Well, they work

gandle(4 NE)December 28, 2013

Sort of anyway. If you cross your ankles, comb your hair forward and whistle, they work. Just kidding. But you do have to look not quite directly at the object you are looking at. Thats an exaggeration too. They are heavy, ugly and I've been warned not to walk with them on but put on regular glasses.

I am writing about my new goofy looking glasses as I'm sure you have guessed. At the price they charged they ought to teach me to do calisthentics and yodel but I'll settle for seeing the monitor and reading books.

Guess you aren't going to get rid of me that easily

Things are quiet here but New Years day we will be up at the farm, all our kids, grand kids and great grand kids will be there. House will be like a zoo but so much fun with the greats. Son says we will have prime rib, that may take a couple of cows.

See what happens when I can see the monitor, I run on forever. Enough.

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What good news! I'm so glad to learn you got the new glasses.Please tell some of your great stories.

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George! Wonderful you can see with them newfangled goggles,we are delighted (I speak for everyone :) ). Have a great New Years' party with that big family of yours and stay in touch!

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

Well, good for you! We want to hear all about the party.

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Yes, report in. Sounds like a fun time.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

YEAH! Sorry you have to have them, but glad you found something that allows you to read and be able to use your computer again.

Don - Glad to "see" you again, also.

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Good for you George! See, there's always a way:-)

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Glad to have you back. Both my aunts on my father's side had macular degeneration and I go faithfully to the eye doctor who says I have no sign of it. I am very glad to hear of your solution, even if it isn't a fashion statement.

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WELCOME BACK!! How wonderful to read your post; no matter how the glasses look, if they help you, they're 'priceless'!!

((((((Hugs to Leone and you, too.))))))

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Welcome Back. I'm so glad you got it all figured out so you could be back at the GP again.
Have a happy New Years party.

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From the description of the glasses, I'll bet you look very Clark Kent-ish. :o)

Have fun at the party and come back to the GP with a full report!


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Oh happy news for us all! We don't get rid of you and you can see! I'm so pleased you can see again. Goofy or not, they can keep you in touch? That's fantastic! I can't think of enough good words.

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