Poison Sumac???

kirsch17July 7, 2014

I live on the edge of a woods of have tons of this plant in my yard. It is a woody plant that grows in somewhat of a shrub pattern. It looks like pictures I have seen of poison sumac, which is supposedly not found in Missouri. Can anyone ID this plant? Thanks!

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poison sumac grows here in my backyard, and this does not look like it at all.

although it's possible different varieties grow in different regions.

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Looks like bush honeysuckle, invasive (Lonicera).

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Definitely not poison sumac. That has compound leaves rather than the simple, opposite leaves of the bush in your photo.

In other words, each compound leaf of poison sumac is a "stem" with 7-15 simple leaves arranged in opposite pairs plus a single terminal leaf -- no buds at the end of that stem for next year's growth, because in the fall the entire compound leaf (including the "stem") will fall off the plant.

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Carrie B

Agree with esh_ga that it is one of the invasive honesuckles.

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