Delphinium seeds

primitive(S.E. Ia. zone 5)January 29, 2006

The tall spires of delphinium are impressive, no argument. Every year when I order seeds from Parks for starting indoors under lights, I always order a packet of delphs, cool them, plant them acording to instructions, but I never in 6 -8 years of trying, ever got one plant. I don't recall ever seeing any signs of a seed ever sprouting in all those efforts. I have had good success with starting many plants but never delphs. Has any one else had any better luck? I don't want to hear about "winter sowing". primitive

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Lightly cover the seed (DARK required for germination) soil temp 60-65F & takes 14-21 days to germinate
ALTERNATE soil temp from day to night for germination.

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

Hi primitive,

So no winter sowing for you? I had to chuckle, because yes I do some winter sowing...but the majority of my seed starting is done downstairs...and winter sowing is not the answer for everyone/everything:)

Here is my take on the delphiniums. When I received my seeds from Germania...the packet said put in freezer...I did right away(hoping that they were very dry and the freezing wouldn't hurt them). When I went to sow them I put them in a moistened soilless mix and put them in a baggie and this went into the fridge. I am assuming this is what you did when you said you cooled them? Cooling the seed themselves would do nothing for you...they must be in a cool moist state.

I left the seeds in the fridge for a few weeks, and kept checking them for possible germination....and yep, they started to germinate for me in the cool conditions. I pulled them out...potted up the sprouts, and put the ungerminated ones(with the soil) into a seed tray...where they continued to germinate for me.

Had no problems with these seeds(they were the magic fountain series).

Hope this helps and good luck in your venture....

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I haven't had any luck with delphs either, either indoors or winter sowing. They just didn't germinate. This year, I decided to try again. I sowed the seed, put them in the dark in my garage, where it stays cold but above freezing. I kept them there for a month, nothing happening. So, I just brought them indoors under lights and room temps. Will they germinate, or should I keep them in the garage until I actually see growth?

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I winter-sowed a variety of Delphinium and Aconite species--had good luck with all of them. Basically, I patted the seeds on top of pots filled with damp Jiffy-Mix, then covered the seed with decomposed granite grit. I put the pots outside in a sheltered location in early January to fend for themselves--rain, snow, sun, everything. They eventually germinated in April or May, I believe.

The only thing I'd warn you about is that apparently many delphs and aconites go dormant in summer heat. I was about to dump my pots when I noticed little tubers, so I repotted the tubers and they have resprouted during warmish spells in my cheapie cold frame setup.

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Let me tell you an encouraging story about my delphiniums. I have been in love with them since I first saw them growing at an Ameraflora show in cinci about 15 years ago. I buy them, try to grow them from see with modest results. This year I decided I am not messing with any other color but blue. I just think they are heavenly.

I ordered seeds on the internet from a company called Swallowtail Garden Seeds because they had the blues I wanted. I followed their directions: Put seeds in moist soil in fridge for atleast two weeks then sow. I sowed them anxiously when the two weeks was up. I could not believe my eyes yesterday , I went done to my basement , approximatly a week after sowing, and they were sprouting like mad.
I am convinced that it is the seed that led to my success this time. Because that is the only thing that I have changed in my past routine.
Then I also got to thinking, in a lot of the things I read about this flower, most seem to say they do not come true from seed. I will have to wait and see.
Good luck!

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Finally, some delph seedlings! I never had luck with them either, but this year, I've got a few seedlings coming up. I sowed them in moist soil, then put them in a dark corner of my garage, where it is cool but not freezing. I left them there for a month, then brought them inside to a sunny windowsill. And, about 2 weeks later, they are starting to come up. I know they are supposed to need cool temps and darkness, which is why I put them in my basement. You could probably sow them, then put them in the fridge for a few weeks too. I sowed some larkspur under the same conditions, and the germination wasn't as good. But, I also wintersowed some larkspur, so I'll see which germinates better if the w/s ones come up. I've been keeping the seedlings on a windowsill, with the idea that it will remain cooler there, which is what delphs and larkspur like, I believe. I did read somewhere that delph seeds lose their vitality quickly, you should always use fresh seed, so if you've been trying with older seeds, maybe that is part of the problem.

