photo of sick fish please help

pghpondMay 13, 2010

I posted about ich the other day and here is a photo of some of one of the goldies I got out of my pond. I dont know what could be wrong. Does anyone know. It is a big spot that turned white and has blood streaks running through it..

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You may get more answers on this forum link. Hope your fish recovers soon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Koi Vet

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First, I'll assume the date on your camera is not set because the photo says 1/17/2009. As far as the "white spot" I can point to several of my fish that look just as bad or worse than that and the source for my fish injuries is the mating season. I have had 4-5 die and a few that are just torn up but slowly starting to heal now since it stopped about a week ago.

I'm not saying that this is your problem but it sure looks similar. Have you noticed your fish chasing others trying to trap them by pushing them into something?


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does the sore look like its being eatin away? are the fish just sitting there and not eating? as they just drift away and die.

i had this 2 years ago. i used profrom C twice, did major water changes after the profrom C and kept the salt level high for a few weeks ( took all the plants out). i think it was from the fish being stressed.

hope this helps. JBuda

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