A Winter's Eve

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)December 8, 2010

It is gorgeously clear and cold tonight, with little humidity. The summer haze that effects seeing at that time of year is blissfully gone, and the "seeing" is absolutely incredible. All the familiar stars of even the fainter constellation are clearly seen. The faint veil that usually is the milky way is now a bright veil, rending the sky into parts. One can detect the subtle red colors of the planets that are visible tonight and even more subtle blues and greens of the various stars and nebulae, especially in the belt of the prince of the winter night sky, Orion.

We've had lows in the lower 20's and upper teens the last couple of nights. It's winter, and the Solstice is right at two weeks from now. We've hard a hard frost, and the morning sun created a field of glittering and glinting diamonds in the yards and fields.

This is the week before finals and I have been in the midst of giving the last regular test of the semester and planning for and reviewing for the final that is due next week.

It just may be a three dog night tonight and alas, I'm a dog short; I've only two and the little dog, Angel, isn't big enough to produce more that a watt or two of heat. But the big dog, Beauregarde, provides more than enough to share, what with his magnificent shaggy red coat, and boundless energy that only a young dog can manifest. We will make do with what we have.

Been decompressing with a spiced run, sipping slowly, for sure; must maintain an even strain, and all that.

Just musin', on a beautiful night and a beautiful time of year.

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Star-gazers must have different eyes than I. During this incredibly cold weather, my sweet boy got out of the car the other night, as I was darting for the front door (as I only saw the frigid night), he stopped, looked up, and said, what a perfect night to see the stars! Now that you've said it, two people who do not converse and live states away, it must be true.

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Your musin' is poetic. Thanks for sharing.

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Michael, you have a way with words and they are lovely.

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