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blueheron(z6 PA)

If your delphinium seeds were bought from a supplier, they will come true from seed. It's the ones that are collected from the garden that are not reliable because they are hybrids.

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I have often contemplated that seed companies should take the time allocating space in their catalogs to convey a better understanding of the precautions,testing,and trialing involved with their work.

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I live down south and seeing the large Pacific delphs is rare. They all die in the summer heat. To have some here you have to start seed in the heat of summer for plants ready to set out in Oct. It is a most difficult thing to do.

The first few times I tried I had the same germination problems stated here. Then one year I did the cold prep followed by doing a seed tray with a good potting mix based on peat moss and sand. To the surface of the mix I dusted a tiny amount of lime, just enough to be seen as a uniform coating. The seeds were scattered accross the mix and more mix was added to give the seed a thin but complete cover. The tray was placed on the floor in an airconditioned room, temps near 75 degrees.

The results were around 80% germination after only 10 days. I can't say that the lime lead to the success, and if it does, I don't know why. But I have had other successful seedings in the years that followed. My moto ... if it works, keep doing it.

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your observations pls8xx are worth noting as delphiniums prefer a neutral to slightly higher media pH. My preference is to germinate(cultivar:conn.yankees) in a naturally occurring cold environment with temp.fluctuations and adequate protection from sunlight,heat and wash-outs. I find better initial toning: hypocotyl elongation is checked if I propagate them this way.
I recently read an article(Iowa State University- suggesting(page 2)that most of the delphinium hybrids come true from seed with minimum variability.However,I think we shouldn't generalize. In fact, if I run a search for the cultivar I grow, some of the pics look nothing like this selection and the proported crosses are many...It is somewhat difficult to maintain this line especially if you or your neighbors are growing multiple cultivars...

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I bought my seeds on clearance at the end of last year. A little over a week ago I put them in the freezer for one day. When I planted them I used Jiffy-mix and lightly covered then placed on a shelf in my basement with other seeds under a lamp. Today there are signs of germination - too early to see how good of success rate but seemed easy.

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primitive(S.E. Ia. zone 5)

Since I started this post I should mention that this time my delph seeds germinated and I have potted up already. I just put the seed packet in the freezer a week like always and planted in starter mix. I did not alternate temps, just 65 degrees and finally sucess. Now to grow on to mature plants without killing them. Thanks for the input every one.

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paul299(z4 Minnesota)

There are a number of different types of Delphiniums.

The large hybrids germinate best under hot conditions- 75-80F.

This is also dependent on the age of the seeds, the seeds slowly go into dormancy with older
seeds often needing a few weeks of cool moist conditions then warm for germination.

Lightly cover seeds and use F75-80 days and F 50-60 nights, keep medium moist but AVOID
wetness. 1-3 weeks. Darkness helps with germination. If no germination move to the fridge for
four weeks (25-39F)

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aadenis(7 Cullowhee NC)

Thanks hpny2,

Had no luck with Delphinium seeds,did what you did sowed some seeds but put them in my basement where it stays 40 degrees for a month on Feb 15th brought them up and put them under lights and they are coming up, every time I look I see more breaking through,so far out of a 72 cell pack I have 35 plants and still watching. Thanks for your info>>>>>>>>>>>>>aadenis

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I havent had luck with my delphinums. I chilled them, covered them and put them in a cool place according to the package instructions and waited for a month and a half. I had nothing sprout not even one. I always made sure the soil was moist but not too wet. Does anyone know what I did wrong?

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

primitive,I have tried all types of seeds and all types of container,Spent a chunk on Parks set up,mat lights,hundreds on seeds and had the biggest flop.I love Delphs and now I have them also Lupine but the only way I was able to get them was grow them in a milk jug and winter sow.I tried everything else and this has given me the flowers of my dreams.I have 266 containers and most are busting out to be planted.

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Loretta NJ Z6

I've been able to germinate delphiniums but they don't grow so I might try your lime dust trick next time.

