Aquascape pond local nursery nightmare

jalal(z3/Canada)May 22, 2009

Here in Alberta Aquascape ponds seem to be very popular. I was at a local nursery today and asked the worker there how they liked their "demonstration" Aquascape pond. He said he spent last week removing all the rocks and cleaning all this gross black stuff from everywhere so that the pond was "clean" before Aquascape came in and did their pond building demo. Customers at the demo were impressed with this system although the worker says now the pond leaks as must have punctured the liner putting back in the rocks. He said the nursery store owners said they'd never put one of those ponds in their own yards and the worker said neither would he. Maybe he should have kept some of the buckets of black sludge to show prospective owners what they'd be getting into! It kinda ticks me off that a store would continue to promote a product that they wouldn't have themselves! Oh forgot there's alot of money to be made on various "pond products" to remove sludge, etc.

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One of those pond builders moved here to the island and for a mere $7000 will build you a nightmare!!!! He claims that you don't need uv as it is a "gimmick" and that the pond should only be 16" deep so you can enjoy your fish better. A very popular dinner/theater has let him build a pond right at their front entry, no fish or plants, very shallow...we shall see....

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Patti, I was at a pondstore in March to buy some liner. I saw one clerk sell an Aquascape pond owner pond sludge remover (bacteria) plus bio balls (to replace the lava rock) then beneficial bacteria (AGAIN....Lol) to "seed the filter material" and then sell her "clarifier". She bought it all for $175 and that was almost what I paid for my BD and all the plumbing parts.


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