of Digitalis s....(the true perennial) and some Patriot and Minuteman Hosta. What can I say?? We live in New England and there are just plants that are obligatory :-)

VG: Yes, the garden plans are progressing but that's about it. While I keep gathering plants, DH has sights set on doing things inside the house. Can you imagine?

When I came home today two toilets, one on either side of the driveway, complete with mums installed, greeted me. I had been saying how great some Della Robia would be down there. This is DH's answer. Had to laugh -- he actually went and bought mums!!!! (Toilets are going to freecycle sans plants.)

Norma: I love seeing pics of kids having fun. We are at that inbetween age where our kids aren't quite ready to give us grandkids. It's great to be in a place where I can grandmother vicariously through you guys!

'bug: Careful with the acid on the floor, please, particularly an old floor. I can't imagine how you managed to paint 100 year old walls. Pat yourself on the back for the one coat :-)

EP: Not being facitious ... Is there a difference between OK type salsa and other types? I'm not a cilantro lover and most recipes I find either use that or a ton of hot peppers, which I can also do without.

Great everyone-can-eat-it Thanksgiving side dish: Get a bunch of different hard squash. Cut them into 1" cubes. (Do this ahead of time.) Blanch in boiling water. Put in a baking dish with pats of marjarine, a small amount of brown sugar, real maple syrup, and top with a hefty layer of wheat bread crumbs. (IF YOU CAN'T FIND maple syrup IT I'LL SEND SOME TO YOU), cover and bake for at least a few hours at 325deg without uncovering. Squash should be fork tender.

Leftovers get mashed, put in a savory pie shell, just heated, and taste better that way than the original.

Going to eat, now :-)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I'm okay , VG and Marie ....just 'laying low' . I apparently have ruffled at least one person's feathers with a comment I made about the nasty-mindedness that I'd encountered on a couple of conversation forums . I e-mailed the one that I am sure took offense , and asked her to correct me if I was wrong . I offered to stop posting here if my being here was causing her to go elsewhere . I haven't heard anything either pro or con .
Also , I think there were some other 'foot in the mouth ' comments by me .

When , and if , I feel comfortable about my place on this forum , I will return . I do not want to be where I am a nuisance .


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re salsa: Many products are available in our local markets and farm stores are made in Oklahoma. This one is made in Moore, OK: ingredients : tomatoes, onion, lemon concentrate, garlic salt, peppers, gourmet extracts, distilled vinegar. Have no idea what 'gourmet extracts' means. Sometimes they include 'spices' with nothing exact defined. I don't like cilantro either. I always check ingredients when buying salsa. The oven cooked tomatoes sound good. Never have tried that. Enjoyed a lot of time outside today with short intervals inside. EP

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I grew up in the southwest and remember that sometimes coriander (the seed) was used in Mexican recipes but until we came here I had never seen or tasted cilantro (the leaves of the plant). (Also had not known that coriander and cilantro are from the same plant). We used comino (cumin), garlic, onion , red and green chili. My sister learned to make tamales from a Mexican friend during the mid 1930's . I still use a modification of her recipe. (using commercial sauce in the preparation).The first Christmas food I remember was green corn tamales. We had Mexican food at Christmas. We got our tortillas fresh from the factory. Now we see Mexican food products everywhere. Also here there are many Mexican restaurants that prepare food in different ways. Never know what we ar going to be served when we order. I always tell them 'no cilantro'. EP

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Okie Doakie , I got a very nice e-mail from the one that I thought had taken offense ... and all is well in that respect . It was my mistake !

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Well.. that's good Marian. We don't like to see anybody from 'around here' getting 'picked on'. EP

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DS was at a conference in Orlando last week, then went to Miami to visit a former girlfriend. (One in every port says DH!) He just phoned to say he is OK. He can't fly back to planes there. The apartment where he is staying is rather new and has metal shutters to close in the event of lively weather. He said they could definitely feel the force of the winds. Billboards, trees etc are knocked over, cell phones don't all work, power out in many areas.

I feel for those folk. Honey, I agree. I'm not sure those waterfront properties are so great after all.

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EP, I just read your motorcycle link and found it quite interesting. N.

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Good Morning, Marie, I'll go first for you this morning ok? I woke up with a headache. I don't get them often and I took some advil so hope it's gone soon. It's cold and rainy here but looks like you all on the east coast will be getting the worst of the weather today. Please all of you, stay safe! I need to go out and run a few errands this morning and I'd like to go junking at the thrift stores for some new(to me) bedside tables. I'd like to get 2 small tables, don't have to be matching, and paint them black. We got the aquarium set up and now today Brad needs to catch the goldfish and bring them inside. They can be wily little creatures and usually give him a hard time. I gathered together all the bulbs I've been accumulating and have around 150 to plant sometime this week too.