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averybird(Zone 5b, WA)

Hello, just wanted to say that after reading this thread awhile back I took my WS container of tall Delphiniums and put it in the dark garden shed. My seeds sprouted like a charm! (took 25 days in darkness btw)

I think it is a combination of cold and darkness that these guys need to germinate.

Also, I snagged some seeds from a gorgeous tall purple Delphinium plant growing behind the port-o-pottie at a gift shop/fruit stand we passed on vacation in Oregon last year. These are the seeds that just sprouted. So I can verify that seed collected from your garden is viable.

Thanks again for everyone's input!

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yes,averybird:that's how I do it with Connecticut Yankees... so I should wonder if some of us with this preferred approach per cultivar guidelines (NOT dismissing the input of Paul 299 at all- (i.e)print out the new Guardian Series F1 hybrid notes(Pan American Seed)... or visit Dowdeswell's Delphiniums new updates, might consider building modified (more insulated) outdoor propagating structures like Guy Nearing (Circa1950)....

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additional...I should have noted that Paul has gotten it right for what I grow...>>I avoid excessive heat and "watch media moisture" the head of my particular table shared with sanitation....

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i guess this is what's called a bump(????) i'm pretty new so i've been reading alot of old posts. i LOVE this one. PLEASE, will some of you tell me how your delps did this summer; i would especially like to know how those of you who hadn't had success in the past did this summer. i've been pretty UNsuccessful, actually, i DO get a few to germinate BUT then i kill them when i transplant! i understood that larkspur were easier, but i killed them too. i knew they were hard to transplant, but even the ones in peat pots didn't make it. oh, i DO hope some of you see this "bump" and will talk to me!!!! thanks in advance

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hello;if you are keen about this genera,then watch where you obtain your intial stock/seeds from and do your best to be selective about which plants you harvest seed from....(observations from my selected cultivar):
* may be short viable but I don't refrigerate my seeds-
*viability decreases with age but I still obtain healthy and a satisfactory germination rates with 3 year old seeds
*watch media moisture!!
*use dry seedling mix to cover seeds at the proper depth and then top spray;
*Sanitation throughout the process:new containers no peatpots
*consider written cultural notes per cultivar first before moving into personal preferences..
*be careful with liming without meters; know fundamentals about your irrigation water and fertilizers correlated to your particular growing environment.(i.e.) fertilizer composition,concentration rates and frequency matched with written cultural notes per cultivar...(don't be overzealous with fertilizers)

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are peat pots bad for germinating delphiniums?

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hello...imo:I had to work with peat pots thirty five years ago and totally dismiss its usefulness now...(examples): There is difficulty controlling media moisture,might perhaps mold, and will wick out in drought/heat conditions....

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...have messed with this cultivar a good number of years experimenting with its limitations in pot culture and could produce three flushes of flowering in NM for cutflowers for my mission church,messed with different medias,cultural approaches and so on...Don't know why I see difficulty here for this is one plant suitable for window sill growing -on...imo

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what exactly do you mean by "its limitations in pot culture"?? and "suitable for window sill growing" .. in what? how, exactly? i REALLY want to give this another try. larkspur and delphiniums are, more or less, the same, right? aren't larkspurs easier??????phyl

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visiting professional growers,I am able to discern the negative effects of fungicide applications;bumping into too large of a container,at what stage vs.container size one should change to more open media,(messing with variations of media)... effects of different fertilizers/concentration rates ect...
don't be intimidated for it isn't a difficult plant at the pot stage of production...

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blueheron(z6 PA)

Just wanted to mention that delph seeds must be fresh. Don't buy the seeds on sale at a garden center where they've been sitting around on the rack all summer.

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good advice from a good delphinium grower:blueheron...
correction:'Genus'from a previous post...

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oh, my aching head.. it's 2:10 a.m....i MUST go to bed. just ONE question, plain & simple, in my area what is the easiest--larkspur?? sorry to be so dense. nite,nite

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imo...for outplanting success:larkspur...for continued learning:Delphinium...again imo...

