Quote, December 29, 2011

ejmoore510(7)December 28, 2011

Send the stars light, but send not love to me.



Out of the dawning heavens that hear

Young wings and feet of the new year

Move through their twilight, and shed round

Soft showers of sound,

Soothing the season with sweet rain,

If greeting come to make me fain,

What is it I can send again?


I know not if the year shall send

Tidings to usward as a friend,

And salutation, and such things

Bear on his wings

As the soul turns and thirsts unto

With hungering eyes and lips that sue

For that sweet food which makes all new.


I know not if his light shall be

Darkness, or else light verily:

I know but that it will not part

Heart's faith from heart,

Truth from the trust in truth, nor hope

From sight of days unscaled that ope

Beyond one poor year's horoscope.


That faith in love which love's self gives,

O master of my spirit, lives,

Having in presence unremoved

Thine head beloved,

The shadow of thee, the semitone

Of thy voice heard at heart and known,

The light of thee not set nor flown.


Seas, lands, and hours, can these divide

Love from love's service, side from side,

Though no sound pass nor breath be heard

Of one good word?

To send back words of trust to thee

Were to send wings to love, when he

With his own strong wings covers me.


Who shall teach singing to the spheres,

Or motion to the flight of years?

Let soul with soul keep hand in hand

And understand,

As in one same abiding-place

We keep one watch for one same face

To rise in some short sacred space.


And all space midway is but nought

To keep true heart from faithful thought,

As under twilight stars we wait

By Time's shut gate

Till the slow soundless hinges turn,

And through the depth of years that yearn

The face of the Republic burn.

A New Year's Message To Joseph Mazzini by Algernon Charles Swinburne

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heavy stuff but good ej. Steve in Baltimore County

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What we all are thinking about, eloquently expressed

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husky004_(z5 NY)

ej-love when it's your quote week but darn do you make me re-read and think but thanks I need that sometimes.

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Husky said it, I have to slow down, re-read and think.

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