Finally bought my seeds yesterday!

mandolls(4)January 6, 2013

I have been taking inventory of leftover seed, going through seed catalogs and roaming on-line for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I finally put together my orders. Even with lots of seed left from last year, I spent $100.00. It seems like a lot of money. It was probably 1/3 flower seed and 2/3 vegetable, and I know it is a lot less than if I was still buying transplants at the local greenhouses.

This year I dont think I will have to buy anymore lights, or lumber for more raised beds as I have the past three years, so I think my year total expenditures will be way down, but I think I need to learn to start harvesting seeds.

I am curious as to how many of you regularly save seed from your gardens for the next year?

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Seed saving is low on my list of priorities. Biennials like carrot and beet don't make sense for a small scale gardener - it's have to leave plant in the ground for a second year, wasting space. And squash varieties interbreed promiscuously, so I'd have to put in the work of doing controlled pollinations. I'll be saving seed from my open pollinated tomatoes and peppers, but that's it.

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I dont save seed because i desire seed with a wide range of disease resistance. But that is just me? & at 75 I am not about to change
If you are looking for advice go the the seed saving forum & heritage seed/plants

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