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allrightythen, larkspur it is. thank you, phyl

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Just wanted to share my to date fool proof way of germinating delphiniums: Freeze the packet overnight, then plant in moistened sterile seed mix lightly covering seeds. Put on a seed heating mat in a cool room, bottom water as needed, wait a week, and voila! I continue to grow on in a cool room with a fan going nearby. I've been doing this for several years with seeds ordered from Stokes (Pacific Giants). This year, I ordered from Dowdeswells: Pagan Purples and something similar to the gorgeous Morning Light mix they have listed for 2006. Although their website says that it will damage seed to freeze it, I haven't ever seen a problem.

I've been happily astonished by the new Dowdeswells. I planted them in December, transplanted to individual four inch pots in February, and planted them out in April. They sent up huge gorgeous spikes in July and amazingly I still am getting small secondary spikes now at the beginning of November. With the show they've put on, they'd be worth the trouble even if the don't survive the winter, although I do have my fingers crossed, especially at the cost of those seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dowdeswell Delphiniums

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I have many different varieties of Delphs from various sources in my fridge stratifying now. I put the packets in the freezer for several days, then in the moist soiless mix in covered plastic containers. They have been there for at least 2 months and nothing. I've been considering taking them out of the fridge. I'm just not sure to put them under lights in the house, or outside in the yard (today we were to get over 80 degrees though). Or just keep them in the fridge for a nother month or two unless they germinate.

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hi i live in england and maybe this is the reason why there is such a difference with Delps i throw my seeds in a sowing trap spinkle a little compost roughly over seeds and i now have loads ot least 100 or more i picked out about 80 and have planted them into plug trays the ones i repotted now have true leaves and are really quite big at least 5 or more leaves to each plant and the ones that i left in the main tray are still all alive but arent as big but every plant is at least 7cm tall or more and well larkspur so many i havent even started to move them yet, i thought they were going to be hard to germinate so i put 2 very large seed packs in the tray and they have all come up,if you live closer i would post you some, i hope you have some more luck with them next time although i really cant see what could be causing the hard germination that definatly wasnt the problem i had,Penz

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bindersbee(6a UT)

I did winter sewing last year for the first time. I hated it. Maybe it's because I worked at a nursery or that I'm some sort of control freak. In any case, it's not for me.

As for delphinium, I've had good success with them but haven't tried them for 5-6 years. I would mix the delph. seeds with sterile white sand and some Captan anti-fungal (which I wouldn't do now that I know it's a bad, bad thing to have inside) and then spread the sand mixture across the top of the flat. I just grew them in a sunny window. I seem to recall getting about 50% germination.

Since I plan on getting the expensive delph. seed from New Zealand this year, I'm really glad to see this thread and will try some of what is mentioned here.

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I have several Delphinium Magic Fountain seeds that have germinated in the dark. I planted them 2 weeks ago and a few days ago some of the seeds have started to grow. They are in my basement which is cool and dark.

When do I move them to the light?


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

At the very first sign of germination.

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dougy2040(zone 6)

How to identify volunteer delphinium seedlings in garden, below and around last years plants?

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drexler(Z5 PITTSBURGH)

I love this thread. This year will be my 3rd try with Delphiniums. I only planted them 2 days ago and after reading the thread, I've decided to put them in the bottom of the fridge... I've never had luck with them in the past and hope this is a good move. They were on the plant stand but I followed the instructions on the packet(burpee). I would love to add these to my collection of plants in my garden. I also am trying larksuprs. But, I've put them with other seeds I'm sewing. So, I'll have to see how they turn out.

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HELP! I also have trouble growing from seed. I do know you have to have FRESH really does make a difference as I could hardly get any to germinate from store bought seed.

I do really well getting them germinated but they die right before getting their first true leaves. I have great luck with plants already started and have NMs in my garden that I bought and they are coming back like gang busters but reading here it seems seed started plants last longer. I want to add that I did use something to help encourage a stronger root and to help prevent damping off..I forgot what it is called though.

