Growing Bald Cypress from Seed?

ryan_tree(7aVA)January 2, 2009

Hello, I was wondering how to grow Bald Cypress from seed. My seeds were in the fridge their required time and I planted them in pure peat moss (the soil kind). The seeds have been sitting in the soil for about 3 months in sunlight and still nothing! I don't understand it. I have also put some other seeds in seed starting soil and I didnt get any germinations. Can I use the paper towel method? How do I ge these seeds to germinate? Please and thank you.

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Some times a seed will require a second cold period to germinate..... does require a soil temp 0f 65-70F & takes 114-60 days to germinate. Are you sure the seed was viable I also store the seed at 40F from harvest to ready to plant.
a paper bag etc will not increase the chances of germination.

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