Power Problems

anneliese_32(6)December 8, 2013

If I don't post tomorrow - we have power problems. Been warned that we might not have power into tomorrow, shutting down again in about 10 minutes.

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Anneliese, I am happy to see your post this morning, it means you had electricity.
Stay warm!

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Hi anneliese, glad to see you post. Been there with the loss of power and also no connections to the net, cell phone does not work, nor the land line, because it's hooked up to cable. It's a royal pain,
While living in a very sophisticated area, Silicon Valley, I still need candles, flashlights and extra batteries, a sterno stove, a phone that hooks directly into the phone lines, a boombox that is about 35yo that works on batteries and juice. It still works to dial in the weather reports, and some music for a dark night.
I wonder when they will figure out how to give us simple power that works?

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