I bought some seed from Dowdeswell's last year and I was VERY impressed. I planted a 72 plug tray and everyone came up fast!! I did follow their directions and put them in the fridge for 2 weeks. I DID NOT need any darkness, just sat the tray at the window sill and wow, they sprouted when they said they would...I think it was 10 days -2 weeks.

My problem is they die on me later! Maybe I baby them to much, or perhaps I should plant them in bigger pots? Can anyone give me suggestions. I would love to try more Dowdeswell's but I have to solve my problem first.

Moonphase - I saw you posted something about winter sowing in milk jugs? how do you do this?? Can you give me directions?

Thanks everyone!
Sarah (Michigan Z5)

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You can look through the Frequently Asked Questions about wintersowing here: FAQ's

The forum for Wintersowing is here (they're a friendly group, so please do join in and ask away!): Wintersowing Forum

And here is a link to Trudi's site (you can request free seeds to try wintersowing from her here):

Have fun!

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

Years ago I did the refrigerator/freezer thing for delps. Germination rates were low and I don't have an extra refrig for seeds.
I winter sow them now, higher germ rate for me, plus less work than the refrig method.
I winter sow alot of hardy perennials making plugs from 3in plastic bathroom cups and place them in a semi clear serlite container, holes on the bottom and 3mil plastic with holes on top held on with binder clips.
I find this is neater than all those milk jugs and I get 13 different plants in one container that does blow over in the high winds we get.

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Thanks Sewobsessed and busylizzy...
I just got back from that FAQ site...I think I have been bitten by the I am sad that winter is over!! :(
I may try a few seeds for the fun of it...I still have some of those Delphs from NZ in my fridge..they are a year old but who knows maybe it will work. It looks so easy! I am sure I can have success with this method!
What do you think busylizzy, think anything will grow starting this late??...we are still getting freezes up here in MI..heck it is snowing a little this morning!

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Sewobsessed & busylizzy ~ well those old delph seeds are starting to germinate! And I love growing plants in pop bottles and milk jugs! It is too fun. I looks so forward to getting seed next year! Now keep your fingers crossed that I can get them to grow to adults. I planted several things, Lupine, Marigold, Delph (of course) sweet pea, zinnias, larkspur, and canterbury bells.
All are doing well! I would say that the Larkspur are the slowest though. Is that normal? They sound so easy to grow.
What I love about planting them in comtainers like this is you practically never have to water them they stay perfectly moist! I think that is a lot of my problems..they would get to dry or to wet. Thanks for leading me in teh right direction!

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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

I am resurrecting this old thread in hopes to find and answer to my question.

I did ws Delphinium and I do have germination and seedlings are happy. They are small.

Is there any special care that they need before planting out and when is the proper time to plant out? Am I waiting for a 2nd set of leaves or for them to grow a bit taller? My last frost date is in a few weeks. I don't want to loose them because they aren't ready to be planted out. Thanks so much! LC Grace

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Reading all these posts makes me think I am extremely lucky. I bought a packet of (Pacific Giant?) Delphinium seeds quite a few years ago and they sat in my seed box. 2 years ago I put some in my 'experimental' garden, no special attention, and they bloomed the next spring. I moved them to the front yard and they are doing good; this year they are almost 3 feet tall and still blooming.

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lily51(OH 5)

this is my first year growing from seeds...i bought Park seeds, started them the beginning of Feb (maybe a little late)
Sprinkked seed in flats, wrapped flat with a black trash bag and sat in my cool back porch about a week. Nothing. then brought them in to the kitchen counter still wrapped up..uncovered them as soon as they germinated. Transplanted into packs in March and will transplant into pots this week.
We'll see what happens after that.

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I had to resurrect this thread as I have read through it a few times in my attempt with delphiniums this year. I purchased Delphinium grandiflorum (summer clouds) from Swallowtail. I did EXACTLY as they suggested since I knew these were pesky little things that didn't always want to come. I put them between damp paper towels in the fridge for about 2 weeks. Then, I put them in a 6 pack seed tray with moist seed starting mix and put them in a dark corner of my basement inside of a large Ziploc back (not sealed). I covered them with a light towel and waited...waited...I checked them everyday (sometimes 2-3 times per dayâ¦) and was about to give up. I was afraid I had watered them too much to start out with. They never seemed to dry out and I hadnâÂÂt even sprinkled them since planting. Even though itâÂÂs only been 18 days, I literally was ready to start some more this morning because I figured they werenâÂÂt going to make it. Before I did that, I figured I check one more time. They were sprouting like mad!! They neighbors might have heard me hooting and hollering in my basement. I moved them under my lights and am hoping I can keep them alive.

