Algae killer killed all the fish

darla84May 2, 2013

Ok I have a question that perhaps someone can answer. My friend added an algae killer to her pond that said fish safe and she used the dosage it told her too but by the next morning it killed all her koi. I told her that I wouldn't use it in my pond cause I didn't think chemicals would be healthy for the fish but she did it. Why would it kill them if I said fish safe?

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My first guess (without knowing which algae killer product your friend used) would be lack of sufficient aeration. See, when the algae dies it uses up all the oxygen in the water, so without supplemental oxygen they fish essentially suffocate. I use the algeafix in my pond and have for years, but I always add more aerators when I do until the water clears. I have yet to lose any fish from it. Good luck, and be sure to tell us what you find out.

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