Too many frogs?

profsuzy(z6 PA)May 4, 2012

First, let me confess that I'm new to ponds. We had ours put in last fall by a professional landscaper. It's about 1000 gallons with a waterfall. Three of the 5 goldfish we put in last fall are doing great. However, we now have a lot of frogs - and literally hundreds of tadpoles as well. If all of these tadpoles make it to maturity, it's going to be like the plague of frogs in the bible. I've read lots of posts in this forum in which people seemed to be thrilled when their ponds get a few frogs, but is there such a thing as too many frogs? Is there anything I should do about this impending plague? I've also noticed what almost looks like suds on the surface of the water over the past week or two and I'm wondering if that might have something to do with the frogs and/or tadpoles. Thanks in advance for any wisdom you more experienced pond-meisters might have for me.

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For some reason or reasons, almost all of the tadpoles don't make it. I have a massive collection of tadpoles now. I have had a couple of years with a large number of small toads but most of them disapear as well. I wouldn't worry about it. I don't know about the foam.

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I agree with chas. Even with hundreds of tadpoles, you will most likely not be over-run with frogs. Frogs seem to be nomadic and most just drift elsewhere.

If, once the tadpoles have morphed into frogs, you do have more frogs than you like, you can always catch some and move them to a wet natural area or find another ponder who wants frogs.

As far as the foam goes, that could be from the fish spawning. Five goldfish could create quite a bit of foam.

Good luck with your new pond.


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Oh my goodness!!! speaking of frogs, I had to close my door last night because they were croaking soooo loud I couldn't stand it anymore. Feel the need to apologize to the neighbors for all the noise they make. I think there were about 7 different 'voices' I heard out there. To tell the truth they are so loud even the dogs hesitate to go outside once the frogs start their serenade. In other years I have had thousands and thousands of tadpoles. Can't imagine what it's going to be like this year. LOL

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Frogs are territorial so even if a good persentage of the tadpoles are lucky to survive to morph into frogs and avoid being eaten by birds, Raccoons and larger frogs they will be driven off and naturally disperse to look for a new less crowded home.

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profsuzy(z6 PA)

OK, thanks for the reassurances. I won't get too freaked out by all those squiggly tadpoles in my pond. I'll just hope that when/if they progress to frogs, that most will go off to find new homes. I'm relieved.

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If we lived in the same country I would gladly take some of the tadpoles off your hands. I have one very lonely frog and would love to have a mate for him or her.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I just finished repairing my old pond and within 3 days of refilling had a gazillion tadpoles lol I suspect they are the dreaded cane toads and not frogs which are over running the state . I built this pool above ground to keep them out and I can see it's really working lol.
have never found a solution save draining the pond?? gary

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That's too bad Gary. Fla. seems to be a magnet for invasive species. I had not heard that Cane Toads were on the loose in Fla. Maybe they will kill the invasive African rock Pythons that are also establishing a foothold in your state. To my knowledge the cane toad can not be stopped.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Well that would be wonderful except the cane toad is poisonous even King cobras won't eat them lol The climate of florida allows all kinds of exotics to survive some even seem to be flourishing much to the detriment of natives. I have an assortment of knight anoles cuban tree frogs as well as an iguana who live in my tiny yard so far no reticulated pythons or green anacondas nile monitos lol I can understand people keeping exotic pets but why the heck are they turning them loose???!!!!
They recently found some very venamous Lion fish in the intercoastal Don't get me started on invasive plants !!! lol

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