Marie, glad ds is safe in Florida at one of his "ports in the storm". It sounds like the basement project is coming along. No fun I know, but just keep plugging away at it and you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment when it's done. Painting the basement floor is on my list too. I'd like to find out more about the new epoxy paints for basement and garage floors. Has anyone here used them? I think it's a job that would be worth having someone experienced come in and do.

Honey, I wish I had your motivation to get out and work in the garden this year. You are getting so much accomplished and it will make such a difference next spring. I made a list of things I need to do out there and there are 17 projects. Wonder how many I'll get done?

T, did you have a fun day with your daughters and Jamie? Did you all bake cookies?

Martie, your new driveway planters sound divine, lol. Thanks for the easy squash recipe, sounds like one I'll have to try.

The advil must be working because my head is feeling better so I guess I'd better get this day started. My Bella will be here later this afternoon, haven't seen her in a couple of days. Have a good one all!


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

EP, your black bean meal sounds good! I too, dislike cilantro. The smell of it almost makes me nauseated. I do like and use coriander quite a bit though. Ahh, fresh tortillas!! DS learned to make corn tortillas from a Mexican lady and on the rare occasions that he makes them, they are heavenly!!

GB Its neat what a coat of paint does for a room. I painted my laundry room walls light pink and the trim will be an even lighter pink. It's just so cheerful:-) You have worked hard on those basement walls, haven't you? Do you have to do another coat? Yes do be careful with that caid! Make sure you wear eye protection. Thanks for sharing the oven dried tomato recipe. I'm saving that! Good luck to your DD in her new job!

Martie, gathering the plants is the most fun part, I think:-) My problem is that I've been gathering for about 7 years now and they are all crying out to be given proper homes! Thanks for the squash recipe. I'm saving it too. We all like winter squash at our house.

Eden, hope your headache is better by now. Good luck in your quest for end tables. I love the way you say "My Bella will be here"!

It's 39 degrees and raining. The forecast is for 3 inches of snow tonight:-( Last night we painted the primer coat on the bathroom ceiling and walls. We are also working on the arch over the front door and want to paint it today. We have the trim paint for that but no real paint for the bathroom. We have to decide on a color. I think I want it to be the same color as the bedroom walls, for which I am leaning toward a very light green. i want a neutral green if that is possible:-) I think all colors of flowers go with green. We don't want to make a special trip to Lowes just for a gallon or two of paint because it's a 90 mile round trip.

Marian, glad you feel comfortable here!

I must get busy. DH isn't feeling too spunky today. He has good days and bad days.
Hope you all enjoy your day!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Yaargh ! VG .... snow already !? And in Virginia !
We had our first freeze last night . Ice on the rain barrel water , and frost everywhere . That's the end of the tender vegetation outside , including the combo on the deck that EI liked so much .
I'm waiting for my hair to dry so I can leave for the regular Tuesday's trip to town . Looks like I will have to scrape the car's windshield . Our wood heat sure feels good this morning .
I hope everyone's week got off to a good start . Sorry for any that are 'under the weather' .


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)


Happy Birthday Cynthia!
I hope you had a great day!

Marian glad to hear that there was no problem. I don't think that most of us here are prone to upset about things others here say. Which is a good thing as it's too hard to lose any members of this group that I've grown so fond of and think of as the family I always wanted. I think when people leave it leaves a hole where they belong. I still miss Jain and Saucy, and many others who no longer Idyll.

Yes Deanne I do think fabu fabu, or just fabu even, should be added to the dictionary hall of fame. I'd like to get my license printed up and laminated since I'm such a abuser of the English lingo. I've used the made up word conundrance for years, and had to tell a friend it isn't really a word when she used it. It's really a cross between conundrum and hindrance. Here's a sample of a poetic license. Maybe I'll send away for one. ;)
I'm sure they make them in Canada too, lol.

Congrats on the weight loss, BTW. I have to combine anything non protein with proteins to ensure my blood sugar stays level, so I know what your nutritionist means. Food combining doesn't work for me though. :( The fat just laughs as it grabs hold and adds more pounds. :( I hope the exercise will be the tie breaker though and I'll be looking at low bf ratios like you. Or maybe the muscles will just hold everything in more and I'll appear smaller. Fingers crossed!

Hi everyone else. I hope everyone ill feels better soon and all have fun in the garden, even in the snow. Take care.


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Norma, your little Wyatt is a cutie.

V, hope you got your keyboard problem worked out, is this on your new laptop?

