Heirloom's new process and procedure for orders

zaphod42January 6, 2014

So, I've been patiently waiting for Heirloom to turnover their website for 2014 availability. A number of the things I wanted aren't currently in stock. Finally, I called. I guess the new owners have decided to update weekly as things become available. Even if they know they'll have a bunch available in a couple months, they aren't posting them until good to go. We'll have to keep checking and order in ones and twos. If you do this online, you'll end up with multiple shipping charges. You'll actually have to call each time and have it added to a previous order.

Also, if roses aren't planned for production, they'll need a list of people requesting it until they determine there are enough people who want it so they'll then produce. My understanding is that you aren't actually officially on a wait list and won't be notified if it goes into production. You'll have to just randomly keep calling back until it officially is in production. (I might have misunderstood this point. Please correct me if I'm wrong.) You can get on a wait list if things are already in production. I've been buying from Heirloom since I first started growing roses and have always been happy with their product but, I find this process somewhat tedious. You would think if they were changing their model so much, they'd have a better requests and waiting list system set up.

So, I guess, in order to get things we are interested in, we will have to coordinate more in regards to specific varieties i.e. the recent thread regarding Peach Silk.

I just thought I'd put this out there in case anyone else is waiting for a big 2014 release from Heirloom. Maybe the new process has already circulated and I missed it.

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AquaEyes 7a New Jersey

It seems a much easier way for them to track "who wants this rose?" would be if they included it in their online inventory (even if "not available") and were able to tally the number of each added to wishlists. For example, I have a wishlist at Heirloom, and it includes a few which haven't been available since I added them (or, at least, weren't available during the times I checked back). If they were able to read, at their end, that a particular rose appears in 26 wishlists, that would indicate at least 26 people are interested in it, and they could initiate production whenever a predetermined threshold was met.



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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Wow, bummer. Ive been waiting on more to be in stock also.

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A sign of the times?

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nancylee2(Z10 Gaviota Coast)

Christopher: I made that very recommendation to the owner when we met at the Carlsbad Rare and Unusual Roses Auction. I explained how Annies Annuals sends me an email when my wishlist item becomes available. He took a note of it -- let's hope their new website incorporates this functionality!

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Rosecandy VA, zone 7

I just called and asked when they update their website so I wouldn't have to keep looking every day for two roses I'm waiting to buy. The lady said the website is updated all the time and she put me on a call list for when the roses are available (I also gave her my e-mail). She also said the roses I want will definately be ready by summer. I know this probably won't work for roses not in production, but you might give it a try for the "out of stock" roses.

She also said the wishlist on the website is private; they can't read it on their end.

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Even with alerts about my Wish List, I think the new format will have me purchasing less from them in the long run. Not consciously, but... here's an example.

If I go the grocery store I generally have a list and may need five things - bread, milk, eggs, cheese, and beer (I am from Wisconsin). I'm not going to leave the grocery store with just those items though. I'll grab some cookies or chips or something that's on sale, etc.

I generally shop for roses the same way. I go with some specifics in mind, but end up with a few extras that were new or looked interesting. Not technically something on my Wish List, but were purchases of opportunity. So, Heirloom, even though they know they'll have a rose variety ready in spring when I want my order delivered because it is in production (but not ready and available when I place my order) loses out on my purchases of opportunity. They will then only get my purchases of targeted intent. Roses that are on my Wish List and varieties that are specific to them. I think Rogue Valley might be the master of purchases of opportunity - I may only specifically be shopping for three roses, but I'm sure as heck going to find a fourth to get the free rose.

Maybe it is because Heirloom's new owner comes from an electronics background. Depending on what kind of electronics, those are very targeted purchases. I've never bought electronics or computers or phones without knowing what I want, researching it, and going an getting it at the best price. It is never an emotional or gut decision. Even though I try to be orderly and researched in my rose purchases, I never quite succeed. Roses and plants are very emotional decisions that can be from the gut. It is bloody cold out and my gut tells me to spend money on flowers for spring. Where will I now wander in search of them?

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I too have been long awaiting the updates. It would be nice to see what is "new" in 2014 from them too. They still have the 2013 "new" section. There are a few roses I would love to get from them, but I certainly don't want to "piece meal" them out and have to pay the extra shipping each time they get something I would want. Right now they have FORGOTTEN DREAMS, a rose I had that died, and I wouldn't mind replacing it. But like Zaphod says, I'd probably order more than just the one or two I was specifically looking for if they had a list of everything. I wouldn't mind waiting a few months to get them too, but having to keep emailing or calling to add something isn't exactly conducive to a pleasant shopping experience. I guess I'll just wait and see what comes up and "maybe" get them all at once, unless they sell out of something I really wanted before the others came up. Hmm... I dunno... maybe I'll just go look somewhere else...

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