Butterfly Bush Seeds How To Gather them

dizzy45vines(5N)January 23, 2008

Would any one know how to gather the seeds of the butterfly bushes? I have not tried this but when they are dry I never see any seeds although they are probably tiny. Also will they stay true to the mother plant. yellow to yellow or purple to purple?




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They are extremely tiny. I think that I just took the whole flower head off my aunt's bush. I tried to get the individual seeds, but eventually gave up and planted a little of everything. It must have worked as I have quite a few seedlings sprouting. The seed itself looks like a stick with a bulge in it. It is about as big as as comma (a hand written one).

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Alley's right, they are tiny. The spent flower heads will have lots of little torpedo shaped pods that develop long after the flowers have faded. Those aren't the seeds but the seed pods. Pick the biggest ones. I just take a pod and break it open the surface sow the seed. You can also crush a whole bunch in a baggie and just spread everything, including the chaff on the soil. This is a good one for winter sowing. I think the seeds are about 1/8 the size of a comma. They almost look like powder to me.

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Alley & Karyn,
Thanks for the input and advice. I was thinking about just taking the whole dried leaves/flowers/seeds if and and just using that...I have never seen any tiny pods of anykind
on my bushes could be they do not set seed if they are hybrids..but I will give it a go!!


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wyndyacre(z6B SW Ont.)

Hey Dizzy-did you know that butterfly bushes start very easily from cuttings? You could consider doing this if your bushes have no seeds or you want to be sure you are getting the exact colour of the original bush.
If your bushes still have live branch material (and many will, even at this time of the year, if you haven't had bitter cold weather) you can still take cuttings right now.

I just did some the other day but I cheated by buying a potted butterfly bush (White Profusion) from a nursery (for $4 in the bargain bin!). The plant had been stored outdoors but in a protected spot so it still had lots of leaves and viable branches.

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Carol, Wyndyacre's right. It's easy to start them from cuttings. I take cuttings about 6" long, strip the bottom 3/4 of foliage off and cut any remaining leaves in half. Then I stick them in a container of moist sterile potting mix so the bottom 1/3 of the cutting is under the soil. I close the whole thing up in a baggy and put it somewhere warm and out of direct sun. I open the baggy periodically to make sure there's no mold. They usually root in a month or two. If you are still looking for seeds I have a few varieties if you want them.

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lostmermaid(zone 5b Ontario)

I tried the seed method many times to no success.

Cuttings are the easiest. Karyn said it best, although I don't put mine in a baggie and I leave only one leaf on the top and only half of it at that. Transpiration (or water loss due to too much leaf surface) would be the biggest problem next to mold.

I found that I don't have to worry about cuttings and starting from seed anymore as I found 7 or 8 butterfly bush in my garden last fall that I did not plant! Especially not in those locations. So the seeds are popping and they are starting all by themselves where ever they choose to in the garden. I found one almost 3' tall right under the mother (although that is an assumption- I have 5 colors).

Either way it is a beautiful plant to propogate!

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This website shows pictures of how seeds look and how long to sow.
I hope this helps.
Scroll down to: Buddleja davidii (BUTTERFLY BUSH)


Here is a link that might be useful: Images of Seedpods, Seeds and Seedlings

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I am looking for seeds or cuttings from a red butterfly bush. Can you taking cuttings or and seeds off the butterfly bush in the winter thanks for all your help

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Cuttings are done in the early fall right after the bush goes dormant. Depending on where you live - you didn't indicate your zone - and the recent weather it is probably too late for cuttings. IF there still happens to be seeds and IF they haven't frozen then you 'might' be able to get them to germinate. Otherwise you will need to buy nursery stock.


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