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HAHA! So the plan is to plant a bunch of seeds this year. I have some of them in but not all. It is the end of March. I used to do the starting indoors thing with heated grow mats and grow lights, etc etc but this year I just waited and planted outdoors. So far I have planted lettuce, green wizard rudbeckias, coleus, romanesco cauliflower, and delphiniums. Everything is sprouting except the delphiniums. I moved them behind a bush because everyone is saying that darkness is good for them. It is not terribly hot out yet and they get exposed to the cool night temperatures. Also, all of my seed packets were stored in the freezer. I have never had issues with freezer storage and it seems to keep things good indefinitely. I am just wondering if what I am doing with the delphs is enough. I could move them to the garage but I almost think that this would be worse than the bush because of the lack of air circulation. I have thought about using the fridge but I have a roommate and I don't know if he would be crazy about this, plus everything in there isn't always fresh and I am not sure what kinda spores might land in the dirt. Opinions are welcome. I am a little partial to just leaving them behind the bush though. I will let you all know what happens either way.

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Well. Only two days later and I am seeing my first delphinium sprout. It seems that sticking them behind the bush is working.

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Hi RadiantPoppy - what are the daytime / night time temperatures in which the delphiniums sprouted at? I'm in zone 5 (Canada) and have some sprouting in the dark. I'm curious about your outside conditions.

This is an excellent thread - one worth adding too.


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organic_greenjeans(Z 5/6 Eastern Washington)

Yes, this is an excellent thread! I found it this winter & learned a lot. I've grown delph's for years, but never from seed. This year I tried the Wintersown method with the container enclosed in a black plastic bag until germination was well underway. My seedlings are now looking good, and still seeing germination with the cover off.

I did notice yesterday though that the Pacific Giant seedlings are looking a little mottled, almost virusy looking, so I applied a light fertilizer & will see if they look any different in the next few days. They didn't appear nutrient deficient, so don't know whether that's the issue or not. Anyone have ideas about this?

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organic_greenjeans(Z 5/6 Eastern Washington)

I'm beginning to wonder whether this forum, and a couple FB garden pages I've joined are worth the time. My posts, questions, ideas and/or suggestions seem to get zero response. I can see now why I've seen posts by others who've left for similar reasons. Very frustrating, and when one feels excluded from a group, a bit hurtful too...

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I will agree that this is a great thread. I was a bit discouraged to say the least after my first two searches on this site for Tulip Trees and Royal Empress Paulownia took me to forums that were so off topic one even strayed to the subject of the frivolent use of the term nazi and how it devalued the something or other... wwII... I had to skip 10 pages before I could find something about a tree again. Glad to see not every forum has been turned into some righteous stand against something. I appreciate everyones helpful advice but I will not be using this site as my go-to for info.

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I sowed delphinium seeds into the organic seed trays with seed starter mix back in March. I put them just under the surface. They didn't germinate until I bottom watered, top watering wasn't enough to get them going.

They were tough to keep alive, the seedlings were very fragile in comparison with other plants that I started at the same time. They liked support and they didn't like harsh weather, too much wind, rain or sun and they would look sad. After moving them outside in the end of May, they really took off and I got some flowers this week.

I planted a few cultivars and they grew differently, the ones that got big right away have flowered with nice purple and white flowers. It looks like they're dying a little after I moved them into the bed. The leaves are turning yellow on one of the flowering plants and a similar type just totally turned yellow and wilted. These were the biggest at time of moving so maybe their roots got damaged when I removed them from the tray. Also the bed may be too shady. Most of the others are looking great, green and lush. I'll post up some pictures if anyone wants to see what they looked like at germination or how they look now.

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