LAST plumbing question from the plumbing impaired ponder!

jennyb5149(3b)May 15, 2010

I promise this is the last question for awhile! *fingers crossed*

Thanks to everyone here for answering all my earlier plumbing questions. I started the plumbing today with some trepidation and by the end of the day I was priming and gluing like an old pro (well for me anyway!)

Okay, here's the question.....I have installed several unions for easier disconnections in the fall. Do I need to put teflon tape on the threads in the unions??

For now, I've not put any teflon tape on the union threads but I'd hate to get the pond all filled up and find out I should have put on some teflon tape.


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Jenny I am assuming that you are talking about the threads that connect the two half's of the union. If this is the case then the answer is no. On one half of the union there is an oring and when the other half is pressed against the oring that is what makes the seal. The tape might make it easier to undo the union in the fall. I have never done this so I do not know but I could see how it may make it harder to take apart.

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Thanks Mike for the quick response. You got it right. I meant the threads that connect the two halves of the union. Good to know that I don't need the tape. I may try an experiment and put the tape on a couple of the unions and not others....see if it makes a difference when it comes time to disconnect in the fall. I'll report back in a couple months. :-)

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I made the beginner's mistake of over-tightening at my first installation for fear of leaks-and taking that apart was awful. Use of the tape prevents leaks when just hand-tightening, making fall removal easy. Another option is pipe grease, really Vaseline. Far easier to put on than the tape and my choice now for easy separation of fittings.

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Oooohh gosh I am SO thankful for the experience and expertise of the ponders on this forum!

Thanks for the tip mgeca! I would have totally over tightened the unions for the same reason you did your first time. Vaseline, huh? I'll definitely give that a try!

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