I'm in awe of those of you who are putting your gardens to sleep for the winter. Not having containers does have one good side to it at this time of year. I don't have a basement and our garages are windowless, filled to the max already. I'd be in a world of hurt if I need to overwinter anything. Deanne did share 5 starts of coleus with me so those are sitting in my kitchen windowsill and perking my spirits up whenever I look at their new leaves & growing roots.

Today is blustery and cool. A fine day for puttering in the sewing room. I'm making another baby quilt. Goodness but this is a busy year for babies! This is another simple one that won't be harmed by all those fluids that happen around babies.

We didn't make cookies yesterday, Eden. I made some last night after dinner. Ate 2 of them while they were still hot.....the calories don't appear until after they've cooled so if you want to eat them guilt free, you need to do it while they are still warm. Once they've cooled....that is it, the calories are stuck inside of them. It is true! Just like that 5 second rule (Brenda, I always knew it the 5 second rule wasn't true, but I'm still going to use it whenever I want to. lol)

It is lunch time.....guess I'll go heat up a can of soup. Yep, culinary masterpiece in a speciality. :oP

Hello to all!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Just a quickie - someone came by the office to solicit funds for the local Christmas decor. He had a pick-up truck and had a whole box of osage oranges in the back. I wonder if the tree I've been watching has been picked clean! I'll check on the way home. They were there yesterday...


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Oh no, V. Hope your osages are still there...If they are you better grab them now!

T, all your talk of cookies convinced me to make a batch of brownies that have about 20 more minutes in the oven. I'm assuming the warm rule applies to brownies as it does to cookies?

Yeona, I figured you to have a poetic license. Glad to hear you're sticking with your exercise program at the Y. Good for you!

VG, I always think of green as a neutral when I'm interior decorating. It's a neutral in nature after all. I'm glad it's not that long of a trip to Home Depot and Lowes here. I'm in both stores at least once a week, usually more. That's my one worry about ever moving out into the country. I'm so used to being able to pick up and go to just about any type of store in just a few minutes. But then I start thinking how great it would be to be in the peace, quiet and beauty of the country...

I hope Marie isn't trapped behind the furnace. It's been quiet from her today.

Marian, did you have a fun day in town?

Does anyone here have a weather station. I've been thinking about getting one and was looking at them online today and there's alot to choose from. Of course, the nice expensive top of the line ones with all the bells and whistles are the ones I'm thinking I need. If any of you have any experience with one I'd appreciate some advice.

Wishing you all a restful evening,


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Greetings, all. 3" more of rain and my clay lawn is ponding. Why am I not upset? I now know where to put my water features with rain catching tanks! DH and I agree! This will be a whole new realm for me and I can't wait.

T: The Rule we use is if you have "just one of each thing" it won't make a difference, so we make 20 things .

Marian: I mark the calendar with the first ice in a bucket date. Everything is happening so late, here (or am I just not used to Z6, yet??). We still haven't had a frost. Lemon Verbena is throwing new growth. Plants are confused. So am I :-)

VG and Eden: Enjoy the recipe! For sweet, add a bit of nutmeg. For savory, add a bit of lemon thyme.

T, again: No containers? There's *always* room for containers. In Z8 you wouldn't have to bring much in; many of the best container plants I've worked with are hardy to Z8. Not even tuberous begonias?? We'll need to talk ...... :-)

GB: Glad your DS is safe and sound. I have no idea why sane people (including good friends of mine) chose to live in Florida. Any place where lavenders apparently die on contact is not for me.

PLEASE HELP: I need about 100 reasonably priced tulip bulbs and haven't gotten bulbs by mailorder in several years. I'm not finding what I want locally or at Pinetree, WFF or VB. Where do you guys suggest I go? Googling only elicited about 2.3 million sites so we need to narrow it down .. ;)

All the best to everyone.


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Since this is blooming now would that make it a Halloween Cactus?

Bella says "Hi Idylls"

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Martie, Did you try Brent and Becky's Bulbs?

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Oh Bella is a beauty! Your cactus is gorgeous. I have two of mine hiding in the entryway powder room (no windows), in hopes that the low light filtering in there will be enough to make the silly things bloom.

I was just given a La Crosse touch screen weather center with pc interface last night. It looks to be quite nice. The model is WS 3610, it has an atomic clock along with a number of other bells & whistles. It can be connected to your computer (thus the pc interface part of the name). It isn't set up yet so I can't tell you about it, but it looks like it will be very interesting.

V, hope your oranges are there.

I'm freezing, need to bring in some firewood and get some fires going in the woodstoves.

T. (oh, no calories in hot brownies---enjoy!)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm REALLY VERY ANNOYED by the surrogate court's dealings with my Mom's estate today. I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY annoyed with their meddling and insults.

