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mckool(7a)May 5, 2012

When I dug the pond, thought it was wise to slope the bottom to one end and have just a skimmer box at one end, small water fall at the opposite end. Pond is about 900G and about 5' x 10 oval shaped. Water depth is from 12" at the water fall to about 44" at the deep end with the skimmer. Pond is about 9 years old.

The skimmer is set within a concrete compartment built into the wall which is concrete blocks, so options do not exist except up the inside of the pond into th skimmer - Not breaking concrete at 70 - Amein (Using the pond vac is becoming a bit of a chore)

Since there is not flat bopttom, the slope goes to the vertical val and results in a "V" saped intersection with maybe 2" a semblence of a flat space.

My thought: is to run a downcomer from belowe the wier of the skimmer box to the pond bottom to be able to remove debris that would accumulate and hopefully the pull of the water would also create some current to assist in debris collection. Now that being siad if I enter the skimmer box below wster level and below the weir (sikmmer entrance into the box), will I be able to create any lift of water flow into the downcomer without a direct pump connection?

Thought is the downcomer will always be below the water level and the skimmer becomes the colection box and the existing sub pump remaining to draft water from both through the skimmer weir and the new downcomer pipe

The skimmer box has a removable filter and the size is 16" square and about 20" deep so I'd like to keep the equipment in the skimmer.

Hope the above is fairly clear. If I need to use another type pump, then maybe I could have a tee off the downcommer into the skimmer to keep the skimmer working as it does it's job for the surface of the pond.

Thanx, in advance, for any suggestions and assistance

Not being the sharptest kinfe in the computer drawer, I have no idea how to post any pictures on this forum, but I can email.

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DATA CORRECTIION: the pond is only 29" at the deep end. All work will have to be from above as I no place to put the koi - on is 23" and there are 4 others from 18-20" and a 4 little guys at 8-12" The 23" was raised in an 85G pond
to around 16" that's why the 900G Pond. We started with 3 11 years ago, one is still here.

Again, Thanx

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joe_09(z7 ny)

there are two that i have used.the tetra has a two inch retro bottom drain that works my 6000 gal. pond i went with three aqua art 4 in. drains

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Depending on how steep a slope there is on the v shape to the 2" flat spot on the bottom will determine what can be done. Going to the skimmer you will probably only be able to use 2" pipe. Then the only flow through this pipe will be by gravity. That flow will be determined by the difference in the water level in the skimmer versus the water level in the pond. As an example if you have a 1/2" difference when the pump is running then you will have about 800 gph flow through the 2" pipe. If you are able to block the flow into the skimmer and can get a 2" drop then the flow increases to about 1700 gph which is far better. To get the drain to work somewhat correctly I would like to see a flow around 2400 to 3000 gph. This would require a drop of 4 to 6".

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