Prayers needed~ ~~

Lamora(4)December 24, 2012

Hi everyone, my mom is going in the day after Christmas to have yet another eye operation. She has alzthimers (sp) and the last operation really messed her up, at least it seemed to.

It is a 3-4 hour drive where we need to be, then the same on the way home, never mind how long the operation will take, we will be leaving at 6 am. Gonna be such a fun day~~ not!!

We all could use prayers and good thoughts right now, not only for mom, but for us in trying to keep her ok after. Never mind the storm that we are going to have to drive thru, mom is going to be so nervous in that, I hope it isn't as bad as what the news says it will be...

Nope, not looking forward to this at all, but trying not to let it get to me either.

Anyway, pray if you want, don't if you don't want, just keep a good thought for us? Please??


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Oh my dear, that sounds so stressful for all of you. My thoughts are with you all the way.

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Marjie, you, your family, and esp. your Mom, are in my prayers and thoughts. May the operation be successful and may you travel in safety.

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Marjie I add you to my candle list and wish you, your family and especially your mom all the best.

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Lisa_H OK(7)

My prayers are with you and your mom.

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Good thoughts to you and yours.

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Healing thoughts and safe traveling thought going your way,
May the outcome be as good as possible ((((hugs))))

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gmatx zone 6

Prayers for a safe trip and a very successful surgery for your Mom.

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gandle(4 NE)

Wishes for a successful outcome.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Life can be a real adventure sometimes, can't it Lamora? I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

Now, be sure to stuff blankets in the car as well as plenty of snacks and water. When you head out for a trip in the threat of bad weather, be prepared for any and everything. (I'm channeling my always prepared father, lol.)

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Thanks everyone, you are all very much apprecieated. Thanks for the reminder of blankets and food and water, yes, going to need those.

My DH will be driving, he is a good driver, my dad is getting to where he isn't such a good driver anymore, and that is a long drive.

My dad had a horrible thought today tho, he is wondering if this is just a colostation (sorry, can't spell) and not the operation itself. Hope not, we can't afford another trip like this.

But thank you for all your thoughts, candles and prayers. :)


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Do you mean consultation? If your father is wondering about that, then I can't help but think that it might be true. I hate to say this, but the purpose of this visit is something you should know in advance.

It might be time for a family member to go to appointments so you can take notes and ask questions. A consultation with the surgeons would be expected, I should think.

Please let us know what happened when you get back.

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(((Marjie and family))) hugs and prayers. I hope it goes well. I'll be thinking of you.

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Thinking of you today. Glad you have someone to help you make that drive. This is not a time to be alone.


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My heart goes out to you.
Surgery of any kind is so hard on patients with
dementia. If there is a hospital stay the problem escalates.
I pray everyday that Neil doesn't have any problems
that will involve a hospital.
You are lucky to have your husband to do the driving.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Thank you all for your support. :)
It has been a very long 2 days. We were able to have it operated on the first day. It was Local antiscizea, (you all must be getting a laugh at my spelling, but that's ok too, we need a laugh sometimes-- lol) so she didn't need to come out of it like before, that was bad. The operation went well, we actually could watch it on a tv screen in the waiting room! EEWWWW!! I watched in another area about train rides-- lol Dad and Ron watched the operation.. again.. EEWWWW!! But it went well. Now all we need to do is keep her hands away from it, she has something called a "shunt" or something like that to help it drain the fluids that causes the pressure to build up. You can NOT rub your eyes with that in!! This is going to be fun!!

Then the doctor wanted to see how she was doing the next day! The first day was in a storm, both ways, in the dark for a lot of the drive. Yesterday wasn't so bad, just a bit of fog in the morning. The ride home was quite pretty.

She has gotten worse in her world, it is hard to tell just what she is seeing anymore, The whole trip she was seeing kittens and puppies, and little kids, they were all in the car with us. And in the Dr. office, and in the parking lot, they are every where she goes! She was blind with the bandage on her eye, and seeing all this in her mind, so now we are not sure what she is "actually" seeing and what she "thinks" she is seeing. The doctor was real kind with her about that, but we aren't sure what her eyesight is right now. But she should be seeing some things now.

I keep thinking that at least she is seeing cute little things, puppies, kittens, sometimes rabbits, and the kids. With my luck, I will be seeing spiders and bugs!lol We can't handle this here anymore. We will be looking into nursing homes soon for her. I feel bad for my dad mostly. I can't imagin what he is feeling right now... not the way they wanted to end up. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I think we could handle either physical or mental, but not both, and that is where she is right now. At least, for now anyway, she still knows who we are, but at the rate she is headed? tomorrow may be a different story..

But thanks again for the kind words, thoughts and prayers and all the support. :) Thanks for letting me "talk" :)

Marjie~ emotionally exhausted...

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(((Marjie and family))) she seems happy in her sight limited world. And she has y'all to take care of her. Thanks for the update and I'll keep everyone close in my mind today.

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Marjie, I'm glad the surgery went well; I wouldn't have watched, either. Heck, when I have blood drawn to check its "thinness", I don't even watch the needle being put in or withdrawn! I'm a sissy!

Hard decisions are ahead for your family; your Dad is lucky to have you to help him. All of you are on my prayer list.

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up date: well she is starting to see things a bit better now, she seen the bottle of diet coke that we gave her, her hand went straight for it! lol, (her favorite drink) she also seen the small cap for it too, so she is seeing better. Tho you can't convince her of that.

I'm just glad she is eating better today. Last few days she hasn't had enough to keep a humming bird alive!! But she couldn't see her food.

Still very confused tho, keeps saying we should head home, "let these people sleep", but when you ask where she thinks she is, she can't answer. Except for this morning when I asked where she was, she said in the sky above the clouds looking down on everyone. I said that sounds like a nice place to be, she actually laughed at that.

So yes, her world is happy for her. I am by no means an expert on this, and I don't know anyone like this. But I've heard of people like this that are crying all the time, and some so angry that they turn mean. If given a choice, puppies and kittens and kids and sometimes bunny rabbits are a good choice... :) Her world is pretty too, she's always talking about how colorful something is.

So far, today has been pretty good for her, better than the past week, I hope it either stays like this, or gets better. (Not holding my breath tho)

Thanks again, for everything :)
Marjie~ Taking today for what it is worth, that is all I can do for now.

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"Marjie~ Taking today for what it is worth, that is all I can do for now.",
As far as I can tell, you've done very well by your mother and father. They are lucky to have a daughter like you.
Now, might be the time to take care of yourself for a bit

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