OK, I'll deal with it somehow.

We have a small old weather station. I can read the temp indoors and out, in C and F. Beyond that, it gives the wind speed too in MPH and KPH. I cannot get my brain around how to get the highest/lowest windspeed and temperatures to appear, but it should be easy for the digitally inclined. I would prefer a newer model without wires running around the toaster and osterizer. ;-)

Making corn muffins now, but no sign of DH yet, so I'm on hold. They're a vegetable, right?

I collected a garbage bag of junk from the basement before DH returns so that he won't know what I've pitched. He hasn't looked at the stuff for 8 years, so I hope he has forgotten the old phones, motion detectors, etc.

Later folks, I hope in a better mood.

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The day began here with a fog cover over the hills. We took a drive to enjoy the mists rising above the lakes. Trees are turning but not yet at peak. I did a quick read but didn't have anything new to share. Have been copying and pasteing the cooking tips to my 'documents' so I can print out and keep them. Nice to see Bella since we have all 'known her since before she was born'. _ T, I agree all the way about cookies. I always have the first 2 as soon as they come out of the oven and are cool enough to eat. The afternoon was beautiful and sunny so pulled up more zinnias and salvia and did some hoeing. I love it when I come in from outside. I smell like salvia and mint mixed together. I'll read back in later. EP

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Here is the link to the salsa web page. The fresh uncooked element is one reason it is so tasty. They say the 'secret ingredient is attitude'. Guess that goes for a lot of things. EP

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Okay, don't faint - V is going to post a couple of new pictures!

Today I harvested my birdhouse gourds. Definitely a bumper crop from only two vines, one of which I tried to kill with a major pruning mistake early in the summer. (Picture is a little fuzzy, sorry!)

If you count carefully there are thirteen! Woo-hoo!

And now for some unfinished business. A belated Happy Birthday to Cynthia from some fine feathered friends:

The keyboard (yes it was the laptop) seems to be behaving better today. I think I moved the crumbs to a non-critical location.

The osage oranges were still there - on the top branches, that is! I'll have to figure out how I'm going to get these down...


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

In honor of the last week of daylight savings and my last week of being able to walk outdoors after work, I walked about 4 miles in 40 degree drizzle tonight. Since I've always been a fan of drizzly, raw fall dusks, it felt great. After the walk I did a stretching routine followed by a free weight session. This will be the winter of getting back into shape.

So, will it or will it not frost tonight? The weather isn't calling for it but it's 39 F now. Maybe I'll toss on some shoes and go out and move a few pots into the screen porch or garage. I don't want to lose the brugs or my red abyssinian banana. At this point I'm probably torturing the poor plants by leaving them out but I still say they prefer it to being tortured in the Today I went to Lowe's and bought a bag of potting soil so I can repot some of them. Think all the potential bugs are dead yet?

I'm waiting for groceries to be delivered. The two hour window they gave me is 7-9. A little while ago I decided to start dinner with something I had rather than wait so we don't have to potentially eat at 9:30. Tomorrow night is the kick off of our physical inventory at work so I won't be home til late because we get all the reports set up to print then go out to dinner. I call it my annual date night since it's usually me and a few I need to get out more.

Eden I have a weather station. It's a LaCrosse and was fairly expensive. I think I got it at Gardener's Supply last year. The remote unit is in the kitchen. The temp and wind sensors are out in the reclamation area on a pole. While reading the instructions we realized the outdoor sensors had to be protected from rain so we put a plywood platform on top of the pole and a birdhouse on top of that. It's fun to have.

Warm baked goods out of the oven...YUM. Time for dinner.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, everybody.Just a quick post tonight. Just got in from the fields a little bit ago. Progress is good, and looks like we're going to be done really early. I'm hoping in time for me to enjoy Indian summer playing in the yard :)
Anyway, I saw Marti is looking for a bulb source, and I love to be an enabler, so thought I'd stick a link in. Bulbs have always been great for me from these folks-have fun shopping! Their sister company is John Scheeper's for smaller quantities-I believe there's a link to it on their page.
'night all...I'm bushed!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Love Bella, the gourds, the Halloween cactus, the poetic license, the birdies, the salsa.

DH is off at hockey.

Talked to my brother in NJ about courts and estates...and my feathers are very slightly less ruffled.

The weather here looks like it may improve by the weekend, up to 55F and sunny. Hope they are right. Woody, Taryn, Janie and I would sure appreciate it!

Janie, are you locked in the garage?

Drema, where ARE you????

Good night Chet
Good night Dave

Anyone know what I'm talking about?


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and Good night NBC.........

Thus ends Idyll 230.

Who will start 231?


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