How long do YOUR goldfish live?

deb18(z6 PA)May 2, 2012

My pond is in its eighth year and since last year some of my original fish have been dying off one by for no apparent reason. I know you can find lots of people on the internet saying that goldfish can live 20 years or more, but I was wondering what length of lifespan you all are seeing in your ponds. My fish are all fancy goldfish.

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I have had fish live 10-15 years. Our heater and bubblers died last winter and we lost all of our fish last year, otherwise I bet the older ones would still be alive.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

When I first started my pool in 82 I stocked with some feeder GF all of which were consumed bt herons within weeks except one .He went on to survive until the flood of 06 I found him 3 houses away all dried up That was a bit over 22 years All his companions in the pool were tropical fish which were wiped out by the cold of 09 I stocked with some more feeder GF and to my knowledge have not lost a single one Guess the herons are dining in better locations.??
, The original 12 are now 102 but have no idea which if any are the originals lol GF can live a long time but IME seldom have a natural death lol
I try to keep records on my stock but always seem to lose them lol gary

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I had some that were over ten years old when they were eaten by a heron or other bird. I never saw the culprit that time. He cleaned out my entire pond one winter except for a few babies that were still black/olive.

One reason older fish often die is because they are bigger and have higher oxygen requirements. If ponds are over stocked or pumps go out the bigger fish usually die first.

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Check your ammonia and PH.

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Mine are going on their 13th year !

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